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Thursday, 12/22/2011, 04:00 pm

MMA POLL – Should the UFC Acquire Gilbert Melendez?


81 Responses to “MMA POLL – Should the UFC Acquire Gilbert Melendez?”

  1. slacker says:

    IMO, Edgar, Henderson, Cerrone, Maynard, and Lauzon would all kick his ass. I say he’s not UFC caliber.

    • Lambo says:

      You name Five people in the world that would “kick his ass” and say he’s not ufc caliber… Do you know how many people are on the roster at light weight?? that is the most uneducated statement i have heard in a long time! He is 20-2 in his career! fighting the best in the WORLD outsider of the UFC. He belongs in the UFC!

      • slacker says:

        Shields had only 4 losses in his career and now has 6. He is about to get #7 in a few months bringing him to a 3-1 UFC record. He is not a top 5 or even top 10 caliber guy in the UFC. At least over there, he is champ.

        • Heath says:

          Yeah and lost his father days before his ufc debut.. The guy beat DAN HENDERSON..and put up a damn good fight against the champ “GREASY”… get off his ass..

        • Zyglrox says:

          It wasn’t before his UFC debut. It was before he fought Jake Ellenberger, which was his second UFC bout.

        • A.James says:

          Get your facts straight Heath. Shields is over rated. His dad passed away before he fought Ellenburger and then Ellenburger beat the snot out of him. The only win he has in the UFC is against Kampman and we all know that Kampman got robbed by these paid off judges.

        • Ricardo says:

          all of you are retarded.. Shields lost his dad before the Ellenberger fight which was his (3rd) UFC bout.. THIRD.

        • Brock says:

          It wasn’t his second UFC fight either.. it was his 3rd. His debut was against Martin Kampmann. His second fight was against GSP, and his third was against Ellenberger.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          slacker, i love joe lauzon, but he aint fuckin wit gil melendez. u are super-underestimating him. the other 4 u mentioned would all be great fights that could go either way. i feel bad for him being stranded in strikeforce. he deserves a chance to prove himself to ppl who haven’t seen him fight. but the showtime deal is already signed so there goes that idea.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          DB mir best JJ in mma? Aoki has broken more limbs.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          wrong thread my mistake

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          weaker comp limbs. aoki sucks, he should crab walk his ass into another flying knee knockout and cry about whether he should retire.

      • kako1256 says:

        but thats the type of guys he gotta go through for a chance at the title….whats a win over the bottom 5 guys gonna do for him???….

    • mmafyasco says:

      you’re an idiot, thats what everyone said about nick diaz, that he couldnt make it in the UFC & had to become champ somewhere else, now he’s back & he kicked a 2 time UFC weltwerweight &lightweight champions ass (BJ Penn), you’re a moron dude, just because he isnt hyped by the UFC hype machine doesnt mean he’s not a serious contender

  2. Dustin says:

    I voted for no hes not ufc caliber. but he would be well suited in the UFC. he wouldnt win a title thats for sure. gray would out wrestle him. edgar would be faster than him. bj would knock him out. pettis would kick him in the face. guida would out work him. florian would submit him. guillard would tko him. and lauzon would decsion him . then henderson would get a doctor stoppage. am i missing anyone? feel free to add..

    • Thomas says:

      He already beat Guida. ellenberger was his 3rd ufc fight. finally the great thing about mma is you dont know whats going to happen till the cage door shuts and the fight starts, so commenting one way or the other is just ignorant.

    • RCS says:

      i’d put him top five. he would out wrestle and smother Pettis and would beat guida at his own game. He’d drop the first round to Lauzon but would come back and win the next two.
      so. ..
      Diaz/ Cerrone

  3. This guy says:

    Yes. That way the hype will die after he fights a top 5 LW in the UFC. Then they will force him to fight Nate Diaz or lose his job with Zuffa entirely. Then he will be in Bellator fighting Eddie Alvarez for the title of “best LW in the world in their own mind”…

    But who knows. He could come to the UFC and get whipped, then come back a much better fighter. Unfortunatley we will never know because he is too afraid.

