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Monday, 03/26/2012, 11:53 am

MMA POLL – Who is the better fighter, Cyborg or Rousey?

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When you think of Women’s MMA two names really stand out above the rest and that’s Ronda Rousey and Cris “Cyborg” Santos.

Ronda made her name fighting at featherweight, the same division “Cyborg” reigned over before testing positive for steroids and losing her title, but what would happen if the two had faced off?

Ronda recently dropped a weight class and made quick work of Miesha Tate to become the new Strikeforce bantamweight champion. Cyborg is sitting on the shelf waiting out a suspension for her failed drug test, but what if these two meet up in the future?

Who ya got Penn Nation?

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36 Responses to “MMA POLL – Who is the better fighter, Cyborg or Rousey?”

  1. Dog chapman says:

    Fuck the bull shit this the dog poll more like who gives a fuck

    Press here if u dont .

    Press here if ur a fag .


  2. T.Daddy says:

    Rousey wud own her

  3. James says:

    Are we talking about a juiced up Cybrog with the testosterone levels of a Chael Sonnen or a non doping Cyborg?

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      James you hit nail on head. Why is anyone even talking about that ROIDED out FREAK of a science project. EVERYONE has always known ( I T S ) a ROID FREAK that belongs in a circus not in a cage with REAL WOMEN.

  4. jimmy says:

    pretty much all cyborg had was strength and being really aggressive, take that away and she wont be that dominate.

    • Mike McMack says:

      Correction…Cyborg had roids which gave her unnatural strength and aggression. Take the roids away and she’s probably a different fighter, won’t know cause we’ve never seen her without them.

  5. John says:

    Cyborg, of course…it’s not even close. Rousey’s a one-trick-pony who has one decent win on her resume. You’re drinking the cool-aid if you think rousey would last more than a minute or 2 with cyborg.

    • K2 says:

      Uhhh…. and Santos has an aggressive forward pushing style which plays right into Judo’s strength… If Rousey can slip the punches and close it would go to the mat since Steroid Santos won’t have the strength to fight it off. Then she’d one-trick-pony her arm right off.

  6. Mike Diaz says:

    For all we know, Cyborg was juicing throughout all her career! Rousey, Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  7. Keith R. says:

    Man cyborg is a cheater who uses Steroids or something I don’t really know what she used but now I don’t like her. Why would she even cheat with a weak Japanese lady. Ronda Rousey is the real champ she will never cheat.

  8. Devo says:

    Ok so which Cyborg are we talking about the chick with da dick or the true male Cyborg…I think the hubby was removing his testosterone and giving it to the wifey…true love…well was till they got caught….

    Ronda all the way i wanna be in her guard

  9. K2 says:

    Open, closed, or rubber??

  10. BowtieAssassin says:

    I fear Ronda’s looks play a big role in this poll.

    Santos has a gold Medal at the purple belt level at last years IBJJF World Championship and a Bronze in ADCC submission wrestling in 09 and is a proven Muay Thai striker.

    Rousey has amazing Judo, but that’s it, it’s been good enough so far but she will most likely have to strike with Cyborg for at least 30 seconds and if you’ve seen video’s of Ronda’s striking sessions, 30 seconds are all Cyborg would need.

    The Diaz brothers might help this but they only have a year till Cyborg is back.

    If Cyborg is on roids it’s not likely she’ll be stopping now, she’ll just find a better way to mask it.

  11. Carlos says:

    Sorry rousey doesn’t have the experience when was the last time she fought a guy?? Anyone??

  12. lex walker says:

    How could any body possibly think cyborg would lose to ronda smh

  13. carolyn says:

    Rousey would win. She doesn’t need ped to make her game better

  14. leafy says:

    why do people even talk about cyborg? she is a cheat, has been for as long as i can remember, her features look like a man due to fact she prob has test levels of brock lesnar! Ronda is a fit HOT talented young woman and i wish her all the luck in the world, gonna take some beating for females, bronze medalist olympian in judo means she kicks arse and throws anyone about lol

    • Xaninho says:

      C’mon maybe for a female fighter Rousey can be considered not too bad looking, but compared to the rest of the normal female population she’s not that hot dude. She’s mediocre to goodlooking at best.

  15. leafy says:

    bowtie assin hit nail on head cyborg wil hide her sted use better in future

  16. jbeamazing says:

    I really try to care almost

  17. Zack says:

    Rhonda should come work on her mounted triangles with me

  18. Trianglesrgay says:

    hide her steriod use huh? She has the man face of an Arnold classic champion. I know, just from the testing. But Rousey breaks that freaks arm even on riods!

  19. Xaninho says:

    Cyborg definitely..

    Rousey isn’t half the man Cyborg is…

  20. I love how everyone’s jumping on the Rousey bandwagon because she won the most hyped fight in women’s MMA history. Are they forgetting that Cyborg is an absolute MONSTER that’d give most 145lb men a run for their money?

  21. mmaislandjunkie says:

    put it this way, rousey fought at 135 to avoid fighting cyborg at 145. just look at when rousey first started mma she was a lot heavier than she is now. not to mention she has horrible standup. i like rousey shes the best one trick pony in mma, so good she could beat cyborg with that sole trick, but if she cant take cyborg down and keep her there she will get her face bashed in.

  22. Meximelt says:


  23. D says:

    Yep…One trick pony is all Ronda is….Cyborg actually comes to fight! Cyborg is the REAL MMA FIGHTER!

  24. Danny says:

    Is this even a legitimate survey question? HELLO PEOPLE, I think we all know Cyborg would destroy Rousey.

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