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Thursday, 01/19/2012, 08:48 am

UFC NEWS – POLL: Did Yamasaki make the right call in UFC 142's Silva vs. Prater Fight?



75 Responses to “UFC NEWS – POLL: Did Yamasaki make the right call in UFC 142's Silva vs. Prater Fight?”

  1. CanILive says:

    Not like it was a horrible call….. but wrong fight to start making the call in my opinion.
    watch kurt pellegrinos last fight, every strike landed that ended it was clearly to the back of the head, but not a word a warning mentioned

    • Jeff says:

      Here is the problem.


      The guy on the ground turns away of punches, the guy on top keeps throwing, strikes hit the back of the head. I have seen that situation unfold more times than I can remember. Every other time it gets ruled a Tko. This fight was no different than these

      VItor vs Franklin
      Vitor vs Sexyama
      Carwin vs Mir
      Aldo vs Manny
      Aldo vs Mike Brown
      Cavalcante vs King Mo
      Tavares vs Fisher
      Hendo vs Fedor

      all ruled TKO.

      If striking the back of the head is a foul, it wasn’t ruled that way in about a million other fights, so it sucks for Silva that he gets a loss on his record for doing what got everyone else who did the same thing a win on their record.

  2. Karl says:

    Prater went limp after taking three shots to the back of his skull from a downed position…the call was right.

    • John Blaze says:

      He took one shot and it was accidental, you’re an idiot.

      • cjmuaythai says:

        he took at least 3 shots.. not to mention to two additional shots AFTER Yamasaki called the fight that silva threw. watch it again.

        • Zack says:

          He took one. The side of your head is not the back

        • grin says:

          IT WAS ONE HIT TO THE BACK by accident… NO OTHER SHOTS AFTER HE STOPPED IT… YOU GUYS MUST have been cracked in the back of the skull one too many times!

        • Rezurrected says:

          1 direct hit to the back of the head which looks unintentional and it also looked like he got out of his way to NOT hit the back of his head.

          If the rules state do not strike back of the head and it is a protect yourself at all times attitude in fighting. He should not guard everything but the back of his head. Thats like giving up when all you show is the back of your head for that many strikes. Just my opinion, what do you think?

        • DBKlein69 says:

          i think ur an idiot. 4-5 shots to the back of the head despite warnings from mario. good call. im sure silva learned a valuable lesson.

        • bruts says:

          3-4 hits to the back of the head, i think you blind fucks needs to watch it again

    • King says:

      Obviously people can’t count, or people can’t tell where the back of the HEAD is. He landed one on the back of the head, out of what? about a dozen?

  3. Nik says:

    What are these baboons above me talking about? It was a godawful call. He hit him in the back of the head once, but he was already limp. SHould have been a TKO win for Silva.

    • CanILive says:

      even if he hit back of the head, he was trying to miss the back of the head, but crater kept moving to keep it that way….therefore craters fault, if a fighter moves his head on purpose so that the back of his head gets in the way, then so be it

      • Xaninho says:

        True that! I used to compete in tae kwon do tournaments and there it was illegal to hit the back of the head and the spine too..

        If fighters deliberately turn their backs to the opponent to prevend getting hit in the face or body they get a point deducted.

        That rule should be added to MMA too, cuz it’s obvious the rule to protect the fighters is being abused right now.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          u competed in blow job tournaments. and i heard u won many of them!

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahaha….I’m not laughing about your ‘joke’, I’m laughing at you. You are one pathetic lil man. You really can’t deal with people who outclass you huh?

          I’m better than you. And you’re meaningless…Must be hard to be you.

        • bruts says:

          well xaninho your a fucking idiot, Tea kwon do isnt fucking mma its one martial arts. and out class? whaaaa you aint no champion at that sport, fuck if i every saw you id take you down and put you to sleep, and get up and say who out classed you? no need to act like a straight faggot because this guy dissed your sport, im not gunna cry like a babie if you diss mine (wrestling) so shut the fuck up next time you wouldnt out class anyone in the streets maybe on a mat…

        • DBKlein69 says:

          xaninHO would totally outclass anyone in a blow job tourney. he put the bj in bjj.
          lol @ “im better than u”. yes, at bj’s! u r the champ!

        • Xaninho says:

          bruts you can’t put a baby to sleep fucking dry-humper.

          In ancient greece wrestling was faggot entertainment for the faggot upper class to wank over wise ass!

          I bet you like laying on top of sweaty men huh?

          And that ‘in the streets’ shit? You would be surprised when you wake up in the fucking hospital afterwards, you wouldn’t be the first one. So watch your fucking mouth bitch.

