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Saturday, 06/23/2012, 11:53 am

MMA POLL | Did Gray Maynard Improve Under The Marinovich Brothers? | UFC NEWS

Last night was a moment of truth for MMA fans and followers of the Marinovich training system.

For years fans have been coming to our site, as well as writing our facebook and twitter to proclaim their desires for BJ Penn to get back with the Marinovich brothers.

In a very public lead up to last night’s UFC on FX 4 main event against Clay Guida, Gray Maynard revealed his new training camp at the American Kickboxing Academy as well as his new strength and conditioning team comprised of the Marinovich brothers.

But did it make a difference? Did we see an improvement in Maynard’s reflexes and nervous system due to him training with the famed brothers?

Many credit BJ Penn’s dominant performances over Kenny Florian and Diego Sanchez to the training provided by Marinovich and his team and as a result fans have been writing us non-stop to re-enlist them back with the team. However last night was the first time we got to see the fruits of the Marinovich training system in another MMA Athlete.

So you decide Penn Nation!

Was it Marinovich who made the difference in BJ’s performances or was it simply just BJ who dedicated himself to the fights and performed to his abilities?

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68 Responses to “MMA POLL | Did Gray Maynard Improve Under The Marinovich Brothers? | UFC NEWS”

  1. Brend0magic says:

    I honestly couldn’t tell because I’ve never seen Gray fight someone who ran away the entire time!

  2. Brend0magic says:

    I honestly couldn’t tell because I’ve never seen Gray fight anyone who ran the entire time!

  3. Fail Sonnen says:

    I don’t really know. It was very hard to tell because Guida decided not to fight and run instead. I know Maynard didn’t appear to gas out as quick but he also wasn’t fighting anyone to gas out. Truly I’d have to see his next to be able to make any kind of judgement on that as should everyone else.

  4. Blake Johnson says:

    I get the question! I think you guys are forgetting to realize that The Marinovich’s pride themselves on building reflexes and nervous system. So in that regards Maynard looked like shit! His nervous system looked terrible and his reflexes looked like shit too.

    Did he have cardio? Ya, it was decent, but he didnt show any real improvement – in the area’s that matter

    • Not You says:

      Do you expect that a person can train their CNS in a few months? Give Gray another fight or two and I guarantee that you will see the difference. But you must be the greatest MMA analyst of all time, so you must know exactly what happens to a guy who completely switches his training routine.

    • lolziez says:

      its awesome how you could see someones nervous system and how you could also see his “shitty” reflexes whilst fighting someone who pretty much ran the whole time, making him become a stalker the whole fight, but yea we all totally understand your reasoning for your fuckin idiotic comment..BAZINGA!!

    • ricky says:

      your right he should of been able to counter him with ease even with the physical strength he already possesed his reflexes should of been devestating so no he looked like shit

  5. Your mom says:

    So let me get this straight condit beats Diaz by running most of the time and guida loses to Maynard for being an even better runner. Guida did tag Maynard here and there but not enough to keep the drunks in the crowd happy. Guida stunned Maynard in the final round with that head kick he should have went after him there. But no I didn’t see any fabulous Maynard reflexes. Maynard should have chased him and tried to tackle him. Maynard was frustrated because guida wouldn’t fight his fight. Both fighters could have done more all Maynard did was try to throw a right

    • Brend0magic says:

      Guida didn’t do shit with the footwork and angles. Condit at least landed strikes left and right, Guida landed a few but was outstruck by Gray and Gray was actually pressuring him, and even pulled guard to try and make something happen. But you’ll probably say it was a Guida takedown set-up by his wonderful footwork haha.

    • Yeah right man says:

      You are an idiot. Plain and simple. Go watch dancing

      • NaturalBornRunner says:

        Sorry dude, I have to agree with the other guy. Condit did at least LAND strikes. I think it was a point way of fighting, which is bullshit, and Nick Diaz should of won, but Guida did not land more.

    • Anti-Zuffa says:

      Condit lost that fight 3 rounds to 2, and I’m suspecting that the backlash the Athletic Commission received over that fight is why Clay was warned for running and out pointed and lost. I think I speak for true MMA fans all over the world when I say “I’m soooo happy about that decision” Jackson’s Camp needs to realize that while winning is winning, you’re there to fight, not run, so fucking FIGHT! Stop being pussies. Say what you want critics, but you all know everywhere, if you get in a fight and run the whole time. . .you’re a pussy!

