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Monday, 02/06/2012, 10:15 am

MMA POLL – Who Thinks Diaz Beat Condit?


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  1. DanielC says:

    no question, diaz took this fight. imagine if there were no walls on the octagon. condit would have been halfway back to Albuquerque by the time the fight ended. track star. he did not outstrike diaz. those leg kicks wouldnt hurt anyone. diaz never slowed, condit literally sprinted at times.

  2. banks says:

    I think it was a draw.. but i dont see any judges giving diaz a decision win when he acts like he does in the octagon

    • slacker says:

      Which round would you call a draw? For me, it would be the 5th if any. If you do the math, with 1: 20 left in the round, Diaz got the take – down. That works out to 73% of the round already being completed which Condit was winning until that point. Diaz controlled him on the ground for a bit but didn’t do any damage with strikes. But then Condit also scores points for the reversal at the end.

      • learntoread says:

        Yeah, I had Diaz winning rounds 1 & 2, Condit taking 3 & 4, and the 5th was a toss up. Could have easily been a draw (which would have been a far more admirable decision). Then let them go 5 rounds again and settle the score while we wait for GSP.

        • slacker says:

          People like to see more toe to toe, slugfests. That’s fine. But that is not the only way to win. The problem for Diaz’ camp, if they want to say they deserve a re – match is the high quantity of difference in strikes landed. If it was 20 or less, then you could try to make a point. But not when it’s 40 +. Doesn’t matter what type they are. Doesn’t that seem a little high to you to warrant giving him a re – match?

        • learntoread says:

          Well, when taking into account that the majority of the 40-some strike difference occurred during the 3rd & 4th rounds (which the majority of people agree Condit won), then I would say, yes there is definitely room for a rematch. 1. Being that the 5th round was a toss up (due to the take down & dominant positioning), 2. that Diaz outlanded/outworked Condit in the 2nd, and 3. Condit only outstruck Diaz by TWO 30-28 in the first round (in which Diaz was definitely the aggressor & had octagon control).

          Also taking into account that there has been precedent set of immediate rematches with very close, controversial UD title fights in the past.

        • slacker says:

          He outstruck him by more than 2. As for octagon control, Diaz may have controlled the pace, but Condit controlled the place and position of the fight. Round 1 was a decisive win. All 3 judges gave it to Condit. And 40 + strikes is just too much, even taking it as a whole, not by round. I think everyone knows it was a close fight. It just wasn’t indecisively close. That’s my opinion.

  3. Sean Liang says:

    only a Diaz fanboy would create a new point system to say that Diaz won.

    • Diaz Fanboy says:

      Diaz won by points, the slap was 20 points alone. Every time he mean mugged Condit after the round was over, that’s another 13.5 points per round. When Diaz held Condit’s leg and the round was over, 26.25 points. And when Diaz faked his retirement after the fight and later that night, his death by choking himself out, 100+ points. My scoring system is flawless.

  4. Jb says:

    Why is there even a poll? Condit won, watch the fight or check computer stats. Cruz has the belt by always moving. This is not a school yard brawl it’s mma. Diaz did nothing to change the course of the fight. One half ass take down doesn’t win the fight. And his reaction is a tribute to his character. He didn’t put it on condit like he did penn or Daley.

  5. banks says:

    Hehe i dont think condit ran i think he stay outta trouble and created angles to land good shots.. i jus dont think either did enuff to win and since the title is to be defended then why not a rematch?.. ps huge diaz fanboy haha but i hate the way he complained a retired like a bitch.. Take ur loss and step the f up n finish next time. dude said he woulda finished if he thought he was losin lmao sore loser

    • Sore Loser says:

      This is why I like the Diaz brothers: they say what’s on their minds and say f$%# political correctness. Nick’s a “sore loser” because he is competitive to the core. I wish he didn’t quit, and actually think he’ll be back once the emotions quiet down.

      With regards to MMA, Condit fought a well-thought out Jackson camp fight plan to the tee. He did what they told him to do (his words). Great job. I had it 48-47 Diaz, but it was close enough to go either way. Diaz’s corner should have told Nick this and adjust accordingly (like attempt more takedowns in the 3rd and 4th rounds, Condit’s best rounds).

      With regards to fighting, Condit ran the entire night, much like Edgar did in Abu Dhabi against BJ. In that sense, this fight sucked ass. At first, I thought “what a technical fight” when actually all Condit was doing was “baby kicks” and running. I agreed with Diaz on this. Condit fought for the judges and for points, which goes against many fans’ who just like to see fighters go to finish. Condit chose not to and won the fight. But judging by the fans’ reaction in the arena, no way did they like the decision. Condit lost some fans after this fight.

      Someone mentioned Cruz and how he hits and runs. This is why people like Faber so much and why he will have yet another title shot because he DOESN’T do that. He’s just a scrapper. And the UFC knows that fans rather watch a scrap than a track meet.

      • John Blaze says:

        Yea the diaz brothers don’t give a fuck! They will cry right after the fight if they lose or things don’t go their way. Edgar the LW Champ who owned BJ Penn and Gray Maynard twice is a bitch! Sore Loser can I be your friend? Oh Dominick Cruz the BW Champ also sucks! All these guys do is run away and become champions! Fuck them!

  6. Harry says:

    The last 3 rounds went to Condit. He may have been running in and out, but he landed more strikes, and did more damage- setting a UFC leg kick record in the process. Diaz pranced around like an idiot, was arrogant, and couldn’t press Condit against the cage. His gameplan was interrupted, (Just like BJ’s against Diaz) and he chose to blame the other fighter playing a cheap game (Just like BJ against Diaz.)

    • Billy the kid says:

      I could not agree more!!! If you watch the replay of the fight, the right leg of Diaz was tore up, I mean that is going to leave a mark. Lots of leg kicks and they did the job!!!

  7. James Toney says:

    reminded me of Edger/Penn1

  8. Mo says:

    Stick and move, the oldest trick in the book. Just because he didn’t want his back to the cage like every other guy that lost to Diaz, doesn’t mean he was running. Get off of Diaz’s nuts already ! The fight is over !

  9. The King says:



  10. Trey says:

    People who say diaz have was fucked up what are you looking at the scratches he had or do mean he’s ugly

  11. Nat says:

    How do you win a fight by backing up the whole time Condit never pushed the pace… just like Rampage Vs. Machida…

  12. Billy the kid says:

    The only thing I can say is it must be the casual fan that really doesn’t know much about strategy that would say that Diaz won this fight!!! Diaz was clearly dominated during the fight. Condit got the better of almost every exchange they had. I have watched the fight three times now and each time I watch it I feel even stronger that Condit won the fight hands down. It was really not even close. All one has to do is watch Floyd Mayweather fight and you will see the same type of defense that Condit used!!! Just because a fighter doesn’t stand in front of another fighter and let him hit him doesn’t mean he was “running” the whole fight. Does anybody remember Ali-Foreman, Ali laid all over the ropes and never let Foreman hit him cleanly. This is just Diaz, his team and his fans crying because he lost the fight. Condit not only executed the perfect fight plan he out struck Diaz in most of the exchanges. My hats off to Condit, great job. Now the only problem is I don’t think that plan will work with GSP!!! Secondly, my only regret is that I would have loved to see GSP give Diaz the beat down he so deserves!!!

    • WickedSS says:

      I agree…there is more than one way to control the ring. By making Diaz come to him constantly without letting Diaz put him up against the cage he used Diaz’s aggression and frustration against him. Condit also didn’t let Diaz suck him into his game with the taunts. Damn good game plan IMO.

      On a side note…as much as I hate Diaz’s attitude I would love to see him in boxing. I truly think that is where he would shine best.

    • learntoread says:

      LOL. There was absolutely NO “domination” in the fight. Seriously.

  13. kerry says:

    Look at the Fight Metric scores… Condit had rounds 1,3,4.. Diaz had aggression but Condit had octagon control and out struck him.

  14. Tim says:

    How can you guys think that condit was running away from him he fought smart circling him connecting with leg kicks and combinations with punches and great head work you Diaz fans need to shut your mouth because you obviously have never been in a fight

  15. Trey says:

    And what’s all this just cuz condit didn’t have put his back on the cage to fight that boy ran he could not let diaz back him up and stood his ground and fought thats not fighting somebody elses thats fighting period and the shit he was doing was running and he still didn’t win I mean he leg kicked him so what he kicked him in the leg if you think leg kick are meaningful strikes your literally a lil girl thats why I say make 10-15 minute rounds or soothing cuz that will get fighters tired and fights will have more finished and more decisive winners so there won’t be doubt in who won and condit wasn’t playing it safe cuz out was a title fight he was just scared of diaz

  16. Chryz says:

    I agree with Mo and Billy . Every Martial Arts that specializes in striking uses the “Stick and Move” Tactic. The point of that tactic, is to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm and game plan. Let’s face it, Condit did a number on Diaz. Diaz’ face should say it all. The very essence of martial arts is how to beat an opponent without taking too much damage.

