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Thursday, 03/08/2012, 02:15 pm

MMA NEWS | Who’s The Betting Favorite In Rematch, Henderson or Edgar?

Surprise, surprise!

If you picked the champ, Benson Henderson, you my friend are wrong. released the opening line for Henderson vs. Edgar II and the odds makers have former champion Frankie Edgar pegged as the early favorite in this matchup.

Reasoning behind their decision is that Edgar excels in rematch scenarios. He performed better against both Penn and Maynard in his second bouts with them and apparently they think he can do it again.

It’s just a slight edge, but nonetheless, Edgar is the favorite over the newly crowned champ.

Here are the odds:

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0 Responses to “MMA NEWS | Who’s The Betting Favorite In Rematch, Henderson or Edgar?”

  1. lex walker says:

    ben will finish him this time

    • frankie got this says:

      Ben had his chance, luckiest up kick still barely got him the win.

      • lex walker says:

        wonder how long it took u 2 find frankie’s only good picture from the fight

        • Sweet game plan says:

          Dude Vegas ain’t dumb.. They know who won that fight, they get it right every time..

        • Shawn says:

          Ummmm…how do they have it right when Fight Metric, which is what the UFC uses to score rounds, has Henderson winning that fight? How did they get it right when the belt is strapped around Henderson’s waist. And how did they get it right when Henderson looked like he was just finish training for the day at the beach, compared to Edgar who was exhausted, bloodied, bruised and had his face (nose) broken. Ya, they got it right. lol

      • Thom says:

        Fe got outstriked and outgrappled he lost get over it.. Hope bendo knocks him out.

        • Jason N says:

          i agree

        • Troll Guy says:

          LOL Benson is Black Belt in Unanimous Decision Under GSP,He has no power

        • Shawn says:

          Hahaha! Guess you just base your comments on one or two fights you see. Well let’s see Henderson 16 wins, of which he has 10 finishes, and 6 decisions. Edgar has 14 wins, of which he has 6 finishes and 8 decisions. You do the math genius. And no power? Who had no power in that fight? Watch the fight again, and see who has the battered face and who doesn’t. lol

      • lex walker says:

        wonder how long it took u to find frankie’s only good pic from the fight

      • frankie's mother says:

        stfu you fagot! he won overall not because of 1 upkick dickface!

      • marktui says:

        Well if your gonna say lucky up kick. Same can be said that FE was lucky the round ended because Ben was in top position and getting ready to pound him out.

        FE gave everybody else a rematch so it’s fair he gets one. What can he do different in this next fight. He got Ben down but couldn’t keep him down. He hit Ben with some good shots, but Ben shook them off. My guess is he is going to have the same game plan but try and stay more active and get the decision.

        • Shawn says:

          That’s what he tried to do after the second round in that last fight (win by decision). Still didn’t work. Which lessened my respect for Edgar a little. When he said after the fight that he basically just tried to squeak a win by decision, I was really disappointed. Edgar would be one of the last people I thought I would hear that from. There’s one thing when you fight your ass off and go toe to toe, blow for blow trying to finish your opponent, and losing a decision. Then there’s just giving up trying to finish and survive and win on points. And to whine about the loss, and bitching about a rematch. The outcome of the rematch won’t be any different. If anything, Ben will have figured out Edgar from the last fight, and will adjust. I don’t think there’s any adjustment that Edgar can do to beat Henderson. Edgar gave everything he had in that last fight and still loss. He’s out muscled, out sized, out powered, and out conditioned. The only “advantage” Edgar has is he’s faster, and better BJJ. But even those weren’t a factor, and I doubt it will be a factor in the rematch.

        • James Troy says:

          he gave everyone else a rematch? since when is BJ PENN everyone? frankie didnt give maynard a rematch. it was a draw, a rematch had to happen. so explain to me how bj penn = everyone. explain that logic to me please. logic that 1 man is every man. thats logic as dumb as frankie edgar won the fight against ben henderson. the fight where edgar was out wrestled, out grappled out struck and out classed in all aspects.

          hopefully hendo smashes this spoiled jersey faggots skull in the rematch.
          everyone bitched diaz got emotional after his loss, but everyone jumps on edgars dick. at least the diaz loss was debatable. there is no debate here.

          if edgar gets a rematch, then diaz should get a rematch.

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Oh snap! As long as Frankie gets immediate rematches he could be the LW champ for a long time.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Sometimes I think the guys who set the betting odds are gaming the system because they usually have it backwards. It would be too obvious if they had Evans ahead in betting odds to Jon Jones. I’ll stop now… I don’t want to be buried next to Dana White.

  4. lol says:

    Betting Odds are a political based system thats retarded. Fock what they say..

    On another note Hendo will win again. Frankies punches are just not strong enough for Big Ben.

