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Monday, 07/02/2012, 08:04 pm

MMA Poll | Who Ya Got, Anderson Silva Or Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS

This weekend one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history is taking center stage in Las Vegas.

Anderson Silva will rematch Chael Sonnen to try to take out his biggest rival for a second time. But can he do it?

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45 Responses to “MMA Poll | Who Ya Got, Anderson Silva Or Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS”

  1. oldsoul says:

    i think silva will take it but it may not be a walk in the park.

  2. ElALPHA says:

    I Believe chael can pull this one off but so can Silva its going to be a great fight but I’m rooting for Sonnen on this one. It would make for a great fight trilogy.

  3. WrestlingRules says:

    It won’t even be close, I see Sonnen bouncing Silva’s head off the canvas just like last time. Think Sonnen-Fihlo 2…He will make Silva look worse than last time. Let’s see of Silva comes in weight.

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      Silva will win. Hell end up KOing Sonnen in the 2nd. HOOOO RAAHHHHH

    • Ryan says:

      You forgot one thing… Anderson Silva isn’t Paulo Filho

    • AJ says:

      Sonnen couldn’t do that to Silva the last time when Silva was injured and Sonnen cheating. How do you think he will accomplish that with a healthy Silva, and not being able to cheat this time, WrestlingRules?

    • See if Silva comes in weight? Of course he does he is the p4p undisputed undefeated middleweight champion of the world.. How could you even question him coming in at the correct weight? Your name says it all.. just a wrestling nuthugger of course you are going to root for the fraud..

    • johnny says:

      like last time? did sonnen even hit him?
      silva walked away without a scratch.
      sonnen on the other hand, looked like he had been mauled by a tiger. all swollen and blood streaming down his face.
      but hey, whatever helps you justify your fandom of a c-level fighter.

      • bas ruttabagel says:

        Silva got dropped by chaels right hand….

        • johnny says:

          anderson slipped while moving back, then got right back up. is that what you’re talking about?

        • MMAKnowitall says:

          I believe he is, because standing on one leg whilst dodging the punch had nothing to do with it.

        • Dick Pimples says:

          I Believe you should re watch the first round of their first fight then good sir. Not only was he not on one leg he got the shit kicked out of him for the whole round. So you dick suckers should source your trash talk before you embarrass yourselves and your family again you posers.

  4. Eastside-ridah says:

    Really….. Sonnen could barely hang wit Bisbing! Silva!!!

  5. Mike b says:

    I want silva to win and I think he will.after watching the last fight though it could go either way.all this talking back and forth with sonnen and silva and the fans is irrelevant,I just wanna see a fucking epic fight.

  6. USA! says:

    USA! Bitches. Fuck u Americans pulling for the Brazilian

    • Bob says:

      dumb fuck I live in America and most Americans are retarded and fat as fuck. I represent good people no matter where your from.. Just because hes American you like him? Fucking dumb as fuck.. You trolls still trust the American government that dont give a fuck about you guys… LMAO.. News Flash America doesnt care about the American people so quit being so damn proud you fat retards.

      Silva via butt naked MURDER!! America the land of the turds. Number 1 terrorist country in the world..

  7. J Crew says:

    Sonnen can’t live for 25 minutes in Silva’s guard.

    And that is his best chance.

    Same thing just an earlier finish.

  8. ThaGreenBandit says:

    The ending of today’s press conference was just awesome. Silva looked like he really wanted to say fuck saturday, let’s get this shit poppin’ right now!

  9. Ku says:

    Chael is gonna lose by dim mak

  10. BJPennRules says:

    I believe Sonnen is going to surprise Silva again..and take the Spider down and put a beat down….but I believe Silva will pull out another sub victory. Round 5.

  11. TurkeyBacon says:

    Sonnen looked like shit against bisping… Nuff said

  12. rob says:

    sonnen’s gonna get his a** kicked silva dominates people when he’s calm, i can’t imagine what he’s gonna do to sonnen when he’s pissed as f***, i personally hope he breaks his jaw because sonnen’s just a roid monkey who thinks he can compete with real athletes

  13. jamez101 says:

    Am gonna put some money down on Sonnen…I think he’ll stomp Silva again.. only this time win the fight.

    • bobby says:

      what do you mean “again”?
      when did he ever “stomp” him?
      you did watch their first fight, right? you know, the one where a roided up sonnen did zero damage against an injured silva.
      look at the two of them post fight and tell me who did the stomping. the guy without so much as a scratch, or the guy all bruised up and bleeding.
      but hey, it’s your money. if you want to lose it on a really bad bet, be my guest.

      • jason says:

        Makes me wonder who these Sonnen fans are.
        They’re either very new to the sport, or just very clueless. No true fan of MMA, or any martial art, would ever root for such a disrespectful fool. Especially such an unskilled fool. I guess i could understand if he was actually a good fighter, but he’s not. Where’s the appeal?

        • brandon says:

          lol you’re an ass monkey bitch. just cause someone is cut and is bleeding that means he got his ass kicked ? you are worse than the judges the nsac hires lol. sonnen out struck silva the whole fight. i’m sorry but pull your head out of your mom’s ass and watch the first fight and then talk you idiot.

      • Dick Pimples says:

        Did you even watch the first fight? Damn posers.

  14. oomaplata says:

    Sonnen is hyping this fight up because it’s his last chance at a title shot before his decreased steroid intake turns him into the little bitch he is.

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