  17. jvd says:

    To be honest I was really excited for this, but yeah this one is a very disappointing fight. Nick kept on trash-talking and Condit kept on running.

    • learntoread says:

      Yeah, it definitely did not live up to the hype. I mean, I expected Diaz to trash talk, but I don’t think anyone expected to witness the self-proclaimed “Natural Born Killer” do that sort of dance. Thanks Greg Jackson !! :s

  18. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Condit won by out pointing Diaz but he ran like a girl. End of story.

  19. chris says:

    The stand up was very close by the numbers. The difference was the leg kicks. I was disappointed that he did run I don’t care what anyone says. I was ready for a battle not this. He had a great game plan just not one I enjoy to watch. I did think Diaz won at first because he chase and pushed the pace but I Didnt really pay much attention to the legs kicks just like a takedown with no damage done. My 2 cents if it’s even worth that

  20. spiritsplice says:

    Someone on twitter said it best, “interesting when Condit sticks and moves he’s running, but when Muhammad Ali did it he’s the greatest boxer.”

    • Mach00man says:

      Ali was putting people to sleep and finishing fights when he did it.

      • Sheek says:

        You have to realize there are more rounds in boxing..If there were 12 to 15 rounds in MMA Diaz would have been finished.

        • El Tigre says:

          Nobody has ever finished Diaz, and Condit certainly wasn’t on his way to finishing anything in this fight. Yes, he used a smarter strategy and landed more shots, but I think if the fight had continued, it would have only been a matter of time before Condit slipped up and either got caught in a real exchange, or maybe fell victim to a submission on the ground. Diaz frustrated me just as much as Condit in this fight though. He was not effective in cutting him off on the cage, and let him slip away too easily. Less talking and more punching would have been my advice during the fight. Condit played it safe, but he did win it. I think the wars he had with GSP and Hendricks afterwards really earned me back as a fan. I wish he had been aggressive like that against Diaz. We would have seen a much more entertaining fight…

      • Pedro Sassin says:

        Good call.

  21. Frankie says:

    Its pretty straight forward; condits a way better mixed martial artist. Diaz has taken so many punches to the head he can’t even put a sentence together nevermind a game plan. He definitely walked forward the whole fight, but walking forward an eating leather an tasting shin isn’t winning. Zombies walk forward too. I like Nick Diaz very much as a fighter, I hope he doesn’t retire. He’s very entertaining an talented I just wish he wasn’t such a classless poor loser, he also seems to attract a strange breed of red neck fans that troll the Internet looking for condit fans ao they can say he’s a track star lol. Cool story bro. #ConditBeatHimIntoRetirementTho

  22. Trey says:

    People keep saying he out struck diaz no he didn’t he kicked diaz in the leg more than diaz kicked him in the leg which is not out striking someone diaz had more face and body shots leg kicks only matter if there hurting which hardly ever happens leg kicks ain’t shot and he was not sticking and moving so people need to stop trying to compare that too boxing greats at least they knocked people out with sticking and moving what condit was doing is not sticking and moving that was running and people need to stop acting like thier carlos condit or nick diaz I highly doubt they would be on internet looking to leave comments on shit I would like to think they have more important things to do so people need stop with that shit

    • Mike says:

      Considering that I remember a leg kick that damn near knocked Diaz down, I can guarantee you, those “baby kicks” were doing damage. Also, from compu strike, while Diaz landed more face punches, Carlos was the one landing the more significant face shots. The only thing Diaz had going for him was body shots.

      • baldy says:

        i’ld bet diaz still aint walkin right from those “baby kicks”. taking a good leg kick is like gettin hit in the thigh with a baseball bat…ive seen guys laid up for a week from leg kicks…
        diaz’s “pitter pat” or “stockton slap” shots arent exactly knock out blows, but they add up, just like those “baby kicks” do. theyre like a jab.
        if you want to watch a street fight go to youtube or check ufc 1 through 10. mma is a sport now…love it or leave it.

  23. Hightower says:

    So i guess all you morons would just stand in front of Nick and let him punch you in the face like a human punching bag huh ?! You’re all a bunch of cry babies and just like Diaz, sore losers. And to all of you who say leg kicks do nothing, watch the Aldo vs Faber fight and i think you’ll reconsider.

  24. Condit won that shit! he’s got the interim belt, he got the decision, the UFC thought he clearly won and he’s the man right now…

  25. diaz's nuts209 says:

    Funny how much being a fan of someone can change ur perspective on the fight, diaz lost, all u morons who say he ran to are braindamaged as much as diaz, its called a gameplan, please for ur own sakes lay off the rubbing alcohol, but we are seeing in large doses what it does to the brain. #conditbeathimintoretirement

  26. Diaz's Pubic Hair says:

    Its pretty cool to be on diaz’s nuts all day, I wanna congratulate my co-workers; it’s hard trolling blog sites 24/7 to rip into Carlos condit fans but some bodies gotta do it. Now that Nick has retired due to leg kicks in the face, he can spend more time taking us on hiking trips an giving the middle finger while swimming in public pools. Stay strong my fellow Diaz fans, and always remember: together, we shall hug diaz’s nuts Til we can’t hug no more.

  27. kevin9999 says:

    Diaz thinks he’s the best boxer in mma. What a joke. He has even called out Floyd Mayweather which is hilarious. Floyd would know him out in the first exchange. Diaz lost because condiut used foot work and used amazing kickboxing sklills. Maybe Diaz should learn these skills. Diaz is weak and retired cause he knows he can’t beat these guys in the ufc. Ya he beat Penn but look at Penns performance that night. His training must of been on his couch. I think pdiaz should fight sanchez next or Koscheck. Both those guys would kick his weak scronny ass. GSP would hurt him bad. That fight would be a joke for GSP. He needs to step up for a super fight cause the division is cleaned out. Oh and yes Conduit definaty won that fight.

  28. diaz's testicular trolling club join now says:

    diaz did get out struck trey maybe that yellow smoke found its way into ur eyes for most of the fight, but he did check the compustrike numbers moron condit landed more, also what makes u nut huggers look even more retarded is the fact that is was unanimous, jus remember nut huggers u can get that salty taste from lots of other things that arent diazs nuts, HE LOST get over it, dam jus listening to those diaz interviews an shit has made his fans 100 times dumber

  29. Lestat says:

    Like I wrote in another forum Diaz walked down CONDIT the 1st 2nd & 3rd round
    Was fustrated by the 4th ate some hard punches & picked it back up the 5th & scored the matches only takedown. I don’t understand this I have seen champions lose there titles because of the same performance CONDIT gave so how is it that CONDIT won a match for the title with that performance

  30. Ed says:

    I truly don’t know what the issue with Nick Diaz is, it’s something I don’t want to get too specific about. I don’t know what’s going on with Nick. I don’t know if it’s his people writing for him. We tried to help him out… I think he took that somehow as an insult. I don’t know who is in his ear advising him but he seemed to flip out a bit and had some issues with it. Hopefully he gets it together over there… I don’t know if that was him saying that or his group of yes man around him. They kind of worship him over there. I don’t really know if that was Nick so it’s hard for me to comment on it.”

  31. Kyler says:

    Condit won. It wasn’t pretty but he won. Get over it Diaz lovers. Numbers don’t lie.

  32. sick of whiners says:

    geez o pete! diaz got beat guys.why is that so accept? you show up withthe same fight plan time after time and someone will figure you out. diaz would have won if this or that? they were in a cage, both men are veterans of the sport, both know how the fights are scored. diaz came in with that i’m gonna kick your a$$ cause i’m badder than you attitude and condit called his bluff. condit out manuevered diaz and struck on the exits. what better block to a punch is there in the world than just simply not being there. it’s called defense. lord, its like you guys that are saying diaz won are mad because condit refused to stand there and let diaz wail away at his head. why would he do that?? why would he play into diaz’s strengths? makes absolutley no sense to say he won that fight because of that. it was obvious by the start of the 3rd that condit wasn’t going to fall for those tactics so why did diaz wait until the last 2 minutes of the fight to try something different? plus, diaz is used to everyone being winded by round 3 and guess what? condit had more air than diaz. amazing what a good gameplan and proper training will do huh? diaz got beat. get over it. if he’s 1/2 the fighter you guys think he is, he will go work on the holes in his game anc come back better instead of “quitting” like he did after the fight saturday. i hope that was just emotions talking because he is a warrior, but he needs to grow from a loss and accept it instead of whining about it. man up and own it diaz, you got beat.