  6. stephen riddle says:

    I am a fan of the carpenter but if he runs like a laborer again then i cant respect that

  7. chris says:

    Guida should have gone after him in the 4th and 5th round. Maynard was frustrated. I don’t think you can see Marinovich’s work in this fight.

  8. Matt says:

    Seems like Pedro has an agenda and wants to discredit the Marinovich Brothers. Instead they should be thanked for helping BJ win 2 fights after coming off a tough loss to GSP.

  9. Gibby says:

    first thing i said when i was watching the fight was look at the fucking size of gray maynard. his arms looked huge. guida didnt want anything to do with it. guida is a beast himself, every other fight he goes non stop, he didnt want anything to do with a maynard capable of going 25mins. End of the day, the marinovich system is tough, brutal, almost impossible for most weak minded people, but if your willing to put in the work, you will 100% reap the benefits. bj demolished kenny and diego. if he wants to be the best again, he absolute ha to get them back, make one more focused title run and retire an even bigger hero than he already is!

  10. Matt says:

    Seems like Pedro wants to discredit the Marinovich Brothers. Instead, take the high road like BJ and just thank them for helping BJ win two great fights in his career.

  11. Matt says:

    Gray did not look quicker. Gray did not look better. But I didn’t see a photo of Gray with Marv and Gary past the middle of April. I wonder if Gray did not complete the suggested training with Marv and Gary? Similar to BJ not completing the conditioning before the first Edgar fight. Similar to when Marv and Gary were not seen working out with BJ within 7 weeks of the first Edgar fight?
    That was BJ’s and Gray’s decision. And it’s up to them and they have to do what they feel is best for them. But this article seems like a Pedro’s chance to get a low blow in at two 70 yr old men.

    • hey Matt!!!

      Not discrediting Marv and Gary at all – They are good for the sport :)

      I was just trying to invoke discussion on the topic and I sometimes feel that giving credit solely to the Marinovich bro’s isn’t fair to BJ! Does he not deserve some credit as well?

      • Matt says:

        Thank you for replying Yes BJ deserves the credit for those fights! He put in the work. I’ve finally come to terms that the reunion won’t happen again. I believe in the Marinovich methods. I believe it is a fantastic system and especially in the hands of Marv. But it’s in the past now. I said too much for far too long on this site. And I’m sorry for some of that. BJ’s gotta do what he feels is best. And I support him and wish BJ the best regardless of his camp.

      • Breno says:

        Bj had the technique and game plan to won that fights…but the marinovich brother puts Bj phisic in an other level… he fought 5rds with great stamina and power…look bj shape in Florian and Sanchez fight…than look in the other fights… He was in an other level…

    • Matt says:

      I wanted to add to that. Gray may have been quicker and better. But it’s tough to tell. Guida was so much quicker that it was tough to tell if Gray was better this time out. Guida was in and out so fast and Gray was a step behind most of the night. Like I said, no media photos or mention on Gray Maynard’s part of Marinovich’s after the middle of April. So I’m not sure how long he was with them to be exact.

      • jones says:

        @matt.. wow your a str8 buitch…you go on an on an on an on and then pedro replys and in the same day you do 360 shift? you fuct up bi polar coward ass fan boy…the truth is bj is too lazy to reep the rewards of the marv bros…the entiree world including bj saw the differnts in his 2 fights with the bros and it was another animal in there,,he is just to lazy to push threw,,your dealing with a guy who has never had to work hard for anything everything came natural and was handed to bj all his life…bj uis my fav fighter but im tired seeing 50% bj cuz he is just lazy,,like ciming and fighting at ww when he like 5,8 fuk bud your a lw man small and swize matters now these guys doll you….then after the first or 2nd edger loss bj address his fans and said pretty much that we are right about the marv bros an he will look into working woth them agauin…but never did cuz the work is too hard,,,,we are talking about a guy too lazy to cut 13 pounds…he would rather drink water and eat to make 170 (as seen in vids) then sweat out small amount if weight and handle these itches…i wish bj would work hard and fight at lw,,jose aldo is much bigger then bj,,if bj wanted really work hard he could set record first to hold 3 belts in 3 weights,,a trained an really trained bj cant be beat at lw noooo way…but its sad and im frustrated with seeing this shit,,,i feel sick when i see him getting smashed in the ring cuz he too lazy….now he coming back fight huge ass rory at ww i really would rather he stay retired….if he aint going do it real then dont hurt you fans

