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Monday, 04/23/2012, 08:56 am

MMA POLL – Who is better, Jones or Silva?

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After last weekend’s UFC 145 event many analysts and MMA fans have opened the debate for who is the best fighter alive today. This designation has long been considered to go to the UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, however Jon Jones is slowly building a case to take that spot.

Who do you think is the greatest? Cast your vote!


100 Responses to “MMA POLL – Who is better, Jones or Silva?”

  1. Grego Graham says:

    Anderson would of KO’d Rashad If he was fighting on saturday

    • I’m not even a big fan of Silv, his striking is amazing, but most people who fight cans look good.

      But goddamn, Jon Jones doesnt even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence. The way he fought saturday, throwing that sloppy fancy shit and leaving openings even RASHAD could exploit, Silva would have KTFO Jones.

    • jbeamazing says:

      anderson would of been on his back more then Britteny Palmer on saturday if he faced rashad

      • Slater says:

        I think your right I love Silva (IN A MALE BONDING SENSE) But Jones would have taken him down multiple times. If Chael Sonnen can take Silva down what makes you think on Gods green earth that Jones can’t.

        • Ur an idiot says:

          U realize Chael has some of the best takedowns in mma outside of gsp and rory right? Not to mention silva had broken ribs going into te sonnen fight.

          U just start watching kid?

        • G-moneymaker says:

          @Slater, you have to go back and watch some of the pre-fight interviews with Silva. His whole game plan was to let chael take him to the ground. He was trying to prove that the Nogera’s BJJ black belts are legit. Chael was insulting the Nogera brothers, who are Anderson’s best friends. My prediction for the next fight is Silva ko’s chael in the second round just to make a point.

        • Sean says:

          why do people realize this? they think sonnen is some kyptonite but he just played andersons game

    • jbeamazing says:

      sure he would of I forgot anderson is a better wrestler the jon jones right harder to take down then jones right lol some of you cats must of just started watching

      • Jim Michaels says:

        Do you speak English?

      • Boogers says:

        You’re a clown. Silva is NOT a good wrestler. He fights better on his back. Making him a top knotch BJJ practitioner. Silva is overrated. He is the fedor of the UFC. Name me 3 people he’s beaten more than once in the UFC. You can’t. He only beaten a declining rich Franklin twice. He’s beaten tons of nobodies and a few good fighters. He beat hendo, Chael, vitor, and desc. over Maia. All of these guys he didnt “destroy”. If they were to fight again, I think each of these would beat him, but thats not happening because Andy’s a ducker. He says Chael doesn’t deserve another shot? Thats because he knows what happened in the first 4 rounds last time will happen this time 10 fold. You can preach that “well Anderson had 2 broken ribs when he fought last time” crap all day. I don’t believe it. Where’s the medical report? Other than those 4, tell me someone that is a top level fighter that Anderson beat. You can’t. The MW division is the worst as far as talent goes. It’s building back up, but slowly. Anderson is the UFC Fedor. Padded record.

        • Joe Bidden says:

          Uh…Since when does beating someone twice matter? He’s outclassed every person he’s fought with.

          UFC debut gave him a 49 second KO over Leben, who was decent at the time. Rich Franklin was the champion so he wasn’t declining much. Hendo is a dangerous motherfucker and he beat him second round. James Irvin was decent at the time and got destroyed. He made Griffin look like a child, he beat a roided Chael with a broken rib, he KO’d Belfort, and the made Okami look like he should have never went pro.

          Which of these were cans? He’s had two decision in his entire UFC career. Both of which because he was tired of getting people like Maia and Leites (Who admittedly were overhyped).

          Is the MW division the worst? Admittedly, yes. But that doesn’t mean Silva is terrible. The man has some of the most technical striking in the UFC. If you don’t like him, cool. But don’t act like he’s terrible when he clearly is one of the best.

        • Sweet pea says:

          Boogers you are a retarded fuck silva never destroyed any of his opponents. Hahahaha you are a spastic did you see that teep kick on cities face, nah he never destroyed him pfft course he did and as for damian Mia He didint even belong in the same octagon.

        • Gerald says:

          if anderson didnt destroy anyone name one fighter that has destroyed someone…… dont worry ill wait.

