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Monday, 02/27/2012, 08:47 am

MMA POLL: Should Frankie Edgar get an immediate rematch?

Last weekend Frankie Edgar lost his UFC lightweight title to Benson Henderson at UFC 144. In the aftermath UFC president Dana White stated that he thought Edgar took the decision. Frankie Edgar himself is also asking for a rematch.

But should he get it? Cast your vote now.

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165 Responses to “MMA POLL: Should Frankie Edgar get an immediate rematch?”

  1. andy says:

    Why the hell do people think Edgar should get the rematch? It was a great fight yes, but not as close as people thought. Bendo was the clear winner. I understand he gave two immediately rematches himself but that doesn’t mean he deserves one. His rematches came in the form of a lot of controversial decisions but I honestly don’t see the controversy in this case…

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      IMO bendo won 4 rounds to 1 and Edagr took another horrible beating to add to his already massive amounts of brain trauma. Th ereason Edgar has AVOIDED 145 weight class is very simple JOSE ALDO. Yes we all know he is waiting for Aldo to move up to 155. Edgar wins becasue he runs away and uses his pitter patter punches to outscore his opponnets at 155 while taking a horrible ebating everytime out. Just think what would happen to Edgar against a muc h faster Aldo who also has about 10 times morer power than Edgar. Leg kicks alone would crush edgar if he were ever to fight Aldo. All Frankies advantages would be gone at 145 and he would get slaughtered inside 3 rounds.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      What’s funny is I was on b.j immediately after the fight?wasn’t planning on saying nothing just wanted to see.. There were like 12 comments already and not one was a Edgar fan yet complaining there side..they were all Benson fans saying he won clearly all you Edgar STFU, and this and that.. You guys had guilt written all over yourselves. No one had even said shit yet on the true winner Frankie..

    • alejandrum says:

      We don´t need a champion who is runnig away the entire fight connecting small punches and winning by decision . Good bye Edgar and all the fighters with the same style!!

      • BJ is KING says:

        amen, good fighter but I am getting tired of seeing this guy fight rematches. If he just finished fights or made a better effort to finish them he wouldn’t be in this situation. Like someone said before, he doesn’t want to go to 145, because Aldo is there, and he would be walking on his hands by the end of that fight.

  2. judo jeff says:

    he deserves the rematch, but i don’t see a different result.

  3. jvd says:

    I’d rather see bendo vs. pettis

  4. Run Forrest Run! says:

    It wasnt so close as Dana makes it up to be.
    He’s just trying to save face.
    Seriously, he said Edgar was one of the p4p best at the moment.
    dumb fucking Zuffa zombies will eat every word that comes out of Dana Fucking White.

  5. andy says:

    Joe Silva scored it 49-46 Henderson. Personally I’d respect his opinion more than Dana’s…

    • Jason N says:

      for sure. Dana has his favorites.

      • andy says:

        Yeah no kidding. I personally think Dana is only saying Frankie won to save face. He was talking Frankie up and down as the number 2 P4P or 3 or whatever and Frankie got handled. I hate Frankie, I truly do. But I swear, that guy is fucking Wolverine. I’ve never seen anyone take shellacking like he does and somehow come back like it never happened (bar his face…) and to be honest it’s impressive as Hell. I would never take away the fact that Frankie has heart that doesn’t exist in any other fighter. It doesn’t change the fact that he lost fair and square. I would like to see him move down in weight. Not because I think he can’t hang at LW (because he’s definitely proven he can) but because I think he would be a monster at the lighter weight classes.

  6. The King says:

    This is guys is a big damn cry baby! He was a fluke to begin with.. They guy magically gets a belt from a bs decision then loses it to a ba decision.. L M F A O. SUCK IT Fwankie

  7. Michael says:

    Why does he need a rematch he lost UNANAMOUSLY. There is no split decision , no close compubox, EDGAR DID nothing for him to think he won that fight.

  8. Jason Ninjas says:

    I agree with Andy, he had two controversial fights that warranted rematches. Bendo had more significant strikes, total strikes, and caused more more damage. Should he get another shot at the title, it will have to come after Anthony Petis.

  9. Analyser says:

    Frankly I don’t understand why the need to post this question to the fans.. He clearly lost whether the judge’s scorecards were over the top is another matter but he did lose visibly to Henderson.. it felt considerably different too watching the likes of BJ Penn/Maynard fights against Edgar.. here I thought Henderson won outright and Frankie as a champion should recognise that and let someone else have their run; it wasnt a Diaz Condit type fight, and hell! When Edgar fought Maynard it was a draw so i mean what do you expect of course there should be a rematch.. but this fight wasnt and it was an obvious henderson victory. So i dont see why he thinks or Dana for that matter, that it is so controversial. Judge’s over scoring maybe, final result definitely not. (Edgar is an awesome fighter as is Henderson but there is no immediate rematch needed here and frankly it would be bad for the division to be constantly putting rematches together especially when they arent actually needed)

    • Jason N says:

      I agree. Frankie has caused a big enough log jam in this division. I think frankie lost 1st fight with BJ, and second fight with Gray, so rematches were warranted. He obviously beat BJ the 2nd fight(I had that one 50-45 for Edgar). So where is the bias. If there is a rematch that shit better be on FOX or FX. NOT that FUEL TV BS. FUEL was a horrible idea, dana must have stock in it.

  10. anonymous says:

    Edgar probably deserves a rematch, he showed tons of heart and hung in there, plus he was made to do two rematches back to back. But he shouldn’t want one. I don’t understand how his team thought he won that fight at all, but beyond probably losing again, this would be his sixth fight against three guys. He’s just trying to prove he belongs in the top rings of that weight class over and over. He should look into moving down, and if Dana will give him an immediate title shot then he can find his gold somewhere where he is more likely to look dominant rather than just hanging on by a thread like he has in his last three fights. He should let it go and set his eyes on Aldo.

