UFC 161: Evans vs. Henderson Preliminary Card Play-By-Play And Live Results

June 15, 2013 1:50 pm by Jake Chastain


The Ultimate Fighting Championship is making its debut inside Winnepeg territory tonight with UFC 161: Evans vs. Henderson live from the MTS Centre.

Prior to the live pay-per-view portion of the card, both Facebook.com and the FX network will share fights from the evenings preliminary card which will be capped off by a welterweight bout between Jake Shields and Tryon Woodley.

If you can’t make the broadcasts for these bouts or simply missed them, have no fear. BJPENN.COM will be running a live play-by-play of all the action below:


Round 1 – The night kicked off on Facebook.com with the two meeting in the middle of the cage and Yves threw a few nice kicks, Pague caught one and then fell to the ground with Jabouin in his guard. Pague goes for a couple of submissions against the cage, trying to isolate some limbs until Jabouin lands a shot, Pague grabbed the arm and locked on a triangle. It looked tight but Jabouin pulled out and went back into Justin’s guard. Pague went for it again a few moments later and again had it tight but Jabouin again used his strength to pull out. The two grappled and Pague dropped down to a heel-hook. The two fight fight for position, roll a few times with eachother’s legs, Pague lands a nice strike in the transitions and rolls and eventually ends up on to of Jabouin. He moved to an arm-triangle with 35 seconds, then transitioned to an arm-bar in a scramble, Jabouin again pulled out and then landed some huge shots from the top to end the round. Very close round 1 with lots of scrambles and submission attempts and defense. I give the round to Jabouin for dominant shots landed and more damage done, 10-9

Round 2– The two came out swinging in the second round and in a clinch Pague hits a nice trip trip to land in side control, He eventually moved to a mount and started landing huge bombs from the top. Jabouin rolls and gives up his back, Pague gets a body-triangle on the back of Jabouin and lands som shots, finally sinks in a rear-naked choke with 3:15 to go in the round. He lets it go and rolls back into the mount position and starts pounding on Jabouin. Yves finally hits a hip escapes and rolls, sweeping Pague into half-guard. at 2 minutes to go Pague is slowly sucking the life out of Jabouin, but Jabouin finally explodes and reverses the position, finding himself in the guard of Dustin Pague. Dustin again looks for some submissions but Yves is too strong on top and pulls out, lands a few big elbows and ends the round with a couple big bombs from top. This is a tough round to score. Both men were on top, both had good offense in the round. I give the round to Pague, 10-9, for a  nice trip, dominant positions and strikes.

Round 3– They come out banging again and in the process Pague looks like he pulled guard, but we’ll give Jabouin the takedown. From the bottom Pauge continues looking for submission. However, Jabouin is still on top and continues landing a big strike here, a big strike there, but he is visibly tired. He postures up and lands another big shot. Pague is losing the round so far. Another big elbow lands, and anther. Pague goes for another sub but Jabouin is still strong enough to buck out. The ref then stands the fight back up and Jabouin throws a spinning kick that misses, he falls, Pague lands an illegal knee and the ref didn’t see it. They scramble and Pague end up in a full mount on top of Yves. He lands some nice elbows, isolates and arm, lets it go. Jabouin again bucks out, rolls, ends on top but in another deep triangle from Pague. Again, though, Jabouin muscles through it. With 10 seconds left Pague goes for another triangle choke but the horn sounds and the two hug. Great fight to start UFC 161. I give the last round to Jabouin, although I can see it going either way. Jabouin wins the round 10-9. We”ll see how the judges scored it.

