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Monday, 03/12/2012, 11:16 am

MMA POLL – Who takes the rematch Chael Sonnen or Anderson Silva?

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With one of the most highly anticipated rematches in UFC history slated for this summer we want to know, are you Team Sonnen or Team Silva? Cast your vote now!

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95 Responses to “MMA POLL – Who takes the rematch Chael Sonnen or Anderson Silva?”

  1. slacker says:

    The greatest of all time will win again!

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      this fight will be decided on how much JUICE Sonnen is allowed to use. If they let him use BOAT LOAD like last time he may stand a chance if he is tested throughout his training camp he doesn’t stand a chance. Since he CHEATED in their last fight the commision should eb able to monitor him closely to make sure he doesn’t cheat andmore than using TRT is already CHEATING anyway. Silva by KO round one

      • Kraig says:

        Agreed, agreed, agreed, but KO round 2.

      • zoeldog27 says:

        you guys are full of it, talkin shit about stuff you don;t even know about if Sonnen was juiced as u all say he was he’d be out of the UFC just ask Nate Marquart oh and thats right Silva had broken ribs fuckin bullshit theres a video on utube where they ask Dana if he was injured and he laughs sayin if Silva was injured in anyway he wouldnt of been allowed to fight if you hate Sonnen so much dont watch simple but dont sit behind your keyboard making claims with no basis of truth Sonnens levels were 0.1 above the norm and for that he’s a cheat? grow a brain, theres a thing fighters use a natural testosterone enhancer called TRIBULAS and its perfectly legal this is what Sonnen said he used and its perfectly legal so get ur facts straight before you talk shit fuckin losers u know nothing….

        • damjan says:

          eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr wrong, Silva was injured and his injury was taped. 5 days before their fight, rib broke. 5 days before their fight, Silva made a promise that he will submit Sonnen and not KO him and the man kept that promise. After the fight, he went to the hospital on a stretcher. Dana is always full of shit.

        • jdog says:

          Where did you get your test results, I am a MMA fighter and I have friends that use TRT and they can not test to the level you said .1 above, tests do not give those types of results, this is not a breathalyzer test you moron, clearly you want to talk crap when YOU don’t know crap about it! They just show that there was or wasn’t drugs in his system and what kind they are.


        • RocketQueen says:

          Oh, the irony. You’re a typical Chael fan, who has no idea what the hell he’s talking about outside of blindly following what Cheal says… which he rips off from old WWE fights.

          Also, not only do I think Chael is a fake and a cheating piece of shit.. If he shows up to fight Anderson the way he showed up to fight Bispin, he’s going to massacred. go watch Like Water, the documentary about Anderson Silva. You can see for yourself when he breaks his rib and the fact that he had an ambulace take him right to the hospital after the fight.

          Here is your .1 TRT test you shit head, as per direct quote from Wiki.

          “Drug tests conducted at the time of his match with Anderson Silva showed that Sonnen had an elevated testosterone/epitestosterone (or T/E) ratio which fell outside the allowable range. Specifically, Sonnen’s urinalysis showed that his T/E ratio was 16.9:1. By comparison, an average man has a T/E ratio of 1:1, and testing bodies such as CSAC may allow for a variance as high as 4:1 for athletes—meaning Sonnen’s T/E ratio was nearly 17 times that of a normal man”

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          any (YOUNG) fighter who needs TRT IMO only needs it because tehy are trying to SWITCH from one steroid for another. SMALL BALL syndrome or whatever Sonnen trys to say is cause of his LOW T is so friggen RARE its stupid. easily 99.9% of ALLLLL MMA fighters who use TRT is because of PREVIOUS STEROID USUAGE. Only fighter i can think of who has NEVER been a ROIDER is Dan hendersen. besides he’s almost 42 years old. None of these 30 years olds like Sonnen and marquardt would have ever needed TRT if that hadn’t been JUICERS their entire LIFE

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          what an idiot EVERYONE on the planet knows Sonnen was tested and had a testosterone level of 3400 which is 7 times the normal level. Sonnen was shooting up enough JUICE to jump over the damn moon. YOU ARE A TOTAL IDIOT if you think they suspended Sonnen for one year for NO REASON. You take the cake as the biggest idiot ever. typical Sonnen nuthugger. sonnen is hands down the biggest CHEATER in MMA with marquardt as a very close second

        • upunk says:

          ure so right ! thumbs up !

