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Monday, 07/30/2012, 03:22 pm

MMA POLL | With Penn’s VADA Testing Underway, Will MacDonald Follow Through With His Enrollment? | UFC NEWS

“I think he did it just to start [expletive] to get something going. But I was up for it. I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do [the VADA testing.]’ I was ready to prove that I’m not on anything, and maybe motivate other fighters to start doing [VADA], too. But he was the one that offered it and then backed out of it… He started making all these sayings like they (said they) weren’t going to release the tests before the fight, and they never did. He started making up all this stuff, so I don’t really know what’s going on with B.J.’s head right now.”

– Rory MacDonald via the UFC 152 pre-fight press conference in Toronto.

In an attempt to clean up the sport and set a clear example for other athletes, BJ Penn and Rory MacDonald verbally agreed some time ago to enlist in the VADA testing program.

After some confusion, some minor hesitation and some convincing Penn went through on his promise to his opponent and his fans by finalizing the enlistment process into VADA last week.

We now wait for Rory to follow through on his word.

Manager of the Canadian, Lex McMahon, put the pressure on Penn prior to BJ’s enrollment by stating if he did not follow through with VADA they would be taking shots at him through the media.

He then backed off the topic of slandering Penn when BJ announced his enrollment. McMahon went on to promise the media and fans that his client would follow in Penn’s footsteps and enroll into VADA as well.

“Our camp is very happy that B.J. has decided to participate in the VADA program that he had put forward,” McMahon told . “Rory’s completing his paperwork and will be joining him soon, and I think that Rory is definitely excited about the possibilities of what this means for the sport in the big picture, and he’s happy he can play a small role in this.”

Knowing the sign up process is quick and painless, Penn, who has already been signed up for five-days, is awaiting the word from VADA that Rory has done the same. However as of current date the Penn camp has yet to receive confirmation from the organization that the Canadian athlete has completed all necessary steps to participate in the plan. So did Rory’s manager speak to soon?

I now pose the question to you Penn Nation!

Will Rory follow in BJ’s footsteps and enlist in VADA for this fight while testing is still relevant, or will he back down from all the talk?


60 Responses to “MMA POLL | With Penn’s VADA Testing Underway, Will MacDonald Follow Through With His Enrollment? | UFC NEWS”

  1. EP says:

    roid head rory is going to get the shit kicked out of him by The Prodigy … i honestly feel bad for this little punk and his delusional gsp nuthugging fans TEAM PENN ALL FKN DAY!!!!!

    • Sam Eames says:

      I’m a BJ fan for life, but I would not call Rory fans “delusional”. Rory is a beast. I’m looking forward to this fight.

      • EP says:

        well then u must be a new fan… yeah rory is a beast, but he is not anywhere near BJs level, i would go as far as saying i wouldnt even put their name in same sentence. Who has he fought in TOP as a WW… answer: Nobody… and this punk calls out a legend, aside from Anderson, the GOAT, 2x Champ 2 belts in 2 divisions … get the fuck outta here… him and his fans will wake up from their over hyped dream Sept 22nd. Penn is going to destroy this kid… RNC, KO or TKO round 1 or 2 .

        • Akid says:

          Hahaha… You’re in for a rude awakening buddy! BJ is great and all but he’s going to get ragdolled in this one….

        • EP says:

          @Akid really? ragdoll the prodigy? have you ever seen anyone ragdoll Penn before in a fight??? just curious… maybe ur new to the sport… and youre saying a kid who hasnt beaten a top 10 WW is going to that to him. Lmfao. youre funny bro. Lets talk again Sept 23rd. Penn is going to fk this kid up badly bro, mark my words. Oh and i hope Rory cycles out properly before he submits his final paperwork and test samples. the kid is Roid headed punk who is getting taken out by a legend to this sport.

        • Xaninho says:

          yeah you’re absolutely right, he ‘s going to get rag dolled like the 2nd Edgar fight. I wish BJ didn’t take this fight, it’s sad the only good fights are the ones in the past.

        • T.DADDY says:

          Everyone thought bj was gonna get rag dolled by matt hughes too and look what happened… BJ wins by RNC.. fukk the haterz!

        • Akid says:

          Times have changed and a new breed of fighters are about… My opinion stands… New to the sport, not at all and I don’t have to justify myself but I do have a valid opinion on this and it’s one that favours Rory heavily due to recent perfomances from both fighters… EIther way, I hope it’s a great fight but as I said, I see Rory dominating this fight!

        • RYan says:

          Rory fought and almost beat Carlos Condit–current WW champ. I think that would be someone he “fought in TOP” as you say

        • EP says:

          RYan , almost beat and beat are 2 different things first off… second , he actually got finished by Condit. not only beat but FINISHED. So therefore he has not beat a top 10 WW , which is what i meant to say or even fought one… Carlos was not a TOP 10 WW when he first came to UFC. So get your facts straight bro.