  33. Bluenose says:

    Let me make it clear first off- I am NOT a Diaz fan. I think he’s arrogant, disrespectful to his opponents and now following his sulky retirement speech an even bigger loser than before and I wudnt pay to watch him in the UK. Neither am I a huge fan of Condit so I suppose that makes me fairly impartial.
    I don’t think either guy totally outfought the other and it should have been declared a draw to force the rematch. Condit actually looked shocked and surprised he won it. No huge celebration or fist pumping seen? He looked more embarrassed than pleased. Not the actions of a man whose just been awarded the int belt and payday green light at GSP? This to me meant more than any judges or crowd opinion.
    I do note of late that there’s been a huge amount strange decisions in the last 3 UFCs shown here in the UK. Is it time for a rule and judge review.? Me and my family love this sport and it seems slowly go be losing its credibility and reputation.

  34. Sean says:

    People are retarded. Machida wins most his fights while running away. Condit obviously out worked him. You can win a fight pressing forward if you are just walking into kicks an punches. Being the aggressor doesn’t meant crap of you can’t do anything. Diaz game plan was to put him against the cage and pound him, condits plan was to not let that happen. Condits plan worked.

    • Calvin says:

      exactly people keep bringing this octagon control shit but its like diaz didnt control it cuz he fought condits fight not his (yes because condit “ran away” but guess what STILL NOT DIAZ’S FIGHT!) and look jon jones ran away in the rampage fight he did a full sprint but u dont see people whining about that but when machida fought rampage rampage won from octagon control and agression because no action happened for 2 rounds so if no strikes came besides rampage foot stomps then of course that would be scored like that but condit leg kicked the shit out of diaz and who cares about punches to the face and body this is mma any strike counts and the kicks counted more than all of diazs strikes

      • Tuma says:

        When Jones or Machida counter strike, they do it definitively and like men. Or take Anderson Silva: another beautiful counterstriker who puts down his opponents. Condit was content to keep the fight metric score go up by tapping Diaz. The only significant shot he landed was his right kick to the face which immediately followed a nice left leg lick. All the rest was gay ass tagging. He didn’t want to fight cause he knew he couldn’t fight Diaz. Condit’s fag fans keep saying “accept it, he lost.” Yeah, he lost on the score cards,but check out the polls: several websites’ surveys (including this one) have a majority of fans saying Diaz won. If it were a unanimous decision, fewer people would say Diaz won. Condit did himself no favors, and deep inside knows he lost.

    • Xaninho says:

      Yeah exactly!

      Condit was the one dictating the pace and place of the fight.

  35. Sean says:

    Was suppose to say you can’t win a fight pressing forward if you are pressing forward into punches and kicks to the face. Also condit clearly felt he won because he starting tearing up with obvious happiness.

  36. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    All you ignorant children need to learn you don’t win fights from running away the whole time ask machida or Martin k Diaz landed harder shots got the takedown and walked though literally everything condit did without even flinching so tell me how condit won even fighters including former champions such as Anderson S Dan H Pat M Josh N Ronda R Chuck L agree that condit lost some even had it scored 4-1 but i guess they wouldnt know about winning fights and all you dumbass internet mma “experts” would Diaz no doubt won rounds 1,2,5

    • Xaninho says:

      Actually Condit landed more powershots.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Yeah i had it 4-1 Diaz and i’m ahuge Condit fan. Where I come from you don’t win a fight by running away for 25 minutes. Diaz got the takedown and also took Condits back in 5th round. That fight was decided by the judges before it started. Diaz got screwed. Greg jackson is ruining MMA first he ruins GSP and now Condit, Guida and many others. I hate point fighting and lay n praying both are strategys used to exploit serious flaws in MMA scoring system. IN REAL wrestling Lay n prayer would lose and in boxing a point fighter that runs away would lose or be disqualified so how does that make them the “WINNERS” in an MMA match.

    • guamy says:

      @dontbescaredhomie i completely agree. nice to see people who can judge a fight intelligently unlike NSAC. I bought this to watch a fight not a fucking Marathon. Condit couldnt shine Diaz’s shoes.

    • T.DADDY says:

      its funny to me all u Condit fans are proud of him winning like a chump…LOL,, GSP is gonna smash Condit and then the real champ Diaz will smash GSP

      • Donnybrook says:

        T.Daddy in wonderland… if nick tried that same game plan with GSP ( walking forward talkin sh!t with his hands down) Georges would introduce Nick’s neanderthal face to the back of his skull… say hi to Alice for me.

    • omar contreras says:

      Not sure what numbers your’re looking at? But Diaz beat Condit rd 1,2,3(10-10) and won rd 5, he outstruck condit with sig.. strikes all 3 of those rds and took cc’s back for over minute. CC only outstruck diaz rd 3&4 and only bcuz of low kicks.. if the low kicks count fro that much than Diaz kicks to CC arms landed instead of counting as blocked.. Kick to the arm is more effective than kicks to the legs… No way CC won this fights points or Brawl… !!! CC won rd 4 and 3 (arguable) 2 out of 5 rounds if still remember how to count correctly!!!

  37. kerry says:

    @dontbescaredhomie check it says different. It was a great technical fight.

  38. Tao Of Steve says:

    I’m not a big fan of Diaz, but he does come to fight which I respect, and when I pay $60 for a UFC event, I expect to watch a fight not a track competition. Diaz fought, Condit ran. It was a waste of my time and money

    • Joey says:

      exactly how i feel man if i wanted to see someone run i’d watch track nick pushed the pace and at points was literaly chasing condit around the ring and for that deserved to win highly dissapointed with the “THE NATURAL BORN KILLER” LOL in the fight.if he would have made it a dog fight like he said he would have got owned.

  39. Dave says:

    Agreed, want my money back

  40. momo says:


  41. Dave says:

    This is gonna be a dog fight, hahahahaha, yeah right, Run Condit Run. Warrior my ass

  42. mma is my religion says:

    Carlos the “roadrunner” condit. You lost more than the fight Carlos, you lost all respect as an mma fighter. Dog fight my ass. Diaz was the dog and you were the pussy cat. If you could have you would have probrably climbed out of the cage and into Greg Jackson’s lap.

  43. mma is my religion says:

    Carlos calls himself a warrior and says if he wasn’t a fighter he would be in the military. Thank god he is a fighter and not in the military because we would lose our freedom. Carlos would run and leave his men behind take of running.

  44. mma is my religion says:

    Carlos brought this shit on himself. Calling himself a warrior and acting like a badass on the primetime. What a joke…last time I ever call you the natural born killer.

  45. pete says:

    if all fights were like that nobody would watch. if anything.. DRAW!!!

  46. Night-Wind says:

    Championship fights should be ten rounds.

  47. guamy says:

    Condit was back peddling the whole time. his leg kicks did no damage diaz came to fight condit was running a marathon and at times even turned his back to him. if you turn your back to some one in almost any martial arts tourney you get points deducted. if you folks enjoyed watching condit runn from a fight you should go watch Floyd Mayweather boxing or better yet go watch TOM & JERRY. there is no respect in running from a fight, mr “im gonna bury this mother ****** , im a fighter, warrior” LMAO real warriors come to bang not strike and bike like a bitch. I think it makes it worst cause condit is not known for fighting like this, he had as good a chance at KOing Diaz as Diaz had to KO him, diffrence was Diaz was willing to kill or be killed and condit was not. Condit lost a few fans with that performance hope his next 1 is better.

  48. Natural says:

    Diazs lost cause he wasn’t able to knock conduit out he let it go to judges and he got outstruck. He shouldn’t be complaining he’s just too much of a baby

  49. slacker says:

    There is something here amongst all the complaints about Condit fighting a tactical fight that is so obvious, yet we have all accepted it, and don’t see the contradiction. People are saying Condit didn’t fight, that he was being backed up and that he ran or circled out of attacks constantly, without throwing any punches. Now think about it: If Condit should have to strike – punch his way forward to engage and get away from an attack, Nick should have to punch his way in! That’s logical right? But no. He “walks” his opponents down, not “strikes” his opponents, as he backs them against the fence. He sticks his arm straight out, keeps his left cocked and ready, and “walks” forward – no strikes!!! Do you see the contradiction clearly now and why all this whining and criticism about Carlos not striking his way out of every single “walk down” is hypocritical and unfounded?! Let the same logic and rule apply to Diaz then! Walking your opponent backward with your arm straight out is not dictating or setting a “pace”! It’s a tactic, just the same as what Carlos did to stay on the outside and keep from getting pinned against the fence! Only Condit did it better!!! And that’s why he won!!! He was the better tactician!!!

