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July 9, 2013 7:05 am by Jake Chastain


The boys over at BJPenn.com’s Fist-Ta-Cuff Radio are gearing us all up for the upcoming Invicta 6 card, which goes down this Saturday (July 13th) in Kansas City and live on PPV. The event is loaded with compelling female fights and one of the most interesting and anticipated bouts of the night will feature two undefeated strawweights (115 lbs.) as Rose Namajunas (2-0) goes to battle with Tecia “The Tiny Tornado” Torres. Hosts Denny and Anton invited “The Tiny Tornado”, Miss Tecia Torres, onto the radio show to talk about her upcoming bout with Rose as well as many of the other MMA topics, including the recent UFC 162 news. Here are some of the highlights from that interview with Tecia:

Miss Torres first addressed her upcoming bout with Rose Namajunas coming so early in each of their careers. Many MMA pundits thought this would be a future fight after they had both gone 5-0 or so. Tecia agreed that a future bout might have been big but feels that the timing for this fight is right and it’s going to be a big fight come Saturday, regardless of the timing. She explained,

“I think Janet and Shannon know what they’re doing. The fans wanted this fight and they’re giving the fans exactly what they want. I don’t think it’s too early because I know we’re both 2-0 but I think if they would have put us with somebody that was, more or less, lesser than us…someone who is just coming up, 1-0, or coming off of a loss…it wouldn’t be good. I like fighting notable opponents and Rose is just that. She’s really talented. I just want to keep fighting someone more difficult. I don’t want to go back, I just want to go up and up, and so does Rose. I think it’s a good fight.”

She wanted the MMA world to know that whether or not this fight happened now or in a year, or two, it’s going to be an exciting one. This fight will have a heavy implication on the future of both of these women so even though they are both only 2-0, a win could sky rocket one of them into title contention. Tecia also explained that after Saturday night, the two of them might meet again sometime down the road.

“I think a win over her or a win for her over me will put us right there in the line for a top-ten spot and that’s what we’re both looking forward to, you know? Getting a top ten opponent next fight. So whatever happens, I’m sure we’ll both be around, like you said, and maybe we’ll meet again,” she said. “People aren’t happy because someone is going to lose but it happens. It’s a sport.”

Torres was then asked if she knew she was eventually going to fight Rose and if she knew she was going to fight her this soon in her career. She explained that she’s had her eye on Namajunas since she turned pro and she had a feeling that this fight was coming next and had no problem with it.

 “I was looking forward to the fight. I knew it was coming and I gladly accepted it,” she respectfully stated. “As soon as I saw her in her first pro fight I knew she was somebody to watch.”

Denny and Anton then shifted gears and talked about the Invicta promotion, which has been getting a lot of love in the MMA industry as of late, and how excited Tecia was to be fighting on the first PPV event that the promotion is hosting.

“It’s definitely an honor to be there,” she explained. “Everything that Shannon and Janet do for the sport of WMMA and for the athletes that fight for them is awesome.”

Tecia seemed very appreciative and excited about her opportunity to fight for and possibly leave a lasting print on the first Invicta PPV. Tecia stated, “We’re going to start the show. We’re going to be the first two girls to step into the ring on national television, so it’s really cool and it’s a great opportunity and I just hope to put on a good performance for the fans. Whatever happens I’m going to fight my heart out and put on a good show.”

Tecia will go to battle with Rose on the first fight of the main card, which will be the first Invicta fight to ever air on PPV TV, so the pressure is seemingly heavy, especially with both women fighting for their spot in contention and to keep their undefeated records intact. When asked if the added pressure made the fight more exciting for her or more stressful she replied, “More excitement. Definitely.”

She went on to explain that she questioned her spot on the card momentarily but reassured herself that she has the skills and ability to be the best in the world and this was exactly the stage she needed to showcase those abilities. She explained, “You know what, we do deserve it. We’ve been putting on great shows and we’re two fighters that come there to fight.”

She also explained that she’s put her job aside to train full time for this training camp because she recognizes that this is a big opportunity and Rose is a huge challenge. Tecia stated, “For the last two months I have put work on hold to prepare for Rose.” She continued, “I look forward to showcasing what I have at full-time status.”

It will be exciting to see how much she’s improved since her last fight in Invicta, although she confirmed that she has been fighting in other specific disciplines as we. She talked about her first K1 experience which just took place this spring. “In May, I TKOed the girl in the first round,” she explained. “I knew it was just going to be a warm-up fight to keep me off of ring-rust.”

When asked if she would continue to fight in other more specific disciplines outside of MMA she replied, “I will continue to do Muay Thai or K1 as well.”

“I just don’t want to be outside the ring for more of a month than a couple of months,” she explained. “But MMA is my focus. I’m really happy with Invicta.”

“If I have the time I’ll try everything. I’m game for everything,” she continued. “Like I said, my main focus is MMA right now, but if I have the time I’ll do everything else too.”

She was then asked to take the fans through her experience on fight day leading up to the actual scrap. She answered, “I just act like it’s a normal day. I don’t want to get too serious about it. It’s something fun. I’m really focused about it but it’s something fun for me and I’m going to enjoy it while I have the time to enjoy it.”

Her laughed about the situation and explained that just tries to stay laid back and enjoy the moment. She stays loose, hits some pads, visualizes the fight, and talks with people that are close with her. “I always bring my brother to my fights so I always have someone family around me,” she continued. “I like to call my mom too. She’s a big part of my fight life and she gives me a little pep-talk.”

The conversation then transitioned to the huge news from this past Saturday at UFC 162. Anderson Silva lost his middleweight crown in Las Vegas as he was KOed by Chris Weidman in the 2nd round. Tecia was asked to comment on the fight and she replied, “I think it’s showboating gone wrong.” She continued, “He was taunting him the whole time and finally it caught up to him.”

Torres also stated that she felt like Anderson was speaking through emotion following the fight when he stated that he didn’t want a rematch with Weidman. “I just think he was sad and emotional,” she said. “Just too much being cocky gone wrong.” She went on, “I was sad because I like Anderson.”

She then touched on what she thought a rematch would look like. She explained, “I think that Anderson Silva next time, though, is not going to play around with him. I think he’s just going to go in there and knock him out. You could clearly see how much faster and more accurate he was than Weidman.”

Tecia Torres was then asked about her religious faith and how important it is to her and her fighting career. “God is definitely there first,” she explained. “It’s a big part of my life.”

And to close the conversation with “The Tiny Tornado” Tecia was asked to explain what her MMA goals were for the remained of 2013. She replied, “To make that top-ten list before the end of 2013. I would be really happy with that. Within my first year of professional MMA, making the top-ten in the world, that would be extremely awesome.”

Standing in her way from breaking through that contention barrier is the undefeated Rose Namajunas, who matches Tecia’s professional record of 2-0. The two will meet this Saturday, July 13th, at Invicta 6 live on PPV, and the winner will be making a huge statement in the Invicta strawweight division.

We thank Miss Torres for taking the time out of her fight week to talk with all the fans here at BJPenn.com and we wish her the very best of luck with her bout against Namajunas this weekend.

To listen to the entire interview with Tecia “The Tiny Tornado” Torres on Fist-Ta-Cuff Radio click here and for more exclusive MMA interviews stay posted to BJPenn.com

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