        • Boogers says:

          Ok, destroy was wrong word. I meant convincingly. I meant in the context of jones v silva. Jones has walked through every opponent. Who has silva walked through? Leben is not top level, irvin never was top level. The vitor fight could be deemed a fluke. Vitor got caught. It happened every day, I understand silva won but you can’t say he was a superior fighter that night because The fight was over too quickly. And if you think solves Bjj is better than Maia’s you’re nuts.

        • drew says:

          well since the rematch is over chael got destroyed and as for jones he would lose he would get caught by the most acurate striker in ufc history

  2. Meep says:

    Silva is technically superior and has the experience, but I think Jone’s greco would be the difference.

  3. Trig says:

    Silva because of experience, I think jones has the potential to be better, but they would have to fight soon if it’s going to happen silva will be too old soon.

  4. Chartmonster says:

    Neither.. Fedor n Chael are the better!

  5. Rob says:

    Silva all day, ‘Nuff said.

  6. I think overall Silva is far away better, the only thing he lacks is wrestling, so, pound 4 pound Silva is the most well rounded of them… Besides he has knock or submit so many guys, he cleared his division, not losing once since he got into the UFC, there’s too many fights ahead for Jones if he want to top what AS has acomplished so far…

  7. Zombie Grizzly says:

    Jones tries to fight like Silva but guess what. He sure the hell isn’t Silva. Never will be either.

  8. How to dicks feel in his ass

  9. There is only one way to find the answer to this question.Unfortunately i don’t think this fight will ever happen.@Chart yeah Chael is definetly better than Anderson……..when it comes to tapping like a bitch.

    • G-moneymaker says:

      Hahaha…that’s right. Then he played like he didn’t tap. Chael is a loud mouth bitch. And you know what they say about the dog that barks, don’t bite!

  10. Train the trainer says:

    It is pretty early to ask such a question but based on what each person has acomplished in the time from of Jones then the answer cant be anything but Jon Jones. From MArch 2011 he has beat Shogun, Rampage, Machida and Evans. Silva has had some weak competition mingled in with some tough guys. Jones has will fight nothing but the best. he is leaps and bounds ahead of Anderson Silva is when you look at all he has accomplished already at his age and he’s only getting warmed up.

  11. joe mama says:

    I see 24% of ppl who poled are silva hatters.

  12. jbeamazing says:

    Jones has finished better competition then anderson has faced you do the math

    • Zack says:

      Please dude get real. Come back to reality.

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        Jones has beaten some of the best LHW in history, Machida, Rua, Rampage and now Rashad that is reality. I’m a massive Silva fan but Jones would win in a superfight. Silva hasn’t faced anyone close to the level of a Machida or a Rua or Rashad, those are the facts.

        • Zack says:

          Anderson would beat anyone jones has beat and in devastating fashion. He would’ve knocked rashad out in the first round the other night. You can see the skill level difference and Anderson is sooo far superior.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Machida? you’re crazy and as for knocking Rashad out inthe first round you should watch his 5 round fight against Chael where he got dominated by wrestling. Rashad has better wrestling and striking than Chael. Do the math.

        • Mike says:

          Henderson vitor rich Franklin Forrest griffen Damian Mia and chael sonnen there’s more haha

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Eclispsed by wins against Machida, Rua, Rampage, Rashad.

        • Gerald says:

          sorry but i do like Jones but there is too many holes in his game. him vs silva is just dumb Jones isnt seasoned for Anderson. Jones style is much to open to handle silva plus Silva has stopping power while jones doesnt. and if you think he does re watch the Evans fight.

      • jbeamazing says:

        zac you must be new

  13. Mike says:

    What a dumb poll. Of course anderson silva is better. He’s 10x better. Jones isn’t even same ballpark as Silva. Jones is just starting to learn, Silva is a frickin master.

  14. Mike says:

    Jones will NEVER be as smooth or skilled as Silva.

  15. T.Daddy says:

    As much as I like Silva…. Bones wud beat him…

  16. jbeamazing says:

    i hate jones but he would crush anderson if you don’t believe me ask anderson he said no Brazilian can beat him he also said he wants to fight michael bisping maybe give patrick cote a rematch what a champ

    • 8boll says:

      Bisping beat Rashad and was robbed by slit decision, and you AS haters all say Rashad is way better than anyone AS has faced but Bisping gave some LHW a run for their money yet when he drops MW he’s a can?! AS is simply so good he makes every MW look average but to suggest that the whole division are bums is complete lack of knolwledge and respect for the athletes that are competing.