          And DBKlein69, what’s the DB for? Douche Bag or Dumb Bitch?

        • DBKlein69 says:

          ask ur mom. she’ll tell u what it stands for :)

        • David says:

          Yo Ho Tae Kwon Do sucks! Boxing and jiu jitsu is where it’s at! before you throw one of your little girly spin kicks, you’d fall victim to my right hand! then finish you off with a choke, stop talking!

        • Xaninho says:

          something like this?

          Hahaha victim to your right hand! What is this? A bad kung fu movie?

          Only thing your right hand is good for is jacking off bitch….

          By the way I just used the tae kwon do to give an example about the rules……tae kwon do is not the only martial art I mastered. I’m Dutch schooled in Muay Thai so that will be sufficient enough to ruin your legs and knee your face in…

          Now shut up, move along and don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

  4. Chris Drake says:

    Its hard to make a decision as the fight is taking place. He made the best call he felt was necessary. Although, it was easy after the decision has been made to see it was a bad call. Yamasaki is a great ref, taking nothing away from him, but if felt they were illegal blows to the back of the head, he should have stood them up, gave Silva a warning, and deducted a point. If Silva still proceeded with hitting in the back of the head, then disqualify him.

    Never know what a particular ref considers back of the head. “Mohawk” or “Earmuffs”.

  5. Micheal says:

    it was a bad call Vitor Belfort did the same to Akiyama in UFC 133 and Yamasaki never Dq’ed belfort for it and he was watching every blow he knows it wasnt purposely done its just all in the heat of the moment so def a bad call on Yamasaki

  6. Night-Wind says:

    In the first place there wouldn’t be a poll like this if it was a right call.

  7. Zack says:

    Ight I’m bout to drop Ashton off at work then I’ll be there

  8. wes says:

    It was the right call, but there are many times where the call is never made when it should be, so people will get upset and say “why now?”

    There were plenty of illegal shots to the back of the head. Just because you’re ignorant of the actual zones doesn’t make it a bad call. Check the link for reference:

    In the end, people will usually always stand by their initial decisions, so I’m not expecting the nay-sayers to experience a rush of enlightenment. It is what it is.

    • CanILive says:

      i just believe this was the WRONG fight to make that call, there’s been previous ones where it should have been, but wasn’t even brought up

      • wes says:

        Illegal is illegal any way you slice it. Regardless, this should be a lesson to Silva, as well as others, to throw ACCURATE strikes instead of wildly swinging around an illegal zone. Silva is still the better fighter, and you can bet he won’t make the same mistake again. He’s only going to get better.

      • EJ says:

        Why was it wrong to make the call in this fight? If it was someone else other than hyped up silva, then Would it be okay? The part I disagree with is the win to prayer, should’ve been a no contest.

  9. pk9grrr says:

    right call,you would want a great ref like yamasaki to use every bit of his experience and natural instinct in the moment,he also adressed the situation but unfortunately he doesnt have super bionic eyes with real time slow mo options.. give the guy a break!..
    live and learn.. good for future fighters who want to quickly blow there load in the back of the head area..dont do it

  10. EJ says:

    If its behind the ears, it’s the back of the head. I feel that most of the confusion was probably because Yamasaki said back of head in English. I’m not hating on other languages. I just feel that the fighters that don’t speak English may have trouble understanding especially in the heat of the moment. Similar incidents would be when they say don’t grab the cage or I’ll take a point or don’t grab the shorts. The ref usually has to slap there hand to stop, why? Maybe language barrier…

    I counted more than 1 shot to the back of the head. 3 maybe 4…

    Anyone else feel that UFC is making a big deal cause there HYPE for this guy was so big and this can slow down their money train off him?

    • Tid says:

      Behind the ears is not back of the head. The rule is 1-2 inches from the middle of the crown to base of the spine. Anything else is legal. The replay showed one clear illegal strike. Joe walked Mario through the replay on live tv. Mario made a bad call but he is human and bad calls happen. He doesn’t make many so I think he deserves a pass.

  11. Stu Mcgrew says:

    A good ref would have taken a point for the illegal shot, given Prater five minutes to recover, and when he didn’t answer the five minute bell rule it a no contest. I think the knee to the sternum is what KO’d Prater (the hammer fist to the side and back of the head didn’t help) but don’t take the fight away from a guy who did everything to win.

  12. DevonAK86 says:

    Mario should have stopped the fight and taking 1 point away before the DQ. BAD CALL!

  13. Donnybrook says:

    Worst call I think I’ve ever seen. Some of you guys need to get educated on what the back of the head is, watch the replay only one graze to the back the rest were legal to the side of the head. Regardless the decision will be turned over to a NC… with out an athletic commission in Brazil the UFC has the authority to easily do so.

