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Monday, 05/14/2012, 09:40 am

MMA POLL | Are You Still A Nick Diaz Fan Following Latest No-Show?

This past weekend Nick Diaz failed to deliver on a promised grappling match for charity. The stage was set in Long Beach, an on-line PPV was put in place to help raise funds and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion agreed to take on the Stockton bad boy in a BJJ super fight for a good cause.

When it came time to compete, Diaz was nowhere to be found. He left the live audience, the fans watching at home and his opponent hanging while watching an empty mat waiting for him to emerge from the back.

That emergence never happened and many fans are now saying they have had enough. But have you?

Cast your vote!


116 Responses to “MMA POLL | Are You Still A Nick Diaz Fan Following Latest No-Show?”

  1. Brend0magic says:

    209 for life!!!

  2. BengalTiger says:

    That was an complete bitch move on his part.

  3. Matt says:

    Ya fuck thats a bitch move, but he’s probably goin through shit…… hope all is well in the Diaz camp… but wow what a fuckin dick move

  4. Grade-A says:

    Wasn’t a fan to begin with. The guy is 100% scum!

  5. Soupsa515 says:

    Two sides to every story, put a dick in ur ear n fuck wat u heard

  6. reggie ramey says:

    if it was charity then it was optional .i dont fight for anything excapt to make my pokets fatter

  7. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    Like i said before i would pay a $1000 to see Nick Diaz fight before I would pay 10 cents to see GSP or Fitch fight. Nick Diaz is a rarity in todays MMA. He is the last of a dying generation of REAL FIGHTERS who always come to fight and don’t use the suck ass rules to eeeeek out boring ass decisions. Also Diaz isn’t like Fitch and GSP who have to drop 30 pounds to make sure all their opponents are smaller than them. You guys can have all your boring ass snoozefest for fighters. Just because you don’t like a guy doesn’t mean he not exciting to watch figt each and everytime. GSP and Jon Fitch are the worlds best cure for insomnia.

    • matt says:

      well it appears ur wrong there. because he didnt show up to fight did he haha. im a big diaz fan thought to be fair. i used to hate the guy but i never saw him fight. then when i did i was very impressed. with both brothers.

    • Sov says:

      “He is the last of a dying generation of REAL FIGHTERS who always come to fight”

      Oh the irony!

      • Jonesy says:

        It was a BJJ match, not a fight.

        • Jim says:

          If you’re going to start qualifying what a fight is, then I’m gonna go right ahead and say that MMA isn’t a fight either.

          There are plenty of fights every day in the real world where not a single punch is landed, and grappling ensues.. There are more boring manhug fights outside of bars than there are knockouts.

    • CanILive says:

      wait so you would pay 1000$ and then when he doesn’t show up, you would be ok with that??? atleast with fitch’s last fight you would’ve seen him get KOed, which wouldve been worth your money….

    • Robert says:

      “REAL FIGHTERS” Show up to fight. You don’t seem to know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    • Mwill says:

      Hey everyone, lay off Fitch (forever). You guys would say the same thing too if you licked Nick Diaz’s asshole every night like Fitch (forever) does!

    • DJ says:

      Always come to fight? The article is about him not coming to fight you fuckhead.

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      your obession is going too far
      dont insult the fighters that still fight hard in the ufc
      a dying breed?
      there are a handfull of boring fighters in the ufc, most are exciting and push the pace till someone goes down

      every post you make always falls back to gsp and fitch, its almost as boring as their lay and pray. repetitive and boring

      I get it, they are dull. youve made your point 9 times a day every day since you got here. now stfu as this post has fuck all to do with either of them

      Diaz is a douche bag. Caeser was also saying they didnt want to fight him as it appears he is learning MMA???? wtf, its a bjj fight what does it matter???? oh wait, you want to deny him his fame of beating Diaz and saying he beat an MMA legend to help kick start his mma career.
      big deal, act like a chump (should be honored someone wants to fight you for that reason)
      I though Diaz likes to fight, be a warrior!!! why would you not take on a fight just because you are worried hell get respect for winning?

      also about the weight thing last minute. it is more of advantage if you make weight a day before and rehydrate than making weight on the day and not having time to rehydrate and being tired from cutting on the same day.

      basically Diaz pussied out as rolling with this guy could have backfired

  8. joe says:

    Bigger story about making weight for his opponent.
    They changed the rules.

  9. Adduvil says:

    Still a fan all day err day!