      So I guess beating Hendo in devastating fashion counts for nothing, crushing Franklin twice was nothing of note, ending Forrest’s career dont mean zip, feeding Vitor a foot sarnie etc etc… I really dont know what u guys consider impressive!? I guess dancing around Evans makes JBJ far superior to AS?! The only fighter JBJ has faced that would even challenge AS is Machida because of his style, everyone else would get KOd by the second round Rampage & Shogun included!

  17. Jujitsu Player says:

    Who is better, is the wrong question, who would win in a fight is what they should be asking. IMO Jones would win this on his range and wrestling skills. In a pure stand up battle Silva is second to none but he doesn’t have the kind of wrestling defense that could stop Jones. Just look at the fight against Chael, the difference is Jones has the most vicious ground and pound and elbows in MMA.

  18. James says:

    This poll is retarted. Shit like this makes me question why I even go on this site. This is like trying to compare Floyd Mayweather to Sugar Ray Robinson. Their names should never be compared.

  19. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Freddie Roach was correct when he said Anderson Silva is the best boxer in MMA. Silva’s head movement, punching power, footwork and accuracy in itself would negate Jones reach. They are similar in size and strength right now, so there would be no intimidation. Also Jones reach us a gift and curse to a BJJ practitioner because long arms make for good targets of submissions.

    Silva is better everywhere except for in the wrestling department but I’m sure he’s been working on it since his fight with Chael. Jones would get TKO’ed in the 2nd rd or submitted.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You (and Freddie) might be right about his boxing although I think Nick Diaz has a strong case for this and even JDS. I respect your assessment but I disagree, I think Jones wrestling would be the deciding factor in the fight. Also his range look at the way he dealt with Machida who probably has the closest style to Silva. Also look at what Chael did to Silva with his wrestling and Jones is a different league, look at what he did to Bader and Matt Hamill who are both beasts.

      • James says:

        I disagree with your case for Diaz having the best boxing. He has good boxing but is technically imperfect. He makes up for his deficiencies with a a high work rate, great chin, and insane cardio.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I know you guys like Machida but his approach to fighting really irks me. I don’t like his evasive style, I think he is compensating for a weak chin dancing around the octagon. He is an exceptional striker but his style is no longer going to work on the top 205ers. Rampage only loses to decision how did he beat Machida? But I’m off subject, him and AS are so different. AS counterstrikes his opponents when they are most comfortable. Machida lures his opponents to chase him so he can capitalize on their mistakes. In the Jones fight he didn’t allow himself to recover from that elbow and that’s where he went wrong along with a few other things. AS would pace himself (what Rashad did correctly to fight Jones), counterstrike, then finish him.

        With the Silva vs Chael match, I think he allowed Chael to take him down sometimes. Silva messed chael up inside his guard. He wanted Chael in his guard not unlike Werdum wanting Overeem in his guard. But I can’t prove that or Machida’s weak chin. Lol but this is all bullshit speculation. You are right that Jones wrestling would wreck Silva but there is such a small window for Jones to do so. How many of Silva’s fights go past 2 rds?

      • 8boll says:

        Jujitsu player you must be joking about Diaz having better boxing right? AS fights with his hands down dude! Dodges bullets and strikes you out… And you’re also comparing his style to Machida’s?! You my friend haven’t got a clue about fighting… Is it even worth mentioning the differences between them? One has a boxing/muay thai style the other karate, one stands in front of you with his hands down, the other runs around avoiding contact…

        I agree with Ninja oreo, at least someone here knows how to analyze a fight…

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          8boll – I’ve probably forgotten more about fighting than you’ll ever know….And you should re-read my post, I pretty much agreed Silva has the best boxing but pointed out Diaz and JDS could also have a claim. BJ was widely regarded as having the best boxing in MMA and Diaz took him apart with his relentless and varied punching, hand speed and uses his jab as effectively as anyone I’ve seen in MMA.

          As for the similarities it fighting style I was referring to how both are elusive and counter punchers, both have exceptional stand up and have similar range of strikes/kicks, throw punches from unusual angles. Do you not recall Machida KO of Couture by front kick? didn’t Silva replicate this on Vitor?

