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Monday, 08/13/2012, 10:19 am

MMA POLL : Bendo or Edgar, Who deserved the decision?



65 Responses to “MMA POLL : Bendo or Edgar, Who deserved the decision?”

  1. Kenshiro says:

    Why are these damn polls always so fucking BIAS?????
    Seriously, who does this shit? y’all need to hire some REAL
    journalist.. i mean wtf!

    So the choice is a CLOSE win for Benson or a CLEAR win for Edgar?
    Every single time y’all do a poll it’s BIAS as fuck! Maybe someone (like me)
    thinks it was a CLEAR (3 out of 5 rnd’s) win for BENSON. Maybe there is
    someone that thinks it was a CLOSE win for Edgar but for some reason the
    polls on always push for controversy and it SUCKS ASS!

    *TAKE NOTES: The odds should ALWAYS be EVEN in a POLL!!

    • california grown says:

      true dat
      i have to agree
      if ur gonna use ‘close’ or ‘clear’, u need 4 voting options to be NON-BIAS

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I agree the pole’s are always BIAS. I think Bendo won. The way Frankie bounces around (guida style) he creates an illusion he is doing 10 times more than he actaully is. What tells the story for me is he didn’t leave so much as the slightest of bruises or abrasions on Bendo’s face where as Edgar was all beat up usual. I just can’t stand point fighters who refuse to engage and its obvious edgar is tying to sway the judges when he does his usual flash takedown at end of every round. . Just once i would love to see Edgar stand and fight win or lose and i would be a fan of his. Example Varner fought his ass off and looked great in process then he went out on his sheild as a warrior. Edgar knows he is going to lose at 145lbs because he won’t be able to runa way from all those faster fighters and there are at least 5 or 10 of them that have more power and better takedowns. Yep we are going to see why Edgar was able to eeeeeeeeeek out so many decsions at 155lbs when he is exposed at 145lbs

      • Magoo says:

        Your such a knob!

      • Angelo says:

        lol funny typical “fan” and not a fighter, Frankie wasn’t sacred or trying not to engaged to stand there like rockem sockem robots that’s just stupid, that’s like saying next time we have a war we will send you walking straight up to there door and see how well you do or we can use the trained navy seals to go in there and get the job done with evasive action using the angles and tools that they have. In a fight you have to move around use foot work use your angles fans like you just want to see brawls vanderlai style real fights are technical smart cause if its not than you don’t know how to fight and people like you don’t have fight in them so they watch others and complain when you are not “entertained” lol until you trained and fought in the ring you have no say how it is or should be to be a fighter there’s a reason why your not in the ring and instead, commenting on how Edgar isn’t supposedly engaging now if he just clinched or took him down and laid on him like resting or avoiding strikes thats a different story. Althoe the words that are used in this poll are a bit biased and a flash take down at the end of a round is better than getting taken down with a flash take down at the end of the round lol makes me wonder what side you were on frankies or bens lol but I just love to see a good technical fight with guys that poor there hearts out

        • Mike b says:

          U are the fucking man,I fucking luv u.totally agree with u bro 110%,even tho ur spelling sucks….Lol!People really don’t understand how special these fighters are.these are world class fighters who compete in the biggest mma organization in the world.i have seen some boring ass fights and fighters in my life but Frankie’s not one of them.I am so tired of reading ingnorant ass comments by people who don’t respect the art of fighting and talk out of their ass.I’ve been training mma for 9 yrs,and I love watching these guys fight,it helps me step my game up by just watching the things they do.i just really love this sport and I appreciate it.its my life….I used to wrestle in high school and I’ll be honest I didn’t like it much.then I got into mma right after high school and fell in love with it.this is just a beautiful sport and I just don’t understand half of the comments I read.i have read some good comments like from 757,b-rad,bob-o,and so on.but a lot of these comments on here seem like these guys really don’t understand the sport at all.dont get me wrong i have read great comments,but the majority of it is just fucking disgusting.