  4. dummyman says:

    NO!!!! Respect the man’s loyalty to Strikeforce, and his invitation for all challengers to meet him in HIS hexagon. We don’t need to cherry pick every great fighter from another organization just to monopolize the UFC. The UFC is in enough trouble with monopolies, they don’t need this stigma as fighter thieves to the rest of the world. Respect the game, and the game will respect you. I say good day!! ha!

  5. Amarob says:

    It would be in his best interest to not come to the UFC… Just like Jake shields should have done… Let tge thought that you might be the best stay a thought instead of proving that your not… Edgar would beat him… Then all the hype dies and he looks as sad as shields did in his corner on Saturday


    Hopefully they do put him in the UFC so all these haters can understand once and for all that it doesn’t matter where u fight it’s all in the heart and Melendez has skill with heart..

    Your not beating this guy or breaking him..

  7. PRODIGY says:

    I don’t understand how commentators say he’s the best p4p fighter in the world and he aint a UFC fighter, get real, just like Eddie in Bellator, yeah there both great fighters, but the UFC is such higher level, they both are top 15 or 20 fighters but not the best in the world. Non the less respect to both.

  8. Nick says:

    I think he would make a good UFC fighter….. just not the champion. I mean it’s possible I’d like to see him fight Melvin Guillard or Donald Cerrone.

  9. I still wanna see Alvarez smash him.

  10. Mike says:

    Send Clay Guida to fight him first. See how that works out then make a decision

  11. Donnybrook says:

    Bring him over and let him get beat up and then send him back.

  12. baldy says:

    i think he would be fine in the ufc…nick and nate diaz seem to be doing alright. jake shields made a good showing against gsp, imo, and to fight ellenberger a week or so after his dad passed…i have a hard time holding that fight against him. i think we’ll see shields work his way back to the top. (i dont see anyone hammering henderson for calling for a title shot at both 185 and 205, shields beat ole hendo right?)

  13. Wtf would Nate Diaz do if Melendez comes over?He had to move back to lw when Nick came over.Obviously does’nt want to be in the same division as his brother.Shields is at mw.Nate would have to try to make

  14. the dude says:

    baldy: henderson did lose to shields…but henderson did look exausted and not like himself…that cut to 185 was his last time at the weight

    • baldy says:

      he’s been callin out silva….and jones. but mostly silva. i like hendo but i dont think he could beat either one. silva’s gonna retire with the middlewieght title. sorry sonnen fans.

  15. Shawn says:

    I think he can hang in d LW div of d UFC. His performance in his last 4 fights have been somewhat lack luster. I don’t think he’s being truly tested in Strikeforce. To progress as a fighter, he should move over to d UFC. But in terms of organizations; if he moves, its bad for SF, good for UFC (he’ll bring added fans). If he stays, good for SF (keeps d fan base intact), doesn’t hurt UFC, their LW div is stacked already.

  16. jeff says:

    this is what they need to do, move Bj penn to fight melendez and NO we should NOT move him to the UFC, not just yet maybe when theres some talk of multiple ppl being able to hold the best, right now thts edgar, and untill he looses its stupid to bring over gilbert

  17. Q says:

    they should give melendez winner of donald cerrone and nate diaz

    • tom23 says:

      Gil and the nathan diaz (as well as nick) are too tight, wouldn’t fight each other. Gil vs BJ would be fun, but Gil does deserve to be in UFC.

      • Shawn says:

        He will never fight Nate if Nate wins. But there are plenty of guys in the UFC LW division that will definitely be good match ups for Melendez. Lauzon, Guida, Guillard, Henderson, just to name a few. There are plenty of other guys in the LW div that would test him for sure. Tough guys in Strikeforce’s LW div, but not same caliber as WEC and UFC.

        I don’t know if the UFC will ever do a cross promo between both brands. If they ever wanted to, I don’t think they would have removed Nick Diaz from Strikeforce and gave him a contract for the UFC. Plus, I’m still pretty sure that Strikeforce’s days are numbered, and the UFC will never let their prospects go over there, unless they have no need of them in the UFC anymore. Which means Melendez would still be fighting guys of a lower caliber.