  10. The Godfather says:

    Like any of you didn’t think this would happen, in the back of your mind…

  11. RFK says:

    Shit happen but hell yeah I’m still a fan like him or not he is a beast in the cage

  12. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Still a DIAZ fan…but if it was for charity I mean c’mon. I know BJ would’ve fought someone a lot bigger, just for those that are there watching and paying at home to help the charity. I would like to hear everything about what happened that night. I did find it hilarious that some of the comments quoted Afroman as an excuse. A deal is a deal and if the deal had to be renogotiated because of someone other than Nick than why is everyone blaming him? WAR BJ WAR!!!

  13. koolg says:

    man i love the diaz brothers, but nick is a fucking asshole for this, it was for charity this guy needs to get his shit together at least nate does not act like this.

  14. Jb says:

    Nate is going to out shine his bro. Nate does what’s asked and always shows up. Nick is a fucking douche for missing that. Why commit if you don’t show up.?

  15. Protege says:

    If you say that you will be there then keep your damn word.

  16. Faaris Sheikh says:

    Nick Diaz is a type of guy you either love or hate.
    When he does turn up too fight he is a Tremendous fighter and will stand and bang with you & delivering what he says he’s going to do.
    However I personally dont like him as he is not a good role model & is showing a bad picture of MMA for not showing up to fights, press confrences etc…

    At the end of the day he’s only ruining his own future…

  17. alex says:

    Whatever Nick Diax and his bro Nate r the men I’m a big Pj’s fan and what did Nick to him nobody did before in Pj’s entire mma carrier what Nate did to Miller impressive fighters nothing to say

  18. 209 says:

    how about liking fighters for how they perform and not for how they behave

  19. Heath says:

    Im gonna wait to see what the deal is with the promoter and if in fact there was an issue with the promoter and the donation to the hospital. Wouldnt be surprised if promoter tried to stiff the hospital to make as much as possible, besides DIAZ was the main draw for that show anyhow.. They wouldnt have had half the tickets or ppv sold if his name wasnt on the card.

    Doesnt surprise me that this site would run a thread like this.. We all know they are still bitter about the beating BJ took at the hands of Diaz..

  20. Dustin says:

    if it wasn’t for a children’s hospital charity donation. i wouldn’t care. but why promise money to a CANCER Ward in the hospital then just not show up. at least still donate money you GOOF

  21. banks says:

    209 4 life haha Diaz bros a champs comin from nothing and showing the mma world anyone who works hard can make it without selling out to dana whites ideals.. that being said nick needs sum “act right” whether its nate cesar or his gurl one of em needs to go upside his head for this shit

  22. Ilya Tabarovskiy says:

    I gotta respect the fans who, after all this BS that Nick Diaz has put his fans through, still got his back. But that’s were my respect ends. I am a martial artist first and foremost and a fighter second. His lack of respect for the martial arts, other fighters, and most importantly the fans makes me sick. Frankly, no matter how good you are, your rise to fame and fortune still on the most part depends on your fans. So if you have nice cars and house and don’t live a poor mans life, have at least the stones to respect those that helped get you to where you are today!

  23. Berserker says:

    If its for charity does it really matter if the other guys weight is off? Its not like a title fight in the UFC.
    Bottom line is its for a charity, a good cause to help those less fortunate and Nick Diaz like the true douche he is, doesnt even turn up to offer an explanation as to why he cant compete, its not hard to say im sorry fans im not feeling the best or whatever but here have some free merchandise and ill sign some autographs to make up for it…. Oh wait I forgot its Nick “im to cool to show respect to my fans or people in general” Diaz. He’s a punk bitch period!

    • 209 says:

      They found out the promoter was going to steal the money and not to give it to charity, so he made a stand against it, so Nick Diaz is going to pay the money out of HIS OWN POCKET to the charity, sounds like a true douchebag huh?

  24. DMAC says:

    Yup still a huge fan. As long as he shows up to fights I ain’t mad, i don’t really care about a bjj match. If you’re no longer a fan then you weren’t in the first place.

  25. Lol says:

    Fuck donating money. Fundraisers never give all of it back. Its also not a smart move bc if he losses he might mess up his resume for futre bouts. So he has more to lose than to gain from this. He should of pulled out earlier though or never agreed to this. Diaz had a no show for the media b4. I dont care about the media. So all in all im still a fan!

  26. Luis Castro says:

    Dont write a check your ass cant cash! Still like Diaz, great fighter.