  50. guamy says:

    way i see it nick was punching his way in but condit ran and at times even turned his back to him.

  51. How come I don’t hear this much baby cry bullcrap when gsp wins by points

    • learntoread says:

      Because everyone has become quite used to GSP pulling that Jackson camp horsesh!t to win fights by now, it’s old & tired.

      With Condit, you have a fighter who’s build a career on being one of the best finishers in the game, building a career as the self proclaimed “Natural Born Killer” (you really don’t have to go any further than watching his 4 previous fights to realize this). Carlos also made it a point in the build up to the Diaz fight to bluntly state ‘tough guy’ remarks, such as: “It’s gonna be a dog fight”, “I’m a Warrior”, “I’m going to go out there and bury this MotherF***** !”. You also had clips of Greg Jackson ‘coaching’ him during part 3 of the Primtime series stating “let’s go in and try to finish him every round”…

      Now, when you take all that BS into account and you watch that ‘performance’ he displayed Saturday night, it’s in direct relation to why many MMA fans, fellow fighters, & journalists are annoyed, disappointed & complaining.

    • Desmotti says:

      GSP doesn’t lay that much…get off it. He ground and pounds and destroys. We’re bitching because the best fighter in the Octogon got robbed of his dues. If it was a Marathon, then Nick would of won there also, but its a fight and runnen just aint what warriors do, unless its toward the battle…away you get your ass shot, knifed, or put in the brig bitch!

  52. mma is my religion says:

    Carlos “the natural born killer” condit is the pound for pound best runner in mma today. Hands down. Run condit run.

  53. Donnybrook says:

    Bottom line is Condit has the belt around his waist and there’s nothing any of you cryin sniveling Dick Niaz huggers can do about it so wipe the tears away and for f**k sakes deal with it. With the way some of you are acting you’d think Carlos shot your dog or something. If anything you should be pissed at Nick for coming into the fight with a sh!ty game plan, walking strait in sh!t talkin with your hands down taking shots never won anyone any fights that I can remember.

  54. jboy says:

    The poll itself speaks for what the people thinks diaz is the peoples champion.if you think Carlos won then go watch track and field lol .

  55. mma is my religion says:

    Fuck Carlos and that fake ass belt. That belt is worth as much as cheal Sonnen’s belt.

  56. Rolo says:

    you can’t leave it to the judges, you gotta finish fights

  57. mma is my religion says:

    Carlos your all bark and no bite. You said it was going to be a dog fight. You lying ass bitch. Next say the truth that your going run for 25 min and hope the judges give you the fight. Be real condit.

  58. CHART says:

    I hate the Just Scrap style.POINTS AND JUDGES should decide who the toughest guy is.GSP is Goat

  59. Donnybrook says:

    Interesting watching Inside MMA Bas and everyone on the panel think Condit won in impressive fashion… but then again maybe Dick Niaz nutsuckers know more better.

  60. Chartmonster says:

    Condit will beat his ass worse the 2nd time around! Key to victory..stay off the cage!

  61. Nolan says:

    TBH the first time hearing about this fight i was FUCKIN PUMPED. Thought it had hendo/shogun potential. But now, even though I’m kinda interested cause of the controversial decision. I don’t really give a fuck. If condit is going to be a bitch again, its going to be another boring fight

  62. lad22 says:

    Common guys! Starting to turn MMA into WWE! CONDIT won fair and square! Thats whole reason why DIAZ was all frustrated and bein a cry baby after the fight!

  63. lad22 says:

    I just call Condit a smart fighter!

  64. diaz's nuts209 says:

    Wow nut huggers are still humiliating themselves on here, chuck liddel used to ko ppl backing away, also he was outsruck 159-117 y is this debate here even, he ate a record amount of leg kicks, nicks face was fucked an condits a bitch, please ppl get off the diaz juice, its starting to get sickning how this many ppl are obsessed with the guy

    • guamy says:

      the diffrence was chuck knocked people out, didnt turn face and run away ever, and stood and traded with any 1. so your comment about condit being like chuck is so off base bro. condit has a long way to go before he can be compared to the iceman.

    • Chris says:

      Those leg kicks had no power in them. You could tell by the fact that they didn’t even leave a mark on Diaz’s legs and it didn’t effect his movement at all. Tapping someone in the leg shouldn’t be scored as an attack.

    • brownhole says:

      leg kicks did not damage diaz kept moving forward… diaz had more significant shots to the head/body

      technically condit won but the real winners were the fans… kudos to both fighters… you put those two in a cage 1000000 times there are going to be a million different outcomes

  65. kaye says:

    common let the judges decide……..CARLOS CONDIT is the winner…… so let him fight GSP………..ok

    no need to rematch


  66. Damon Gesell says:

    I think the question in itself is a poor choice of words. Circling and running away are two different things. He circled out of the position and centered back up. This “octagon control” argument has been going on for a while now. Edgar does exactly the same thing. Condit made Diaz follow him around a lot of the fight. In boxing, this is called strategy. If it wasn’t Nick Diaz and all his crybaby fans, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. Less taunting, more punching.

    • onanz says:

      +1 bro. I really don’t know why nick diaz was shocked after the decision. this diaz is a cry baby. every fight he lost, after the decision his reaction was the same. the riggs fight, condit etc as if he was robbed. fucking cry baby. Condit was really the one controlling the octagon. Nick Diaz style was only to taunt and talk trash.

  67. onanz says:

    Condit really wanted a title shot. He fought smart. Diaz only fight with one style. taunt, trash talk and try to outwork opponent. Diaz was exposed on this fight. Condit really won the fight. Although it was not the most entertaining fight, for the hardcore fan of fighting it was all worth it. Condit followed the gameplan.

    • Nolan says:

      condit didn’t even put on a smart fight. he put on a pussy fight. he literally ran, not circled away “like in boxing.” A smart fighter defensively is floyd mayweather. he doesn’t run, he stays in the pocket and doesn’t get hit, which makes for excitement since he’s standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FOOL. THAT’S GENIUS. Not running away at every opportunity you can. Honestly, if this is where MMA is heading I’m done. I’ve been watching it for 6+ years, but jackson is ruining it by himself. I’ll admit he’s a master strategists but it just makes for boring ass fights, he makes his fighters pussy. Create a strength to go full on against the opponents strength, instead of avoiding it

      • T-Dub says:

        While I do think that the fight could have gone either way, you’re argument about Mayweather doesn’t really hold up here. Yes, Mayweather is an elusive, in yo face boxer, but he doesn’t have to worry about being taken down and choked out like a date rape victim by a BJJ black belt . As far as being boring, yes, fighters would like to win by highlight reel every time, but I’m also sure that they’d rather be boring and win than exciting and punked.

        I wonder if this would even be an issue if GSP were ready to go.

  68. Ian says:

    It was a hard fight to call, and it depends what you/judges are looking for. But condit did landed more strikes, and played by his rules, circling away would have looked better than back peddling but he didn’t let himself get trapped against the cage and so Diaz didn’t land much… Personally as I’d heard it was a close fight before hand I’d been “scoring it” in my head as I went along, and before the judges call I said 48-47 to condit…

  69. shaunbonz says:

    Diaz pressed the pace as soon as it hit the cage condit was out worked and kept runnin away champions don’t run once it got to the ground diaz was whole class above him

  70. Rikimaru says:

    I think condit wanted to finish diaz, but he respects his corner and listened to them. IMO, condit coudlve finished diaz if he didnt listen to his corner. I guess his corner wanted to play safe and is more focused on gsp.

  71. DiazWon2012 says:

    Let’s get the facts right. Diaz was obviously the aggressor of the fight and controlled the octagon more. He was better in the grappling as well. That is three of the four criteria’s to winning a fight.
    -Clean Strikes – Condit hit Diaz more, but Diaz didn’t get a medical suspension, so obviously they did no damage. Condit is medically suspended for lacerations on his face, so Diaz’s striking did more damage, but Condit won this one.
    -Effective Grappling – Check
    -Octagon Control – Check
    -Effective Aggressiveness – Can’t be effective when the guy runs from you, but he was more aggressive – Check

    Diaz should have won. Good thing Condit agreed to a rematch. Now Diaz will know what Condit is going to do, and will train for it now. Diaz win in the rematch. Probably first or second round submission.