  12. Bob says:

    This is a very dumb ass question according to how the fight went. Clay ran all day so we cant answer that question. With this type of question it will make bj reconsider a great training camp. Take this shit off. Bj dont listen to these dumb ass senseless questions. Ask that when maynard has a actual fight!! So many variables!!

  13. WrestlingRules says:

    WTH…..Of Course Grey looked better. He didn’t gas at all!! of course he was dancing most of the fight and for the uninformed on this site, Not only did Grey bait Guida to strike him but to also shoot on him. Did you not see the fuckin’ sprawl and body slam on top of Guida??? Then he tried to guillotine??? WTF Do any of you fools have ANY IDEA about wrestling???? Grey was throwing knees from muay thai and jabs……He looked awesome. That Grey would of beat Edgar!!! Did anybody watch this dance???

  14. ELOVE says:

    C’mon Pedro! Seriously? What a shitty question to ask after that fight. What’s with your beef with the Marinovich bros? No disrepect to BJ at all. He is a true warrior that is gifted to fight. He has to do the work in the gym, no one else. But the bottom line is alot of people agree that he looked his best when he was training with the Marinovichs. And to answer your question…YES, Maynard looked more agile, more athletic, more flexible, more balanced, and more explosive than ever. Too bad we couldn’t see more of it since he spent the majority of the fight chasing Guida around the octagon.

  15. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Guida SUCKS and so does Greg Jackson. If you are that friggen scared just QUIT or drop down to 145 and lose all your speed advantage and get KO’d. Guida lost most of his fans last nite IMO. Any that he had left after his last discrace vs Pettis

  16. MARV WORKED FOR BJ says:

    It’s difficult to tell with the first fight. When BJ fought Florian, BJ was consevative as well and the bottom line is, the MARV BROS. worked for BJ, BJ dominanted Florian and Sanchez and Did real well against the first Edgar fight (some say he won), when you took the MARV Bros away, BJ looked bad the second time against Edgar. So, if this is whether BJ should consider the Marv system, there’s no question as to whether he should, because he never looked better, and that’s the truth. Under the Marv Bros. everyone was finally saying that BJ was the best lightweight to enter the Octagon, and now everyone is saying he is past his prime. It appears BJ is a very delicate fighter to condition, meaning, that not every training regimen will work for him, he has to have the “right” training regimen, and the last few outings didn’t seem to carry his conditioning for three rounds. Now, people are calling BJ the best first round fighter in MMA. So, BJ will always hear the MARV Bros, he should have done this, or that… until he shows one hella performance w/o MARV Bros. the suggestions and criticism will continue and that’s just part of the game of MMA; everybody’s a critic. Contrary to popular belief, MMA is a team sport when you consider the training and conditioning team the fighters use to prepare for a fight. But, the blunt of the criticism falls directly on the fighter. I really hope BJ beats Rory and then drops to LW. It’s unfortunate to read headlines and comments questioning, which BJ will show up… I say… BJ “motherfuckin'” Penn, that’s who…. WAR BJ –

  17. A.James says:

    BJ saw great success with the Marv. Bros. why did he drop them in the first place?

  18. david says:

    i believe if you are basing this question off one fight may not be fair. This fight especially with guida not engaging and running away, its hard to fairly make that assesment.

  19. Kyle says:

    Gray vastly improved his cardio. He went through the entire fight chasing yet didn’t look gassed out unlike his previous wars with Edgar. The real test will of course be a “real” fight with someone engaging him the whole fight but his training with the marinovich brothers has only helped him.

    • Matt says:

      You’re right, Gray’s cardio looked very good. I think that did improve. In my opinion he needed more work in the quickness and agility area. It’s hard to tell if Gray got quicker because Guida was so quick and it made Gray look slow. There is only so much time to train each thing. You’ve gotta pick and choose. Guida is very naturally quick and Gray has some work to do in that area. Hindsight is 20/20, but I would recommend that Gray gotten quicker based on the way the fight played out. But on the other hand, maybe Gray did all he could have done in that area.