    • Shawn says:

      I agree. But I don’t think he should get an immediate title shot against Aldo. He needs to prove himself in the FW division first. Plenty of guys to test the FW waters with. Brandao, Brown, Hioki, Mendes, Hominick (a fight I was hoping for before Hominick moved down), and maybe even Florian. So many good fighters in the FW division for him to fight. He’s already beaten the who’s who in the LW division, and got decisively beat by the (IMO) top guy of the division, even before Bendo became champ. Time to own the FW Frankie, or at least test yourself in new territory. You can only get better for it.

  11. e says:

    Nah ben won and was the better fighter. but fuck it lets do the rematch so everyone can shut the fuck up.

  12. The King says:

    @ Run Forest ^ these idiots have 0 understanding about the politics and real world stuff that goes on in the UFC.

  13. The King says:

    He’s what they call a fluke champ. I’m glad he lost it. Cuz it wasn’t really his to begin with. And I’m very glad he lost it to a bs decision like penn did… LMFAO. Did anyone notice Frankie’s corner doing the victory dance before the decision was even made.. AGAIN.

    • e says:

      Word the fuck up. when they boosted him up on the dudes shoulders iwas like fuck this gay shit here we go again. i just rolled my fkn eyes. i loved it when bj said he wasnt gunna take part of that post fight celebration bull shit

    • Paper Champ says:

      You know why they did that “lifting Edgar on their shoulders” bull shit? Because they KNEW they lost so that tried to steal the victory. Just like they did against BJ in Abu Dhabi.

      And, everyone understand this: Edgar didnt’ GIVE two rematches, the UFC SCHEDULED the two rematches. Edgar fought because he HAD to, not because he wanted to. Edgar is done, finished, wearing championship belts. And Dana saying that Edgar won just lessens Dana’s credibililty at being impartial. And if I was Henderson (and even JDS for that matter…you remember Dana’s rant against Velasquez’ game plan after he lost, disrespecting JDS big time), I would gloat right in Dana’s face everytime I saw him.

      Edgar is done. He won’t beat Jose. He won’t beat Cruz even. Sayonara.

  14. e says:

    I also add that wheb bj losy his belt he took it like a man. he got his rematch due to completly horrible judging ala 50-45. that shit was rigged. whoever betted on frankie in that fight they got paid.

  15. baldy says:

    i think i’ld rather see a 145lb title fight with aldo…as in automatic number 1 contender.

    • Jason N says:

      I agree give him an immediate title fight at 145. He should be happy with that because it would be an oppurtunity to be a two division champ. ALDO needs a new challenger.

    • charlie bronson says:

      that makes more sense to me too. i think 145 is a division for him, he could even go to 135. i dont think he loses much, if any, to get to 155. he’s looked tiny compared to most of his opponents.
      big fights…edgar v aldo at 145 or edgar v winner of cruz v faber …either works for me.

  16. Skjones says:

    I don’t believe in rematches at all. It sucked for Edgar that he had to give all of the rematches but that’s just to bad. Will it be a good fight hell yeah but next in line is how the belt should go. There is a reason UFC is better than boxing. It puts the best fights for the fans!

  17. elimma says:

    He shouldn’t get rematch cause he clearly loss and id like to see him drop to feather weight maybe even bantum weight of course aldo would own him so i say aldo jump up to light weight and let frankie fight the smaller fighters

  18. Gabe418 says:

    I had Ben 49-46, but every round was close and exiting…sorry Pettis, it looks like you drew the short straw again

  19. Sorry u must b this tall to get a rematch

  20. MMAnalyst says:

    …I thought Henderson won, but wouldn’t have been too surprised if Edgar won a split decision either. Championship fights where both guys stay busy means you’re judging increments and it gets tricky, just how powerful were these shots, how many of these strikes were blocked, who was moving better at this point, etc. Edgar looked worse but so what.

  21. Shawn says:

    I can understand the his rematches. They were close enough to warrant them. His fight with Bendo however, was not. He clearly got dominated. He was mashed up, out worked, and out hustled. Not taking anything away from Edgar, he deserved to be champ, and he a great run. But he lost hands down. There is no controversy on this one. I am, however, a little disappointed in what he said at the end of the fight…”I thought I did enough to win on points”. He really tried to win that fight on points? Maybe if he fought to take Bendo out on a stretcher, it would have gone differently. I never thought Edgar would play it that way. If your going to try and win on points, at least make a fight of it. Do as much damage as was inflicted on you. You get punched hard, you punch back harder. You take the guy down, WORK him out, don’t let him get back up.

    Hope Edgar comes back stronger. But I would agree with Dana, maybe he should drop down to 145. Bringing what he brings to the LW division, to the FW, and he wouldn’t be the smaller guy, he would do great in that division. And I’d love to see him go against Aldo.

    • yinyang says:

      Nice post. I fully understand patience and picking your shots, but to not think about working towards a finish is not the way to fight MMA. I like Frankie as well and he has great skill and heart. He should drop to 145 or start boxing.

  22. The natural says:

    I clearly scored the fight all five rnds of Dom by Edgar say they fight again and that up kick doesn’t happen edgar wins all five rnds by domination just like last one

  23. yinyang says:

    I doubt the projected PPV numbers would support a rematch. I also doubt Frankie has “The Answer” to Benson’s size. That said, Edgar rematched BJ (which was warrated imo) and Maynard, and never complained. He decisively won both. Has he earned the rematch? YES. Is it a fight I want to see? NO. I don’t see a different result. Benson is just too well armored for Frankie.