    • Hmmm says:

      Define “Effective Grappling” and “Octagon Control” and “Effective Aggressiveness”?

      For example, if you employ an effective counter attack with “solid” strikes (as solid as your opponent) and “solid kicks” despite the fact that your opponent is “moving forward”, who has the more effective aggressiveness?

      If you are imposing your will by counter attack, getting the fight back to the middle of the octagon throughout the fight, and effectively not getting hit solidly by perhaps the best puncher in the game, are you demonstrating “Octagon Control”?

  72. Sheek says:

    I seen Carlos do a hell of a lot..I didn’t see running,I saw smart movement and not standing in front of Nick Diaz. I saw plenty of combos landed by Carlos and he even landed a flying knee. I really don’t see how he was being a point fighter. He landed really hard shots that would finish lots of guys. But Nick is tough..I give him that respect. He has a great chin and is willing to take punishment from the best.its not that Carlos didn’t try to finish,the opportunity didn’t present itself. You people calling Carlos a bitch or a runner are just stupid as hell. I know if I get into a fight,whether its in the streets or in the cage,I’m not going to sit there going punch for punch. That doesn’t mean fights won’t be finished,it just means I will receive less damage. How many champions have there been that actually brawls in the UFC? If you can name any I bet you won’t name many.

    • guamy says:

      arlowski, iceman,rampage,JBJ,Anderson,JDS,Cain V, Tim sylvia, jose aldo, bj penn, jens pulver ect… ect… ect… ovy you dont watch much or just recently got into mma thanks to fox lmao

      • BJ S says:

        You’re hurtin dude… BJ is not a brawler, and I think only two of the ones you named really are, Liddell and Rampage, Jose Aldo certainly not JDS is a technical boxer, Cain Velasquez is a wrestler, Anderson Silva is…. well he’s just Anderson. Looks like you might be the one who needs to do his homework son.

      • guamy says:

        arlowski was a beast back in his chapionship days you idiot he traded with any and everybody. BJ is not a brawler? he was brawling with Diaz his last fight and will stand and trade with any1 also. JDS will trade with any 1 ect.. ect.. maybe your right about jose aldo but every 1 else on the list is or has been champ and will trade with any 1. if you dont know now you know @BJ S
        if you did your homework you would know this.

  73. Jon says:

    After seeing the results of this poll so far, I’ll go ahead and say that 52% of people are fucking stupid. How Diaz wins that fight is beyond me. Dana has gone and set a really bad precedent for shit like this. Diaz in no way deserves a rematch. Hell, I thought Bisping beat Sonnen, as did Dana and Sonnen himself, and yet he doesn’t get an immediate rematch for what is effectively an interim title considering they get the title match out of it.

    The only case of this I remember is Shogun/Machida, which was much more justifiable. Shogun outlanded him all night, and left Machida barely able to walk from the press conference, but Diaz did no damage, got clearly outstruck, and his main argument is that he was the one walking forward. Doesn’t mean shit if you get punched more than you punch the other guy I’m afraid. Really not sure why this is happening, Dana is either giving in to Diaz’s pissy drama queen bullshit, or is putting those dollar signs WAY ahead of how the sport is supposed to be run. Talk about blatant favouritism.

  74. Night-Wind says:

    Jon i agree 100%. Just watch, Diaz is going to be against GSP no matter how these things goes.

  75. bryanfury85 says:

    How is this even up for debate? Condit outstruck diaz the entire fight and last i checked those equaled points. Pushing the pace means nothing if you’re not landing anything. Also, people seem to understand combat. Why would i fight someone where they have the advantage? Why dog fight and risk losing when i can stay out of your range and pick you apart? If that doesn’t make sense go and ask james toney about the importance of not taking unnecessary shots.

  76. bryanfury85 says:

    Lmao@ the idiots that believe those leg kicks wouldn’t hurt. I beg you to please let someone muay thai kick you in the leg a few times and see how you stand after your leg is bright burning and bruised. Smh lol

  77. guamy says:

    well 55% of people that watched it thought Diaz won, according to the poll above. Numerous fighters and fight analyst had Diaz winning that fight, but im sure you guys sitting at home that never trained in your life know better than these guys right? I like condit he is usually an exciting fighter but i was not impressed by his last performance.

  78. Shawn says:

    1and 5 for Diaz. The rest of the fight he just took Condit for a walk n mocked him. Didnt do a lot of fighting. When you fight like you leave it to the judges. And judges look at compubox numbers. Which had Condit throwing and landing more strikes. Even Diaz’s face showed it. More beat up than Condit. Hey, I wanted Diaz to win. But even after watching the fight 3 times, I come to the same conclusion.

  79. Ray says:

    Man these Diaz nut-huggers are way too deep in denial, he clearly out striked Diaz and did more damage. That is how u win a fight dumb asses!

  80. banks says:

    I dont care who won.. if ppl are cool with this avoid exchanges and kick legs style of fightin then i guess that suxks for mma. Condi vs gsp is goin to be worse than this fight at least diaz goes in to scrap and give a show both condit and gspgained fans by finishing fights and puttin on shows but now have turned into point fighters who dont want to be exciting because even a guy like matt sera can beat them on any given night.. i thank god for real champs like aldo edger jds and jonny bones jones because if greg jackson had his way everyfight would go to decision

  81. ryan says:

    i dont understand people who say diaz “won the fight because he pushed the pace.”

    i guess they mean any fighter who presses forward and constantly eats punches and every leg kick thrown, will win every decision because they’re “controlling” the fight. I haven’t read anyone that defended diaz, speak on his game plan.. there WAS NONE. diaz fights one way and doesn’t adapt.

    how about the current champ, GSP. He’s had critism for “not finishing” fights… 5 of his last 6 fights have gone to decision. In all those decisions, he won because he had a masterful game plan, stuck to it and won convincingly… condit’s performance, albeit not as dominating, still resulted in right decision.

    its all boils down to this: condit outstruck, outsmarted, and outfought diaz.

  82. GreenTeaBagger says:

    I think Diaz’s game plan was to try to get Condit to stand there and bang with him; which would have been the dumbest thing to do. Condit’s game plan was more sound; chip away at Diaz and stuff him if/when he tries for a takedown.

    Got him the win didn’t it? You may not like what he did, but you can’t argue that he has the interm-title and Diaz does not.

  83. banks says:

    Diaz has the same gameplan he always hass which is take wut hes given. N i hate how ppl say he jus came forward and ate punches diaz outstruck condit to the head and body. condit outstruck diaz in total cuz the kicks landed were 68-8 n ill bet at least 50 of the 68 were legs kicks wich diaz didnt care about cuz he thought he was winning.. still disappointed diaz didnt finish at the end but i wont support the guy who hypes himself as a warrior and a finisher and hen completely contradicts everything he said because he wants to play it safe

    • loans says:

      He wasn’t playing it safe. He hit Diaz more, was more effective, and tried a variety of punches and kicks. Add another minute to the 5th round, where Condit reversed position and got on top of Diaz, I wonder what happens. Does Diaz find an “on his back, in the guard” submission against Condit? Or does Condit drop elbows on his face? I don’t think Condit lets Diaz up and runs away from Diaz, I think he tries to ground and pound Diaz.

      There is something to be said about a “smart” fighter and a “dumb” fighter. Both Condit and Diaz are fighters, just one was much smarter than the other.

  84. banks says:

    Real fighters bleed

  85. banks says:

    Or at least they arent scared to

  86. DudeIncognito says:

    The problem I have with the fight was that it was a clear example of the trend developing in the UFC. Fighters are going into fights with the express goal of winning by points. Not by defeating their opponents. This is resulting in more and more boring fights. Unfortunately some fans are accepting these game plans as a ‘smart fight’, and with the current rules in the UFC they are probably right. The problem is to a lot of other fans (myself included) this is not the essence of martial arts, not the essence of being a warrior. The UFC was supposed to be the closest thing to pure competition, to a real fight. In a real fight point-fighting isn’t going to get you anywhere.

    The Diaz – Condit fight has become the poster child for this issue, though I don’t think it’s even the best example of it.