  20. pj says:

    The biggest knock on bjs career has been his cardiovascular conditioning. Gray has always been known to have good cardio so we won’t see the difference there.Everyone thrives and learns differently so what may have worked for bj in certain ways wouldn’t work for gray or anyone else, andvice versa. No one should have to train AND run a training camp simultaneously which I believe bj does. He needs someone to take the reins and guide him through it, otherwise he would just get by on talent and talent alone without really challenging himself, as it seems he’s done in past with other training camps. If hordes of bj fans beg and plead with the man to return to the marinovich bros, why not? What is there to lose at this point in bjs career? He has nothing to prove. We only want to see our favorite fighter at his very best and there is nothing wrong with that. It would be disrespectful to the sport,to his opponent, and to his fans if he showed up at anything less. Just my very humble opinion. War bj.

  21. doenstmatter says:

    Ask us again when he actually fights someone ! Gay guida was at his greg jackson’s best, “go in there and just start running for 5 rounds u’ll win by decision….”

  22. Fernando says:

    Pedro if not them to train bj then who. This is last run he Needs to take it serious everyone points to cardio being his downfall but I believe it’s always been the camp. His camps were never consistent. He always wanted to go home during them. I just hope like I’ve always hoped that this camp is being taken as serious as it should. This is a winnable fight against rory I believe maybe others don’t but I do. People like gray should be brought back in this camp. Some legit 85ers as well rory is strong might do Gsp offense which is hold against the cage. Either way war bj!

  23. Matt says:

    Pedro, at 3:50, here is BJ answering a question saying that the Marinovich’s helped make him faster. So if BJ says their training affected his speed and reflexes, then I believe it probably did. BJ’s physique looked best in those fights and performance was very good. Probably the best performance of his career against Sanchez in my opinion. I think the issue now is just the fact that BJ and the Marinovich’s can’t have a working relationship anymore. That’s just how things have to be sometimes and I understand that. Now BJ doesn’t sing the same tune as he did since the breakup of him and the Marinovich’s. BJ went from giving the M bros so much credit to now saying he was just simply motivated for those fights against Florian and Sanchez. I’m sure you Pedro and team Penn is tired of hearing it. I think we were just echoing what BJ used to say about Marv and Gary and we remember well the wins that came during that time.

  24. Chris says:

    Cant really compare because its not like thats the only thing that changed in his training.

  25. some dude says:

    I guess we will find out during his next fight couldnt tell in that last one have gray fight pettis next that would be good.

  26. Justin says:

    I am a HUGE Gray and Guida fan, I love this division for this reason, IMO the most exciting division in the UFC.

    However.. I think Gray looked fantastic in this fight. Yes he didnt do much but what he did looked solid.

    Guida lost me as a fan, I didnt tune in to watch a fight like that I tuned in to watch a classic Guida fight however it didn’t deliver.

    So to answer the question, Yes I thought Gray looked fantastic Maynard VS Pettis to fight the winner of Diaz and Edgar/Benson… I think Pettis is a overated moron aswell btw, Gray Champ in 2013!

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Good Post Dude….I agree almost with all your points especially about Pettis. He is way too much sideshow bs that Guida exposed. He can’t beat the top 5 until he works on his wrestling. I believe he is too arrogant to ever be champ!!??

      Grey throwing knees and shit. This Grey would of beat Edgar.

      The one point I disagree with you is about Guida. Even though Guida didn;t do much with his game in this fight, I was really impressed with the movement and angles he created. Gray was swinging at air many times. That fact that Guida is trying to improve is impressive. Even though he has always had a frenetic pace he has never fought with that footwork. The only problem is that he hasn’t learned to use that style to punch yet. He created great angles but was unwilling to commit to a combo because I believe he was afraid of getting hit or planted by Grey. But if he can add combos to that movement then he will be a force to be reckoned with. If not, he;s done. I think people were hoping to see the old Clay and he just needs more time to work his Albuquerque Shimmy with boxing.

