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Monday, 04/29/2013, 05:38 pm

MMA Rules In Need Of Revamp Says UFC Boss Following Interesting UFC 159 Event

“He should have had a doctor come in. You stop the fight. You send the guy to a neutral counter. You have a doctor come in a check him out, and the doctor determines whether he can go on or not. That’s what should have happened… The guys said, ‘can you see?’ He said, ‘I can’t see,’ so he stopped the fight. He said I can’t see because I got poked in the (expletive) eye. Give me a minute. But apparently, what Joe Silva (UFC matchmaker) was telling me, there’s no poke in the eye rule here. If you get kicked in the groin you get five minutes to recover from it. There’s nothing in the rules about a poke to the eye because in boxing there is no poked in the eye. Guys don’t get poked in the eye anymore in boxing. What needs to happen is that ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) needs to get together and we need to come up with a few things. We really need to revamp some rules and regs. Obviously the eye poke thing is a big deal. We need to talk about that. And the other thing is this three-point thing where you can’t get kneed if you have your finger on the ground. That’s not what the rule was meant for, so I think we’re due.”

Following the UFC 159 post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White addressed the media with his thoughts on so much needed rule changes for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Is the UFC boss on the right track?


81 Responses to “MMA Rules In Need Of Revamp Says UFC Boss Following Interesting UFC 159 Event”

  1. LaieBOI says:

    get rid of the stupid hand down cant knee, also bring back soccer kicks and foot stomp, posture up when on the ground if you want to GnP, actually bring back all of pride rules and include elbows coming from all angles. 10minutes 1st round, then 5 min the other last rounds.

  2. TheTude says:

    5 minutes for an eye poke, if the eye is bleeding then the fight is a no contest.

    The fighter should have to be in a prone postion, not an attacking stance (Jon Jones) for a head kick or knee to be illegal.

    Lose the 12 to 6 elbow rule, a 3 to 9 is just as devestating

    Strait kicks to the obliques should be deemed an illegal blow, you can end a guys carreer like that. (Jon Jones) HAHAHa

  3. Stone says:

    Hell yes they need to revamp the rules! Of course he couldn’t see he got poked in the freaking eye! You get kicked in the nuts and you get five minutes! When you get poked in the eye the answer from now on should be just give me a second! That was the worst call I think I have ever seen!!!!

  4. David says:

    …. the rule should be full contact just like blood sport the fighters know the risks of fighting is there a choice to fight to fight PeacE

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