  27. 209 says:

    I love how every mmasite including this one is not telling why Diaz didn’t show and hurling insults, the promoter of the match WASNT GOING TO GIVE THE MONEY TO CHARITY AS PROMISED, so I applaud Diaz for taking a stand and he is also going to donate the money anyway out of his own pocket, he stands up against shady promoters who try to steal money from charities and Diaz pays the money anyways and DIAZ IS THE BAD GUY!! Haters get the fuck out of here with that nonsense 209

  28. Heath says:

    I’ll wait to hear the facts about the promoter and the screw up with the donation to St. Jude’s before I start pointing the finger.
    If the promoter was at fault and trying to scam the hospital then I would be the first to commend Nick.. after all, it was his name that sold most of the tickets and ppv…

    • 209 says:

      I agree with you heath, technically it is just a he said. she said thing right now but I’ve read from many other sources outside of Cesar Gracie’s camp that say the promoter junior was doing this and was very shady on a lot of things he was doing, cesar’s supposed to release an official stament on on why nick didn’t show sometime today, and kudos to him for paying the donation anyways people don’t realize that the Diaz brothers are one of the most if not the most charitable fighters in mma, no one talks about that though smh….

  29. 209 says:

    I didn’t realize someone else had the name 209 too lol

  30. Get the whole story bitches! says:

    Before anyone starts talking shit about Nick….wait for the whole story… the fact that estima wasn’t respectful enough to make weight sounds like the problem to me…. and 9 pounds even!! what happened to rumble johnson again?? SHITCANNED!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      On Nick Diaz facebook he said he pulled out because they weren’t giving his winnings to charity (I don’t know how that is possible if it’s your winnings) and in the 11th hr they changed the rules for weigh ins to accommodate Estima.

  31. norcal santa cruz says:

    another bad poll imo
    there are always three sides to a story
    haters hate
    huggers hug
    fan is short for fanatic – we all have our issues

    • fourtetshou says:

      I agree, whoever runs this site clearly has never taken a class in surveys. “Are You Still A Nick Diaz Fan Following Latest No-Show?” is bordering on a leading question.

      And the answers. ” No, last weekend was the last straw” and “Yes, 209 for life.” also show clear bias on the part of the survey maker.

      But then again, this site is pretty sensationalistic in general, so I’m silly for even bringing it up.

      Still, it would be nice if the writers of this site actually learned how to write properly.

      • Mr. Z says:

        Was thinking the same thing. This is more “soap-opera” than journalism.

      • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

        I agree the way the poll was set up he was looking for people to feed off of emotion before Diaz’s official statement was released. Its obvious the person that does these polls is still butthurt about the BJ / Diaz fight. BJ and Diaz are both favorites of mine and i don’t think any less of BJ for losing that fight. Diaz himself said BJ should be fighting at 155. The BJ I will always rememberis the BJ that fought Diego in what was closest to a “REAL FIGHT” you will ever see in MMA. BJ chasing Frankie Edgar around is not fighting IMO. We have all seen what happens to Frankie when he actually fights without running away.

        • aa says:

          i agree, the bj vs nick fight made me love both fighters more. bj for his heart, plus knowing what a beast he’d be if he was conditioned (however – that’s who he is… prodigies don’t put in work the same way as less talented guys). nick showcased the 209 style of boxing. it was one of the best boxing matches ive seen in the octagon (esp considering people rank these two as the best boxers in mma)

    • Al says:

      how many times will it take before people realize that the Diaz bros are just two idiots who can fight . The onlty thing they do well is whine when they loose! they’re good fighters but, the only fighters they will beat are the fighters ranked below 5 in ufc or go somewhere else and fight guys that won’t make the ufc…..RIGHT NICK!!!!!! lmao

      • banks says:

        Ur a tool when nate holds the lightweight title i hope u remember this comment

      • The outlaw says:

        Ranked below 5. Nick demolished bj penn and Dailey. Nate fucked up cerrone and miller. You sir are a fucking moron.. Keep watching the prelims bitch Cuz we all know you clearly don’t watch the main events.

        • Numba1Ghani says:

          HAHAHAHAHA that AI fool got shit on explosively

          The Diaz brothers are dope as fuck they’re realass niggas that come to fight that’s why real niggas like them and pussyniggas dont

        • ricky says:

          aww dagg nigga ya lets go ice some homies on the block dogg…for real dogg shit nigga

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          you seen them? if you think they are niggaz what colour are niggaz?

        • Ace says:

          Quick lesson: When blacks use the word “nigga”, it has NOTHING to do with race. Blacks use the word in the same context thats white people use the word “dude.” The only people who assume a “nigga” is black, is a racist.

      • Vern says:

        You have to be a boxing fan. Both Nick & Nate top contenders let me simplify that for you both are ranked tip contenders to fight for the belt in their weight class. Nick is fighting for the belt after Edgar gets his beat down again, also you spell win like that dip shit.