      The one thing I wish he would of done when Grey gave him his chin is to have just settled and hit the jaw he would of ko’d him.

      I think Guida deserves to show if he can do anything with that movement.

      • James says:

        Shut the fuck up wrestlinbitch!!! You really need that jaw wired shut… Talkin shit to everyone on this site. ” oh I would love to let you taste some of my elbows when I’m Layin on you… Oh werstling is 55% of a fight and BJJ is only 5%”… I only ever read some stupid ass shit from you!!! Face the facts… There are 2 legit fighters from Jackson’s mma… That’s Johnny Bones and Stann the man!!! All the rest do is lay on people or run

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Eyebrow Wax-boy……you got your panties in a wad again? Maybe go get a Brazilian and you’ll feel better homosexual. What gym are you at in Tempe, I’ll look you up when I;m in town and we’ll see who eats who’s elbow. I’m so sure your so tough for a homosexual that I will be eating your’s. You probably the toughest eyebrow waxer you know?? Please don’t take all your rage out on me. Your a homosexual because of your thinking NOT because of me……

          I do have a question for you? Did you think I was giving @Justin shit in this post??? If so, you also need a shrink for your rage and your sexual dysfunction..Hope you get the help you need.

  27. Abuka says:

    Maynards gas tank seemed to be better for sure. I’m sure BJ learned the marinovich systems for 155, but I wonder if they would change things up being that he hasn’t trained with them at the 170 class . I really hope BJ trains hard to beat the shit out of this pimple back sucker, but we know hot that goes. It will be heartbreaking to see BJ suffer another defeat. I say 170 is not were BJ should be fighting, 155 seems more suited.

  28. some dude says:

    I dont think his gas tank is better gray kind stood still for 3 rounds before he had enough and went to get some so he was only active for 2 rounds his tank would have been tested much better if he would have went for it in the 1st and I also think he would have finished guida if he would have made guida fight in the 1st.

  29. some dude says:

    It sucks when a fighter runs and doesnt fight but if that happens the other fighter needs to change there strategy instead of waiting for the runner to fight go get him and make him fight you in a cage theres no where to hide and hecan only run as far as the cage.

  30. Guida’s head movement is hilarious.It looks like he’s trying to dodge bullets.I’m not watching another Guida fight again.Don’t like this style that he’s been using since BJ vs Edgar 1.

  31. Breno says:

    Well Gray always has a great cardio and strenght… it’s hard to see diference .
    But when they had trained Bj we saw a Bj with a 5rd cardio and an unbelievable streght…
    look the shape of Bj in Sanchez fight he was strong as hell… I Think Marinovich Bro’s improved Bj Penn’s game… but if Bj don’t want to work with them,what can we do haha bj also don’t want to fight in his perfect weigh class …it’s sad but true… he will gas out in the second rd against Rory…

    • Charley says:

      Sorry to say but bj will gas out on 2nd round like he did with diaz if bj doesnt have a similar training camp as he did with marinovich bros. Especially so being heavier at WW. War bj regardless..

  32. Ruben says:

    Its hard to tell…the Marinovich brother’s are not responsible for your gameplan or fighting style, I agree that it was hard for him as Guida was running away the entire fight but I think Maynard could have done better than just swing wildly once or twice a round, he could have done a better job in setting up his punches and takedowns. I think we saw a huge difference with BJ since he was coming off some really poor camps and the Marinovich’s were able to bring the best out of him, Maynard has been a hard worker all the time so there’s only so much you can do to improve him in that area.

  33. Charley says:

    I agree with your comment Breno. Bj looked fierce physically against sanchez and florian and looked strong into the later rounds. Guaranteed bj will gas out in second round against Rory if he doesnt train like he did with marinovichs. Especially being heavier at that weight class and rolling with a heavier opponent, its gonna gas bj out quick. But I understand bj feeling lightweights are too fast and I think bj can compete at welterweight BUT bj has to be in great shape physically.

  34. rob says:

    It may not be the same for gray Maynard ,, and to be fair he looked no different ,, but the fact is when bj had the bros , for his str and cond ,, he looked awesome ,, his reactions , and reflexes , against deigo , were frightening ,, I’m a big bi fan but ,, he needs not to lie to himself cause those bros , make him train hard ,, get bck with em

  35. Jay Unidos says:

    Yes, he didn’t gas after one round. That’s about all you’re gonna get from watching his fight with Guida. If the Marinovich brothers fixed his cardio issues, then that alone is enough to suggest that BJ could still benefit from working with Marv and Gary.