    • Joe Rogan says:


      This site has some of the most idiotic writers and admin. I’m more than likely still here cause I just don’t like Sherdog’s layout and I don’t know any other better sites.

    • P says:

      Maybe you’re an idiot

    • The King says:

      STFU and GTFO! Go suck on the UFC’s (edgar/GSP/bader/stann/McDonalds) nuts on those “other” sites that also suck on them nuts. Those other sites are made up of a bunch of faggots for not wanting to hurt wittle Dana’s feewings and constantly kissin that ass.

      BJPENN.COM KEEPS IT REAL! He always has and always will.

      The TRUTH is spoken in these here parts! If you don’t like it GTFO!

    • Haters Hate shredders Dominate says:

      this guy is right

  2. Justice Served says:

    Frankie was GIFTED the win in Abu Dhabi, but in NO WAY was Henderson given the win in Denver. I feel no sorrow for Edgar. He is a POINT FIGHTER. He doesn’t fight to win by beating his opponent, he fights to OUTPOINT his opponent. Boring. Oh yeah, I hear it now. Unsophisticated fan of MMA? No, I just don’t care for Edgar’s style of fighting. It sucks. His combos. Nice, but he loses power with each successive shot, so he’s throwing the second and third shot to score points, not to hurt or finish his opponent. One solid hard strike is worth more than a 3 shot combo that has no power or effect on your opponent. And Edgar should be happy he has Joe Rogan in his corner messing with the minds of viewers by being so biased in favor of Edgar SINCE ABU DHABI and right into Denver!!! Listen to Rogan! It’s ridiculous. He’s affecting Goldberg too that Goldberg has to make a conscience effort not to seem biased in favor of Edgar!Edgar knows that to be champion, you gotta beat the champion. And he failed, period.

    Edgar is getting older and I think he will not be a UFC champion ever again. He will go to FW and will not win the belt there as long as Jose is there. I think Edgar would have a chance against Cruz or Barao, but the weight cut would take what little power he has and Edgar would end up being a punching bag at BW.

    Good luck FE. Henderson moves on, and deservedly so. Henderson defended the belt in an arena filled with Edgar supporters. The boos don’t mean that Edgar should’ve won; they mean that a lot of Edgar fans went home pissed. The future will tell how wrong all those fans were.

      • Moseswhite says:

        I’m not going to argue your opinion about Edgar not being your style of fighter. But I am going to argue your point about Joe Rogan and Goldberg.

        Joe Rogan is an experienced martial artist and has watched far more fights, both on video and in person than you have. Goldberg is an experienced boxer. My guess is you’re an experienced couch potato.

        • People that don't like Fitch are not MMA fans says:

          Are you crazy?

          Look, I like Joe Rogan a lot. He’s funny, and he often has really insightful and interesting ways of looking at things. He’s one of a kind truly. But he is one of the most biased commentator IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS BROADCASTING. He’s like a homer except there’s no home team.

          Not to mention, he exaggerates the shit out of things. How many times have we all heard him say “OOHHHHHH, HE’S IN HUGE TROUBLE HERE!!!” and then nothing happens.

          He always will tend to favor one fighter, sometimes even before the fight happens. Jon Jones for example. Even when Jones lost round 1 to Machida, all Rogan would even acknowledge was what Jones was doing.

          He also is completely in favor of horrible, and badly early stoppages. Every single time he tries to argue. He’ll try to say a guy is KOed, just if his legs are wobbly. That’s such bullshit man. No wonder Herb Dean gets away with it so often.

          I like Joe, but as a commentator sometimes I want him to just shut the fuck up.

        • Timmy says:

          He loves to cut mike off all the time,he’s the type of guy if u say the sky’s blue he’ll say nah I don’t think so it looks light blue….the guy thinks hes always right.