  24. Punisher says:

    Immediate rematches if at all should only be warranted by a split decision or draw none of which happened here Benson clearly won that fight. Let’s see a Bendo vs Showtime rematch. Frankie should have lost the 1st fights against BJ and Manard.

  25. jack ross is stupid says:

    edgar didnt look like the way he did when he fought maynard that fight must have taken out alot of gas from his tank

  26. Smoooooooooooooooooth says:

    Does he deserve a rematch? I think yes considering he gave two.. Am I as a fan interested in a rematch? No.. Just not interested in another match between those two.. Perhaps later would be good

  27. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I think he should get a rematch but if it doesn’t happen have Frankie vs Pettis for a title shot. Have Frankie bulk up and wait a while, bulk up to 165 to gain a little power and fight Pettis. I think he could beat almost anyone in the LW division if he had some freaking KO power or ability to submit the top talent. Is he the only fighter that fights naturally in his weight class?

  28. bo lloyd says:

    There are no LW challengers
    1. Ben Henderson
    2. Edgar
    3. Maynard-coming off loss to Edgar
    4. Pettis-4-1 in last 5, 2 fight win streak
    5.Miller-1 fight win streak, previously lost to new champ
    6. Diaz-2 fight win streak
    7. Guida-coming off loss to new champ
    8. Cerrone-coming off a loss and already 0-2 againt new champ
    9. Dunham-3-2 in last 5, 2 fight win streak
    10. Barboza-10 and 0 with no top 10 wins

    Out of all these guys, only Edgar or a Pettis rematch makes sense. Nate Diaz would make sense also if he gets by Miller. I say give Frankie a rematch and let Pettis fight winner of Diaz-Miller.

  29. Belvedere says:

    Yes he should get the rematch!!!! Too close of a decision, and showtime hasn’t earned the title shot yet. Only 2 victories and neither was over a TOP contender

  30. the original steve says:

    even though i would much rather see pettis henderson 2 he really does deserve it

  31. Nick says:

    Nope. The only reason Frankie had to rematch BJ and Gray were because the BJ fight was very close the first time. And Gray and him fought to a draw. I had it 4-1 Ben.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I think Edgars pitter patter run away point fighting style is starting to lose its appeal to the judges. I think what made it totally obvious that pitter patter wasn’t worth as much as they uusally give frankie is because not on e of Edgars punches left a mark on Bendo’s face even after 25 minutes. No pitter patter is dying out IMO and the REAL FIGHTERS like Bendo are going to get their JUST DUE. The results of the fight were spelled out loud and clear by the horrific damage to Edagrs face. Even the judges are realizing they are doing the wrong thing by giving Frankie all these decsions while he takes massive amounts of brain trauma each and every fight. No champ has ever taken the beatings that frankie has endured. Noon eis questioning his heart but someday these judges that gave him the wins in fights that his opponnets clearly had no damage while they had given Frankie massive concussions over and over again actually did him a diservice. Frankie will have to retire before age 35 (IF) he stops taken so much damage NOW and much earlier if he continues to get the shit kicked out of him weach and every fight. Bendo looked as good or better after 5 rounds than he did at the start of the fight. How in gods name can you Frankie nuthuggers continue to fool yourself into actually saying he won? I think ist because you have all gotten so use to Frankie winning regardless of the beatings he has taken so you now belive he should win with heart alone and just being able to take all that massive punishment. i’ll be the first one to admit if they had p4p rankings for most heart Frankie is #1. But he’s also #1 for receivng more concussions thatn any otehr fighter. Do you actually think your helping Frankie by convincing him he won based on surviving? Frankie was abeaten fighter and showed why he needs to move down in weight. Bendo put a beating on Frankie really bad

    • Brett says:

      You’re kidding, right?
      The Edgar vs Penn I fight was 50-45, 49-46, 48-47 all for Edgar (which according to my math = 147 – 138 [a difference of 9 points]).

      The Bendo vs Edgar fight was 49-48, 48-47, 49-48 all for Bendo ( which is 146 – 143 [difference of only 3 points]).

      Now how are you going to tell me Edgar does not deserve a rematch because it wasn’t as close as the first Penn fight? All you people bad mouthing Frankie for not always finishing fights need to stop watching MMA and go watch bum fights or felony fights.

  32. slacker says:

    He definitely deserves it. The upkick, only, was the major reason why he lost that fight. If they re – match, Frankie will win.

      • phace says:

        Upkick isn’t the only thing that happened to Frankie..He received lots of power kicks to the ribs(even when catching the kicks), knees to the body and face, punches, near submissions. He didn’t seem to hurt Henderson at all that fight but he definitely got battered more than I’ve ever seen before. He flat out lost that fight even though he was getting in his takedowns and punches in my opinion. I’m actually a fan of Edgar and thought he lost. Henderson is a tough competitor. In my opinion Frankie should work his way back up the ladder…maybe not as far up as some other fighters but maybe a fight or 2.

        • slacker says:

          Upkick was the “major” reason; Henderson had “one” submission attempt. Almost all those kicks were caught on the way up.

        • Sweet game plan says:

          And that’s that benson had to go for that submission cause he was in the process of being slammed… There’s no excuse when you fight in the #1 organization, to get thrown like benson did to a guy that much smaller. Every tie up Edgar would throw his ass easy.

