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Monday, 11/26/2012, 10:54 am

MMA Poll | Should Ronda Rousey Headline A UFC Pay-Per-View Event?

Much has been made of the UFC’s decision to create the first ever female division.

With WMMA’s leading lady, Ronda Rousey, leading the charge WMMA is expected to make it’s UFC debut in the first quarter of 2012.

As far as female mixed martial arts has come, has it come far enough for the UFC’s first ever female champion, Ronda Rousey, to headline a UFC pay-per-view event?

Sound off in the poll below and share your feedback in the comments section!

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18 Responses to “MMA Poll | Should Ronda Rousey Headline A UFC Pay-Per-View Event?”

  1. johnny says:

    maybe. but only when she learns to fight.

  2. Xaninho says:

    Nope, that would be ridiculous. No one will pay for that.

  3. def not paying for that says:

    hellll nooo……keep that nastyness in the circus…IMO wmma just isnt nearly as exciting as regular mma..women simply arent naturally built for this like men are….i might watch more wmma if the chicks were actually attractive,but theyre gross looking unfortunately

  4. @BdDang says:

    Headine FX or Fuel YES but a PPV no.
    CoMainevent of a PPV?YES

  5. ted says:

    Woman MMA will lose the UFC a lot of money if they headline Ronda as a main event ppv. I wouldnt pay to watch it unless bj was on that card.

  6. Privett79 says:

    No way, WMMA is not on a high enough level 2 be in the UFC let alone being a main event. I can’t stand watching WMMA, but I love MMA. To me WMMA is just not the same.

  7. Shameful says:

    Maybe co-main event an fx card with an interesting LHW bout or a lower weight class title fight. Definitely not headline a ppv with her as the main draw.

  8. jim says:

    Hell no. Would not pay 60 for that.

  9. Privett79 says:

    No way, WMMA is no where close 2 good enough 2 be in the UFC let alone UFC main event. I can’t watch WMMA, its just not the same. The UFC is too good 4 it, too high level by far.

  10. yeahrightman says:

    lol, to be honest I’d more likely buy that one than that Uriah Faber one earlier in the year….But I didn’t buy that one and won’t buy this one. I’ll read about it on Bj Penn no doubt how she armbarred someone in round one for the 124,000th time.

  11. Ray says:

    Not because she doesn’t deserve it, but because the UFC needs to have a bit of time promoting the women fighters so as not to lose money.

    Is the UFC allowing her to carry her title over? They shouldn’t. They should create a new title for each WMMA weight division that they pick up.

    Rousey v. whoever-is-going-to-get-arm-barred as a co-main event to create the Championship at 135 lbs.

  12. Privett79 says:

    No way, WMMA is just not good enough 4 the UFC. I just can’t watch it. Its not the same, talent level is awful.

  13. CashedOut says:

    She would need a strong Co-Main Event. like a number 1 contender match with two big names. but title matches headline cards. if she is the only title up for grabs that night, she headlines. And for those that don’t like WMMA, why not? it’s younger than the men’s divisions. The fighter haven’t been doing it as long so they aren’t as polished, but they are warriors. both Invicta FC cards are in my top 5 or 6 cards of the year this year. these girls leave it in the cage. I’ve seen dudes bitch out in the cage way more often than girls.

  14. Ian says:

    I would never buy a PPV with a female fight on the main card, let alone the main event.

  15. mikes says:

    she should fight cyborg or tate as a co at the gsp silva super fight.

  16. bahaha says:

    ya sure ill pay 60 bucks to watch this boring bitch do one thing that EVERYONE knows shes gonna try to do, yea thatll be exciting…..NOT!

  17. fuckit says:

    I think she should just as the coming out fight for the womens division. They’ll have plenty of other pay per views. Some of these chicks tho can scrap. That gina carrano and cyborg fight acouple years ago was a good fight regardless of gender. Of course their not gonna be as explosive as jones or silva cause their girls. But they are trained and they can fight. I think it would be good for some of these women to become role models for adolecent girls also. Give them something to look up to other than the kim kardashians of the world.

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