    • T-dawg says:

      Compelled to log my first reply ever, and all I have to say is I agree! Point fighter that’s it and boring as f***k

      • Headcrack says:

        People are retarded…I’m sorry,Frankie and gray was the fight of the year last year,he ko’d gray in the third meeting they had,his fight with Tyson griffin is a classic,the first benson fight was good.the Sean sherk fight was good,do u even know anything about mma,I highly doubt were those fights boring.i mean if ur a true mma fan and respect the sport u wouldn’t think Frankie’s boring.ur just another fucking idiot on a forum that just talk out of their ass and gets all his information on the web.not actually watching the fights and respecting the art.and since u agree that benson won he won his last five fights by decision u fucking moron so who’s the point fighter.this isn’t about who won between Frankie and benson.there both great fighters,it’s more about people who talk out of their ass and don’t know shit about the sport.

        • Crackhead says:

          Edgar’s fights are exciting because he has heart and is tough. Not because he can fight! Case in point: Maynard had him (and the dummy lost it…but that’s another story) reeling and it got exciting because Edgar wouldn’t go down! Not because he was striking good or almost had him in a submission. He had Benson in a guillotine TWICE, and you know what? I WASN’T WORRIED! I knew Edgar couldn’t finish! I was right.

          Edgar dick suckers can continue to doing what you guys are doing. Follow Edgar right into his mid thirties without any belt. Watch him speed around the Octagon and land pillow punches. Sorry, dudes, that’s boring as shit. Recognizing denial is the first step.

    • Jb says:

      Ok so Edgar didn’t knock Maynard the f:($$@ out??? Retard. And look at the strike stats Edgar won.

      • Kenshiro says:

        So that 1 time he got lucky and knocked out Maynard makes up for the rest? I don’t think so….

        • Tommy gunnz says:

          When has benson ko’d anybody like that,never….and that wasn’t luck when Frankie ko’d gray,what the fuck are u talking about?

        • Boom Boom says:

          Shane Roller….Bendo TKO’d Shane Roller…

        • ASDF says:

          It’s not that hard. Gray Maynard KO’d himself. Nuff said.

        • Macheetah says:

          Actually Edgar does have finishing capabilities, but chooses to win the fight in the judges eyes. He knocked out a fatigued Maynard who gassed himself by trying to finish him. Still though no one else has ever knocked out Maynard before.

        • ASDF says:

          Except Maynard himself.

        • Tommy gunz says:

          Ur a fucking idiot,nuff said ASDF

        • ASDF says:

          Yes, okay Tommy gunnz, that made a lot of sense. We all heard the logic behind that comment. Did I hurt your feelings. I felt the neanderthal punch behind that. If any thought comes from your pissed of feelings, please try to elaborate. Otherwise, you have the emotions of a 4 yr old boy.

        • 757 says:

          You are a real dummy or you are twelve and haven’t seen allot of FE fights. The kid is a beast. Give up some credit and look at some fights then comment, or just ride your bike home and watch cartoons you clown

    • Angelo says:

      lol combos are not just for points and obviously you never fought or at least on the streets where there is no points and combos still work great at the very least a landed light punch is a distraction that interrupts the other fighter’s thought process letting you open up with a stronger hit or even to use another “light” strike but to say he is just a point fighter is stupid. you don’t need to go over there throwing hay-makers to be trying to win a fight or take them out strategy will win 9 out of 10 times when there’s a one hit knock out fighter and a strategic fighter i admit ben is a great fighter and it was very close I’m not biased towards either I like them both and love to watch they’re styles and strategies and just a good fight but don’t take away anything from these fighters just cause you don’t like them or like the other, guarantied Edgar would beat you with the style you soooo don’t like and I don’t mean decision but he would finish you its funny how much people can talk sitting on there ass and spectating when they don’t have it in them to reach the level of achievements that these guys reach so sit there and criticize when I know you can be criticized way worse off in almost anything you do

  3. Macheetah says:

    I thought the fight was pretty exciting. Overall I didn’t think neither one wanted to finish the other. Both were fighting not to lose and it looked like Benson did it best that night. Loved the kick from the ground, really skillful battle.