          For the record I am a massive Silva fan, can he claim to be a better fighter than Jones right now? Definitely, he’s had more title defenses and has been on top for longer, could Jones beat silva in a fight right now? Absolutely without question he would finish Silva. This is because Jones has the perfect style to beat him, You should watch the Chael fight over again and think what the result would have been if Jones was on top for that period of time. Chael was winning for 24mins and 45 seconds.

          The fact is this whole debate is subjective and we’ll never know the outcome until they fight. I respect other people’s opinions, especially on this forum. Perhaps you should take a dep breath before you start throwing out sweeping statements like that.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          LOL You most likely have forgotten more than I know about MMA as well.

          Here’s how I see it Jujitsu Player.

          Boxing MMA GREATS UFC Edition!!!!! 2012!!!!

          1. Anderson Silva
          2. BJ Penn and JDS
          3. Rampage
          4. Nick Diaz

          To me BJ Penn and JDS are about even when it comes to boxing. Rampage is better than Diaz because he has better head movement and KO power. Nick Diaz has better cardio and is a little more mobile than rampage but no head movement. Those last two are pretty debatable.

          What did you think of my Werdum vs Overeem theory?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Shit I forgot about Cruz!
          5. Cruz

          Best footwork besides Anderson, has great head movement but not KO power .

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          You are the only one that considers Sonnens performance in the A. Silva fight legit since he was JUICED up out of his mind. Next fight will show how much B.S. and how much Sonnen CHEATED

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Ninja – I dunno about that…I like the debate process, I get sick of people just posting abuse or trawling. For me thats the whole point of coming on here to share thoughts and opinions on MMA.

          My top 5 are:
          1. Silva
          2. Nick Diaz
          3. JDS
          4. BJ
          5. Cruz

          Closely followed probably by Rampage. but I see your point and reasoning for your choices. Cruz has great footwork, so does Michael Bisping, he gets slated but he’s a slippery fighter, I’ve seen a few interviews with people who say he’s a nightmare to spare with because of his movement (but I’m not rating his boxing alongside the greats) Like I said before all very subjective. Diaz doesn’t have KO power but his hand speed and the frequency of punches he throws and angles are overwhelming and I don’t think anyone in his weight category can stand and box with him.

          I agree with your Werdum guard point but i don’t know whether Silva applied that strategy against Chael, I think he maybe underestimated Chael’s wrestling and was so confident is his own game. I think it’ll be a different fight this time. I think silva will KO him.

          I’d love to see a super fight with Jones V Silva but I really can’t see it happening. As of now I think Silva is the better fighter but I still think Jones would beat him….if that makes sense….

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Jujitsu Player-

          I also forgot about GSP and Frankie Edgar and Gustaffson……

          Best Boxers of the UFC 2012 Edition!!!! (Revised)

          1. Anderson
          2. BJ and JDS
          3. Gus
          4. GSP
          5. Nick Diaz and Rampage
          6. Bisping
          7. Cruz
          8. Frankie

          I put Gus above GSP because he GSP doesn’t have too many combinations and is more mobile but if they were in the same weight class GSP would beat Gus down. Bisping is very well rounded but has no power behind his punches he is in the wrong weight class he should drop to 170 then he could earn his top 5 status. Frankie and Cruz are pretty much the same fighter only Cruz does everything Frankie does only better. Nick and Rampage have a problem with point fighters. Anyone who stands in front of them loses. They both could be champions if they were more mobile. You are right about his angles too.

          I think Silva is going to submit Sonnen again after rocking him first of course. Steroids or no steroids I wouldn’t count Sonnen out yet. I hope Silva doesn’t retire after that fight he has to beat Hector Lombard his toughest test ever. He might be too old to take a haymaker from Lombard. I don’t think his chin is is manufactured like Hendo or Rampage’s. He was getting rocked by pillow fist Sonnen. How the hell do you get a chin like that anyways? Sell your soul to the devil.

          I think Anderson could beat Jones. Doesn’t train with JDS? Hector is who he has to watch out for.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Ninja –

          Frankie and Gus deserve a mention, Gus is the best prospect at LHW IMO. Hope they don’t rush him straight to Jones. He needs a couple of fights under his belt.