      • the original steve says:

        u dont know shit bro. it has nothing to do with the steroids sonnen takes hit has to do with anderson’s wrestling defense and sonnen’s submission defense. he wasn’t juicing either. look at the guy hes flabby and small TRT is a real thing for people usually caused buy cutting weight to many times. which wrestlers do their whole life educate yourself before you be a dumbass on the internet.

        • Xaninho says:

          Find some information on that subject and try to comprehend what it says cause clearly you know nothing about it.

          You say look at him he’s flabby and small? That’s absolutely right!

          But that is how he looks right now…Watch the fight against Silva with the crazy testosterone levels he had, he looked huge compared to now with ‘normal’ monitored testosterone levels.

  2. Steven says:

    Seriously?? lol he looked like shit in the Bisping fight. Stand-up is horrible all he does is rush forward, with half ass punches, Anderson will quickly win his title for the 10th time, while Chael will leave the ufc lol

  3. mean170 says:

    55% Silva – 45% Sonnen. I feel there are a lot of wishful thinkers out there.

  4. JD says:

    Where’s the “Draw” option? 😀



  6. BobbyLemons says:

    I’ll be cheering for Sonnen, but I don’t think Silva will make the same mistakes twice..

    The smart money is on Silva…

    • zoeldog27 says:

      yeah thats why all the fighters think that Sonnen will win i mean hey Randy Couture wouldnt have a clue what he’s talkin about hey lol u keyboard warriors amaze me with your stupidity who knows who will win but anyone who says “SIlva will win easy by ko in the first round” are you serious, Sonnen is as good a chance as anyone, when is Silva gonna step up and fight Jones or GSP the answer is never he wont take fights he’s not sure he can win he’s like the school bully who will only pick on the kids he knows he can beat as soon as someone comes along that will give him a crack he has a cry and doesnt want the fight and people are comparing him to Jordan????

  7. MonSter says:

    I would love to see Sonnen win this fight. Im going for Sonnen. But i dont see Sonnen beating up Silva again.. Silva is a great fighter and Sonnen didnt look that beast agains Bisping. So as a ufc fan i want sonnen but as a betting man Silva all day..

  8. Nat says:

    Anderson Silva – naturally…

  9. sykoMMA says:

    This fight could go either way, and yes chael looked like shit against bisbing, but you can’t forget how he battered anderson the first time around, anderson was about 1 minute away from a loss. This will be an all out war that will end with either Chael winning by unanimous decision, or silva winning with another submission.

    • Ronnin says:

      Yes but remember Chael was all juiced up, so fuck him and his big mouth… Silva will murder him and feed the audience with the remains

      • Rob says:

        He wasn’t on Roids it was TRT but his levels were elevated… lol he wasn’t on roids. People who compare TRT to roids are people who do not know what they are talking about or do not understand what TRT is, It is something that the body produces there is not difference in TRT then raising other levels of things in your body like for example potassium. Over the years a male’s testosterone levels drops with age that’s why they say “I feel like I’m 20 again” because it is resorting to the levels that you were at that age. It is a very normal process and I can guarantee that 90% of the fighter have this done ever month. Its a shot that you take every week and they monitor your levels through blood work. But the more you take the less your body produces on its own so the doctor sometime have to guess at how much to give you to get your levels at were they should be and if your body produces more then what they expected it to it can raise your levels. That’s is what happened. He was not cheating nor was any of them cheating, but a rule is a rule and if they are over the level they should then they are suspended for breaking a rule not cheating. Same as Nick Diaz he wasn’t cheating by smoking weed he broke a rule same thing.

        • Xaninho says:

          You actually dare to say people don’t know what they’re talking about and in the same comment you state that TRT is not a roid?

          I got news for you..Testosterone IS in fact a steroid hormone. TRT is injecting synthetic testosterone( a STEROID) to get the testosterone levels back to the levels of a younger male.

          And Sonnen was cheating. Doctors can calculate what kind of amount someone needs just fine. Sonnen deliberately took way too much. Just look at his frame in the fight against Silva and then compare it to the Bisping fight. He had his normal build in the Bisping fight and that was NOTHING like the way he was build in the Silva fight.