    • DudeIncognito says:

      The solution: Get rid of Judges. Can only win by Sub or KO, if no one wins by the end of 3 rounds (or 5), its a draw. This will result in good f’in fights. Fighters are gonna know there is no winning by points, so they won’t take that route. And fighters that are clearly winning, won’t relax and not make the effort to finish.

      Think of the Diaz – Condit fight: Condit would never have taken the safe route. Sure he may have used the same tactics for awhile to try and weaken Diaz, but at some point he would have needed to explode and try something else. (A real ‘smart fighter’ is one who finds a way to finish his opponent.)

      I hate to say it, but I even think Diaz didn’t make a stronger effort in the last 2 rounds because he *thought* he was ahead in points. He even said as much when he stated: “You think I wouldn’t have finished that arm lock if I even thought I wasn’t going to win.”

      Remove points and fights will get way better.

  87. brownhole says:

    Condit had a better game plan… diaz went in to destory… condit wasn’t running but he was dictating where the fight took place… diaz landed more significant shots to the head/body…. condit landed more shots and took the fight… the real winner… the fans!

  88. Trey says:

    Condit ran and he knows that I’ll bet if you ask him about it he runs from your question like her did in the fight but yea if you liked what condit did you need to be watching olympic boxing or some shit cause I thought the ufc was as real as it gets to real fighting but dana white seems to like that bullshit too somebody else needs to have his job somebody that’s gonna make fighters fight and fighters that like point fighting need to start taking pay cuts cause if fighters keep doing this the sport of mma is fonds crash cause real fight fans don’t wanna see boring ass fights with both guys trying to be technical or in this example of one guy running and another guy trying to get him to fight and having to chase him down just to get some real fighting going and they ned to do something with this awful judging as well

    • Hoops says:

      Yeah….Diaz tried to do “boxing” in the fight and Condit showed assorted MMA skills. Diaz should just become a boxer so you can enjoy that type of fighting. I would rather watch a mixed martial artist like Condit.

  89. Koshchek is a felcher says:

    I can’t get over the number of fags on here with their tongues up Nick Diaz’s butthole. He lost, the stats and the tape shows it, you just want your punk ass Stockton retard to still be in the mix but he ain’t, all he’s got is you licking his taint.

  90. t says:

    to all the people saying diaz won 3 rounds and the fight nice to know so many neveda state mma quailfiled judges go on bj penns fan site so what diaz didnt finish it it is what it is let them have their rematch and i dont care to much bout it

  91. Moz says:

    Not a Diaz fan at all. But I would bet that half you guys who are nut hugging Condit would be the same dicks who complain about how boring a GSP fight is. But now that it isnt gsp being boring all of a sudden its the best game plan ever
    Nut hugging homos

  92. WOLFZILLA says:

    I just want to see a rematch I thought diaz won most ppl did. The fight was like a little girl in a movie a kick to the shin and starts running lol very true.

    • WolfGang says:

      Let’s stop counting leg kicks and jabs in MMA fights since they don’t do much damage individually. If someone doesn’t hit someone’s face with a hard punch it shouldn’t count. Might want to not count body shots too. This way Diaz wins every fight….oh wait a minute, Diaz actually doesn’t hit hard (punches in bunches….jabs)….so he wouldn’t win then either. Ok…Only Diaz jabs to the head count and no one elses….then he wins every MMA contest.

      I have the new Diaz and UFC “Game Plan”!

  93. GSP#1 says:

    GSP may not be finishing recent fights against the top competition in the division but he is beating the crap out of his opponents using his “game plan” and receiving little damage to himself. That’s masterful! He doesn’t run and he doesn’t lay on people for 5 rounds.

  94. banks says:

    If by being smart you mean playing the pretty boy vs love to hate posterboy card id agree

  95. jeff vogt says:

    diaz was the aggressor and had octagon control grappling wasnt a factor and condit won striking by stats only!!! please explain to me how condit won

    • Hmmm says:

      Define “Effective Grappling” and “Octagon Control” and “Effective Aggressiveness”?

      For example, if you employ an effective counter attack with “solid” strikes (as solid as your opponent) and “solid kicks” despite the fact that your opponent is “moving forward”, who has the more effective aggressiveness?

      If you are imposing your will by counter attack, getting the fight back to the middle of the octagon throughout the fight, and effectively not getting hit solidly by perhaps the best puncher in the game, are you demonstrating “Octagon Control”?

  96. factor d says:

    The natural born runner. He was a pussy and ran around the whole match. Fuck the whole greg jackson camp. You want to fight don’t run like a little bitch. Fuck gsp too. Lay and pray bitch.

  97. your mom says:

    Come on now in a street fight people would say Diaz won because he didn’t run. This is MMA and by the information on the strike couter Condit won. I do hate that he did avoid a brawl but the rules are the rules. If you don’t want to lose to someone kicking your legs and running most of the fight you have to do something to stop it. That being said watching the fight I thought Diaz won rounds 1,2,5. But if you go by the numbers Condit won so….deal with it.

  98. condits#1fan says:

    carlos was my boy until he ran like a BITCH the whole time and it disgusts me the ufc praises him with a belt. they should of gave him a kick in his ass and told him we dont have womens mma in the ufc and we don want u here either you pussy because you disgraced the belt by being a runner and not a fighter!!!!!! apparantely he gives good head because he sucked off ALL the judges

  99. andrei says:

    i think diaz lost, he couldnt corner condit in and condit did land more leg kicks n strikes wtf you expect diaz only will punch you if your in front of him. condit should fight gsp cuz diaz should of steped up his game and shoulda finnished condit but the judges said diaz lost so fuck diaz wat a bitch Dont let it go to the judges do somthing about it!!!!

  100. andrei says:

    every one is mad that carlos was running he was being smart you dumb fucks slippn punches and and gettin the center again if any of you dumb fuck know anything about fighting then you can see diaz sucks hes just a point fighter only boxes and if it dont work the trys to take it to the ground. carlos had way more weapons in his arsonal than diaz as u can tell diaz thru like 3 leg kick and missed like 10 n carlos landed almost everything he thru at diaz i see the fight 4 -1 .carlos 2 time the better fighter than diaz you dont like it cuz there wasnt a ko but thats fights diaz dont deserve anything aND SHOULD RETIRE as a chump not a champ The natural born killer is a sav bet not 1 of you even could last a min in there ur all bitches hatin on a winner

  101. factor d says:

    Andrei-bet u suck off team jackson. Ur a nut swinger. Gsp did the same shit to Kos. That camp blows. LAY AND PRAY BITCHES. Diaz couldn’t corner him because he was running the whole match. He’s the natural born pussy. Talked a big game but when the time came to fight he ran.

    • Contra says:

      Despite the “evading” being punched in the face by Diaz (smart tactic), he out worked Diaz and hit him more times than Diaz hit him. Condit brought the fight back to the center of the octagon. That’s not running, that’s winning.

  102. the original steve says:

    where is the it was tooooo close to call option?

  103. CARLOS DIAZ says:

    pretty lame, if you think diaz won, then i can be a mma fighter too, just need to look mean establish a bad ass reputation, make it look like im the aggressor all time even im not landing anything and do nothing in the fight, that a sure way i get the decision all the time…mma rules

  104. condits#1fan says:

    andrei is really a fuckin idiot!!! condit has more weapons…well why is the only ones he used is his feet when he kicked at diaz to keep him away so he didnt have to fight and used them to run..once again so he didnt have to fight….THIS IS THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING NOTE FIGHTING championships not a running marathon…only pussy point fighting done was by condit, nick will knock out anybody in that weight class with his so called weak punches that carlos wanted no part of!!!

  105. condits#1fan says:

    if the pussy bitch carlos won…how does 53% say diaz won…so next time watch the fight u stupid dicks instead of blowin ur boyfriends.. at one time carlos was a fighter but now hes a bitch and he knows he was out manned in that fight, thats y he got slapped like the bitch he turned into… if any man tried slappin nick they b receiving a 209 stockton ass whoopin as long as they cant out run nick

  106. slacker says:

    For anyone who enjoys analyzing a close fight like myself and are interested in doing a different kind of scoring round. 1, I would be interested in hearing your “honest” comments after viewing it under this format: watching 1 minute at a time; scoring each minute to a fighter; and, using the UFC scoring rules in priority and as best as you understand them. I just did this and this is my conclusion:

    ROUND 1

    1st minute – Condit
    2nd minute – Condit
    3rd minute – Condit
    4th minute – Diaz
    5th minute – Condit


    If you disagree with my results, I will gladly defend the reasons for my conclusion.