          Bisping is the guy everyone loves to hate, Chael said in his post fight that Bisping hit him harder than anyone else has. I thought it was interesting since a lot of the fans say he’s got pillows for hands. My old sensei actually went to the opening of an MMA gym in the UK with Bisping and said he was a great guy and really down to earth and respectful. His persona on camera doesn’t go down well over here though….

          You put GSP above Diaz? I think he has good boxing skills but I think Diaz would easily outbox him. He won’t be able to do what he did against Kosh and pick him apart with his jab.

          Excited about the prospect of Lombard coming to the UFC, the guy is a beast, he’s got to have juiced at some point with that physique. I still say Silva knocks him out though. He’s too elusive and has the range and when Lombard lunges in he’ll take him out.

          Hendo, Rampage, Hunt and Nelson have chins made of granite. Those knees Nelson took from Werdum could have knocked out a bull.
          Yeah I think Jones has training with JDS.

    • K2 says:

      Long limbs also add leverage for setting up submissions. eg, Machida guillotine, even the Bader one was set up with his long limbs. But yeah, Silva has the better BJJ.

  20. Anthony1994 says:

    Silva is a freak, skill wise, he beats people on purely skill and technique. Jones wins the majority of his fights because he is a genetic freak with a huge reach, obviously he’s skilled but no where near Anderson level. In the future Jones could over come skill as the Goat, but that is some time away.

  21. Sheek says:

    Anderson’s weakness is wrestlers. A wrestler like Jon Jones? Someone who not only takes ppl down but finishes ppl on the ground. Get real..I love Anderson Silva and he has my respect but come on. Look at Anderson’s opponents and look at Jon Jones opponents. He has beaten world class fighters. Shogun,Rampage,Lyoto,Rashad. Anderson has beaten Chael,Okami,Leben,Travis Lutter,Forrest Griffin,Damien Maia. He has the longer list because he has a longer career. But Jon has had tougher fights. That’s all I’m saying. If they were to fight each other Jones would definitely win. Way too well rounded.

  22. DJ says:

    Right now Anderson is the best. In 3-4 years if Jones keeps going the way he is it will be Jones, but right now def Silva.

  23. Mike McMack says:

    Jones is more physically gifted while Silva is way more skilled.

  24. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    im not even voting as they are not directly comparable right now

  25. Robert says:

    People are mouthin off saying anderson would have ko’d rashad blah blah blah blah but they negelct to consider that jones wrestling did not allow rashad to get his takedowns and rashads wrestling wouldnt allow jones to get one either (trips don’t count there has to be a follow up to be a takedown) so it became a stand up battle and rashad has underrrated stand up skills. Jones was looking great and threw awesome elbows that fight and good punches. But honestly all those who say silva would have knocked out Rashad i have to say could not be more wrong because if silva fought rashad he woul dnot have jon jones takedown defense and he would end up on his back like tito ortiz’s wife… or tito ortiz. rashad would easily take silva down just like chael could and unlike chael rashad hits hard when hes on top and he’s fast. i think rashad could win a silva fight but not necessarily everytime and it doesn’t make him the better overall fighter. as for jones i beleive that silva would get screwed because although jones can strike with him quite yet he could easily put silva down on the ground and drop those elbows. just because rashad and jones had a stand up battle does not mean that they would have the same kind of battle with silva. thats what usually happens when two really good wreslters fight.

    • 8boll says:

      Then he would submit Evans if he took him down. All I know is if Evens comes to fight AS finishes him every time! Hendo is an olympic wrestler much better calibre than Rashad and he got submitted… AS let Chael take him down because he made a point of submitting him for dissing the Nog bros just watch the fight again and honestly tell me if it even looks like AS is attempting to spawl or avoid any of Chaels TDs. To base AS TD defense on that fight alone would be foolish!

  26. beating my dick like it owes me money says:

    these polls are seriously fucking stupid man…. Jones has a few wins and thinks he’s Jesus along with everyone else, why the fuck is anyone comparing them? Is it because they are black, lol

  27. Memeth says:

    If they have a catchweight match, Jones would totally dominate Silva, considering his reach and wrestling background.

    Sonnen got him oh his ass during the whole fight, but never finished him.

    Jones would finish him on the floor.