Yves Jabouin Wins the fight via Split-Decision (29-28 X2, 28-29)


Round 1 – They touch gloves and start feeling eachother out with faints, leg kicks, etc. Clarke is utilizing a good leg-kick and good head movement. He lands the leg kick over and over again. He pokes the jab out again and again but two minutes in the only thing that is really landing is the lead leg-kick. Clarke’s movement seems to be throwing Maguire off. Maguire gets poked in the eye and they stop for a break. When they resume they come out with an increased pace. Clarke throws a big high kick that slightly lands, Maguire responds with a shot, ducks and slips to the back of Clarke and Maguire has Clarke’s back, standing against the cage. They slowly fight for position, and then Maguire jumps to a standing back-mount. Clarke shakes him off and then gets back to a belly-to-belly clinch, they break and Clarke lands a couple strikes. Maguire again ducks and slips onto the back of Clarke, again standing against the cage. Clarke lands some nasty elbows to the forearms of Maguires grasp. The horn sounds. I give the round Mitch Clarke, 10-9

Round 2- They come out and Clarke continues landing the front leg-kick. Over and over he lands and then evades any counter-strikes. Maguire lands a nice jab, finally catches a kick and takes Clarke to the ground. From Clarke’s guard he lands some rapid shots before Clarke being stalemated by Clarke. Maguire breaks free and lands a couple more quick shots from the top. Clarke goes for a kamura with 2:15 left but is looking to only use it as a stalemate tool. Clarke tries to climb he cage with his feet, and uses it to roll out and come up with a single leg attack on Maguire against the cage. He lets it go and they clinch against the fence. A few knees to the thighs are landed and then the ref breaks and resets the fighters. Clarke lands the leg kick again and is in his face. Maguire shots and again slips to the back of Clarke. The hit the mat and the round ends there. I give the round to Maguire for control, shots landed on top, and takedowns. Maguire 10-9

Round 3- Clarke sticks with the leg kicks and presses the action and pace of the fight. He then lands a couple uppercuts from closed space and then the two clinch and Clarke pushes Maguire against the cage. Maguire struggles to get off of the fence but Clarke is overwhelming him. With 3 minutes the ref breaks them again and Clarke sticks with the leg kick. Maguire shoots and and sneaks onto the back off Clarke and they go to the ground. Maguire sinks his hooks in and they battle from there for a moment. Clarke tried to use the cage to climb with his feet but is unable to extend all the way up. With a minute to go Maguire lands a couple of shots from the back of Clarke and in a scramble Clarke reverses the position and is in the guard of Maguire. He lands some big shots. He postures up and then lands more big shots in the last 10 seconds. Great fight! Very close! I give the round and the fight to Mitch Clarke, 10-9, for a better pace, more activity in every position,  and more clean strikes landed (mainly the leg-kick). Here is the official decision:

Mitch “Danger Zone” Clarke Wins via Unanimous Decision 


Round 1 – The FX bouts began with Figueroa and Delorme throwing a few strikes and Delorme scored a nice takedown and took the back of Figueroa. He locks onto the nice body-triangle, and as Edwin tried to roll out Delorme transitioned to a triangle choke, then to an arm-bar, but Figueroa defended them all and ended up on top. He started landing big shots from the top. Finally Delomre reversed the position by latching onto a leg-lock and landed some big elbows from side-control. He’s very smooth on the ground. He transitioned to the back of Figueroa and again gets the body triangle and looks for a rear-naked choke. Figueroa defends but is eating some strikes and has to continue defending the choke. they roll around but it ends with Delorme on the back of Figueroa. I give the round to Delorme, 10-9

Round 2- Delorme came out looking for the takedown, slipped to the back of Figueroa and took him down to the ground. They rolled around and Delorme ends up in the guard of Figueroa. Figueroa goes for a triangle-choke/ arm-bar at it looked good but Delorme is slick and got out of it. Roland again gets the back of Figueroa with 2:30 left in the round. He goes for the rear-naked choke and Figueroa somehow bucks up and reverses the position and is in the guard of Delorme now. Delorme eats some big shots from Figueroa and needs to get out of this as Figueroa starts teeing off on him with 1:15. Figueroa then let Delorme stand up, get behind him and get him back to the ground. The round end with Delorme on the back of Figueroa again. This is a close round but I give it to Delorme again for more control of the round, 10-9