  107. condits#1fan says:

    ur a homo and I used my tool on ur mom

  108. condits#1fan says:

    no wonder y she was such a lame lay… diaz tried to fight condit in the middle of the octagon but condit wasnt man enough to. and ur an even bigger idiot if u really believe anyone beats diaz in a stand up battle at 170 in the middle of the octagon I think u should go back to ur comic books or whatever else u special kids do!!!

  109. i wud bj bj :) says:

    ur a mouthy cunt condits#1fan! yes i wud agree slacker never thot of doin that with close fights will use that next time : ) diaz seemed 2 slow dwn lik he was trying 2 bate condit but he wasnt having any of it lol gr8 fight anyway

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, it was a great fight. I will admit it was close. But it wasn’t indecisively close – Condit won. He told people he was going to spoil the party. Next time, maybe people will listen. This guy is so mentally tough and prepared for fights, people have no idea. He beat Rory in front of his home crowd in Vancouver, handing him his first career loss; he called out Hardy and fought him at home in England and KO’ed him on the feet, and he handed Kim his first career loss as well. This guy knows how to win!

  110. condits#1fan says:

    fight sucked on both fighters part but if condit would of fought instead of being a pussy u would of seen him kod like most of diazs previous opponents…diaz finishs fight unlike any of camp jacksons coward fighters who either do a lay and pray or now run and avoidfighting…diaz didnt hav good fight but its kind of hard to fight the unwilling!!!!

  111. condits#1fan says:

    u cant call it a fight if one person shows upto fight if carlos dropped diaz or hurt him at all id give him props but he talked like it was gona b a war when it wasnt . thats y he is a paper champ with a paper belt that dont mean shit!!!

    • slacker says:

      A win is a win! Diaz face looked like an old sock that a dog had been chewing on, so you can let go of your silly, inaccurate exaggerations.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        umm condit was the one not medically cleared to train or fight for 3 weeks. answer me this, out of aaallllllllll of condits fights, why in this fight w nick did he use the tactics he did? no need to reply ill just tell you, HE WAS SCUURRRRRED!

        • slacker says:

          Condit fights a well – rounded style using the entire octagon. Diaz is the king of tactics – fence tactics. It’s easy to beat guys down if you have them up against the fence. Try striking in the center where it’s equal territory and see if you can dominant. Diaz couldn’t and he lost. The reason why Condit winning the way he did is so shocking to people, is that Diaz had this incredible run of abusing his opponents with this “walk down” tactic in Strikeforce for such a long time. But the run is over. Condit fought the fight in the center where he is the superior striker. The Diaz “mystique” has been snapped, and if he will stop moping around like a sore loser, there are more high quality, intelligent, UFC strikers lined up to expose him some more and hand him more losses.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          please even when they were in the middle of the octagon carlos backpeddled until he hit the fence then he reset in the middle and repeat while in the process tried to land baby kicks and harmless strikes for points. it was the only fight he ever fought so pathetically and ppl who claim it was the smart thing only further prove how scared he was to actually engage nick.

        • slacker says:

          Baby kicks. I love it. You just knew Nick was gonna engage in some verbal histrionics after that loss. Cause Nick always tells it like it is, right? Like after the Daley fight. “Did he ever hurt you?” “No, I was never hurt.” Oh yeah. We can definitely trust Nick to be honest. He’s too proud to give someone else their due credit. And many of his followers are the same. But, should we really be surprised?!

        • Contra says:


        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          if u wanna win with kicks u better leave ur opponent hobbling like urijah v aldo. nick was still chasing condit all the way til the fight ended in the 5th, he even got a td and back mount in the 5th and yet 2 out of the 3 judges gave condit that round lmao. just like round 2 where nick OBVIOUSLY outstruck condit two out of 3 judges gave condit that round too. its obvious ur not being impartial or u really believe kicking a guys legs with half asssed kicks warrant an mma win.

  112. condits#1fan says:

    if diaz went to post conference he prolly would of slapped condit like a bitch again and just took his belt and condit wouldnt of done shit about it except for mayb ran his bitch ass back to where the camp jackson cowards hide at

  113. condits#1fan says:

    hey slacker I know the street lights r on so I fgured u and iwud bjbj had to go cuddle. all I hav to say is the votes r adding up fast for diaz and even rogan is sayi. now that diaz won the figh

  114. condits#1fan says:

    if they had yellow and I think it was pink cards like pride did condiy would of went home without a big percentage of his purse and would of got called out for being a staller or runner or whatever u want to call it

  115. josh says:

    condit won cause he didnt let diaz execute his game plan and condits one was executed the only thing diaz had was octagon control and condit had the rest

  116. kaye says:

    nomore rematch……. CONDIT vs GSP

  117. factor d says:

    These guys are retards. Go watch the fight again. How much did condit’s dad pay off the judges????? The natural born running man carlos condit

  118. Night-Wind says:

    53.1% = mma noobs.

  119. Brandon says:

    I find it so funny to hear people say condit wasn’t running… There were times when his back was to nick and he had to look over his shoulder to even see nick…. That my friends is not “being smart and evading nicks strengths”….it is being a damn coward…. And yes condits leg kicks were fucking weak, nick pushed through to the end with plenty of spring in his step… Condit is no Aldo

  120. mma is my religion says:

    Condit talked a good game before the fight and ended up running. The old condit wouldn’t have settled for a sorry ass decision. Change your nickname condit. You sorry ass bitch.

  121. Jujitsu Player says:

    So many bullshit comments on here about Condit running away. I was a fucking Diaz fan before it became fucking cool and when I first watched the fight I thought it was close but Condit won it for me. I really hope this re-match goes ahead to Diaz can make amends but anyone who thinks Carols was running might as well stop watching MMA right now. Because seriously you know fuck all. Condit landed more shots in total, wasn’t it like a record for leg kicks or something. Yes Diaz was moving forward but getting hit in the process, you don’t win fights leading with your face. He couldn’t keep Condit in the corner, Condit tagged him moved and that game plan won the fight. Diaz should have gone for a take down or used the time he had to put him away.

    • Trent says:

      Thats exactly how i feel. I really do not understand how people are seeing the fight a different way. I think their investing too much on pressure. They think just because one fighter is pressuring the other that they are winning. Thats obviously not the case. This decision went the right way people. Deal with it. Or be like Nick Diaz and make another non viable excuse.

    • Dan says:

      I agree 100%. Just because Nick is walking forward, doesn’t mean he’s in control of the fight. Yea he’s trying to be an aggressor but you cannot say Carlos was running when he landed over 100 kicks, setting a new UFC record!! The stats showed it was pretty even on punches too…with Carlos landing more ‘significant strikes’ too. COMPUSTRIKE proves Carlos won for those that think he was ‘running’.
      That supposed ‘running’ stopped him getting put up against the fence like BJ and getting destroyed. He evaded Nicks dangerous areas, for the most part, and picked him apart tactically. I just don’t see any way Nick won.

      Even round five….you’re telling me the 50 seconds Nick had Carlos on the ground gave him that round?? What about all the kicks and punches landed before, and the fact Condit reversed it and finished the fight on top of him punching him in the head…..!!!!!!

      Sorry, but this just frustrates me. I do love Nick Diaz and hope he keeps fighting. But NO WAY did he beat Condit.

  122. slacker says:

    People wouldn’t be so upset about Diaz losing if they realized that Diaz’ eleven fight win streak, outside of the UFC, is really not worth much. They bought into the highly distorted hype.

  123. i wud bj bj :) says:

    wat else dos condit do stay up againt the cage ? ur an idiot m8 al ur comments r BS i dont even think u watch the fights lol condit did brilliant, i really hope he catches gsp with something fancy lik flying knee if its not 2 much 2 ask lol

  124. Thatguy says:

    Anyone who thinks Condit won that fight needs to stop commenting on MMA, you obviously aren’t a fan from day 1, are just a bandwagon jumper, and don’t understand how MMA is meant to be judged. Pride had it right, the UFC is becoming a JOKE!!!!!!

    • David says:

      Exactly! I’m so sick of hearing that Condit landed more strikes and sissy leg kicks. UFC is not about winning with points. If you want that garbage, watch boxing. Fighters like Diaz want to finish the fight in an exciting fashion. He knew he could take Condit down and win that way, but he prefers striking because it’s what the fans want. Even Condit realizes he was a coward, that’s why he wants the rematch. Too bad it wont happen after Diaz testing positive for weed.