  28. Sick Brah says:

    Jones is a faggot

  29. Coco says:

    I like turtles

  30. 8boll says:

    Everyone makes fuss and rightly so about JBJ having beat 4 champs while AS only fights bums. Well I’ll have you all remember that AS has also beaten 4 champs including multiple weight champs like Hendo, Vitor, Franklin & Griffin… Also AS is pushing 40 son!!!! well past his prime and still making a mockery of his opponents!

  31. thexperience says:

    seriously yall need to stop with the nonsense.. there is no way Bones would beat Silva. sure bones is very VERY talented but Silva is a killer man… Bones did some impressive shit, but what Silva has done is just that level higher which Bones might reach in the next 5 years but right now… Silva would make him look stupid.

    • jbeamazing says:

      silva has beat 3 tuff fighters in his whole career vitor,hendo,and sonnon and that’s it if anderson had to face machida,rashad,or shogun them fights would be the toughest he ever had to face I don’t know if people can think for themselves or just ride the over hype train

      • Reality says:

        Actually, those aren’t the only tough oppenents he faced. When you look at his resume and when he beat certain individuals it’s a long list of tough opponents. What happened to people later in their careers has nothing to do with how they were rated at the time they fought him. For example, Forrest Griffin is a former champion who beat 2 big names Jones beat. Rich Franklin was a dominant champion before Anderson dethroned him. Leben was on a roll before Anderson embarrassed him. Nate Marquart was on a 3 and a half year winning streak before he got humbles by the champ. Okami did his thing before Silva demolished him and the list goes on. Silva is legendary and hopefully he continues down that path. As for the argument for Jones, I’d say it’s hard to compare. Bottom line though, Jones is a heavyweight bound light-heavyweight and Silva is a middleweight who can fight light heavyweight. Jones’s legacy remains to be seen. I predict that he’ll clear out the LHW division but we don’t know how he’ll do at heavyweight. Silva has had success in both divisions. It’s still hard to compare though since the jump from middleweight to LHW is 20 pounds and the jump from LHW to heavyweigh is 60 pounds. Today as we speak Silva is the best. That could change in a couple years though.

        • Boogers says:

          As far as rich Franklin, I hardly call beating Nate quarry, Evan tanner, and David louiseau dominant. I truly feel if hendo, vitor, and when sonnen gets his shot silva would lose. Okami is a strong guy but a terrible fighter. Silva is good, but hasn’t done anything to convince me that he’s the best. Like I said before, of his only claim to fame is not being beaten, he’s the Fedor of the UFC

        • Reality says:

          Well fortunately he doesn’t fight just to impress or convince you of anything. Rich Franklin didn’t only beat those guys you mentioned. He hadn’t been beaten in over 2 years of active fighting before he fought Silva. You say you think these guys would beat him in a rematch but there’s no evidence of this since they ALL lost to him before the final bell when they had the opportunity. Everybody has a chance when they enter the octagon but the odds are against them with Silva. He just takes all the fights the UFC puts in front of him and wins. So far he’s taken out all 14 fighters the UFC has put in front of him. That’s never been done by anybody. Quite impressive. No matter how well you do there will always be haters. Having haters is a sign that you’re doing something. If he was doing nothing people wouldn’t be so pressed to see him fail. Hopefully he totally dominates and finishes Chael this time so Chael and the haters can shut up for at least 2 seconds…just 2 seconds 😀 … You’re entitled to your opinion but the numbers don’t lie. It’s tough to fight in the UFC and consistently win and it’s even tougher to stay undefeated at the highest level.

  32. jorge says:

    different category ..
    Who is better? Cruz or JDS
    would be the same ..

  33. jorge says:

    Sonnen is an idiot
    he is a clown, should live in the circus ..

  34. drew says:

    i like andreson more…but it is unreal that jon jones at 24 is already in a fucking poll with anderson of whos better…jon jones in 10 years is going to be ridiculous. HOwever, at this second anderson is better

  35. Yeah Right says:

    Just saw an episode of Conan… Haley Reinhart’s keyboardist looks an awe full lot like John Jones HAHA

  36. nico says:

    Jones never really amaze me like silva I mean he is good but beatable silva on the other hand is very creative

  37. kevn says:

    are you guys even serious??? jones would rag doll silva, the fight would be over inside of 2 rounds jones is bigger stronger younger. he would throw silva like nothing and pound him out on the ground without a doubt

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