  4. Damnu says:

    Close fight to say the least! Decision goes to the champ. Sorry not an Edgar fan at all, like Ben but pulling for Nate in the next one! An yes rogan was sucking Edgar’s dick all fight long got damn joe back off the dick!

  5. Matt says:

    Look people can say what they want but 80% if not more of what people say comes from their own like or dislike of a fighter rather than the actual facts. So therein lies the problem it becomes personal. #1 Frankie pushed the pace of the fight, Ben even says in the press conf. his corner told him every round lets go push the volume go get it. But he didn’t do that. #2 The UFC inadvertently ( maybe ) gives judges false stats. UFC aired fight stats showing that Henderson had landed more strikes than Edgar and landed them at a higher percentage.
    Clearly, making it known to the judges that one fighter landed more strikes is going to have influence on the decision. BUT in fact after the fight the official #’s show Edgar had more significant strikes .. # 4Henderson can say that the submission attempts were not close, but the fact is Frankie had him in the position. Which also adds toe cage control. #5 The beauty of high tech TV.. As soon as the fight was over Henderson asked everyone he saw “ WHO WON “ He asked Dana who said I’m not a judge, He asked Herb Dean twice, I leave the look Herb shot him up to your call.. # 6 clearly there was one judge who called it correctly yet everyone questions how that judge had it so deceive in Edgar’s favor. BUT if you look at it was Edgar 271 to 246….. I just think for what these guys put into the training and then the actual fight the UFC and Dana White need to do what’s right by their fighters.

  6. Mike b says:

    benson won his last 5 fights by decision so who’s the point fighter….BORING!!!!!!Edgar has no power but ko’d gray and he dropped benson once on both fights.and I don’t give a fuck what joe rogan thinks or says,me and a lot of other mma thought Frankie won.i respect ur opinion bro,but I had Frankie winning rds 2,4,and,5,I mean it was a very close fight,so we can argue all we want it won’t change a thing.good comment though.keep it up….

    • Kenshiro says:

      He did not “drop” Benson by rocking him… he caught him off balance, which clearly shows if u replay the tape. Benson was not rocked at all, just good timing of Frankie and even though Benson has some decision wins on his record too.. NONE of his fights are boring! It’s a showcase of GREAT MMA time after time.

  7. feenom says:

    I don’t like boring wins by points (I.e. Condit vs Diaz) but if they gave it to Condit for out pointing his opponent, then they should’ve given this one to Edgar for sure. Henderson didn’t press the fight as much as he did on his last fight with Edgar (which was smart) due to Edgar trying to bring it on this fight. Henderson didn’t dominate or out point Edgar, but by not finishing your opponent or having total domination leaves room for shit talkery on judges decisions.

    • ASDF says:

      I guess we should all live in the dark ages, and continue to have judges from boxing, and not mma, regardless, because precedent rules. This isn’t a common-law court system, when they say there are judges. Fuck ppl. You probably really do drive on the wrong side of the road. Besides, in a title fight the close call goes to the champ imo. You gotta take it.

  8. jmannski says:

    I honestly don’t see how any judge could have gave it to henderson. It was a close fight but not that close. When you look at most mma fights judges value take downs and who controls the fight. Base on that and the narrow margin frankie had in the strikes I gave it to the answer. Benson is a great champ though and he clearly won the first fight. Maybe uncle Dana wants Edgar to fight Aldo to boost those small ratings most 145 pound fights generate

  9. Xaninho says:

    This rematch was ridiculous to begin with. The first fight wasn’t close or controversial. Henderson won that one. This fight he wasn’t dominating like the first, but he was outstriking Edgar. Only thing Edgar did was taking two, three punches and countering with one.

