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Monday, 05/21/2012, 03:06 pm

MMA POLL – Did Josh Thomson Deserve To Win Last Saturday?

The co-main event on Showtime that took place last Saturday is still a highly debated topic today. Gilbert Melendez was able to defend his title in a very close fought decision victory over Josh Thomson.

However in the post-fight aftermath many think the fight was another case of bad judgement by the ringside officials.

Cast your vote and let us know what you think!


34 Responses to “MMA POLL – Did Josh Thomson Deserve To Win Last Saturday?”

  1. iamstevenlopez says:

    Where is the no, Melendez won the fight?

  2. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    Why is it every moron noob always thinks the guy that ends up on top is the winner. Look at the stats and try rewatching the fight. I thought it was quite clearly 3 rounds to 2 Melendez. Its funny to see same guys that say Melendez lost are the ones that say Frankie won after getting his ass beat. Frankie has taken a worse beating in everyone of his fights than any other champ but you guys still think pitter patter and running away wins fights.

    • Starr816 says:

      Why do you have to make your Point with such negativity? You’re a dick.

    • Broman145 says:

      if you wanna call Frankie knocking out Maynard pitter patter, then yeah

      • joshuah says:

        Lol he throws 3 hard shots his entire career& it negates his entire career? Lol nice.

        (Frankie would knock me out with “Pitter pat” punches)

        I had josh winning. Melendez won cuz he got the 1st rnd with weak weak takedowns that josh immediately got back up from. Josh landed MUCH HARDER, cleaner, more effective strikes, Josh’s takedowns were much more effective & he actually did work/damage on the ground. Josh is also the only one to threaten to finish the fight. I had josh winning @ least 3 rounds.

        But as it goes you gotta BEAT the champ to BE the champ, and being the counter striker NEVER HELPS in decisions.

        Icing on the cake was when josh was being respectful, and wasn’t mad at all gave Gil respect. Gil continued to have his chip on his shoulder, tried out his best diaz impression … then acted like he was going to swing on a fan booing him?

        I have 0 respect for Gil, Guy is a tool. He should be thanking josh for helping 2 make all this $$ he’s making probably the best, most competitive trilogy MMA has ever seen.

    • Dinglenuts Magee says:

      Sorry Fitchy poo, but this statement pretty much sums up the worst thought process in mma

      “Look at the stats and try rewatching the fight.”

      Stats- why on earth does that mean anything…. last I checked it was a fight. If someone lands 10 shots and they do nothing and they get hit by one that fucks them up, that one strike was more effective. I don’t give a crap how many strikes Gil landed, they did NOTHING. The judging criteria clearly states- “EFFECTIVE STRIKING, GRAPPLING…..”

      This fight is a clear example of the 10 point must system being horribly wrong for MMA. Gil squeaked out a few close rounds and got his ass handed to him and his face completely fucked up and nearly choked out. Even if he did get more points, no one that is being honest with them selves thinks he “WON THE FIGHT”… he won some points. He also got his ass kicked, and he also got to keep the most meaningless belt in MMA, by beating a guy who isn’t in the top 20.

    • Donnybrook says:

      Looks like your the noob seeing how your part of the small percentage of people who thinks Gil won… lets face it Gil took a shit kickin and he did fuck all to Josh.

      • pete says:

        no, it just goes to show you that most mma fans are idiots.
        how the majority of people thought a guy that lost the first 3 rounds somehow won the fight is beyond me.
        kids just jump on whatever bandwagon they think will make them cool. whatever the popular choice is.
        i was rooting for josh and thought he did a great job, but gil clearly won the fight, 3-2.

        • Donnybrook says:

          No, it just goes to show you that a small percentage of MMA fans are nut hugging idiot’s… and you’re one of them.

  3. Ray says:

    Undoubtedly, Josh should be champ right now, won the 1st and last 2 rounds

  4. ORGABACT4 says:

    Yes Josh won that fight. Also did more damage aside from edging out the points. I thought it was obvious won for Thompson.

  5. Scott says:

    Let’s review:

    Round 1: Melendez lands a total of 16 strikes, and gains 2/2 takedown attempts. Thomson lands a total of 10 strikes and doesn’t gain his only takedown attempt.
    10-9 Melendez

    Round 2: Similar to the last round Melendez out-strikes Thomson with a total of 31 strikes, and gains 1/2 takedown attempts. Thomson lands a total of 10 strikes and doesn’t gain his two takedown attempts.
    10-9 Melendez

    Round 3: Melendez lands a total of 22 strikes and cannot gain his only takedown attempt. Thomson lands a total of 19 strikes and cannot gain his 3 takedown attempts.
    10-9 Melendez

    Round 4: Melendez out-strikes Thomson 16 to 8 and gains a takedown but Thomsons’ domination on the ground and sub attempts win him the round.
    10-9 Thomson

    Round 5: Melendez again out-strikes Thomson 47 to 29 and each only gain 1 takedown but Thomson proved more effective.
    10-9 Thomson

    Result: 48-47 Melendez, one judge probably gave Thomson the 3rd round due to his takedown attempts but because they were halted and the fight was contested on the feet, Melendez slightly pulled out the round.