          P.S.: Stop spreading nonsense if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Rob says:

          LOL I know plenty of people who use the therapy. And once you start you don’t stop using because you body produces less so in turn you need to continue to get treatments so he didn’t stop getting treatments(example Nate). And for his frame lol it doesn’t change your frame haha. The most it does it give you more energy to work out and to improve your size but it does not change your frame. lol…And you can not always calculate your levels I have seen people who get the same amount all the time and then be high one month and be right on next Its because if your body produces more then expected it can raise the levels lol .You stop spreading nonsense if YOU don’t know what your talking about lol

        • Xaninho says:

          You can lol all you want but you still don’t know what you’re talking about.

          I never said Sonnen stopped taking it, he’s taking the right amounts and it’s showing cause his physique isn’t nearly as impressive as it was when he had highly elevated testosterone levels.

        • zoeldog27 says:

          @xaninho your a fool you know nothing shut ur mouth your a peice of shit why dont u just run mma down some more you call yourself a fan?? yet u run the sport down sayin people are on roids why do u watch then dickhead grow a brain get a life & shut the fuck up you little bitch

        • Xaninho says:

          @zoeldog27….You are pathetic. You have no arguments to make so you just resort to name calling and making a complete ass out of yourself.

          I watch and enjoy MMA cause it is the most complete martial art event there is. I enjoy watching true athletes like Anderson Silva, but cheating bitches like your bf Sonnen make me sick.

          Grow a brain? hahahah don’t make me laugh dude!

          You’re so dumb mindreaders charge you half price..

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Yeah right smoking weed is same thing as JUICING, that right there says how much of an idiot you are. WEED IS NOT A PED. testeosterone is a STEROID when ABUSED. sonnen uses testosterone to CHEAT like everything else in his corrupt life. the man isa FRAUD

      • zoeldog27 says:

        juiced up on what how do you know were you there??? do you know him personally?? no so stop talkin shit idiot

    • Xaninho says:

      Nah if Silva really wants to hurt him he will beat him up for 5 rounds and keep him up, but Silva is going to finish Sonnen whenever he wants.

      I’d like him to beat the shit out of Sonnen and keeps asking him: “Who’s the champ?”

  10. mason says:

    Sonnen might have a chance this time if Silvia comes in with 4 broken ribs instead of 2 I mean the loud mouth couldn’t finish a dude with broken ribs in 5 rounds? Good luck getting out of the first with a healthy Champ Chael

    • zoeldog27 says:

      he didnt have broken ribs Dana said so as Dana said ” we have our own doctors check every fighter b4 every fight and if he was injured he wouldnt of been allowed to compete that night” simple as that

  11. Donnybrook says:

    I think Chaels in for a bloody painful night.

  12. Bloodhound says:

    Tough to say depends on which Silva and which Sonnen shows up – Sub or K.O. for Andy or Brutal Decision by Chael, REMEMBER Sonnen shoot your double leg, leave your Greco-Roman at the door of the cage.

  13. Say "No" 2 Steroids says:

    Chael takes it!! In the ASS!!

  14. Pijan says:

    Silva by R2. KO.

  15. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha easiest poll ever! Anderson “The Spider” Silva will take Sonnen out. He is going to hurt him real bad this time. Sonnen might have to retire from fighting after this one.

  16. bendetta says:

    Styles make fights. Sonnen has his number. Chael will take him down and punch him for five rounds and the ufc will give silva the split decision to avoid a riot

  17. true mma says:

    Sonnen is going to get his ass kicked. But the fucking idiot will still say he champ and idiots will still say he can beat Silva. Grow up Sonnen fans.

  18. Joey says:

    Looking at how the two have performed since their last match, I would give the nod to Anderson. He ko’d two top contenders and made it look easy. Chael was not impressive against Bisping.

    I do not care who wins, I just like to see great fights! No one has put a good fight on with Anderson but Sonnen, so looking forward to the rematch. I am afraid that Sonnen will get knocked out if he does not bring A LOT more than he brought to the Bisping match.

    I want to see Hendo drop down to 185. There are plenty of LHWs at the top and not many MWs that are even discussed in Silva’s league. Most likely Silva will retire with the belt, he is just too good for the current crop, but I would prefer to see decent match ups and not just one sided matches.

