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Thursday, 12/29/2011, 08:47 am

MMA POLL – Who takes it this Friday: Lesnar or Overeem?


84 Responses to “MMA POLL – Who takes it this Friday: Lesnar or Overeem?”

  1. jeff says:

    wow, does no one give any respect to overreems stand up? its a HELL of alot better then cains, and cain knocked lesner on his big ass, and then rolled him, so if u think lesner is going to plow through overreem your dumb

    • Damn says:

      Of course people respect Reems stand up, he’s a K-1 level striker for crying out loud. Sure cain TKO’d brock but brock couldnt mount any offense on cain cuz cain has an excellent wrestling base to counter brocks.

      • josh says:

        lesnar landed a take down right at the begining and cain pushed him off with 1 arm and stood back up…the only people lesnars wrestling looked good against was heath herring and frank mir so i dont think overeem has much to worry about at his level of experience

      • Anayalater says:

        Agreed! Brock took Cain down…but he escaped and put it to Brock! The thing about that fight is Brock had no idea Cain was that good with his hands! He knows how good Rheem is in the standup, and will definitely be looking to take him down, and he’ll get it…he always does, and if you’ve ever watched Rheems fights when he’s on his back, he is defenseless! Sure Overheem is powerful with his strikes, but rule #1 with a stiker is you dont throw high kicks at a wrestler…therefore he’ll be limited to hands and knees. The thing about Brock that you can’t train for is his brute strength and speed…the guy moves like a middleweight! He’s a freightrain…and Alistair has never faced an opponent like Brock!

        • Damn says:

          Stylistically its going to be an excellent way to end the year. If brock should win, he should fight smart and take no chances standing up. If reem should win, he shouldnt underestimate brocks explosive power, he needs to stuff takedowns and utilize whatever ground skills he has. IMO Brock could even drop reem like tito dropped bader but he needs all the luck in the world.

      • Brandon says:

        Exactly this, K-1. Where’s you’re not really allowed to clinch, where you’re not allowed to go to the ground, where knockdowns stop the match. It’s so one dimensional, that why Dana doesn’t like it & doesn’t like Overeem. It’s always why Lesnar will NOT stand with Overeem (if he knows whats good for him) and will just take him to the ground & smash him.

        • Ethan says:

          Dana doesnt like K-1? Dana even likes Boxing… its just a different sport… I dont think Dana dislikes Overeem, but he is always out to find the best fighters or prove that the UFC has the best fighters.. this is a win win, if Brock wins, it proves that the UFC has the best fighters… if Alistair wins, the UFC just got one of the best fighters on its roster..

      • slapshot says:

        K1 experience is overrated, reem has been ko’d by fighters that don’t/can’t hit as hard as Brock, I think Brock has more of a chance standing than reem has on the ground.

    • Mark says:

      no you’re dumb because it’s YOU’RE not your

    • jbeamazing says:

      cain can stop the take down overoid cant

  2. Jb says:

    Reem will destroy Brock by the 2nd rnd

  3. noway says:

    Overeem is gonna rape lesnar….I actually feel kind of bad for Lesnar. Usually I would root for Lesnar but this time around he really has no chance, people obviously havnt watched any of Overeems fights. He’s great all around even in his takedowns and his takedown defence. I just hope Lesnar doesn’t retire after this cause I enjoy his exciting fights.

    • T.DADDY says:

      Reem is a beast but he has never fought a guy like Brock.. u can say Reems takedown defense is good but Brock has taken down every guy he has fought.. and im sure Cain and Carwin have alot better takedown defense than Reem… Brock wins by ground n pound rd 1

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        brock has taken down everyone and lost 2 out of his last 6 fights -would have been 3 if shane didnt gas out. nice attempt at breaking down how u want your boyfriend to win but after he loses to reem he should have his excuses ready, same goes for you too scrub.

        • Uhnomuhlee says:

          Brock has fought in four UFC championship fights, and he’s 3-1.
          Who has Overated fought? He has zero fights against current top heavyweights. Break that down for me.
          Brock’s just gotten started , and granted he’s not going to have a long career he’s going to get better.

        • Only reason brock is still around is bc of his wrestling and size! Friday night size won’t matter bc Reem will toss him like he did Rogers and make brock look like a Noob that he is..can’t wait for the stare down! The REEMMONSTER next UFC champ!