    • joshuah says:

      Hard to argue this very much, but this is the EXACT REASON why the fight has to be seen to be judged (not sayin u didn’t watch it)

      I had Thomson winning Gil landed garbage punches that did ZERO DAMAGE there is a difference in strikes landed. Gil also had less impressive takedowns and did nothing with his takedowns ESPECIALLY in the 1st.
      I thought a draw @ the least
      But josh took the counter striking route, as it happens you it back fired.

    • Rico says:

      You left out the part where Gil also landed more significant strikes in 4 out of 5 rounds. I hate this mentality where all you have to do is be in a close fight with the champ to take their belt. Seems every time a champ is in a fight with someone at their level or even just close to their level that everyone claims highway robbery when the champ pulls out the decision. The champ doesn’t need to be dominant to keep the belt. They can win close decisions too. The belt needs to be taken.
      P.S. Facial damage shown isn’t always the end all for how a fight is playing out.

  6. Brodiemans says:

    Looks like the arguements are saying that Melendez landed more strikes but Thomson landed more significant strikes.

    Either way, it was a great fight, and makes me think Melendez does not have any chance at beating BJ Penn at 155, just my thoughts on that fight.

  7. Gould says:

    Thomson didnt win the belt but he wont the respect and he showed us that Gil is no where near the number 1 light weight

  8. Mach00man says:

    I’m a big fan but Melendez clearly lost that I fight in my opinion. I think Thompson did enough to win.

  9. The natural says:

    Basically what everybody saying is Gil and Edgar would b a good match being they both take all the damage while outstriking the other guy they both get the take downs but don’t do shit with them and they both get beat up In there fights but reliE on judges to give them the win

  10. Rico says:

    I just rewatched the fight. Thomson is only winning in the 1st minute of the 1st round, the last minute and a half of the 4th, and the last 3 minutes of the 5th when Gilbert appeared to gas. The swollen right eye damage was done when Gilbert was clearly winning the fight. The cut on the left eye was done on one punch in the 4th. Gilbert made a mistake in the 4th thinking he was already out when he got taken down and tried to get up. He gave up his back in doing so but he still had a foot caught. Thomson took advantage and went for the rear naked but was no where near ever locking it in because Gilbert made sure to never let Thomson’s arm get under his chin. Still scored the fight 3-2 for Gilbert. And when Thomson claimed to be poked in the eye in the 2nd it was clearly from being punched right square in the eye. The one in the 5th was a clear eye poke. Didn’t see the one in the 1st good enough.

  11. tristanpt27 says:

    1. I think Thompson won. He landed more SIGNIFICANT strikes and hit more EFFECTIVE takedowns.
    2. Sorry, but if you think Melendez is the best lightweight in the world, you need to tune into this other organization called the “UFC”. Here are some current UFC lightweights who would likely beat Melendez:
    *Benson Henderson
    *Frankie Edgar
    *Gray Maynard
    *Nate Diaz
    *Anthony Pettis
    *Donald Cerrone
    *Melvin Guillard (possibly)
    Best in the WORLD??? Not even close…

  12. Axel39 says:

    Even though I really like Melendez. I scored it for Thompson…. The first round was the decider and I gave it to josh!

  13. dominic says:



  14. christian says:

    Thompson showed more agressiveness- more effective attacks best case he should have took a split decision- worst case a draw. Melendez has not agressivly shown himself as the champ.

  15. David says:

    Melendez won the first 3 rds there fore Melendez won just cause Thomson did more damage in the 4th and 5th does not mean he won, you people need to learn the scoring system. Your argument should be you disagree with the scoring system.

  16. maurice says:

    i had josh winning the 1st, 4th and 5th. melendez best round was 2nd imo. he looked like el nino in that round. round 3 was close, but i gave it to gil based off the takedowns. but rounds 4th and 5th were all josh. he turned into the better wrestler, and boxer those last 2 rounds. and had he picked up the pace, i think he could have finished gil in the 5th. or atleast got a knockdown. damn i luv gil, i wanted him to win so bad. imo they both deserve to fight in the ufc. when both men are on point they are beast. josh is so underrated.

  17. Justen says:

    Josh won 3,4,and 5 hands down. He should be champ.

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