  5. Nick says:

    Well first, he’s barely a favorite. Second I, Frankie doesn’t even deserve a rematch. The fight wasn’t as close as people thought.

  6. Xaninho says:

    Benson henderson will win the rematch and the betting odds software needs a tune-up if this really is the outcome.

  7. true mma says:

    Ben wins this easy, what’s Frankie going to do this time? All he has is speed because Ben walked right through his power. His face was fucked up bad the first fight.

  8. krafty11 says:

    Also, people need to realize the upkick didnt cause Frankie’s eye to swell shut. The eye was already damaged in the first round. dont really see Frankie winning a re-match, but its MMA. you never know.

    • bjpenndotcom says:


      The code to use images should be

      <img src="">

      If you want you can post the link you were trying to use, so we can check on it.

      Mahalo Nui,

    • Shawn says:

      lol. Nice try. But if you watch that part again, and frame by frame, you’ll notice that Henderson blocked that right hook with his right hand (his head never snaps back), at the same time his left foot slips back, causing him to lose balance, or possibly fall back in combination of his right foot tripping up on Edgar’s right foot. That’s why you see Henderson wiping the ball of his left foot afterwards. If you actually watched the fight as an MMA fan, and not just a Edgar fan, you’ll also notice Ben slips a few times. You also cut that clip off too soon. You didn’t show how Edgar couldn’t even capitalize on that fall, cuz Bendo got up about 4 seconds afterwards, with no damage whatsoever. That’s the thing about Fanboys, they only see what they want to see. True MMA fans see it as it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been an Edgar fan for a long time, was even rooting for him in this fight (both of them actually). But right from the beginning, I knew that Bendo would beat him.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        watching his feet by themselves doesnt look like it was a slip. maybe he lost balance because he blocked the punch with his right hand (hard to tell from that angle) but what it looks like to me is frankie punching him and him falling from it. maybe his right foot might have got tripped up a little with frankies right foot but how does the left foot lose its balance too? pretty coincidental BOTH feet lose balance at the same time lol.

      • slacker says:

        Edgar got a partial knock down on that exchange. Henderson didn’t block anything. But it’s true there was no right to the head. First Edgar hits him with a right to the body. He ducks under a big right to the head from Henderson that completely misses. As he ducks, Edgar sways left and hits him with a left, right behind his shoulder. At that same moment, Henderson’s right foot catches a bit of Frankie’s right foot, causing his left leg to lift because his body is still moving forward and to the left from his huge miss with the right. So, in the end, it’s a strange combination of Edgar’s left behind his shoulder, their right feet catching a little, along with Henderson moving leftward that causes him to fall. It wasn’t a slip though.

  9. Chartmonster says:

    I bid Frankie good luck bc he will fkn need it. The only difference in this rematch..Frankie won his previous fights before the rematches. The tides have turned.. he’s is the LOSER coming in to this rematch. Benson going to FK him up worse the 2nd time.

  10. Eric El Burro says:

    Frankie Edgar might ended up like BJ Penn. losing twice just to not get over it and having to drop to featherweight, which Aldo would take him to school.

  11. tf says:

    i could see frankie pulling it off. Clearly lost last fight, i do believe that up kick definitly turned it around.

  12. jonsey says:

    i agree alsop that the up kick was the factor that knocked the sense out edger,,,in a rematch edger will probly take it,,,edger style prepares for the challange well when he knows exact what he in for….however i dont believe edger deserve a rematch..the fight really was not close and there is deep pool of fighters…i hope edger get caught with another upkick though and this time dies..him and dom cruz can take there running man style right out the ufc to belator

  13. Mike Hawk says:

    I wonder how much of a delusional retard it take to say bendo won that fight?! You land 1 up kick and all of a sudden you beat the shit out of te champ?! Frankie is gonna beat him…. AGAIN

    • andy says:

      No, you land an up kick, break his nose, then proceed to beat the shit out of him for 3 more rounds. THEN you beat the champ. Just like Benson did.

    • Shawn says:

      Lol! Obviously not even close to being as delusional retarded as Edgar fan boys who think he clearly won that fight. And yes, you must be blind as well if you didn’t see Edgar’s face after the fight. I don’t know about anyone else, but that clearly indicates he got the shit kicked out of him. And by the way that’s “ex-champ”. Let me guess, you think Sonnen is the real MW champ as well don’t you. hahaha

    • Xaninho says:

      Seek professional help…you’re not well.

  14. mannski says:

    my money is on ben henderson, dude shower heart in this fight, its hard to keep fighting someone who keeps taking all your best shots n doesnt stop. going to b war

  15. NJK83 says:

    I dont care who won last time my beef with this is that decision should always go to the champ if u dont submit him, ko him, tko him, or win by unanimous decision u dont win the title.