        • Shawn says:

          That was the 2nd round. He got beat up some more in the next 3. He’s come back from near KOs from Maynard, and still beat him. lol You guys need stop making excuses for your “favorite” fighters. And start looking at fights as fights. The best man one that day, and it wasn’t even close. It was definitely decisive.

        • andy says:

          As far as takedowns go: Edgar didn’t do anything with any of them. 5 takedowns and he couldn’t even hold Bendo down for more than a couple seconds. Hell, Bendo did more in his one takedown than Edgar did in all 5!

        • Robert says:

          I don’t see why people are backing edgar up. He was rocked two times in the fight and ben got in a good submission attempt. Benson landed more strikes than edgar and even though the kicks were caught they already hit the ribs of edgar and edgar failed to capitalize on the catch. He caught it could not counter strike and could not take down… he caught it but not until it hit his ribs. those body kicks were definitely hurting and landing and a few of those kicks he caught actually resulted in knee’s and shins to his face one of which actually hurt him pretty bad. You can catch all the kicks you want but if you can’t counter afterwards and take damage when you catch them than its no good. edgar got take downs i guess….sort of… if it was under wrestling rules that shit would not count only under mma rules is putting a guy down but not being able to acheive a dominant position from there a taekdown…its not a takedown until you get control which edgar was hardly able to do in that fight. Look at it again on who took damage…. edgar had a broken nose… a huge eye after the fight while Bendo looked as “smooth” as ever and took very little damage in that five round fight. if that fight continued frankie would have accumulated an unreal amount of damage the way that was going. So no ….frankie did not win and he does not need a rematch… he needs to fight a few more guys and come back after a few more wins…

        • jdog says:

          NONE of the kicks were caught before they landed, he caught them because they were power shots, not pitter patter kicks. Make no mistake Frankie felt every one of them. Frankie should get an immediate rematch because he gave two. The first BJ fight BJ out landed Frankie and should have probably won but didn’t, the second Frankie outclassed BJ totally, the Edgar Maynard fight was to a draw, there is no controversy over this fight but it is good go give since Frankie had to the previous two times, not because he won this fight.

    • Yuke says:

      just to clarify, by your interpretation that upkick broke his nose, hurt his ribs, and cut both of his eyes? according to you that was the only big hit landed by henderson but i think frankie’s face feels differently.

      • slacker says:

        The upkick was the major reason Edgar lost, in terms of turning point, damage, and in terms of judge’s perception because of that damage (constantly bleeding and cut nose). I didn’t see a cut around Edgar’s right eye.

        • Shawn says:

          But did you see his LEFT eye? lol He got upkicked on the nose. I agree, that was the turning point for Edgar. Where he realized he was in for a long night. He lost his edge after that. But thats on no one but Edgar. And the kicks he was catching, they were landing before he caught them. You need to learn to analyze fights better. And not watch with having a favorite fighter in mind. Then you will see the fight as it really is.

        • slacker says:

          The majority of those body kicks were caught on the way up. If you can’t see that, I don’t know what else to say in terms of kicks, Most of the head kicks were blocked.

        • slacker says:

          Edgar is not a favourite fighter of mine. But every fight I watch, I score round by round, as I am watching. When I was watching, I scored it 1, 3 & 5 for Edgar. At the end, I thought the judges would give it to Frankie or maybe a draw, scoring the 5th as the closest round in my eyes, thereby having a possible tie.

      • frankie felt it alright,but thats the way he likes it.if ya ask me who came closest to going unconcious it’s bendo on both accounts

    • dbolts says:

      u sound like vitor belfort when anderson beat him…if he didnt kick me in the face i would of won

    • jason says:

      how about his swollen eye that bendo caused becouse of all those punches? how about all those nasty kicks to his body? Frankie got messed up in ALL aspects of that fight, his coaches told him to get 1 take down to try to steal the fight, his take downs led to ben springing up, him almost getting subbed, or almost KTFO….he lost becouse he got handled, he even got outstruck according to fight metric…according to compustrike frankie outstruck him….so if the striking is even(cuz even the computers cnt decide) whats left to score? control, grappling, agressivness? control-bendo he controlled the cage….grappling- you can give it to frankie becouse he got 7 shitty takedowns even though bendo had 3 sub attempts and 1 takedown led to frankie almost losing bad, and lastly agressiveness-how can you give that to the guy backpeddling the whole fight….serious, he would lose again, got handled this time, and does NOT deserve a rematch, there was no way frankie won that fight…PERIOD

      • slacker says:

        He got caught with a knee in the 1st that started the eye swelling, and then the upkick. He should have been more cautious, but he screwed up. It happens. Other than those two shots, the fight was pretty even. Henderson had 1 sub attempt; the fightmetrics guy is off on that for sure. Edgar was 15 seconds away from being up 2 rounds to zero, so don’t even pretend like that upkick wasn’t a huge turning point. Even with the swollen eye, Edgar was in control of the fight until that moment, catching all his kicks as they were on the way up.

        • Jason says:

          edgar was controlling the fight? u mean him catching kicks that already smacked the crap out of his ribs? dude, edgar lost plain and simple, his pitter patter finally was not appealing to the judges becouse he fought a guy who WAS trying to finish him and was able to land….he got wrecked, tooled, and fucked up…frankie did nothing with the takedowns, he did not hold him down, he did no damage….how can you say that the guy who looks like a beat hooker is the winner of a fight and the other guy looks like he went for a jog….o.O

        • slacker says:

          It’s so obvious people out here are in denial about Edgar catching most of those body kicks ’cause they know it’s true that Henderson did almost all his damage on two or three strikes. We all know that once you open a cut or start some light swelling, it doesn’t take really hard shots after that for those marks to exaggerate outward. All I can say is Henderson is lucky to get that upkick because Edgar was just beginning to turn the corner on him in that fight, and he would have been up 2 rounds to zero. Everyone who watched the fight knows that’s the truth. So, with such an unlucky, pivotal turning point for Edgar, he definitely deserves a re – match. People out here are too quick to insult the guy and just toss him to the trash, and that’s not right. As for his “so – called” pitter – patter punches, that is a term especially reserved for Nick Diaz. Just because Edgar is a bit smaller of a lightweight, don’t try to compare Diaz’ walk – down, fence – fighting tactics with Edgar’s punching combinations.