  14. Tid says:

    I don’t think there’s a lot of hype on Silva. It was his second fight in ufc. People are making a big deal cause in the rule book those strikes are not illegal. I forget what show it was on but Big John broke down the rule and where exactly a strike would be illegal. 1-2″ straight down the middle. It’s always going to he a judgment call as in the heat of the action it’s has to be difficult to see every strike and where it lands. Not sure if allowing for video replay is the answer but in this case….I counted one maybe a few questionable strikes but a DQ was without a doubt the wrong call to make IMO. Stand em up, take a point, let em fight.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I get what you and some other people are saying but he was finished by the strikes to the back of the head and side. There is no other way to judge it other than a DQ if you were given warning. If he had heeded Mario’s warning and had more varying strikes it would have been a NC because he made an effort to avoid the back of te head.

      It was a tough fight to ref because Prater was close to being finished from the initial knee strike. But how about the strikes to the back of the head when Prater flattened out on the ground? Seems like Joe Rogan forgot to count those as well.

  15. lalo diesel says:

    where’s the technique ? desperate hammerfist are an easy way to finish fights…good call…silva is just a hyped newcomer..where ‘s the accuracy?????

  16. the original steve says:

    sorry bj but this is just a stupid poll. i’ve seen plenty of fights where the guy gets rocked and his opponent just blindly hammerfists his head some shots hitting the back of the head and no one says anything. this time 1 or 2 may have hit the back of the head and he gets a DQ. thats bullshit

  17. JB Spencer says:

    He should just be happy that wasnt vitor or aldo he was DQ’n like that; in rio… there woulda been a riot and mario would be somewhere deep in south america tied to tree rite now never to be seen again.

  18. WrongCallsshouldbeReversed says:

    Bad call, we’ve all seen big shots to the back of fighters heads where the ref’s don’t do shit about it and the fight continues. This shot was not so bad, it wasn’t a Mark Munoz postured up huge right hand or anything. It was 1 shot in the middle of a quick flurry of short hammerfists as he was transitioning to the opposite side of Praters head to AVOID hitting the back of the head. It wasn’t the shot that stopped Prater, and it was 1 unintentional shot that slipped through. If your gonna address this illegal shot issue, bring in instant replays and deal with the problem as a whole. Don’t target these smaller individual and controversial cases, give the kid his W he deserves

  19. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Bad call or not, we can all appreciate the difficulties of being a ref. I’m glad I’m not in Mario’s shoes.

  20. Yono says:

    If he got disqualified for one illegal shot why was Aldo not disqualified then for holding onto the cage to prevent a take down which could have made the difference in the fight???

  21. Bringbackbabalu says:

    I think it was a 50/50 call but it went to a dq cause it was a small fight so the backlash wouldn’t be as great as if it was as people are saying vitor belfort the uproar from dqing a vitor or a let’s say silva for example would be huge cause it would change the title picture this fight didn’t matter which way it went IMO that’s why Mario had no problems with giving a dq I it was me I would have given the tko to silva

  22. Will says:

    For everyone that is saying it was the right call, you don’t know shit about MMA. That was literally one of the worst calls I’ve ever heard in my life. Please, do the world a favor and stop having an opinion.

  23. Jb says:

    Jesus ya morons. He hit the kid once in the back of the head. The side is fair game. Ask Cain after getting cracked behind the ear. Once to the back of the head. Should have lost a point. Not the W. the dude buckled from a knee. Watch it again. Lol ask the dudes in pride after getting kicked in the head. That one little blow wasn’t the deciding factor in the fight

  24. lalo diesel says:

    for all those who likes to see that kind of strikes back in the head really like to see a fighter wins that way?? i prefer accuracy or ko power like hendricks on fitch

  25. Ethan says:

    In Soccer bad calls are made all the time, game changing calls… but that is the sport, no instant replays.. Yamasaki made a call because he saw him get hit in the back of the head… there is no point second guessing it because yes he did get hit in the back of the head.. now did Yamasaki have more than 2 seconds to decide whether it changed the outcome of the fight? nah.. theres no replays to watch until after the decision is made..

  26. tonecapone says:

    Clearly illegal blows, I also thought jds should have been illegal as well.