      • the Natural says:

        Rory a juice head if he doesn’t

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      RORY THE ROIDER will be his legacy.

  2. some dude says:

    Rory will join penn, after he cycles off.

  3. I think Rory got punked says:

    If Rory isn’t on anything, then good for the sport and good for he and BJ for setting the example.

    If Rory IS on anything, and he declines testing, he’ll look even more guilty than he already does. And if he accepts testing while using, he’ll get caught if he continues to use. But if he discontinues using, it’ll negatively affect his abilities.

    Should be a good 8 weeks coming up!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Anyone can beat a ROIDS test when they know exactly when tehy will be tested. No doubt whatsoever Rory was JUICED up in the Nate Diaz fight. He had the worst ROID bacne i have ever seen even worse than Sonnen’s in first Silva fight. No doubt GSP has shared the best possible PED’s money can buy with Rory. We all know GSP has been JUICED for almost 10 years and that is why his body is falling apart. Vicor Conte has introduced non-detectable steroids to MMA and now at least 85% are taking them. With Rory it is totally OBVIOUS. passing a NON-RANDOM PED testmeans nothing

      • Greatest ever says:

        Hey get rid of Fitch …u always talk about gsp get off his fucking dick U are prob a fat fuck that sits on ur computer and jerks off to the things U write …go kill urself u asshole …ps u don’t no shit about fighting everything u say is bullshit.

      • No doubt!! says:

        There is NO DOUBT he is, I mean LOOK at his BACNE!!… you hit the nail right on its head man! Anyone with that kind of bacne is for sure on the roids… especially if they’re from Canada!! I can’t believe the athletic commissions even let these guys step in the octagon with bacne, the fighters should be screened when the ring side officials are applying the Vaseline that’s all the scientific proof they need… if they have BACNE turn them the fuck around man!… somebody’s going to get killed!!!

        • CoCiO says:

          yes because being in your early 20’s with BACNE is just unheard of. Get the fuck out until he declines a test or tests dirty…

        • No doubt!! says:

          This is some serious shit I’m talking about here man!… somebody’s going to get killed if they continue to let these guys with BACNE fight!

      • Akid says:

        I have seen plenty of people with orse ‘bacne’ than Rory… ALso plenty of people with acne on their face too… Guess what, these people never used steroids! You’re reasoning is so screwed up dude… If he doesn’t get busted, he needs to be given the benefit of the doubt! People like you spreading vicious rumours like this are rediculous!

        • Hey Akon says:

          or whatever. What other fighter has Bacne as bad as MacDonald? Names please. Put your ass where your small change is (or whatever the saying is)

        • Akid says:

          The fact of the matter is genetics among other things can unfortunately leave one with ‘bacne’/acne for long periods of time…. ‘Adult acne’ is more common than ever right now with all these ‘cures’ coming out which are loaded with toxic ingredients so it’s extremely plausible that it’s just in his genes dude… I don’t need to list any names, it’s fact!

      • Ruined says:

        why do you assume everyone who you dont like as a fighter does roids? All you people do on this is play Dr. and pretend you know what peds are and who does them. You opinion is meaningless and your credibility is at an all-time low. I think i speak for most of when i say seeing your comments on this site angers me and shows me you have no knowledge of mma.

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    Rory will joining his twin in this pic if he gets caught.

    the beautiful people!

  5. Dick Diaz says:

    rory will do it lol. imagine he doesn’t go through with it; it’d be hinting at a lot.

  6. Marc says:

    actually i believe Rory is practicing how to grease up for the fight 😛 wait a sec, who’s this Rory kid and why is former Lightweight, Welterweight Champion & future Hall of Fame inductee fighting a no name boy?

    • Sam Eames says:

      You might need to watch a little more MMA if you aren’t aware of Rory McDonald. Any educated fan knows he’s the future of WW. I’m a fan of both, rooting for Bj though.

      • EP says:

        first off, youre def rooting for Rory by the way you keep defending him… second, u act like he is future of welter weight and so significant… bc why? he beat che mills holy shit , he is the future… why bc he beat Nate Diaz who shouldnt have been fighting at 170 to begin with… this kid has never fought a TOP 10 WW and everyone is saying he is future bc he trains with GreaSP… give me a fkn break already. Hilarious. All these newb fan boys. 99% of these newbs prob never even saw BJ v Gsp 1 UFC 58 when Penn broke Gsps face and sent him to hospital to get facial surgery while he walked off without a scratch but he lost a split decision, ON PAPER… but real fight fans know that penn and gsp are really 1 -1 No questions asked … Fk GSP and Rory … BJ PENN THE PRODIGY TEAM HAWAII ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!!!