        • john ma fuckn garcia says:

          Real nigga, come on meng these two lame ass fags arent even from anywhere near hood. They grew up in a rich neiborhood fill with livestock know your facts dick.

        • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

          Can you repeat that in english please?

        • holy fucking ebonics says:

          holy fuck that was the most retarded thing i’ve seen posted on anything in a loooooonnnngggg time…. please for the love of God learn how to put a proper sentence together!!!

      • aaxantonio says:

        i dont think nate is like nick in that respect, nate always does what he has to do for the business side of fighting, and as far as beating a top 5 guy, nate just beat jim miller, and he beat cerrone before that, im not sure where they are ranked but i know they both were on the brink of a title shot

        • aa says:

          he also beat gomi beforehand, and gomi was an absolute legend in japan for ages. he was more loved than rampage.

          nate has improved tremendously. i’m not saying he’ll dominate benson/frankie, but i’d love to see that fight more than most otherfuture potential mma matchups this/next year

  32. Ma mama said mma says:

    Depends what his reasons are for not doing it everyone has shit they don’t wanna do and a bjj comp on ppv is Sumin you don’t wanna have to do if you don’t feel up to it still a Diaz fan as long as he returns to mma with the same fighting spirit he possesses

    • Shawn says:

      If he didn’t want to do it, why did he agree to do it in the first place. One saying no when asked, another by making the commitment and pulling no show. That’s just irresponsible no matter how you dress it up. Face it, Diaz is one the best fighters out there, but he’s also one of the most immature, irresponsible, and disrespectful person in the sport.

  33. diaz nuthuggers, please go away says:

    Seriously, what does this f’ing piece of shit actually have to do to make you little Diaz nuthugging bit*h boys realize what a lazy piece of sh*t he REALLY is?? Does he have to beat up a 90 yr old lady who is in a wheelchair and flush her heart medication down the toilet?? Or would you make up another defense for that…. like:

    “Oh that B*tch probably deserved it, and I heard that she had a gun and tried to rape him or something… STOCKTON BABY!!! I’m from IOWA but I REP THE 209, because I think being a lazy asshole who make MMA fighters look bad and having no class is being a badass!!! And I am going to be that way too when I finally move out of my mom’s basement and take a few bjj classes one day, just not today, or tomorrow, bc I plan on getting high first and mastering nunchucks just like my hero!! But seriously, I’ll make plans to do it then I’ll cancel them because that’s what REAL FIGHTERS DO!!!” … seriously Diaz fans are becoming the worst.

    • wow says:

      Nick was donating his entire purse to charity…. promoter didn’t want too….
      and you are blaming who???…. dumb bitch made faggot

      • Shawn says:

        And you believe that? So what if the promoter didn’t want to donate his purse (if that’s even true). Why should that stop him from grappling? First it was because Estima didn’t make weight the day before, when there wasn’t really a set time. Officials said Estima can weigh in the next day, which he did and made weight. According to Ceasar, Diaz was still ready to go. But just never bothered to show up. Even Gracie didn’t know what happened to his fighter.

    • 209 says:

      Well I am from the 209 bitch made motherfucker!! you wouldn’t last 10 minutes here pussy ass keyboard warrior hahaha and how is he disgracing mma fighters? Because he didn’t show up to a couple press conference? Who gives a shit really that has nothing to do with respect, because he talks shit in the ring? It’s no different from any other fighter that talks shit before a match too, he’s one of the FEW fighters that help the opponent up after a match, let me see you live in fuckin stockton bitch where you can’t go a single fuckin night without hearing gunshots and sirens, 209 bitch that is all

  34. wow says:

    wooow 900+ bitchmade bandwagon jumpers… figures tuf queers

  35. ian says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Nick & this just solidified that. Nate on the other hand is something his brother is not, a great fighter with potential & isn’t scared

  36. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t care if he skipped the event. It was $10 not a $60 PPV. I didn’t pay for the PPV because I didn’t know if I would enjoy watching straight BJJ matches. I just intended to watch the match online the following day. It sucks that the winnings would have gone to charity but it’s not known if that’s true. I want to know if the other fighters winnings went to charity or was it just intended for just Diaz money to go to charity.

    I think Diaz is going to challenge Estima in another BJJ match with clear stipulations for the event with a more credible promotion. I didn’t like Diaz all that much before he came back to the UFC but he comes to fight and I can’t really dislike a guy too much who has social issues. I respect him more than I like him. Also, skipping a fight isn’t the same as skipping a press conference. It’s worse. But how many fights has he skipped? This the only one I know of and according to Estima nothing was in writing… Or so he says.