Round 3- This round was much of the same, but Delorme looked very tired. He was in control with the takedowns and back-mounts until about halfway through the round when Figueroa reversed the position started landing huge shots from the guard of Delorme. He continued posturing up and reigning down with bombs. Delorme tried to create space and stand up but each time he did he ate more big punches from Figueroa. The fight ended with Figueroa on top landing huge blows. Delorme clearly lost the round and looked like he took more damage throughout the fight. I give the round to Figueroa for more damage done, 10-9.

Roland Delorme Wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)


Round 1 – They came out and touched gloves. Kenny looked for a takedown but was stuffed. They exchanged again and Robertson again looked for the takedown. He worked for it and got the single leg takedown. He smoothly transitioned to the back of Robertson and as he was landing shot Pierson spun out and got a front-headlock. They exchanged knees to the body and then broke. They exchanged and Robertson lands some leg-kicks. Robertson landed a nice overhand that was answered by a few shots by Pierson. In an exchange Robertson clinched and spun to the back of Pierson and took him down again. Pierson got back up and went back to the front headlock. They break and Pierson has a mouse under his right eye. with 20 seconds left they both start banging and Pierson lands some nice combos that shake up Robertson as the time expires. I give the round to Pierson for bigger strikes landed. 10-9

Round 2– Robertson has a mouse under his eye as well now and the two immediately start throwing heavy at each other. Pierson looks like he’s starting to find his range and open up with some nice straights that land. Robertson takes a deep breath and Pierson lands more nice , clean straights. Robertson is looking like he’s slowing down and Pierson is finding his shots. He then lands a huge head-kick and Robertson shoots in unsuccessfully. From the front Pierson rolls for a darce-choke and Robertson slips out and end up on top. Nothing happens for a moment, Robertson lands a couple of strikes from the top and with a minute left Pierson is losing the advantage that he had prior to the missed submission. Robertson lands a couple more strikes from the top as the horn sounds. Even though Pierson ended the round eating shots from his back I still give him the round for the work he did at the beginning of the round. Pierson, 10-9

Round 3– The round starts with Robertson throwing a kick that misses and then an overhand that lands followed by a huge elbow that rocks Pierson. He tries to recover but Robertson is swarming him, landing big shots. Pierson shoots in for a shot and is unsuccessful. Robertson goes for a darce, Pierson rolls out, they scramble and Robertson gets a body-triangle on the back of Pierson. From the back-mount Robertson lands some heavy shots, flattens him out and with 2 minutes left the fight is definitely shifting in Robertson’s favor. He continues throwing nice punches from the back of Pierson and it looks as if the fight may end in this position, as Pierson may not have enough left in the tank to get away. Robertson lands a big shot with 50 seconds left, flattens Pierson back out, he builds back up, and with 10 seconds left Pierson builds up, rolls out and gets back on top to end the fight. Great scrap between these two men. I give round 3 to Robertson, 10-9. This is going to be a close call. Here is the official decision:

Sean Pierson Wins by Majority Decision (29-28 x2, 28-28)


Round 1 – They touch gloves and Stout comes out with his normal style. Punch, kick, punch. Krause throws a wicked leg kick, Stout comes in and clinches, presses him against the cage but they break. They exchange and its apparent that Stout is going to have trouble closing the distance on Krause. Front kick to the face of Stout lands and then a knee to the face of Krause that wobbled Stout. He regains his wits and Krause lands another loud leg-kick. He also keeps landing a nice jab to Stouts face as well. Krause went for another knee, Stout got a takedown and then quickly swept Stout and landed in Stouts guard. Stout has a big cut over his right eye. After Stout was beat on for about 30 seconds he exploded up to his feet and the two continued striking. Krause has found his range and is tagging Stout. The horn sounds and Krause took the round 10-9

