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Monday, 05/28/2012, 09:13 am

MMA POLL : Can Velasquez put on a better performance in JDS rematch?


77 Responses to “MMA POLL : Can Velasquez put on a better performance in JDS rematch?”

  1. James says:

    I don’t think better necessarily means winning. Maybe just not getting knocked out as quick could be considered better.

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Lmao…. If it’s a blow job…. Cain could get it done…

    • ry tay says:

      both guys have never been dominated in a fight. i’d just like to see if cain can take jds down

      • Thomas says:

        I agree… it’s a must if he want the w.
        I was surprised how good JDS’ takedown defence was against Mir!

        • Reality says:

          Mir’s takedowns aren’t so great though aompared to his previous opponents. JDS stopped Cain’s takedowns, Carwin’s takedowns, and everyone else who tried to take him down before that. Stuffing Mir’s takedowns was expected.

        • DIng says:

          I have to agree 100% no shocker there! Still Cain will do better but that doesn’t mean a win. Kind of hate the polls here just cause they’re so black and white and never somewhere in the middle like it most likely is.

        • Brend0magic says:

          Reality, I don’t think Cain even threw a good takedown in the 1st fight did he?

        • Reality says:

          @Brendomagic That was the same takedown he successfully did to Bigfoot. He caught JDS foot and went for the takedown. A good attempt but he should have kept trying instead of standing with him. In the next fight I see Cain going for more takedowns than he did in the first fight and trying to keep it close to avoid that early KO.

        • sup yo says:

          He only tried one takedown though…..

      • Shawn says:

        I agree. In their first fight Valasquez chose to primarily stand with Dos Santos. And the punch to behind the ear was your typical ducking to late to avoid a punch to the chin, and getting clipped behind the ear. Just bad luck, but not indicative of whether Valazquez is capable of beating JDS or not. Mir is no Cain, when it comes to wrestling. No one of Valazquez’s wrestling caliber has faced JDS, and attempted takedowns. If Cain learned from their last fight, and implements more of his wrestling and ability to dominate fighters on the ground, I think it will be a much different fight in the rematch.

        • DosFan65 says:


          JDS has never faced a wrestler of Cain’s caliber? Carwin is just as good if not better and attempted take downs, just couldn’t succeed. Cain might be able to do better this time but it’s time we give JDS some credit for his take down defense..

        • Reality says:

          I guess he missed that one(Carwin) DosFan65. Cain tried to takedown JDS and couldn’t do it. The problem for Cain is that his only chance is probably to get Dos Santos on the ground AND KEEP HIM THERE. That hasn’t proven to be an easy task and he’s susceptible to the KO again. I think Cain will definitely do better next time(since he knows 1st hand what not to do) but I still see the same outcome. There’s always a chance that he can do it(more so than Mir) so I guess that’s why there’s a part II.

        • santos says:

          @ shawn. even though i dont know u. i do agree 100% with all u said

    • tomahawk says:

      205 is lookn good right now for Cain

  2. norcal santa cruz says:

    where’s ur editor?

    ur survey monkey post still has the old ‘r u a fan of diaz’.

  3. Macc says:

    that like asking if I beat the shit outta a 13 yr old did I put on better performance JDS? Seriously we ar compairing apples and oranges here… Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva was completely out classed… Antonio just got into the UFC from strikeforce not saying strikeforce doesn’t have good figthers but Antonio is not one of them. JDS had the harder fight against a worthy competitor. frank mir isn’t a chump like Antonio “i do roids” silva

  4. jeremy says:

    JDS is a one trick pony. He is an extremely good one trick pony but he is a one trick pony. Cain is the overall better mixed martial atrists. He has more tools in the tool box. This next fight if it does indeed happen i see cain avoiding the huge bombs early maybe pressing him against the cage work dirty boxing holding his own in the stand up and then in later rounds possibly working the take down getting some ground and pound and either winning that way or cruising to a decision victory. Testing JDS’s cardio would be a great thing! we all know what Cain’s cardio is all about. But, with that said because of how good JDS’s stand up and power is, Cain Valasquez I believe is the only ligitement threat to his title. But cain is definitley the overall better fighter!