  19. baldy says:

    anderson, the real middleweight champ, the pound 4 pound king, silva wins by KTFO late first, early second. no problem

    • zoeldog27 says:

      pound for pound is bullshit, theres no such thing Jones would ko silva easily we all know it Silva aint god and he aint as good as GSP or Jones all the fighters know how fake Silva is

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        GSP wouldn’t last 2 rounds with Silva. GSP has lost his will to fight and will be beat once he actually fights again. GSP is teh “absentee champ” for last 5 years fights once a year and only fights to not lose. BORINNNNNG

  20. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I’m going with Anderson based on Chael’s shitty performance against Bisping although he did destroy Stann in the fight before that…. I wouldn’t be surprised if Silva comes in injured again for this fight so, who knows? I just want an awesome fight and don’t care who wins.

  21. tank says:

    He zoeldog27 go fuck yourself you fucking idiot. Talking about losers look at sonnen. He has 11 losses. The only idiots are sonnen fans. They listen to his bullshit and thinks he’s cool. The dude calls himself champ when he’s always tapping.

  22. Mat says:

    Is this even a question? Anderson was good, but he’s OLD. Great job KOing Okami, a guy who just got knocked the fuck out by TIM BOETSCH! Anderson didn’t even look that good against Okami. Chael by whatever he wants, I’d even say it’s more likely that Chael KO’s Andy then the other way around!

    • stfu u kient says:

      get sonnens nuts out of your mouth so you can breathe . 1 over is 1 too many hes a cheat and so are you with your poor attempt to defend the fraudster jail sonnen
      once you get your head out of his ass you realize your just toilet tissue

  23. jdog says:

    The above document states that Chael Sonnen’s T/E ratio was 16.9:1. That is the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone in the body. Epi is essentially the “yin” to testosterone’s “yang”. In the average male, the T/E ratio is 1:1 as both are equally produced. Testing bodies allow for a variance of up to a 4:1 ratio due to a variety of natural factors causing elevated testosterone levels. This means that Chael Sonnen was 17 times the normal male level and 4 times the allowed maximum for an athlete. Just to put this in relevance, when Manny Ramirez failed his drug test, his T:E level was below 10.

  24. mmaislandjunkie says:

    cant believe 35% think chael stands a chance. maybe they should put their money where their mouths are and i dont mean the mouths in their panties.

  25. undisclossed says:

    I really think silva will bring another game plan this time around but I don’t think is gonna make much a difference from the last one. First of all he tested possitive to testosterone enhancers but was medically cleared and even without clearance it will not make a difference since it was of pure knowledge that wrestlers are silvas kriptonite being sonnen and bisping the best ones on UFC with that being said he looked like shit against bisping because it was the same stiles so sonnen had a conflict of match up and he trained to fight some other fighter. About silva’s ribs if they where broken they would cancel the fight because they have to be medically cleared to fight 24 hours earlier if he injured a rib it was because sonnen inflicted damage. Even Dana White couldn’t keept his mouch closed and he said that was a lame excuse from silva

  26. koAsser says:

    The spider silva!!!

  27. Say "No" 2 Steroids says:

    No Roids, No Rib-Injury, No Excuses.
    Sorry Chael. I gotta go with The Spider.

  28. DBKlein69 says:

    even anderson knows chael will win. that’s why he’s been ducking him. poor delusional andyboy fans are gonna have that same sick feeling in their stomachs that they had during the ufc 117 main event.

  29. Say "No" 2 Steroids says:

    Chael sucks without steroids.
    Nuff said.

  30. true mma says:

    Silva is pissed and is going to knock cheal the fuck out. Fuck all you cheal supporters. Go watch WWE with that bullshit talking.

  31. true mma says:

    Cheal sucks either way with or without steriods. He can’t stop a triangle.

  32. Punisher says:

    Man as much as I would love to see Silva take an L just to mix things up in that division I can’t see Silva not learning from his mistakes he’s too smart a fighter. He’s more than likely gonna work his take down defense non stop in order to knock Sonnens head into the front row in Brazil so a lucky fan can take home a souvenir.

    • good69 says:

      hey he did that for the last fight it still didnt work chael has taken down the best wrestlers in the country silva is going to get taken down no matter wat and chael is going to win the title end of story

  33. jvd says:

    I really like Chael, but in terms of skills you’ve gotta give it to Anderson!