  18. Bobby Larson says:

    Personally I think Gilbert still has alot to evolve. His striking is good his ground game is good but it’s just that, GOOD! If he were to come to the ufc now I’d like to see him fight the winner of Guillard and Miller, a rematch with Guida, or Siver. His last few outings haven’t been too impressive other than his W over Kawajiri(those elbows were vicious). But due to his Champion status I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw a top dog in there with him such as the winner of Cerrone and Diaz. I don’t think he’s worthy of an automatic title shot but 2 solid wins in the ufc should be more than enough to match him up against Edgar/Henderson imo.

  19. guamy says:

    i think he has a very good chance at whooping edgars ass. i dont think gray could last with gil, guilliard would get TKO, cerrone and bendo are prob the only guys that would have a good chance to beat him imo. nate diaz is beast but he would never fight gil. that being said nate and cerrone should be a great fight. rooting for nate but cerrone is no push over.

  20. A.James says:

    Send Guida to Strikeforce for the rematch!

  21. DewYouKnow8 says:

    Melendez is good but I dont see him beating the LW top 3. Edgar, Maynard, Bendo would likely beat him. He is good though so they would be fun to watch. Bj Penn would be a fun fight, and a very tough one too.

    • slacker says:

      I would like to see that too. I think that would be a nice feather in B.J’s cap. I see him winning that fight.

      • DewYouKnow8 says:

        yeah i think I agree, Bj is still Bj.. and I think with the exception of going against frankie edgar that Bj has a good chance of beating any lw on earth. I think hes decent at welterweight but he is undersized no doubt and when he beat sherk, florian, stevenson, sanchez at lw he looked so scary.

        • slacker says:

          Where B.J. couldn’t overcome the reach advantage with Nick, I think he would start to dominate the striking in this one, after a pretty even first round.

        • Shawn says:

          I agree Slacker. And Melendez has shown that he can get peppered with shots. He’s been lucky that most LW’s he’s faced didn’t have a lot KO power. Not taking anything away from his striking. But if you can get laced by those guys, imagine going up against guys that do have accurate punching power. He’d have to start relying on his BJJ and wrestling. Which, let’s face it, isn’t as good as the Diaz bros, and Shields.

    • JB Spencer says:

      If and when bj comes back, thats the type of fight id like to see him get. Another would be penn v aldo at 155 or catch weight; they both walk around at about the same weight. That would be an even biger feather in his hat, and i think bj has his number especially after seeing how well florian did against aldo.

      • slacker says:

        Yeah, I mean I gave Florian those first two rounds and Aldo the next three. It was definitely a lot closer than how the judges scored it. I think a fight against Aldo would be tougher than a fight against Melendez for B.J., but it’s winnable.

        • JB Spencer says:

          Yeah, and bj dominated florian, and also bjs weaknesses are strong (lay n pray) wrestlers franky edgar and fighters with good cardio; aldo isnt any of those.

          However aldos cardio will be beter at 155, not having to cut as much weight

  22. slacker says:

    Another thing to consider in the LW division is that Evan Dunham and Efrain Escudero are both coming back. Dunham in particular is a beast. He had that one unimpressive outing against Guillard. But, other than that, he has shown some amazing skill and incredible determination.

  23. dr love says:

    ben taped out gilbert at grapplers quest in 08

  24. Mike says:

    Remember this kid did beat Aoki who was considered one of the best at 155 and the world. I am not big on Melendez but give credit where it is due.

  25. steve says:

    i said yeah get him but he wont get the title. he has lost to no names. the only credible person he has beat was guida and maybe aoki. all these guys from strikeforce i thought could compete in the ufc but so far I’m wrong (excluding nick diaz)

  26. Ricardo says:

    Let him fight in the UFC.. Give him a top 10 contender and then the number one contender..
    Bring him over and give him the winner of Melvin v Miller..
    Or give him Gray.. I want to see Gray get ktfo… AGAIN..

