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July 18, 2013 11:00 am by Christopher Murphy

Many MMA fans will recognize Joe ‘Diesel’ Riggs on Bellator’s new reality-television series, ‘Fight Master.’  He is a long-time MMA veteran with 8 UFC fights in his 54 professional fights.  This wealth of experience made him, among the other ‘Fight Master’ competitors, the story-teller.  Talking with BJPenn.com Radio earlier tonight, Riggs shared one such story that left fellow UFC-veteran Joe Stevenson on the short-end of the joke.

By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

As a writer, a majority of your job consists of presenting stories with more than just the bare facts.  If you write about a fight, you need to talk about the back-story, each fighter’s record, any unique facts about the match-up, and much more.  Even for the most basic stories, there is considerable amount of research and time spent to make sure that your readers can fully understand what you are telling them.

Then there are times like this.  Where, as a writer, all you really can do is let the story speak for itself.

Last night on BJPenn.com Radio, UFC veteran Joe ‘Diesel’ Riggs talked with Pedro and George about his role in Bellator’s new reality TV show, Fight Master.  As it turns out, Riggs was the ‘story teller’ among the group of fighters on the show, given his vast experience and knowledge in the MMA game.  Below is one of the stories he shared with our fans tonight.

*Warning, this story does contain graphic language and content

There was this one time where we were… in Utah, and we were getting ready for UFC 60.  There was me, John Alessio, Joe Stevenson, Jay Hieron, Mac Danzig, myself, and I think that was it.  We were all packed in training for UFC 60- we were all getting ready for something.

So anyways, this guy, Billy Rush- he passed away- he was there, and he had a girl with him.  This was before I was married.  We were like, ‘Bring the girls over here.’  Anyway, these girls come- all these hot girls- come through and were like, ‘Let’s play spin the bottle.’  Then they all take their shirts off, and I’m like, ‘Oh shit!’  I’m really kind of, I’m a pussy around girls.  I’m kind of a shut-in.  But they all take their shirt[s] off, and anyway, and it goes to Joe Stevenson, and they dare him to- I shouldn’t say this, this is bad!- they dare him to take his pants off.  And he took his pants off, and he had the smallest dick I’ve ever seen on a man in my life.  Joe had the biggest, serbian bush and this little turtle… My son is a five-year old, and he has the same size dick as Joe Stevenson.  And I was like, ‘Good God, man!  How do you get your wife off with that little bastard?’

But anyways, he took his pants off, and the ladies were aghast with that little fuck.  But anyways, Jay Hieron was next, and Jay takes his pants off, and he’s got a fucking anaconda cock all the way down to his knees.  I’m like, ‘God damnit, this fucking ashy dick hanging down.’  So I was like, ‘Ah, fuck!’  So anyways it goes to me, they’re like, ‘Joe, take your pants off,’ and I was like, ‘No, no, I’ll be the good one.’  So it goes to John Alessio, and he has an uncircumcised dick so they’re busting his chops.  So I was like, ‘God, I got all these fucked up dicks hanging around me.’ And Billy Rush was laying in the corner with a condom hanging half-way off his dick, just drunk in the corner.  I was like, ‘What the fuck is going on?!’

Anyways, all these guys ended up getting blowjobs from these girls.  I think me and Joe Stevenson were just watching TV, and they’re like, ‘That was great, man, that was great!’  After that, Billy was like, ‘Oh no, it was great.  But watch out, they were whores.’  [Laughs]  I won’t name who, but one of them was eating a prostitute’s vagina, and that is a disgusting mess of a thing to do.  And to his credit, he didn’t know she was a prostitute.  So that was a fucking horrible thing.

While it is unlikely these kinds of stories will air on ‘Fight Master,’ you will definitely be able to catch Joe Riggs on the show as he competes and interacts with a wealth of fighters, both young and old, on the newest reality TV show to hit MMA.

Be sure to catch the rest of Joe Riggs’ interview right here on BJPenn.com!

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