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June 10, 2013 2:19 pm by Christopher Murphy

Dan Lauzon spoke to BJPenn.com Radio as he gets ready to make his debut for the World Series of Fighting in a lightweight match up against veteran fighter, John Gunderson.

Lauzon (16-4) is the younger brother of UFC lightweight fighter, Joe Lauzon.  Like his brother, Dan is an exciting fighter with all 16 of his wins coming by way of KO or submission.  In his opponent, Gunderson (34-14-2), Lauzon is looking for an exciting fight in which he will continuously look for the finish.

“I’m looking forward to the fight,” said Lauzon.  “I’m excited to fight for the World Series, you know, a new promotion, but everything that they’re doing seems to look good.  I hope they stay around.  I’m excited for the fight.  I like the fight that I have, you know, [John] Gunderson, he’s a veteran, he’s been around for a while, he’s had a lot of fights.  I just think it’s a good fight all the way around.”

The keys to success, said Lauzon, lie in the preparation and training he has done in the almost 18 months since his last fight.

“I just need to come in as prepared as possible, and I think that I am.  I’ve taken all the right steps to get myself ready for this fight.  I don’t want to just go out there and win by a decision, you know, I’ve never won a fight by a decision, I’ve finished all of my 16 wins.  If I don’t finish him on the 14th in Vegas, I’m not really sure it will feel like a win to me.  I want to go out there and finish him any way that I can, whether its’ on the feet or the ground, any way that I can.  Like I said, I think I’ve taken the right steps for this fight, I think that I will win, and I just can’t wait.  I’m really looking forward to it.”

Though Dan will admit that he favors standup battles, he did agree that a submission is a possible outcome to next Friday’s fight.  With 7 submission victories under his belt and Gunderson losing 6 times by submission, said Lauzon, the opportunity will most likely present itself.

“If you look at his record,” explained Lauzon, “he has 27 wins of his 34 wins are by submission; but on the other hand, if you look at his losses, I believe he has 14 losses, he’s also been submitted 6 times.  So I don’t look at him as like this great jiu jitsu specialist that takes everybody down and dominates them on the ground and submits them.  He’s been caught too.  I definitely think that I can catch him on the ground, you know, if the fight goes there I’ll definitely be looking for submissions.  But again, most of the fights I’ve seen of him, even when it goes to the ground, it seems like it’s back-and-forth, back-and-forth, so definitely, if it goes to the ground I’ll definitely be looking for submissions, and I think I can catch him- I think I can catch him on the ground or on the feet.”

Though he is riding a 4-fight winning streak, next Friday’s fight will be Lauzon’s first since December, 2011.  The delay, he said, was simply the tough luck of several fights folding at the last minute.

“I was trying to get fights around here out in Mass[achusetts], and every time it would look like I had a fight, for one reason or another, it would fall through.  You know, a guy would accept and then a week later, he would turn it down or get injured or something.  A couple fights I had contracts signed: one of them, I was a week out from the fight- not even, I was four days out from the fight- and the entire show ended up folding and cancelling.  The most recent one, I was trying to fight in April, I had my contract signed and everything.  All of a sudden the kid pulled out to fight down in Mexico or something in some tournament, so that one fell through.  It’s kind of tough being in the position that I’m in back here to get fights, because all the guys that are around here that are coming up and doing well, it’s tough because they don’t really want to take the tough fight because a lot of guys around here think, ‘Oh, I’m going to the UFC, I just need to keep winning, winning, winning.’  So it’s tough for me to get fights around here just because of that.  Like I said, everyone thinks that they’re going to go to the UFC.  It was just tough, and like I said, I would get a fight and something would just happen, for whatever reason it would fall through.  All the little behind-the-scenes bull****, shows falling through and falling out.  It was just tough, that’s really all it was.”

Fortunately, Lauzon was able to ink a 4-fight contract with the World Series of Fighting. This will guarantee him action for at least the next year and a half.  Having fought previously for the UFC, Dan reflected briefly on whether he intends to eventually work his way back to what is widely considered the best MMA organization in the world.

“I don’t know.  I like UFC, but I really like what the World Series is doing right now.  If I can make a good career with World Series of Fighting, I’d be perfectly happy with that.  Time will tell, I signed 4 fights for them in the course of 18 months, so we’ll see what happens.  Hopefully everything works out so I can build a nice, long career with World Series- I’d be happy with that.  If not, and something happens, there’s a chance to get back to the UFC at some point, then definitely.  I would like that too.  As of right now, I would just like to build a career with World Series and hope that everything works out, and hope that I can have a good relationship with them, and they can have a good relationship with me and I can grow with them.”

Dan’s UFC fights came at UFC 64 against Spencer Fisher and then again at UFC 108 and 114 against Cole Miller and Efrain Escudero, respectively.  He went 0-3 in the UFC, something he says was due to immaturity.

“Fighting in the UFC at 18, you know, obviously it kind of went to my head a little bit, being like, ‘Wow!  What other 18-year old is fighting in the UFC?  No one!  This is f***ing awesome!’  So it kind of went to my head, and it sucked, but again, I was immature then.  That’s what it was.  Now, looking back on it, I realize, yeah, I went to the UFC but I lost.  I wasn’t shit.  I’m still not shit, really, if you ask me.  I got a decent record, 15-4, but still, I’m 0-3.  Anytime I fought in the UFC I lost, I’m 0-3 in the UFC.  As far as I’m concerned, that means I’m not shit.  I just got to stay mature and try to be the best that I can with every fight, and I need to get them wins.  I need to win those big fights.  It was 7 years ago when I fought Spencer Fisher for my first fight in the UFC in Vegas.  7 years ago was my first fight in Vegas.  I’ve fought there three times; I’ve lost all three for the UFC.  I want to win, I want to go out there, I want to put on a good fight, and I want to win in Vegas.  That’s what it is, you know, Vegas is fight city.  I want to get that win, I want to win in Vegas.”

And that is exactly what he has set out to do, making his WSOF debut at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino next Friday.  Lauzon will fight against John Gunderson in the last preliminary fight of WSOF 3 which will be streamed online.

Be sure to check out the other parts of Dan Lauzon’s interview with BJPenn.com Radio.  He talks about growing up with his brother and UFC lightweight fighter, Joe Lauzon, and how the two train together now.  Dan also breaks his silence on a 2011 street fight that resulted in him suffering a stab wound to the shoulder.  You don’t want to miss these!

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