        • Cowboy says:

          Hey fellas. I’m glad to see how passionate you all are about MMA. Let me just tell you all that Ben did a great job. All my fans out there I have much love and look forward to getting a title shot….. COWBOY

        • dougie says:

          too bad you lost to nate diaz. you would be in line. hope you get a title shot after a couple more wins.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:


  33. learntoread says:

    Obviously he deserves a rematch, being that this was a closely fought title fight, which could have gone either way.

    The truth of the matter is, Zuffa know they have a high profile match up for Egar next weather the rematch happens or not, because either Bendo/Edgar 2 or Aldo/Edgar @ 145 are both huge fights.

    • Shawn says:

      LOL! What fight were you watching? “…closely fought title fight, which could have gone either way.”?! Pass that shit your smoking. I want to see how delusional it’s making you. Edgar vs Penn, that was a close fight. Maynard vs Edgar 2, that was a close fight. This was nowhere near a close fight. You guys really need to start learning to watch fights.

      • Brett says:

        Maybe instead of insulting other people (which is actually making you look foolish), you should have a look at the previous score cards of the fights you mentioned.

        Edgar vs Penn I — 147- 139 Edgar (difference of 9 points)

        Edgar vs Bendo — 146 – 143 Bendo (difference of 3 points)

        Maybe if you smoked something it would open your closed mind…just my $0.02.

        • alex says:

          just wondering where are you getting your numbers from? you cant have a 49-48 score. add it up, if someone wins 4 out of 5 rounds (10 pts for a winning round and 9 for a losing, since none of them were an 8 pt round) means he got 49 points. Then if the other only won 1 out of 5 rounds (that means 9 x 4 = 36 +10 = 46) therefore he already has your difference of 3 points based only on one judge. now looking at all 3 judges with scores of 49-46, 48-47, and 49-46 that is actually a difference of 7. so yes still less then that of when he fought BJ but much higher then your 3. also if you really want to get down to it, the number is higher. he actually lost 4 rounds according to 2 judges so that is 8 but then 3 rounds from another judge making it a total of 11 lost rounds. but that is just my $0.02

  34. magoo says:

    fuckin rights he deserves a rematch, nothing against Benson but he did not dominate the fight like most of you think, especially you e you’d almost think you were on Bensons payroll for fuck sakes the way your praising him on every godamn post,yea I know your still bitter about Frankie getting back to back wins against BJ and Maynard and your finally stoked someone beat this kid,but the one thing we both agree on is let there be a rematch so everyone can shut the fuck up…including you and I….thats all I got to say about that!

    • No Huhu says:

      Magoo you fricken idiot…you’re just as bad, and you’re calling out E, you moron. You chose to get behind Edgar and wail away…you lost. Edgar. don’t like you anymore, but you still like him. Edgar lost. Too bad brother! Keep wailin’ if you want !!!!

      • magoo says:

        good fuckin grief now I gotta deal with this retard again,,,wait a minute could it be e? shut the fuck up ass clown if I want any lip from you I’ll shake my zipper ya haha…fuckin freak!

        • E says:

          you still talkin you deranged ol’ fuck? you letting all of your emotions out? is it that time of the month? need some vagisil? i dont need an anonymous account to speak my mind. it very well looks like youre the dumb fuck that cant let go of the past. heed your own advice, shut the fuck up and stop acting like a lame ass sorry bitch.

        • Dog chapman says:

          bruddah wat for unzippa ur pants for wat show your twat

        • magoo says:

          speaking of twats….know what the definition of fat is Chapman? Pulling your wife Beths pants to her knees and her cunts still in them bahahaha….fuckin flamer!

      • E says:

        nevamind that old fuck. no sense talkin to a fuckin idiot.

    • E says:

      silly ol’ magoo.. no need get your granny panties twisted. im a fan of frankie’s heart and unwillingness to never quit. dont talk about shit if you have no idea what youre talkin about. you need to chill and not let your emotions get the best of you. besides im not even trippin bout frankie and bj fight. you see me trippin bout that? is this your weak attempt at an insult? i wouldnt even call that an insult. its more like a cry from a sorry ass excuse of a pathetic fan. you dont like what i say? you cant handle the truth? no need to be a cry baby like frankie cryin for a rematch. ill shut the fuck up on my own terms. you need to swallow some of your own bullshit and keep it at that. nuff said.

      • magoo says:

        lmfao….nice keep repliying to yourself loser,the least you can do is change your user name when you wanna partner up and talk shit ya loser!

        • E says:

          no need cry magoo. what? randall cannot handle? cannot handle the truth? so you gotta go on a temper tantrum and give me these weak lines? get at me when you wanna talk about some real shit. but leave the crying and your adult diapers back with the rest of that weak shit nursery home you come from.

  35. slacker says:

    There are definitely some things Edgar can improve on to get a decisive victory. For example, when he had Henderson down in front of him a couple times, he should have been pounding his face with uppercuts. But instead, he was thinking about what he was going to do with Benson because of his size. He would make those adjustments in the 2nd fight and hammer him with shots. I am not an Edgar fan per se, but the way he is being dismissed by the MMA community and the bitter group out here is extremely disrespectful and unwarranted considering his amazing accomplishments.