  27. chon209 says:

    gil will be exposed like miller and shields when it comes to the top guys in the ufc, he would be in the middle ranks drifting from fight to fight he should just stay put and live in his dream world where he is the best… bendo is the next champ ftr

  28. roddy308 says:

    Some people here are so fucking retarded.. “paid off judges” like fuck how stupid can you be. And all you people that say he’s not UFC caliber why not give him the chance to prove you guys wrong.

  29. zarbon says:

    ginyuuuu force!

  30. ryu says:

    considering njokuani wins his upcoming match, i think hed b a good dude to welcome melendez to the ufc, cant just welcome him with anybody, njokuanis fuckin good as fuck but he aint title material as of now, so hed b a good gauge to see what melendez’s chances are of makin it in the ufc

  31. Jason says:

    Personally i think he absolutely belongs in the ufc. Im also sick of seeing the ufc drop anyone that goes on a bit of a losing skid against top 5 competition. why not just drop them lower on the roster at undercard prelim status. perfect example in keith jardine. when the cut jardine he was on a 4 fight skid to the likes of rampage, thiago silva, bader, and matt hamil all who are within the top 10 of the division when there are 30 fighters in the division. theres no way you can say hes worse then the bottom 20. same goes for melendez he absolutely belongs in the ufc and if he doesnt fair well against the top of the food chain let him compete against the peons at the bottom and work his way up.

  32. jay808 says:

    you don’t have to be on the UFC bandwagon to know that melendez isn’t top LW. masvidal was pumping jabs in melendez’s face that whole fight, why he wouldn’t commit to more combinations beats me. but edgar is a excellent striker that has speed and it kills, not to mention his wrestling. melendez can be in the UFC, and maybe win a title at some point, but not at this moment. too many LW’s in the division to call him p4p without even stepping foot into the octagon. put your biased opinions aside, think with your head and not your heart, and it’s clear melendez isn’t top tier YET. everyone and their mom knows where the best fighters are, and in order to be the best, you have to beat the best. that hasn’t happened. if aldo joins the LW, its a wrap son.

  33. Mike McMack says:

    Who cares about who he can beat and who can beat him…he deserves to be fighting the best in the business. He’s earned it.

  34. Rachel says:

    Anyone who gets rocked at the beginning of the fight is hardly a loser. ANYONE can be beaten by a good shot. If Shields went 3 rounds and didn’t compete you could make those comments re -Ellenberger. He is the ONLY person to push GSP so get a grip and take your UFC glasses off.
    Oh and Gilbert will do well but he is staying in Strikeforce as Zuffa realised they were making a mistake robbing Strikeforce of its talent. Now they are going to build it back up as they can make more money than if they were to shut it down.

    • slacker says:

      Shields was unable to take down Pierre or Ellenberger. They flicked him off them like a flea. And Kampmann handled him easily from the bottom – no jiu-jitsu threat at all. He eye-poked GSP, and still showed no threat of beating a guy with one eye in the last two rounds. If he wants to speak publicly about aspirations of being the MW champ, he is free to do so. But as far as his performance in the UFC so far, it’s pure fantasy.

      Melendez should stay right where he belongs – in tier two MMA – Strikeforce.

  35. Jeremy says:

    I think the UFC should quire gilbert Melendez to the UFC to show that he is not what he is hyped to be. Gilbert Melendez will have trouble with a lot of fighters in the UFC lightweight division. I Ibelieve a guy like Anthony Pettis would give him trouble with his striking and improved wrestling. Guida, Maynard, Guillard with his quickness boxing and wrestling ,I mean there are a lot of guys that are gonna prove that are gonna prove that Melendez is not as good as his mouth says he is. He a good fighter,but he’s got chicken legs that are gonna get kicked and taken down. His boxing is not that great, he got picked apart in his last fight by a guy only using a jab. I believe he’s a a middle of the pack UFC light weight fighter.Time will tell so I say bring him to the UFC.

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