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      How could you like or root for such a scumbag of a person. the man is a lifelong CHEAT at everything. Federally convicted FELON and a snitch which is even worse. Sonnen is the worst possible spokesman for MMA and the last athlete in world anyone would want their kid to mentor after. Sonnen is simply put a discrace to all mix martial artists PERIOD.

  34. kevin says:

    this fight is going to be just like the first you dont learn to stop world class takedowns and top controll in one training camp

  35. EP says:

    mark my words anderson will make chael retire from mma, that is how bad this beating will be

  36. Ej143 says:

    1 round for the feeling out process, 1 round got dancing, so I say Silva wins tko in round 3

    • Mark L says:

      Name one fight that Chael has been in where there was a feeling out process. This is why Silva will lose imo. Chael brings the fight to him, Silva won’t be able to stop the takedown, and will be worked from the top. Chael’s chin is too solid to be KO’d like some hope, and this fight will be Chael’s wrestling versus Silva’s bjj. I don’t believe Silva will pull off a 5th round hail mary again as Chael has been working submission offense and defense in the past 2 years since his loss.

  37. repairman jack says:

    silva 1st rnd ko via spinning reverse something we never seen before!

  38. jbeamazing says:

    whens anderson gonna grow balls and fight somebody i see why they are making the chael fight for more then one reason
    1 chael lovers
    2 chael haters
    3 best fight to market at mw
    4 chael was the only man in the ufc to even give anderson a fight
    5 anderson is hiding at a weak ass mw division
    6 Patrick Cote got cut from the ufc (lol)
    7 the ufc cash cow gets to retain his title while the media bust nutts on chael selling the fight and hyping it more then it should be
    8 fans are dumb enough to buy the hype

    • Bla is an idiot says:

      just another idiot with bullshit facts

      • True Moron Indeed says:

        Nothing in that comment was fucked besides Patrick Cote being cut. Its funny people say its a weak division though because if you notice at the time he fights everyone they are on a tear and right afterwards regardless of division they are so fucked mentally they suck horribly. THAT IS FACT… look at Forrest. He was an ex champion and still had a decent record at the time. He made him lose all love for the sport. Is the division really that weak or is Anderson just that good? Haters gonna hate thats all

  39. Deathstrike says:

    Sonnen FTW as much as I like Silva, it’s time for Silva to lose his title! This is the year for new champions!

  40. MMA FAN IN SO CAL says:

    He shouldn’t be even getting a rematch, no way did he beat Bisping

  41. MMA FAN IN SO CAL says:

    Bisping was robbed

    Sonnen will be demolished

  42. true mma says:

    Cheal pussy Sonnen has been trainning for a long time to stop from getting submitted but still gets submitted. Fuck that WWE wanna be. All he has is wrestling. He has no bjj, his stand up fucking sucks, and he couldn’t hold down bisbing. Sonnen your fucked and when you lose you and your bullshit trash talking need to get the fuck out of the ufc. Let real men fight, not fake ass Rick flair wanna be’s.

  43. Kyle says:

    As much as I would like to see somebody beat Silva, the last person I want to do that is Sonnen.

    Silva is so smart and I don’t think he would let the same thing happen to him again. Sonnen will get met with a nice knee to the face on one of his takedown attempts :)

  44. baldy says:

    silva by ko or tko late first or early second…

  45. Do my trolls run this mutha fucka says:

    June 16th… The day all the sonnen nuthuggers stop trolling the blog spots to trash silva. Gonna be a day sonnen fans will always remember. I actually like sonnen an respect him a lot but damn he has created a crazy breed of Internet trollers, the madness has to stop. Too much hate coming from them. Good luck to both fighters an congrats to sonnen for getting all his back acne cleaned up after the first silva fight. Luckily steroids don’t give you severe back acne or that would be a dead giveaway…. Oh wait, they do. In result to the huge hormone enbalance, but I’m sure sonnen fans will have a 1000 reasons explaining the back acne that he only had in the one fight he tested positive. Maybe it was all the greasy fast food he was eating during his weight cut? Makes perfect sense if it helps you sleep at night. Good luck to both fighters.

  46. Magoo says:

    Wouldn’t it be epic if Sonnen knocked Anderson the fuck out? Could you imagine all the teary eyed spider fans….they would be speechless!

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