  36. The natural says:

    Who said he hurt his ribs didn’t look like it to me did he clench dwn at all no if I kick somebody and there just eating them znd catching them I would b glad he just didn’t no what to do next to me.. the reason frankies one eye was fucked more then the broken nose was an intentional eye poke Henderson did after kicking him in his nuts three times early in third rd. And yes the up kick did all damage before that Frankie was not bothered at all. By anything Henderson the other 24:30 mins but that being said henderson wasn’t effected except for maybe one or two shots whole fight so I would sayhendson might have one with just that being said but Edgar also took him dwn at will and threw him around made it clear he was Dom wrestler and I think he won just about every exchange they had by Lil bit so fight could have gone either way but he def deserves rematch being that size didn’t mean anything in this fight a guy 100lbs soaking wet could have knocked him out wit that kick so he’s right for fighting at 155 but he’s been wanting the best guys like Aldo to fight before he was a champ he would beat Aldo butanytging can happen but I def can see how both fighters won fight but I would have too say I favor Edgar on this one he proly would win rematch unless diff Henderson shows up because I didn’t see him win a rd but he did beat Edgar up

  37. 10 dan says:

    If Edgar deserves a rematch based on his wins against Maynard and Penn, then Pettis does not deserve a title shot based on his losses to Guida and Palaszewski. Edgar’s rematches didn’t improve his skills, so Henderson should fight someone else and avoid Edgar’s dilemna. The time off should benefit Edgar at whatever weight he want to come back as. If Lauzon is better than Guida, Henderson vs Pettis might make a little more sense. Henderson vs Melendez would be a better fight.

  38. Ray says:

    It probably would be the fair thing to do since he had to give two immediate rematches, but i think ultimately everyone would rather see Bendo/Pettis 2, lets go B. Smooth!

  39. dbolts says:

    magoo needs a job

  40. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Dana has pampered adn babied as well as OVERHYPED Frankir to point he has this “JOn Fitch” like entitlement attitude now acting like he shouldn’t have to go to back of line like everyon else after they lose. Yes we all know Kenny florian always gets title fights even after he loses and so does Uriah Favortism but you need to be tougher than those clowns and go back and get 2 solid wins which will put you back in title picture. Frankie quit being a baby and go back to drawing board. TRy and practice avoiding MORE concussions

  41. Judge_Dreadz says:

    As a fan of both a blindman could see Bendo won that fight dudes a fuckin machine!! best cardio i’ve seen he wasnt tired@ all!

  42. A.James says:

    Frankie lost. It was a great fight and close at some points but Ben obviously won. I don’t think anyone could do better than Edgar against Henderson so hats off to Frankie. The loss was coming eventually. For the fight to be that good Frankie is a helluva talent fighting up in weight. Aldo, Cruz, GSP, Henderson, Jones, or Silva will never see that kind of success fighting at their natural weight. Frankie is still the number p4p fighter in my opinion but I think he can prove it by going down to 135 and/or 145. He should look at this as a new turning point in his career and be the first fighter to be champ in THREE weight classes.

  43. chris says:

    a lot of people on here clearly don’t know how to score a MMA fight, it isn’t a street fight, Frankie won 4 rds to 1

    • Shawn says:

      And clearly you don’t either. According to compubox (which is partly what the judges use), Henderson won that fight. Now add to that Edgars mashed face, him being overworked more, the freshness of Henderson after each round, including the last. As well as Edgar’s failed attempts to capitalize on his takedowns (Henderson wasn’t on his back very long for each one, and Edgar didn’t do ANY damage at all while down there). And for all those saying that Edgar was tossing Henderson around, I thought that was the case too. But I usually watch good or close fights more than once. And those “tossing” around, was Henderson tripping. Not exactly getting “tossed” around. 4 rounds to 1. LOL! For Bendo.

  44. lowzy says:

    no way does he deserve a rematch he got battered this int wwe where losing champ gets a rematch besides it would take a least 5-6 months for a rematch to take place with all frankies injuries whereas a bendo/pettis fight could be possible in next 2-3 months around same time as diaz/miller fight

  45. mason says:

    You don’t get an instant rematch for taking a beating like that. You beg Dana for one so you can redeem yourself maybe. I am bored with fighters who say things like “I thought I did enough to win that fight” I suppose if you go by the past standard of judging he should have won. Condit won by the number of ineffective kicks he landed on Diaz’s leg. Just because Frankie can take a beating doesn’t mean he won, in fact that usually means you lost ask brahdah Cabbage. Dana White having a hard on for the Rocky movies doesn’t mean shit those are not real. Having said that, everyone knows it does get you a job in the UFC. So never go down Frank you will always have a job.

  46. YEAH RIGHT says:

    i thought edgar won as well. the look on hendersons face showed me he thought so as well. i wish it went to edgar so i could see how that side of the conversations would have went

  47. Another Frankie rematch is just plain boring, this would be his sixth in row that was a rematch, who wants to see that?

  48. Todd says:

    I don’t think so. I’m a fan of Edgar but he straight up got his ass beat. Rematches should only be for when’s it close or even a controversial decision. Henderson just totally dominated him.

  49. Peterham says:

    There wasn’t a point in time during that fight where I felt like Bendo was in danger, there were multiple with Frankie, easy decision win for Bendo imo.

  50. jacob says:

    Haha. You actually thought it was 49-48 on two of the score cards?? Wtf are you smoking man? That would mean that two rounds were even, ben won two and frankie won the remaining.