        • Ruined says:

          Your a thug and a no name, bj is past his time and so are your arguments

        • EP says:

          A “thug” and a “no name”? Umm okay, and this is coming from you, some pathetic gsp nuthugging loser who is not a bj fan and is just trolling his webpage to write stupid posts like the one above. yeah man u seem like a real “big name” around here. anyway i wasnt saying i was “name” i was just stating some facts and my arguments are not past time whatsoever… you probably just have never even seen the fight i was speaking about bc u just started watching this sport after TUF came out or maybe even after… So on GSPs or Rorys fan or webpage and cry yourself a river.

        • EP says:

          A “thug” and a “no name”? Umm okay, and this is coming from you, some pathetic gsp nuthugging loser who is not a bj fan and is just trolling his webpage to write stupid posts like the one above. yeah man u seem like a real “big name” around here. every post youre crying like a little bitch about people making fun of rorys bacne, acne or saying penn will beat his ass… anyway i wasnt saying i was “name” i was just stating some facts and my arguments are not past time whatsoever… you probably just have never even seen the fight i was speaking about bc u just started watching this sport after TUF came out or maybe even after… So on GSPs page and cry yourself a river.

  7. Bob says:

    Isnt 2 months enough time to cycle off? Anyways a cylced of RORY will get smashed..

    Have you guys seen Rorys pimples on his back in the past? ROID mcdonald

  8. Chucky says:

    Rory is going to murder bj penn lets be honest.even though bj penn vs gray Maynard was one of my favorite fights of all time.

    • Bob'O says:

      Yeah? Too bad BJ has never faced Maynard, Who he would have destroyed by the way. Jeezus, do any of you idiots even pay attention to MMA or the fighter’s history that you’re commenting on? Talk about stuck on dumb, dumb brah. ~Bob’O

    • BJ is KING says:

      get the fuck out of here you dumb muppet. I don’t even care if you’re a troll, you commented on a fight that never happened. Rory is the future of shit, GSP would dominate him when hes 40, probably even 50 theres no comparison to them. GSP and BJ Penn are legends, this little shit is just a GSP fanboy and hes going to find out the hard truth soon enough.

  9. Rob sansoo says:

    F back pimples !!!!

  10. ku says:

    rory = hot garbage

  11. io31 says:

    BJ or Bj’s people reading this, it sounds more and more like you don’t want this fight, you just want MacDonald to piss hot so that some doubt will be cast over the second GSP fight. If you haven’t changed your mind, Rory would be under VADA testing right now, which would ensure that he won’t benefit from PEDs in this fight (again, assuming he uses, which is very doubtful). If you insisted on VADA testing while you were the main event, it would have brought pressure on UFC to make a real difference. I though that was your goal at first but now I think you just want a gatcha moment with Tristar/GSP.

  12. Xaninho says:

    Pizzaback is waiting until he’s cleaned out his system.

  13. Reality says:


  14. Mean mug says:

    This dude is one helluva of a fighter but DAMN he’s got one of the ugliest mugs in all mma. He’s gives Wandy a run for his money.

  15. People always talking smack says:

    Carlos condit is the intern champ right now, rory beat him for 2 1/2 rounds before condit got on top and the fight was stopped w just a few seconds left…. Otherwise he would’ve beat said opponent that’s ranked #2…

    • ctyn says:

      Respectfully, I completely disagree. Condit landed good shots throughout the entire fight and was far from dominated. He lost the takedown battle, but did more damage from the bottom than Rory did on top, IMO.

  16. Bob'O says:

    I think Roidy Macdonald figured he dodged the bullet, but now his weener is in his own mouth. I bet he fails the test. That is if he even takes it. ~Bob’O

  17. jbeamazing says:

    this is bj trying to get in the kids head haha but there is some truth in the fight starts as soon as its signed

  18. T.DADDY says:

    This roid head better take the test… If not he just proves what everyone is thinking… WAR BJ ALLDAY EVERYDAY!!!

  19. Rory’s a doper sorry its a fact and most fighters are on something that there told will give them an edge..Remember what happend when Sherk cleaned up and fought BJ..This kid is gonna look like Diego when BJ’s done beating the breaks off him.

  20. Inho says:

    a clean fighter would help clean up the sport without hesitation….. Rory should have submitted his paperwork by now….. wonder why he hasn’t? 8)

  21. Gaylord Focker says:

    Rory Mcdonald is a pussy, last time i fuck his ahole, twas full of guava seeds. Whats funny is he include live grasshopper in his meal after his mom fried their dog poop. Pathetic gay.

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