  36. MMACRAVER says:

    How can anyone vote that he looked better? Barely anything happened the whole fucking fight?

  37. 10 dan says:

    There wasn’t enough action to speak for his cardio, he seemed slower, one dimensional, and was tagged in the face a lot. His head movement improved a little else his face could have looked worst, and for a wrestler didn’t look like his take downs were very good.

    BJ’s cardio looked better than usual in those 2 fights, but his opponents weren’t at his level and smaller than him. BJs struggles against bigger fighters are compounded by having to expend more energy.

  38. 10 dan says:

    BJ’s match with Rory isn’t about Rory, it’s about another title belt at either either of his weight classes. Rory’s either a tuneup for Carlos or conditioning for Benson, neither have the size, hand speed, or stand up pressure that has spelled trouble for him in the past. Maybe Rory will have something new the BJ can’t deal with, doubt it though.

    • david says:

      Rory has 2 things that we have seen bj get dominated by size/power and wreslting these things are not new but to call rory a tune up fight or a conditioning fight is very short sighted and i hope BJ doesnt take rory as lightly as you do or it will be a short fight for bj. bj has better stand up but we have seen what a person with reach and size can do to a better striker “Jon jones” and no i dont think rory’s striking is as dynamic as jones’s but his striking is more dynamic than bj’s and with that reach he will be very effective against the smaller guy.and if things dont go rory’s way bj will 100% be on his back.

  39. david says:

    25 minutes of running around the cage is easier on your cardio than 25 minutes of wrestling/actually fighting. These UFC guys can all run for hours [ask nick diaz] they do it in their traing.Im not saying gray made no improvements, im saying this fight makes it really hard to judge his improvement as guida didnt want to engage.We will see in grays next fight what improvements he has or hasnt made, i hope we can revisit this question then.

  40. m says:

    The strange thing is Gray has relied heavily on his wrestling to get to the top of the LW division, but against Edgar and Guida he didn’t score a single take-down (don’t quote me on that).

    He’s moved away from his strong wrestling in an effort to be more a striker. He’s a powerful striker, just really slow and obvious.

    I’d like to see Pettis v. Maynard next. See how he responds to someone who is there to exchange and still has quicks and solid jiu jitsu.

    If he can get past Pettis, he deserves another shot at the belt.

    • Matt says:

      Rumor is that the Pettis camp turned down a fight with Maynard. Pettis wants a title shot now. But Frankie is getting a rematch, so everyone is waiting.

  41. Jeremy says:

    Hard to tell from the kind of fight they had. But i will say this Gray Maynard needs to improve to foo work and head movement. He wont beat the top guys unless he changes that. hes to short to gight in that manner. When he fights Henderson or pettis the going to pick him apart f that dosent change.

  42. buddy says:

    I dont know why everyone gets mad at Clay for this fight. Gray is always a boring fighter in my opinion. He has had his share of split decision victories, all of witch he could have easily lost. This wasn’t his first split decision, it wont be his last. And he always complains about his decions as if they arent his fault. If he doesn’t want to chase a guy around the ring, he should find a way to finish the fight. He’s a decision master, yet after every fight he acts like its the judges fault for it.Gray holds a guy down for the last round and is happy with a decision win, and nobody complains about that. but when he has to chase a guy around the ring for a round, everyone gets worked up. Grab the bully by the horns people…..

    • david says:

      People are upset at clay for not engaging/running from gray. gray is a boring fighter usually but he fights he engages he doesnt run.It doesnt matter if clay has a guy on his back “pettis” or on the feat he is boring.The only time guida is exciting is when he is getting his face smashed “sanchez”. If its your plan to go into the cage and run like guida or starnes you are going to feel the hate “dana white booing you from cage side”. Its not what people come to see, if thats what i wanted to see id watch running events “marathons etc”. What guida did he would call strategy and so would i , bad strategy as it never amounted to a win , what it did amount to is hate if that was what guida is after keep running bud.

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