      • Calvin says:

        actually mma is going to turn to points fighting this is just the start of it

      • Crud says:

        All Diaz does is try to box so maybe you should just watch boxing matches since you seem to think Diaz is the best. Condit actually showed diversity with his MMA skills and, if Diaz wasn’t so tough, probably would have finished the fight if it were someone else. Perhaps Diaz didn’t feel any pain because he was too high…maybe that’s considered cheating and why the UFC doesn’t want weed in someone’s system during a fight. Perhaps Diaz only cares about himself and what he wants and doesn’t give a cr*p about what his fans want.

      • just a fan says:

        I don’t understand how you guys think Diaz won the fight!! Non the less in a convincing fashion…??!! And to say the UFC isn’t about winning points??!! Are you guys toking like Diaz? Just because Condit didn’t stand in front of Diaz all night till someone hit the mat doesn’t constitute a coward. Look at what Edgar did to BJ. Same damn statergy! Stick and move, pick your shots, and don’t stand still. Condit’s gameplan worked from Rd 1 all the way to 5. Diaz didn’t adjust which is why he DIDN’T win! Coulda woulda shoulda.. Whatever, he had 25 mins to do it and didn’t! @Thatguy-bandwaggon my ass!Please inform all of us how MMA judging works, apparently it was a unanimous decision. Diaz is a tough SOB but was ineffective this fight. @David-I feel Condit wanted the rematch because there’s more Diaz nut huggers who don’t feel he won and wants to prove he is the better. And I will be the first to agree a rematch would have been best because we didn’t see much excitement as expected out of these 2 fighters.

        • Trevor says:

          His gameplan was planned for how Carlos used to fight. As a finisher. He probably didn’t expect him to use those tactics because he never has before..

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Yeah I was a huge Condit fan until he ran away like a bitch the entire fight against Diaz. Greg Jackson is ruining MMA. FORCES his fighters to fight like cowards. Greg jackson also ruined GSP who use to be a REAL FIGHTER now is a point scoring run away jabberfest PUSSY.

    • Calvin says:

      you do realize that would mean dana white would need to give up on HIS SPORT WITH HIS RULES

  125. mma enthusiast says:

    If diaz won then so did Roy nelson, both fighters kept moving forward… But guess what the guys who were “running” counter struck and beat their opponents easily. And one who says diaz won must share his education level (high school drop out at 16)

    • Calvin says:

      exactly roy nelson dropped werdum the same cant be said for werdum and he came forward the whole fight ROBBERY!

      • Dan says:

        U idiot….MMA Enthusiasts point was that Nelson clearly didn’t win!!!! and Diaz was the same….re-read it!!! Walking forward doesn’t win fights!

        I don’t get how Dana creams his pantys over Frankie Edgar and GSP but wouldn’t give much props to Condit after this fight?! Same type of game plan. Win by decision, out work, out strike and out game plan your opponent!!

  126. Jon Duong says:

    Doesn’t matter now, Diaz won but he f**kin threw it away testing positive for weed. Dumbass

  127. KimboSteeze says:


  128. the salmon says:

    I’m a big fan of Condit his style and techniques were just ineffective against someone like Diaz who has an insane chin and isn’t afraid to stand and trade… Shame about no re-match but maybe it would have just been more of the same I can’t see many fighters up for standing toe to toe with Diaz he’s a nutter… Stayed up till 0600 UK time to watch it too bit disappointed.

  129. MMA Realist says:

    Unfortunately due to the flawed scoring system and octagon rules the conversation isn’t who won (despite our idealistic views) but rather the manner in which Condit and another Camp Jackson strategy did it in.
    Let’s be straight, this wasn’t a Floyd Mayweather-esque masterclass in movement but rather Condit and Jackson creating a new strategy… the snatch and run. Though unfortunately for us fans what they snatched was OUR hard earned money (whilst in the process of filling their hands also managing to drop some dignity).
    So the real question is… from the camp that made famous the 15- 25 minute MMA Hugging Championships are WE as paying fans happy to now have to swallow the Snatch and Run Championships… I for one say no.
    Diaz may be a prize ass but he trains hard, fights hard and has never crowed money out of my angrily grasping hands as Team Jackson has made a habit of doing!
    So get their butts back in the cage and make them earn OUR money, and make an example to all track and field fighters, thieves and serial huggers!!!

  130. MMA Realist says:

    Greg Jackson is fast becoming to MMA what Bob Arum is to boxing.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Greg jackson needs to be run out of MMA PERIOD. He turns good fighters who ,love to scrap and put on show for the fans into run away pussy’s who resemble Calib Starnes. Greg Jackson theory of fighting “run away like a pussy today so you can fight and steal a decision another day. So friggen tired of this bulls’t point fighting and jabbbbberrrrfest pussy ass way of scoring points with love taps and pitter patter leg kicks. Greg jackson whole goal in life is to exploit the lousy rules of mma. Somehow someway the UFC needs to revert back to PRIDE RULES and then all the GSP’s and Fitch’s will go away.

  131. Silliness says:

    The Condit vs. Diaz fight was exciting for me. Diaz was stalking Condit to try to punch the crap out of him and I was excited anticipating whether or not he would be successful. Condit was evading getting stuck on the cage so Diaz could unload meanwhile throwing all kinds of kicks and punches from different angles. I was wondering round by round, would Condit be able to have the cardio to keep this going before getting caught by Diaz. I found that exciting. Condit kicked Diaz to the head twice and I thought it was amazing the Diaz didn’t drop. Condit threw a couple of flying knees which I thought might have put Diaz down if they landed flush. I found that exciting. All the while I wondered if Diaz would eventually unload on Condit. Diaz finally took him down and got Condit’s back. Would he be able to submit him? It was an exciting moment. Then Condit reversed it. Would he be able to ground and pound Diaz? Then the fight ended. I would have liked another round as I enjoyed the fight. At least they didn’t lay down on each other for 25 minutes. All the people complaining about this fight are just silly.

  132. cj wood says:

    you dink really stand and fight thats what bj did really open if you really ever been in a fight thats what its about

  133. says:

    he got bitch smacked nick beat his ass nick was there to fight the other guy won the running game what was his name ? o yeah trackman!lol he look like Frankie Edgar out there when he fought BJ the first time running! ufc best track star “killer” more like “sprinter” are you blined watch the fight and nick did what he does he came to fight like always when or lose! not run!

  134. Doug Diamond says:

    I am a fan of both fighters and I don’t like to get hit. I know the value of making it into the later rounds. Condit easily outlanded Diaz and came in with a definite plan and implemented it. He won. You could see that Diaz was bothered during the fight and could not get it done. Condit reminded me of a taller, bigger Frankie Edgar that night. Undoubtedly there will be a rematch.

  135. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was once totally right. This put up actually made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  136. Jessie says:

    Cant believe we are still talking about this fight,but anyway….

    Diaz got beat,fair and square. Sure he kept coming forward, but so does many fighters. Roy Nelson always walks forward, and can take an ass whooping like no one else, but doesn’t mean he should get rewarded for “octagon control” for it.

    Diaz’s Plan: Hit Carlos a couple hundred times, preferably against the cage, which will overwhelm him, and probably knocked him out. Results:
    He failed to do this, and there for failed to win.

    Condit’s Plan: Avoiding getting put in the corner, avoiding getting his with combinations ( a punch here and there is going to happen, just avoid too many),tee off when he gets close, and get out of the way. Results: Worked out exactly as planned, and there for he won.

    Diaz wins his fights by his high volume of strikes. You can here Rogan say this a million times during the fight. He was lucky to his condit more than once or twice at a time. On the other hand, Condit would hit him with a combination everytime Diaz got close.

    I have seen the fight several times, and while I think Diaz is a great fighter who brings it everytime, he lost this time.

  137. Yeahrightman says:

    I’m surprised Condit’s leg bracers didn’t fall off as he ran around the ring. Then he could have run across the States and grown a beard.

  138. ernie says:

    Condit will just give back the belt to gsp! American mma fighters arent supported by their govt. because there are too many top-level fighters in all wt. classes. How many champs are there from Canada? Dana is going to have to change the some of the rules and I hope the ceiteria for scoring gets an extensive review. Diaz won the fight, Condit won the race!

  139. GRT 3000 says:

    I’d pray too if anything went to the judges; look what happened with Chael and Bisping. The majority had Bisping winning that fight too. These gay ass fights where there’s no clear winner suck. One guy moves forward but without a clear case of #1 contendership. boooo.

  140. Donnybrook says:

    Yeah I’m sure the UFC is going to make WAY more $$ on a GSP vs Condit then a GSP vs Diaz… you conspiracy theorist’s make me laugh.

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