  27. MikeO says:

    I think many of you are calling this a bad call because you had the benefit of the slow motion replay… Where you could see exactly where each strike was landing…in slow motion… Yamasaki didn’t have that luxury… He saw the live version…. and all those blows real time were dangerously close to being illegal (one no doubt was)… So if in his mind a fighter strikes another fighter over and over to the back of the head and that fighter goes limp… Then taking a point would be a ridicules call… That would be grounds for disqualification for sure… just so happens in this case after having the benefit of looking at the slow motion replay it may not have been as many hits to the back of the head as he thought … and maybe a point deduction would have been a better punishment to fit the actual crime.. but he didn’t have the benefit of the replay to make his decision he had to make it on what he thought he saw.. SO I vote it was not a terrible call….

  28. Ethan says:

    the biggest problem with this is that it should be a no contest, this was way too early in a fight for either fighter to be declared “winner”… Do you think Carlo Prater thinks he won? rofl right… if this happened in the third round, let it goto the judges to decide who won.. so that you don’t discredit the person that had won the fight up to that point…

  29. Josh Colson says:

    I’ve read alot of the comments on her about this situation. Went back and watched the fight. The first shot was accidental and Mario yelled to Silva,”Watch the back of the head.” The next one was basically on Praters neck and Mario actually tapped Silvas shoulder and said,”Watch the back.” There were four more shots before Mario stopped the fight and two more after plus an attempted third before Mario got in to pull him off. I’m a fighter and these are two of the rules that are universal reguardless of the opponents position, the back of the head and the spinal area of the neck and/or back are off limits to strikes of any kind. Also, one verbal warning is all a referee has to give a fighter. One warning and if you continue to perform the illegal action that you were warned about, the referee has disgression and can DQ you. Mario was right to end the fight because Silvas defiance and his negligence as a fighter. Once again, the opponants position DOES NOT MATTER, if you strike the back of the head or spine and get a warning, you CAN BE DISQUALIFIED AT THE REFEREES DISGRESSION.

  30. BX81 says:

    I saw two that to me looked to be on the back of the head. Unfortunately the fighter was out so I think Mario had to make the call at the time. Sure it’s easy for us to make comments after using replay but the ref doesn’t have that option. Mario is one of the better refs. imo. Does the call suck yes, did he hit him in the back of the head? Yes. So you really can’t complain either way. What I didn’t like is the way Joe Rogan went about it. I like joe rogan but If was Mario I would have told him to go fuck off after explaining my self. Joe is merely a side commentator if he feels it’s the wrong call then fine state your opinion. You’re job isn’t to try and call out a ref in front of everyone. His job is harder than yours for crying out Joe if you were to call out anyone it should’ve been steve maz!

  31. steeler says:

    i think he got robbed but if it was illegal it should have been a no contest

  32. Lizzardking says:

    We all know strikes to the back of the head are illegal, yet we see at least 1 in every fight and no one ever gets penalize except he who gets hit, the 1st warning is the rule, so they either need to start enforceing the rule like Yamasaki did or remove the rule!!!!

  33. Terry terry quite contrary says:

    NO I SAW WHAT HAPPENED he hit him with 136 punches to the back of the head then he climbed the top rope and flying elbowed him the back of the head then he threw a steel chair into the ring and BANG smacked him with that then yamasaki woke up from being hit with brass knuckles earlier in the fight and disqualifies Silva.

  34. chrisbcream says:

    From what I can see it was one shot to the back….its looks like his forearm hits the back a few more times but its just arched over….easy to see how it looks like it from the angle its hard to tell none of us were in cage that night Mario is a good ref atop blasting right or wrong he did his job to the best of his ability at that moment in time

  35. rob says:

    anyone that thinks that was a good call is a retard and yamasaki needs to be reprimanded

  36. Chael Twitterbird Sonnen says:

    Bitches gonna hate on Silva!!!! Yay your making him the celebrity his fighting skills make him deserving of

  37. Gacky2k says:

    This is hard to call. I can see valid arguments on both sides of the coin. Weighing in with nearly 20 years of healthcare experience in a trauma hospital, I can tell you ONE good blow to the back of the head is sufficient. Doesn’t matter if 11/12 landed legally…1/12 is enough. Good stoppage though…don’t know. I think he should have stopped the fight momentarily…just like in a LOW BLOW situation…assess the fighters condition….give him a chance to recover and continue if he can…maybe take a point…restart them in the same position. To stop the fight and just DQ a fighter like that…probably premature and not the best alternative.

  38. Silva threw a few in the back of the head and neck area.

  39. donkeyPunch says:

    Prater was getting beat, unfortunately Silva landed some obviously illegal blows. Its sucks to see a fight go that way, but those rules are there to protect the fighters. Joe Rogaine did a great job making Mario look like a dumbass, thats not how u want fans looking at your refs, I bet Dana wasnt pleased. I wanna see the youtube video of dana screaming at joe rogaine!

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