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June 10, 2012 12:10 pm by Lynn R Mitchell

BJ Penn’s 22 year old challenger, Rory McDonald‘s cardio hasn’t been tested.   A lot is on the line for the young MacDonald.   Episode 8 of Just Scrap Radio BJ Penn tells the Pulver Brothers he definitely wants to be the aggressor at the upcoming UFC 152.

Abel Pulver:  “Wouldn’t that to be just as much to worry about in the MacDonald camp?  He’s only been the distance one time and that was against 155lbs Nate Diaz – not to say Nate’s a push over of any kind but he seemed to fade also in the fight with Condit.  The guy has 5 TKO’s and 7 subs in 13 victories and the one over Nate so really when you think about it – What does anybody know about his cardio?”

BJ Penn:

“You’re right, you’re right.  We don’t know about his cardio, his experience.  I believe your body like anything else can put limitation on speed or power or whatever it maybe.  I believe some people’s bodies, your cardio goes up to a certain point but you got your own strengths and weaknesses.   Over the years I honestly believe training for so long and fighting for so long when I was in my 20’s living more of a carefree lifestyle – all that stuff wears you down over awhile. I definitely had adrenal fatigue.  I definitely know that I’ve had issues like that with my adrenaline and different stuff.  Everybody knows I’m all natural.  I just got to wait and sit around to let my body and organs get back into balance and sync or whatever you want to call it.

As far as that goes with him [Rory] that’s true.  He’s still untested.  I think everything they are saying is true.  He’s very good.  I think he comes from a very good team.    He’s got a lot of very good people.  They are going to have him ready.  They are going to have him prepared but yes – like you said this is going to be a big fight this isn’t a small fight so there is going to be a lot on the line.  All those different stressers and all those different things is definitely going to play into the cardiovascular system.”

Jens Pulver:  Knowing who you’re going to fight what kind of style are you going to bring into the octagon for this fight?  Are you going to be the guy that sits back and goes – hey I’m going to fight stand up until he tries to take me down or I’m going to take my pile ass back and take him down?  Are you going to be more of the aggressor and shut him down quick and feed of the fact that he is young and try to derail the momentum instantly?  Are you going to work on his psyche by shutting him down, stepping forward and crushing him or are you going to be the guy that wants to sit back – counter punch him a little bit when he shoots – I’m going to look to counterpunch him there.  What are you looking at as far as an offensive, defensive strategy?  Fighting a younger guy giving him a lot of hype up there – what is it that you want to do when you go in there and fight him?

BJ Penn:

“Without giving away too much, I definitely want to be the aggressor…. Rory’s style is more of a St. Pierre type of game.  Someone asked the other day ‘they call you the prodigy – they call him the prodigy – is he similar to you?’  I would say no he’s more like a bulldozer.  I was more like a snake.’

With that said, he’s got that great outside single just like George, Faraz really has him relaxed on his punches.  That’s dangerous for opponents – when the guy settles in and he’s really relaxed, not trying to hit the mitts too hard not trying to hit his opponents too hard because you know you’re gonna miss. You’re just trying to place the punches there.  Every time I see him training Faraz, I think, he’s training him right.  Teaching him to keep his eyes open and put the punches where they need to be.   I’ve got a lot of respect for that.  I know the skill and the danger that comes behind someone who punches relaxed and doesn’t get all tensed up and wound up.  He’s got a good team, a good camp behind him.   I don’t want to give up too much but the word aggressor is the right word when I step into the cage of that night.”

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