    • Ahman says:

      I was actually there because my son competed that day too, and I (and eveyone else who attended) paid $30 to get in! Part in fact because of the “super fights.” We were basically just assed out of our money. Not to mention the fact that my son was SO excited to see Diaz compete. He let a lot of people down. If it was for charity, then what was the big deal?

  37. jones says:

    the 49% who voted this was the last straw are just fuct in there head…they did not like nick befor this ,so how is thuis the last straw?? idiots…

    • Shameful says:

      That’s a fair point. I voted no out of reflex but I’ve never liked him. I’m sure he didn’t lose any of his previous fans by doing this because he’s always been unprofessional and unreliable about showing up anywhere. If people still like him despite that, I doubt this latest thing made an impression.

    • robert says:

      you dont have any idea how many of the 49% liked or disliked him before so i think your fuct in the head, idiot

  38. Pancho says:

    At least Nick comes to fight and finish them unlike StPierre, Fitch, etc. Stfu and get off his balls already. I’m always gonna be a fan, who gives a shit if he doesn’t always make the best decisions

  39. Biginthepants says:

    This poll is pointless,

  40. Jordan says:

    Just for the record, Nick paid the purse that would have been generated from the fight to St Judes from his own pocket..

  41. GreenTeaBagger says:

    This poll asumes I was a fan to begin with. I am not. He is a good fighter that does nothing to promote the sport in a positive way. No employer would put up with his behavior in any company, so why is White allowing this?

    Move Diaz out of the way so we can see fighters who will show up.

  42. MMA fella says:

    gay poll. lol

  43. Anthony1994 says:

    I still am anyway! The fact he gave the equivalent of his purse to charity anyway even though he didn’t compete just makes me a bigger fan.

  44. Mike Diaz says:

    Still 209!

  45. WHOgivesAcrap says:

    I don’t really care much for Nick Diaz. I do like how he fights but I think the media pays way too much attention to him positive or negative. I don’t think it’s fair to lump Nate Diaz in with him either. I think Nate’s behavior is all about the fight, where it’s appropriate. If he wants to hate or talk shit about his opponent that is fine. He isn’t the one who blows off his obligations. He defends his brother because that’s what family does. I hope Nick gets his shit together and shows us all his real potential. Otherwise it really doesnt matter either way

  46. bad poll or not he said he was gonna do it and he didnt do and of all things a charity event it just proves that nick is more about himself than anybody else….. once a stuck up dick always a dick

  47. Mike Diaz says:

    Of course I’m still a Nick Diaz fan, I’d still be a BJ fan if he tossed a presser out the door and he got canned for a main event, most of yall are quick to change flags and bandanas, not I !!!!! Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  48. #1 Haole says:

    The bong residue in his brain makes it hard for him to keep a schedule. Let alone know what day it is. What a waste of talent. Could have been one of the best ever. Retire then smoke. There will be plenty of time. And his ego has infected his pride. Hope he gets it together

  49. Matt says:

    The Diaz brothers are nothing but talented pieces of trash. The amount of fans they have show the decline of morals in America. These brothers represent being loud and obnoxious as well as bad sportsmanship and habitual drug use. Is it any surprise he doesn’t show up to a charity event like he said he would? Is anybody surprised that you can’t take these idiots at their word? Win or lose they are full of excuses every time. Can’t wait till they are both irrelevant and forgotten about

  50. I just read Ceaser’s explinations of the events. Nick still paid the charity what he said he would even though they promoters and Braulio estima tried to use Nick. Get the facts before you flame!

  51. Hulk Hogan says:

    You are all whining fags.

  52. Dummyman says:

    I have to say, I was not sure if I was a true fan of Nick or Nate Diaz. Their recent handling of themselves in the media have solidified me as a true fan. Between Nate’s recent upgraded performance and shout out to Melendez, and the story behind Nick paying the St. Jude’s charity out of pocket I am happy to cheer them on.

  53. Hendrickson says:

    BJ you need to do some firing and hiring. Your website is horrible worst in mma as far as writing and articles.

  54. Fitch GOAT says:

    Great Poll

  55. Barry Hearns says:

    Whatever way you cut it, this was a pussy move by Diaz. He would have got owned by Braulio and once again he needs Cesar to try and spin some bull shit. I’ve permanently lost respect for him after this; he talks the talk but clearly doesn’t walk the walk……

  56. winning says:

    another great poll………………………………………………………… wait……………………………….. lol no its not………. if anything nick diaz fans are impressed by his ability to not show up to things.

  57. Travis says:

    Never was a fan never will be he is just a lil bitch

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