  10. chris says:

    1st and 4 went to Benson and 2 and 5 went to Edgar. Round 3 couldn’t went either way. If Edgar won I would have been fine with it. But there’s no way anybody can act like frankir dominated. Bensons first win was more decisive and this one was deff controversial. But Edgar should have lost the first title fight against maynard. He can’t really complain about judges.

  11. 123 says:

    Franke Edgar Won The Fight, UFC Judges Are Complete Wankers, Im Sure Id Be A Better Judge.

  12. The natural says:

    Edgar def won this fight lost last one but o well but I wonder if he got win bonus he won if u count rnds gaven to him and rnds benson won 49-46 47-48 47-48 add up Edgars +1

  13. Rob says:

    Everyone shut up ! Lol…. Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges ! Nuff said !

  14. Powerdbl87 says:

    All I kno is in the first Maynard fight when Frankie got clipped his arms buckled and his face mushed the mat he was out and no organization should ever let a fighter get battered like that and Frankie may enjoy not cutting weight but he isn’t going to enjoy being punch drunk and not being able to interact with his kids this was a sign to drop down for his own safety FE has heart but fuck man you don’t need to look like you went through a meat grinder every fight

  15. 808 says:

    I think Edgar’s positioning is outstanding. Just outside of the pocket where he can setup takedowns/legkicks with feints and combinations. Quick hands, head movement, and fancy feet have always been my boxing coach’s mantra. Edgar’s smart approach to fighting have made him relevant in a division where he is dwarfed by giants like Benson. Guys that enjoy Wanderlei-esque berserk barrages I don’t blame you (shit is exciting), but at least respect the technical aspects of Edgar’s setups; I always add a new setup into my arsenal every time I watch a match of is. In a scrap, would you guys axe-murder your way through a guy who clearly has a distinct size advantage? You’re just asking to get knocked out with that game plan. Kid from Kona here throwing his two cents.

  16. 123 says:

    Franke Edgar Is A Legend, Toughest Fighter In The UFC, Every Fight Hes Fighting Sum1 Alot Bigger Than Him.

  17. Rob says:

    Bj penn = toughest fighter in ufc

  18. g-man says:

    Honestly, you need to beat the champ to get the belt. not draw with the champ. but props to edgar. i thought he was gonna get his ass kicked but it turned out very even.

  19. 123 says:

    the thing is franke edgar gets beat up but comes back to win, bj penn doesnt so shhh.

  20. Riff says:

    dude seriously, your gonna say bj penn is the toughest fighter? he got his ass beat by GSP twice, and had to throw in the towel the second time because he was getting absoluety destroyed. Frankie is without a doubt, the toughest fighter UFC has seen.

    • jesus korean says:

      this aint a fkn pissing contest. all the fighters are tough. aint no shame in getting worked by gsvaseline. lets see frankie or any other lw fighter move up to ww and fight georges. if youre gunna make a point try not to sound like a biased deep throat hoe. frankie is a tough sob but you dont gotta downplay a legendary fighter.

  21. Warren Dixon says:

    well i also belive Edger won it but he didnt do it in a decisive way and if the decision is to close the champ should get the nod

  22. Bjj BB says:

    There really is no winner in a close fight! Fans are gonna jump on there fighters and say they won and during a fight when its your fighter fighting your really only paying attintion to what your fighter is doing and not the other fighter, but thats the whole point of judges! They saw both sides and seen benson winning, it was close but when its close you never know, edgar should know that cause i think bj penn bear him the 1st time and gray beat him there 1st rematch but it was close and thats how the judges saw it, we as fans judge close fights from a fans eye so it does not mean the judges got it wrong!

  23. Rob says:

    Or any lw fighter take machida to a decision at hw

  24. Imo Edgar won rounds 2,4,5.But debating won’t change the decision.Benson got the nodd its time to move on.Diaz vs benson?i see fireworks

  25. Boom Boom says:

    Very close fight. But in the end Frankie was outstruck, despite landing some nice counters and a knockdown. Bendo landed more significant shots and one knockdown didn’t overshadow that. 48-47 Henderson I had it.

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