  51. deez nuts says:

    too many pussy bj penn fanboys here still butthurt about what happened to bj so obviously they will favor bendo but really that deserves a rematch, bendo fucked him up but u can never count out frankie and that dude gave rematches so why dont he deserve one? wasnt like he got finished

  52. Carlos Ortiz says:

    Frankie won that fight IMO and deserves a rematch.

  53. the original steve says:

    i like how if i click on the first page of comments it takes me to a miesha tate ronda rousy thing

  54. Jason says:

    Bendo won the fight by a mile 4-1 as I scored it he was better overall and won clearly.

  55. seb says:

    Great fight! Bendo won that easily 4-1, no controversy in my eyes.

  56. Brian says:

    Henderso won 4 rds to 1. Edgar does not deserve a rematch.

  57. Patrick says:

    I like Frankie & Ben. So I have no bias. I think Ben won. At least 3 rds to 2 if not 4-1

  58. OldWhiteMMA says:

    Whats up with all these immediate rematches? I wanna watch one fight and move the hell on to the next. A stacked division and we get glitched on fights that doesn’t even deserve to even warrant a rematch. Think its a way for the UFC to squeeze as much money out of these fighters?

  59. Matt pacarro says:

    I love glen wilkerson and cecols botos

  60. shane says:

    YES! you give 2 you get 1

  61. MMAniac says:

    I’m getting TIRED of these immediate rematches already!!! BS.

  62. HIGHTIMES99 says:

    was at the fight live and i had it 4-1 for Edgar, went back and watched the fight on the ppv and saw it 3-2 for Edgar losing rds 2 and 4….he won rd one, was winning rd 2 until the up kick, took rd 3 by landing more and taking ben down 3x, 4 was close but due to the guillotine attempted i gave it to Ben, and even tho Ben came out in rd 5 hyping up the crowd Edgar came out and out performed him, landed a beautiful left hook, flash knocked down ben, and landed the cleaner shots…Edgar should get another shot

    • lol .. no says:

      edgar didnt even land more than bendo.. bendo was landing more power shots and came closer to finishing the fight.. edgar never hand bendo in trouble..

      those takedowns were so over rated.. edgar didnt do shit with them.. hell he almost got finished twice with 2 of those take downs.. bendo did more from the bottom than edgar did from top position …

      edgar is tough.. but bendo did more damage, came close to finishing and landed more strikes over all

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      4-1 Edgar??!! Must be from Jersey, and Edgar’s number one fan.

  63. AJ says:

    this fight wasn’t even close. i gave it to bendo 4-1. fight metric has bendo outscoring frankie in every category except leg kicks and takedowns but still even gave bendo a higher grappling rating because he stuffed most of them and even when he got taken down he usually popped right back up. overall strikes, bendo by about 20. significant stikes, bendo by about 20. damage was obviously won by bendo. he was also pressing and controlling the octagon the whole time. i literally don’t understand how anybody could watch that fight and think it was even remotely close. fight metric scored it exactly how i had it, 4-1 bendo.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Fight metrics needs to replace all Edgars striking, kicks and punches with his own category called P I T T E R P A T T E R because all it does is pad his scoring and does almost no damage. Bendo was never even remotely in trouble as where Edgar was nearly finished at least 3 times with elbows, chokes, upkick that shattered his nose and sprayed the crowd with blood. What part of Bendo beating the shit out of Frankie didn’t you Edgar nuthuggers see? I had it 4-1 Bendo and thats just because i know judges score Frankies flash takedowns like they are the HOLY GRAIL of MMA when in fact they do nothing except being scored far far too much. Everyone has gotten so use to Frankie getting just smashed and brain dameged and then stealing decsions that they just assume no matter hoiw much damage he takes and how little damage his opponents take he will always get the nod based on his pitter patter kicks and fly swatting. Except this time reagrdless he was outscored and took a horrific beating. Bendo won that fight hands down no disputes. Every Edgar fan where i watched the fights at said he lost. of cours they had teh same wore out excuses that he is just too small for 155 and he has the heart of 10 men and thats why judges love him. EDGAR LOST time to move on. too bad Edgars so damn scared of Jose Aldo.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        lol the holy grail of mma. well said. I agree, takedowns that don’t amount to shit shouldn’t be regarded so high. I seen the same fight as you – Edgar got beat up. They should make him and Pettis duke it out for #1.

  64. Justen says:

    Nope. Pettis rematch makes more sense. Edgar should fight at 145 like Dana is saying.

  65. Run Forrest Run! says:

    4-1 Bendo, no doubt about it, Edgar will lose 10 times out of 10 when facing Bendo.

  66. Rich says:

    In all fairness….YES

    he had to re-defend his title twice to BJ an Maynard due to contrevercial close decisions…but then again i am sick of these rematches,but its only fair to Franki,its whats right!

  67. tim says:

    I want to see that rematch as much as I want to see Tim sylvia get an immeadiate title shot against Junior dos santos.
    Or Mark Coleman fight Jon Jones

  68. magoo says:

    looks like this poll is as close as the fight was….50% wanna see Frankie rematch and 50% wanna see Frankie lose again….numbers don’t lie set a rematch date!

  69. justin says:

    im sick of frankie edgar and his boring fights let him drop to 145 and get his ass whipped by aldo. its time for new blood at 155.

  70. irishjunkie12 says:

    “The answer” to that question is NO WAY, “JOSE” so many puns haha

  71. banks says:

    Frankie is legit.. i dont think he won but he deserves a rematch and when he gets it i hope he finishes so all u haters can stfu

  72. hanggloves says:

    He should not jump right away in the band wagon. Frankie should have some serious training and a tune up match before a rematch with Ben. He should win impressively on that tune up match so that he can ride a winning momentum.