  5. Q says:

    It’s stupid to call jds a one trick pony because hes never been outclassed on the ground plus jds has excellent takedown defense so I think that automatically doesn’t make him a one trick pony

  6. Brend0magic says:

    Cain can get it done if he can ground and pound JDS, but no one has been able to do that so far. I personally feel like JDS will hold the belt for a long time.

  7. CoCiO says:

    cain will certainly do better ._. ..Not sure about getting the job done as someone previously stated this question could have been worded better to match the answers. Cain came off an injury and hadn’t fought in forever. Looked a little sloppy coming out and he got caught. He’s conditioned better and more well rounded I’d say..he has just as much of a chance at winning but JDS is getting more and more sick with his boxing..

  8. 11thhour says:

    I think Cain will get it done next time round, although it would be good to see him fight someone else first but there isn’t really any other heavyweights worth putting in there with JDS, except for Overeem but that would be unfair seeing as he’s a big dirty roid muncha. But yes I do think Cain will finish the job this time round, JDS is like a heavyweight Chuck Liddel very one dimensional with great takedown defense thats about it, but he’s that good at both of those things that it’ll be hard for anyone to take him out. Cain has already fought him once so he’ll know what’s coming and if he gets the takedown I think we’ll just see another token Velasquez victory… As long as he doesn’t get caught again which I dont’t think he will.

  9. maurice says:

    man all yall cain fans SHUT THE FUK UP! where were u 2 months ago? when ppl were shittin all over him for losing like that to jds. u guys get loud now i guess. anyways jds is better fighter. and much more importantly, he is a better athlete then that beast cain. in the rematch cain could do better, but for the most part i see it ending very similiar. no matter who fights jds, ur going to have to strike with him, and thats where everyone will fail. cains a beast in my eyes, but his chin has always been suspect since that kongo fight. dude was gettin rocked every single round. and um cain just beat a bigfoot..a nobody. he doesnt deserve a shot. cain vs werdum and jds vs cormier. winners fight for the title! and i think werdum could take cain

  10. Coots says:

    Sick of rematches! Cain will get “caught” again! And then what he beats another sucker and give him another shot? He should work his way back up!!

  11. winning says:

    he wont win but he will look better…………. so once again…… good poll……

  12. Gosh Im not sure if anyone really watches theses fight cause I feel like im the only one who knows how fighting works! Cain could beat JDS easy!

  13. the original steve says:

    i dont know who can velasquez is. spellcheck please or you will get assholes like me. but both fights were as perfect as they could go.

    • James says:

      Can Velasquez is what fans on this site will call him if he loses like 2 more times at any point later on in his career.

    • that guy who puts grammar nazis back in their place says:

      The poll is using “can” as a verb, as in: Can Cain Velasquez put on a better performance than last time? NOT as the first name of Cain Velasquez, as you, the asshole, mistakenly pointed out..

  14. jvd says:

    I know Cain is hungry to get his belt back, but there’s no way he can beat JDS ever. So enough of re matches. We all need to see JDS vs. Overeem.

  15. Chlamydia Pants says:

    Almost anything will be better than getting KTFO in 64 seconds. That being said JDS will beat Cain into taco paradise AGAIN.

  16. hammerfist says:

    if cain gets a single leg as deep as mir did than jds is gonna hit the floor no doubt! cain was injured first time around and had a stupid gameplan! hes gonna take jds down and show him what a cadio machine he really is!

  17. hammerfist says:

    dude u know exactly what i meant to say! gaurantee u jds wouldnt b able to go 3 rounds on the mat with cain smashing him like he did bigfoot!

  18. Pooti tang says:

    Shit I’m rooting for JDS as always but Cain is a fuckin terminater
    I’m worried junior might lose the fight.
    But I hope he can ko him again

  19. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. I’m not answering, this question is just trying to cause Drama .[-

  20. jbeamazing says:

    is this a real question

  21. Xaninho says:

    I miss the option “Yes, this time he will last longer than half a round”.

    I’m sure he won’t get rocked as fast as the last time, but better doesn’t mean he will win the next fight.

    I think the outcome will be the same, JDS winning by KO.

  22. Kevin Cormier says:

    I think cain can knockout jds just as easily as he got knocked out. I dont really know what will happen next time.

  23. Justen says:

    I sure hope he can do better. He got knocked out before by a punch that came from a mile away, cuz he took his eyes off him. So if he pays attention he’ll do better. Will he win, prob not.