        • zach says:

          Dude Brock is 4-2 You idiot and barely win against Darwin and would have lost to jds you tard. Get your facts right before you start chirping them, couture , herring, Mir x2, carwin and cain

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          His UFC record is 4-2 but overall his record is 5-2, he won his first outside the promotion. Give the guys some credit he has beat some legit people like “the scary” Shane Carwinn, not the one JDS fought and Frank Mir.

        • Jordon says:

          I just don’t see that happening… I want Reem to win, but this time im predicting with my head, and not my heart. The fact of the matter is that Lesnar’s takedowns are unreal, and Overeem’s takedown defense isn’t amazing or anything… Even if it was, Brock is a mooonster when it comes to wrestling. Reem doesn’t have real wrestling experience nor does he fight wrestlers often (been a few years). And Brock isn’t just any wrestler. Sure Reem has good striking, but so does James Toney. If Reem haasn’t improved his TDD dramatically, and doesn’t have the ability to get back to his feet VERY efficiently, then this fight is certainly over. And Cain overwhelmed Brock… Reem is more of a 1-2 puncher. I’m excited to watch this fight, for sure.

  4. Mike McMack says:

    If Brock gets the takedowns he will win this no prob. If he doesn’t Reem’s got it, I believe Brock will have success with his takedowns so I say he wins.

  5. Mark says:

    Brock wins by KO, once reem gets taken down and smothered he won’t know how to handle the onslaught, as said, he hasn’t fought a guy like Brock before and may not even get to use his K1 stand up..

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t see Overeem KO’ing Brock. Next to Roy Nelson he might have the best chin in the division, maybe Overeem will get a TKO in the 2nd or 3rd. But, Brock is training with Pat Barry and his striking is excellent. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the new and improved Great White Gorilla!

    • Brandon says:

      No please no. The only way Brock will lose this fight is if he try to stand with Reem, just like he tried with Cain, & just like he tried with Carwin.

    • Xaninho says:

      Pat Barry’s striking is better than average but not great and certainly not excellent. So I have no idea what benefit lesnar could get from any of Pat Barry’s lessons. He lost his first and only fight in the K-1 too…

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Pat Barry is light years ahead of Brock Lesnar in striking for one, and two name an opponent who has owned Pat Barry in the UFC. He just has bad luck.

        • Xaninho says:

          Yeah light years ahead of Lesnar, but he can’t teach Lesnar anything in this short amount of time to match Overeem’s 15 year of experience in the striking department..In my opinion Pat Barry has KO power and swings for the fences, but he doesn’t have crisp technique. Something Lesnar needs is someone teaching him the basics and crisp techniques. If Lesnar really wants to learn how to strike he needs to train with Ernesto Hoost.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You are correct that he will not be able to match his 15 years of striking experience. You could also say that Overeem won’t be able to match Brocks exp in wrestling as well. But, training with Pat will have made him a better striker from what he already was. Its useless to make Brock as good a striker as Overeem. It’s not about matching Overeem but doing just enough to play to his own strengths, that being wrestling.

    • Sheek says:

      I’m sorry but are you saying Brock has a chin??? I have yet to see it..Just saying.

  7. Kevin a says:

    Brock g&p 2nd round…..reem gasses out……fight over…..

  8. steeler says:

    the reem has no chin brock second round tko

  9. J.C. says:

    brock all day!!! reem better hope lesnar doesnt get the takedown. GNP for the win.

  10. Xaninho says:

    Why do people say Overeem has no chin? The guy has only been (T)KO’d in 5 of his 45 fights!

  11. slacker says:

    I think Overeem will stuff Brock’s takedowns. He is taller than Brock. I would love to see Brock come out and surprise us with some new and improved stand-up. But I don’t think so. His hand-speed is slow. Overeem by KO.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Overeem stuff Brock’s td’s? You can’t be serious.

      • slacker says:

        Looking at his past fights, he is pretty smart when he knows a guy wants to take him down. He bends his knees to secure his center of gravity. And he is patient with his striking so he doesn’t open himself up. Yeah, I am serious.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Reem is taller than Brock, so he’s already at a disadvantage when it comes to going against a strong wrestler like Brock who has such powerful td’s because his hips are already higher. Add that to the fact that Lesnar doesn’t really need to lift his opponents off the mat to secure a td, when he can just bull rush them over, and knock them off their feet. Brock has already proven he can take down excellent strikers without taking much damage. His quickness allows him to do that, so ‘Reem can be as patient as he wants, but if he may only get one chance. You make a good argument, but I don’t think ‘Reem can keep it on the feet, and if he does, it’s not because he stuffed Brock’s td’s

        • slacker says:

          Well, it’s true, Overeem being taller has a certain disadvantage in how they line-up as far as Brock being able to reach below his center of gravity. But a guy with long legs, if he gets his arms up quick enough, also has a wider , firmer sprawl. I just think Overeem has too many weapons standing that will prevent the takedown. He’s got those vicious knees and headkicks. Just like Brock, he’s very agile and moves well for his size. I dunno. I guess we will see. But that’s how I see it.

