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August 23, 2013 11:06 am by Jake Chastain


Our boys over at BJPenn.com Radio had a stacked lineup filled with MMA talent this past Wednesday and one of the guests they invited on was UFC featherweight, Cole Miller. Miller is coming fresh off the heels of a controversial loss to Manny Gamburyan at UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston. In that fight there was some confusion stemming from legal/illegal elbows in the first round landed by Miller. Gambuyan was allotted extra time between rounds to recover before continuing on in the second round, even though Miller was not DQed or deducted a point for illegal strikes. Gambuyan went on to steal a decision victory in which many people felt that Miller won. Regardless, Miller was handed the loss and Gambuyan left Boston with the W. Now, though, we have gained word that Miller is appealing decision loss in light of the bizarre end to the first round. We were able to talk with Miller about the incident and find out firsthand what thinks of the situation and how the appeal is going to take place. Here are some of the highlights from BJPenn.com Radio’s interview with Cole Miller:

Miller was first asked if he was protesting the loss, which he confirmed, and he touched on where in the process of the appeal he and his team actually were and how it is expected to unravel. He explained, “My team has already spoken with the Massachusetts Athletic Commission and we’ve already started the process to get this appeal for this decision. So as it sits right now the Massachusetts Athletic Commission will review the motion to protest. September 12th, is the way that I understand it, at their next athletic commission meeting.”

He continued, “I think they’re going to decide whether or not to they’re going to investigate into it. So they’ll probably read my formal complaint and letter and based on what that says and what they know about the bout to decide if any rules were in fact not followed in the fight and they’ll determine if they’re going to investigate it.”

He was then asked if he thought the fight should have been stopped or how it should have been handled differently.

“It definitely should have been stopped. There was no maybe about it. The bottom line is he got a minute to recover in my corner,” he passionately stated.“He wasn’t ready to answer the bell after a minute.”

Miller landed a couple nice elbows across the temple area of Gamburyan as he was going for a takedown against the cage to close the round. Thos elbows stunned and dazed Gamburyan, at least from what the fans see. It did look, however, as if Manny could have been over-playing the situation and so Mr. George Mathews asked Miller is he felt that Manny was really hurt or if it was an acting job.

“I could tell he was hurt. I threw that elbow with as much force as I possibly could have. And when you’re talking about that region of the head,” he explained, “that is the area that really affects the equilibrium the most.”

He was asked to then give us his original thoughts while all of this madness was taking place in between the first and second round. He stated, “At first I was wondering if the fight was over or if they were going to DQ me or deduct a point. That was initially what I was wondering.”

Miller then admitted, “At that point I wasn’t aware of how much time had gone by,” but Gamburyan was clearly given close to two minutes in between rounds to recover without Miller being warned or deducted a point.

The conversation continued as Miller was asked that if maybe he celebrated after rocking Gamburyan at the end of the round if he thinks the ref may have stopped the fight at that point, much like Penn vs. Sherk. Miller responded, “Yeah it could have. But what I do shouldn’t determine what happens to me at that point. My job is to fight for five minutes.”

But when all is said and done the fight continued and Gamburyan was ultimately awarded the decision victory, which Miller also disagreed with. He explained, “I felt like I should have the won the decision anyway.”

He then commented on the judging system and how out of sync it truly is with the sport. He said, “I would love to see the media get in touch with these people and ask them their explanation on judging a fight.”

Miller was then asked that if his appeal did  not go through and the UFC couldn’t do anything but offer him a rematch with Manny if that was something he would be interested in.

“What do I want a rematch for,” he asked in reply.

“I don’t want a rematch. I don’t care about fighting Manny again to get my hand raised. What I want is the just call. It’s not like this was some back and forth split decision that was open for interpretation. My face had no marks on it after the fight. I didn’t get hit but five times in three round,” Miller explained, “and I love how the UFC put the numbers up afterward to make it look even.”

“It’s just smoke and mirrors, man.”

Miller was convinced that he had done the majority of the damage throughout the fight and feels that he truly won the fight in the striking and damage department.

“When I’m watching this guys face change in front of me over the course of 15 minutes and mine doesn’t have a mark on it, I just don’t get it. I don’t want a rematch,” he continued, “what I want is that loss gone. I would really like to have my TKO win but that’s not going to happen.”

“I took zero damage, I thought my striking was on point and my defense was phenomenal.”

“I don’t want a rematch to do what I already did,” he concluded.

The conversation then shifted slightly but stay on the topic of his most recent loss to Gamburyan and how that affects more than his record and personal goals. He explained, “I’m 1-3 in my featherweight contract and it doesn’t matter how much better I look at featherweight than I did at lightweight. I’m 1-3 in my featherweight contract. And how much leverage do you think I’ll have on my contract at 1-3?”

Miller has been a fun fighter to watch in the UFC and we sincerely hope that this matter gets resolved and everything works out for him in his appeals process. From all of us here at BJPenn.com Radio we would like to thank Mr. Miller for taking the time out of his night to discuss the recent situation with him and Gamburyan and we look forward to seeing him inside the octagon again very shortly.

Jake Chastain



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