  24. jeremy says:

    JDS really is a one trick pony! He’s excellent at boxing thats his game. he knocks out almost everybody he faces. does he have a ground game who knows. Im going to venture to say that its not that great because i’m sure he dosent work that hard at it like a real mixed martial artist champion should. He considers himself a boxer. He says it all the time. ” i believe so much in my boxing”. So my point is that it his boxing and power work against almost everybody except when you face the elite of the elite which valasquez is, Your flaws will show! Now granted he did knock Valasquez out in there 1st fight but thats called getting caught. It happens to many fighters for example Fitch and Hominick. That dosent mean that your actually the better fighter. A very big thing to remember is that Cain was coming off of a very big lay off from injury. He Didn’t look very confident, and faced a very motivated, healthy, hungry JDS. As I said in the first time Cain is the overall better mixed martial artist. He has good ever evolving stand up, Excellent wrestling, tremendous GNP, Tremendous Cardio and great heart. Now when you compare his skill sets to JDS’s you can see a big difference. JDS is Excellent @ 2 things. Boxing and power. But overall Cain Valasquez is the better Mixed Martial Artist. and he can most definitely beat JDS in a second fight. Probably the only heavyweight other than maybe Overeem that can.

    • Reality says:

      Excuses! I don’t hear Cain making excuses so I don’t see how everyone else has one for him. Hopefully the next fight is more competitive.

  25. Nick says:

    Cain can do better. I don’t think he’d win. I still see Cain getting put to sleep, just not as fast.

  26. jorge says:

    JDS >>>>>>>> Velasques
    JDS >>>> ALL

  27. Diogo Brandão Mendes de Alcântara says:

    you can watch the brazilian most popular MMA show Sensei Noção with the FIRST and the ONLY ONE takedown so far suffered by JON JONES, against the bantan weight journalist Mario Filho, who also faced Junior dos Santos JDS in the previously episode!! here’s the link with the brazilian’s show full version. Also u can see DANA WHITE DISLIKING Bones Jones inside the octagon at that challenge. Enjoy it!

    • Brian "The Coach" says:


  28. BigBrainMMA says:

    Has everyone forgot that Cain had not fought since he won the title from Brock almost a year earlier, then had surgery and his first fight back was JDS. No excuse but anybody knows that a long layoff especially coming back from surgery is hard for anybody. I think I fight now between Cain and JDS is going to be a more accurate indication of who is who and what’s what

  29. Mario says:

    Both JDS AND CAÍN had injured knees going into that fight and CAIN was coming
    Off a long lay off it was harder for Cain to implement his game plan because of his injured (takedowns) than it was for JDS since he wanted to keep it on the feet, I’m not picking sides just stating facts and I think Cain will give JDS a run for his money in the rematch

  30. Noway! says:

    By the looks of it Boone will agree with this one but valasquiz is gonna when this rematch, mark my words. Their last fight was a fluke and cain was not recovered from the surgery, I called it at the weigh inns and I even called that fight. Anyway I like them both but only one will win and that will be Cain. Anyone wanna bet?

  31. bdizz says:

    Agree – Junior is great – love the guy and he’s a great champion but I think this time it will be a whole different fight. If Cain comes with the right game plan it will be a long (and painful) night for Junior.

  32. lol says:

    JDS didn’t even fully connect with cains head and he went down fast…not taking anything away from cain because he is a good wrestler and his cardio is second to none but JDS FTW !!!!!

  33. lol says:

    JDS didn’t even fully connect with cains head and he went down fast, that’s how beast he is. Not taking anything away from cain because he is a good wrestler and his cardio is second to none but JDS FTW if they rematch!!!

  34. Leo From New Jersey says:

    Cain will lose again! the only difference is he ll maby last 1 round longer

  35. Dick Diaz says:

    lol i think its literally impossible for Cain to do worse than his first fight with JDS…

  36. Dez says:

    Same result maybe a round later at best. Cain is awesome but JDS boxing is awesome Too fast and too sharp!!

  37. Fred says:

    I’ll bet all u jds cock sucker money Cain will win this time mark my words it won’t to the same putos!

  38. Mike says:

    Cain looked like Old School BJ when he beat the crap out of Jens Pulver.

  39. buddytron says:

    i think there is only two guys who have a chance od beating jds….. cain…. and the reem not saying they can destroy him but really have a shot at beating him

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