        • Brock shoots TD and eats Reem’s massive knee!

  12. Ricky says:

    overeem has brutal hands but he has problems with wrestlers so if the reem keeps it standing short night for brock respect for both fighters

  13. mick says:

    ok has anybody seen overeems lowlights? yes i said lowlights, when he gets knocked the fuck out multiple times by guys MUCH smaller than him? brock absolutely has the functional strength advantage, i see brock getting wrist control, takedown, dominant position, and GnP

    • Jason says:

      do you realize any of what you call overeems “lowlights” were when he was cutting massive amounts of weight to fight at 205 and was giving up all his strength and athleticism to do it. since hes moved up to heavyweight he has one loss to kharitonov who also has dynamite n his hands and caught him right on the button… do some fact searching before you start throwing around things you know nothing about.

      • Xaninho says:

        Finally someone with brains! ^^

      • CLeeP says:

        Hey, the whole point to having discussion is to say what you know and learn something new… you should not fault somebody for not knowing something, as they have probably never been told. Only the highest forms of genius(which is not common these days) can know things without having been taught. I just do not see the point in making somebody feel like crap, when it would be better to provide valuable knowledge. At least it seems like you were trying to berate the guy…if not, my apologies–but still consider what I said about spreading knowledge and not feelings of inadequacy.

  14. bizzle says:

    0:53 watch Alistair do his best impression of Brock,, lol.. And people give shit for Brock running from shots, Reem looks like he was entering a 100m dash..

  15. Chael says:

    Brock’s gunna come in try a flying knee or something to close the distance and then get KTFO. Overeem is gunna connect and Brock is gunna go down. I don’t see this fight going more than two rounds. Brocks takedowns are kinda slow. Mir kneed him in the face when Brock shot. You get kneed in the face by reem your taking a nap.

  16. jeff says:

    ^this guy knows his shit!

  17. Who cares winner gonna get slapped by Cigano anyway.

  18. Danny Boy says:

    I think Brock’s chin is beginning to show signs of weakness, especially after the Carwin fight and during the Velasquez fight. I think Brock will still win, how ever, Overeem can definitely win if he hits Brock with some good punches. I think it will go to Brock by TKO or Overeem by TKO.

  19. the original steve says:

    i want overroid to win just to see him fight jds great boxer vs great kickboxer sounds like a hell of a fight to me. i don’t think overroid is going to beat brock though

  20. DSQD says:

    lol i agree
    i think it would take more then a few shots for those giants

  21. bear says:

    overeem will fuck brock up.
    Ii is a great mis match.
    the americans don,t know overeem.
    it is a monster ,who will maybe kill brock with his vocious hands

  22. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    The 23 people who said that this would end in a draw are a new kind of special.

  23. CLeeP says:

    I have not always been a big fan of Brock Lesnar, it actually disgusted me how he could just lay on somebody and get the fight called by the ref. But, it seems as if he has actually devoted himself to becoming a better fighter–which is not going to go well for Overeem. Overeem might win the fight, due to Brock being new at the sport, but Overeem is going to get hurt worse…

  24. GreenTeaBagger says:

    I pick Overeem to win by cornholing in the 2nd.

  25. chris wittine says:

    lesnar should win because his wrestling overeem has great stand up and good jui jitsu but brock can take any1 down in the heavyweight division brock should tko him by the 2nd round

  26. Dustin says:

    if any1 is a true mma fan. they know brock is gonna get destroyed.. make lesnar go back to the WWE

  27. chris says:

    Everyone talks about overeems stand-up but if you go back and watch his fight with verdum. Verdum actually out struck overeem in the first round. yes go back and look verdum had the better part of the stand up in the first round.

  28. Brian says:

    Everyone’s saying Overeem has no ground game. Overeem won the 2005 European ADCC grappling championship. If Brock gets him down, he’d better pass to side or full mount and try to wear down Overeem. If he tries tooling around in Reem’s guard, he will get submitted.

  29. steeler says:

    what idiots voted it would go to a draw

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