  73. Akamai says:

    Pettis deserves a rematch much more than Edgar. He was supposed to get a chance at the belt after the last WEC fight.

  74. shane says:

    Edgar gave the first rematch to Maynard because Maynard had beat him in the first fight, so yeah fight him again to prove you’re the champ. It was a draw so he proved nothing he HAD to do a rematch to prove once again that he really was the champ. He had to rematch BJ because when he took the belt it was a joke and there was no way they should have taken the champs belt in that fight it was way to close to call and any call made should have gone to BJ not Edgar. You just don’t take the champs belt in an insanely weak win. Henderson beat him with no doubt. UFC isn’t about getting points it’s about fighting and when a fighter walks out of the ring after being properly dazed a few times, a nose gushing blood and a face that looked like hamburger a couple times and his opponent has not even 1 scratch on his face! He lost and he lost bad for a champ. I don’t care if he went the distance all that shows is he won’t back down, good on him, but HE WAS BEAT UP AND BEAT GOOD. THere should be a rematch but Bendo needs to go through a couple more guys, like Pettis first. He owes Pettis a rematch more than anyone.

  75. SallyDavis says:

    People want Edgar to get a pity rematch just because he had to give 2 people rematches? Well in his fights the BJ penn was a lot closer than the judges had it (50-45 really???) and he went to a draw with Maynard. Those are just reasons to set up a rematch, but there’s no way this match was even close. Bendo beat him no doubt about it. No rematch necessary.

  76. BX81 says:

    I think Bendo clearly won the fight. If you wanna win by scoring points go play basketball. Bendo clearly wanted to win by putting a hurting on Edgar. I personally wouldn’t want to see another fight. I think for the most part the fans wanted to see who would win the 1st time, now we know who’s going to get their face beat in… No more mystery. Edgar did give 2 immediate rematches but those were really close fights. He doesn’t have the right to anything but to fight! You should never expect something back just because you did something. A very important life rule. If you do it, do it because it’s right. I can understand he thought he won but compu-strike says different and so did his face. Point blank, you can’t get your face beat in like that and expect to win a fight. I will say this I’m not a fan of Frankie or his fighting style but the kid reminds me of sam stoute. He can take a licking althought I don’t remember stout getting face pummled like that.

  77. frankie seems like condit and gsp style fighter but he knows you’ve gotta be able to take what your opponents got to offer before you truly beat em hes the only the the second fighter ive seen like this (not counting rocky)who do yous reckon the other one is?

  78. Night-Wind says:

    52.9% = noobs.

  79. domP#1 says:

    henderson won 5 rounds arguably 4 of 5 but he deffinatly man handled that little bitch edgar

  80. Tapout a Warrior says:

    So in this chosen path of logic: We are to expect every title fight to be a best out of three competition since the champion has a close contest with the number one contender? That is bat shit crazy, if the number one contender and the champion have a close fight doesnt that make sense? I dont get these instant rematches, even in BJs case. He is boss and all but fair is fair. This is why the 155 is so clogged up now.

  81. Dana white says:

    Breaking news rousey out edgar vs tate

  82. Heath says:

    let em get a rematch it’s not gonna matter, he will just lose again.

  83. G says:

    I find it to be strange that it is so evenly split. I mean, that’s just kind of bizarre. Oh well. Rematch, I guess.

  84. RickRuckus says:

    I’m tired of people stating that Frankie Edgar gave two rematches and that giving him the rematch is the “right thing” to do.. Like if we’ve all of a sudden just became a freaking Christian fight league. First of all, Frankie only gave one rematch and that was to BJ Penn. The second fight between him and Gray Maynard was declared a draw so you didn’t win or lose the fight. You still have to fight the contender again because it was a draw….. ITS NOT A REMATCH, IT’S A CONTINUATION OF THE FIRST FRIGGIN FIGHT. IMO

    • jonsey says:

      same here…he had no choice to give maynard a rematch cuz the fight had no winner…so it was more like continueing the fight on another night…and the bj rematch was cuz bj got robbed and everyone knew it…if bj never got robbed he would still be champ///after bj got robbed for the belt is when he stopped training hard and the 2nd fight was not the same bj..the fuking judges cost bj his career ///they broke his heartt for training

  85. king says:

    for edgar if he wants a rematch then he must go up to the ladder again by defeating a couple or multiple guys out there for him to be a top contender again he doesnt need an immediate rematch move on for a while then go bulk up lets follow the right system or the division will be stagnant how about the other competitors if the ufc only recognizes big names only?
    is my opinion right?

  86. king says:

    for edgar if he wants a rematch then he must go up to the ladder again by defeating a couple or multiple guys out there for him to be a top contender again he doesnt need an immediate rematch move on for a while then go bulk up lets follow the right system or the division will be stagnant how about the other competitors if the ufc only recognizes big names only?
    cmon dana back off stop the favoritism

  87. magoo says:

    yeeee fuckin haw….go get em Frankie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Vince Vuong says:


    then i run off the wall and kick you in the face.

    On another note, ya sure give Edgar a rematch so he can be reminded how close that fight really wasn’t. It’s a plus to see Frankie Edgar get smashed to bits again. All you fanboys are cruel, to throw out your boy to someone he CANT beat. I think someone said pitter patter strikes, and i think that’s an overstatement. Everyone is just sad that Frankie has no where to go now. He should drop two weight classes and go fight with butt chin.

    Sorry… much love for mma though. I just really don’t like Edgar for some reason..

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