Round 2– It was the big head-kick in round one that opened up the cut over Stout’s eye. Krause comes back out and is landing nice kicks and continues finding his range until Stout lands a nasty uppercut to the stomach of Krause. Krause immediately backs off and has to regroup. When he is feeling better he takes a shot, slips to the back of Stout and Stout rolls into his guard-position. Krause lands come nice strikes from the top but Stout comes back up to the feet. The continue throwing and Stout just cannot get through the reach of Krause. Kicks and jabs from Krause keep Stout at bay but Stout is trying to stay busy. Krause lands a leg kick, takes another shot and Stout muscles though the shot and puts Krause on his back. Stout lands some nice elbows from the top to end the round. This was a much closer round but I still give it to Krause, 10-9.

Round 3 – Stout comes out pushing the pace early in the round. He looks for the body shot again and then lands a nice combo but then eats one from Krause in return. The dance for a moment and Krause keeps looking for the head kick again. He also continues throwing the jab and then lands a jumping knee to the body of Stout. Stout answers with leg kicks. Krause is very athletic and goes for a jumping super-man uppercut, but it misses. The trade some strikes, move around and Stout again eats a jab from Krause. Body kick lands for Stout and then Krause throws his own and then more jabs. Stout keeps throwing but cannot get through the length of Krause, who then lands a nice elbow over the top.  Then with 30 seconds left Stout scored a takedown. Then Krause latched on to a guillotine choke and submitted Stout with only 15 seconds left in the fight. Impressive win for James Krause!

James Krause Wins via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in the 3rd Round


Round 1 – They touch gloves and Woodley comes out with an explosive 1-2 combo. Shields answers with a couple kicks and faints. The exchange, Woodley lands a leg-kick that drops Shields but he comes back up. Shields catches a kick, takes Woodley down but he comes right back up. The knee each other in the clinch and then the ref breaks them up. Shields throws more faints and kicks and it seems that Woodley is waiting for one big opening to land a vicious strike. They exchange more leg kicks and then Shields drops down for a single leg against the cage. He cannot lift the big frame of Woodley though, and then Woodley spins him and presses him against the cage. More knees from each man and then the horn sounds. Not a ton of damage done from each man but I give round 1 to Shields for controlling the pace and landing more strikes (mostly kicks), 10-9

Round 2- More kicks from Shields but Woodley is starting to increase the pace and lands another huge leg kick that drops Shields. He comes back up and Woodley lands a big overhand moments later. They clinch and Shields presses Woodley against the cage. Woodley again switches the position and now Woodley has the octagon control. Shields reverses and presses Tyron against the cage, drops to a single leg takedown and sits on it, like Jake Shields does. Woodley pulls it up and Shields goes for a front headlock/ guillotine choke but doesn’t get it. They break and Woodley lands a superman punch. Shields throws and misses. Shields shoots again, is unsuccessful, and holds Tyron against the fence again.  Shields is landing little baby knees that are doing nothing. Woodley answers with big knees to the body. The ref breaks them again. They exchange leg-kicks before the horn sounds. Shields, boringly, wins this round too, 10-9 by pace and control.

Round 3- The round starts with Woodley landing an overhand punch. Jake lands more kicks and then shoots in again. He presses his against the fence again and is controlling the pace, however boring it is. The referee quickly breaks them again and they dance for a moment. They exchange for about a minute but nothing clean lands. They clinch again, fight for position, and the ref AGAIN breaks the two. Woodley starts to unload some big shot but whiffs, then lands a spinning back fist. Shields cliches with a minute thirty left. He again presses Woodley against the cage and the referee again breaks the two men with a minute left. Shields shoots in with a sloppy shot, it’s stuffed and then time runs out with the two men, of course, in the clinch. I think Shields wins the round the same way he did the first two, 10-9. Here is the official decision:

Jake Shields Wins via Split Decision 

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