  16. Mike Hawk says:

    Yea except FE WON THAT FIGHT, asshole 😉

  17. Cain says:

    Benson won that fight! I think it was Frankies face that said it all, Frankie aint shit Snooki would take Frankie..

  18. true mma says:

    I almost feel sorry edgar fans who say Edgar won because of odds. It’s hard for Edgar to argue he won when hes trying to do it when he can’t see out of his right eye, can’t breath through his nose because its broken and he’s pissing blood.

  19. Mike Hawk says:

    @NJK83 exactly

  20. true mma says:

    Vegas always gets it right, Haha that’s why every bets illegally

  21. Shawn says:

    Lol! It’ll b pretty much d same as last time, but this time either Ben will finish Edgar, or he’ll mash him up twice as bad. No doubt though, Edgar will bring it and won’t give up. He’ll just get a beatdown for his troubles.

  22. The natural says:

    Wow ur all shot frankies only getting this rematch that everybody’s crying about is because he won that fight hands dwn..just because some judges called it wrong like it was the first time we ever seen judges get it wrong or something shit happens but we sll seen what happened. So wen Frankie wins again hendo doesn’t get a rematch. And just because Edgar was in bottom last ten secs of two rds doesn’t mean he was even closed to being finished if bell wasn’t there Frankie was fighting back just bout to get back up before bell went off ur excuses why bendo won are sry it just was a a one sided fight for edgar matter of time before he knocks him out but anything can happen being a fav in a fight doesn’t help either..

  23. MARV3L0US says:

    Bens size and skill is a little to much for franky IMO. Yeah Maynard had size but I don’t think his skills are as good as Hendersons. Franky did good at catching bens body kicks but couldn’t quite kick his back leg out I think it had to do with his size and reach.

  24. jpeech says:

    Yeah he was going to get right back up after that illicit right? Lol fucking idiot anyone who thinks Edgar won that is just dumb

  25. Hightimes99 says:

    Edgar all day!

  26. Angel_King says:

    Frodo wants his ring back!!!

  27. g says:

    My favorite five words are, “Fuck decisions in the UFC.” :)

  28. KJG says:

    STOP THE FUCKING IMMEDIATE REMATCHES FOR FUCKS SAKE. clogging up the lightweight division like my ass is from the burrito i just ate last night

  29. FE is gonna get owned again…

  30. Judge_Dreadz says:

    As a fan of both Edgar and Bendo’ Ben won and will probably finish him this time.Edgar obviously was trying to steal a decision like against Maynard but Bendos cardio is amazing

  31. Karddiak says:

    Hope bendo win, but if Edgar goes for the finish instead of scoring points we would witness a great GREAT fight!!

  32. Different Strategy says:

    It’s definitely possible. I personally don’t think that edgar deserves a rematch. He gave rematches to penn and maynard because those fights were SO CLOSE TO CALL. But in the bendo fight I think bendo was the clear winner. Anyways, we’ll all see a completely different frankie in this fight. Frankie was training with some muay thai guy I can’t remember ( I wanna say phil nurse?) But that’s where he learned to grab bendos kick from (which he did over and over but was very ineffective.) Edgar is going to have a whole new game plan, and has a good chance to win

    • jonsey says:

      sadly i agree with yyou…the first bendo fight was alot like the first penn edger fight…with penn and bendo clearly winning…but then for the rematch edger gt really sharp and studied well because he has been in there with the guy….i think edger will take this one..

    • Tyler says:

      Phil Nurse either did a shitty job teaching Edgar to catch kicks, or Edgar didn’t pay attention well. He just stood there and ate the kick instead of trying to move with it’s momentum BEFORE it hits you then catching it, which is the ideal way since the point is to not take the kick. Hell i can’t say much, but even I was looking at it like “Man, Ben is still scoring with those kicks, and Edgar has made nothing out of his catches.” Totally agree with you. I want the Showtime rematch or maybe even Cerrone, or whoever is next in line. Frankie didn’t earn a rematch. I don’t think it’s cool that UFC pulled the “Well, he gave his last 2 guys rematches.” That’s cause one was a tie and the other was really close. Ben didn’t even look that winded to me and I gave him 2 or 3 more rounds. Edgar got beat, plain and simple.

  33. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Bendo gonna walk through him again imo Bendo wins 10/10 times he’s Edgar kryptonite i think mainly because he doesnt get tired like BJ or Gray did

  34. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Bendo gonna walk through him again imo Bendo wins 10/10 times he’s Edgar kryptonite i think mainly because he doesnt get tired like BJ or Gray did.

  35. A.James says:

    Edgar can’t knock out Ben and is definetly not going to sub him. Ben was never in trouble the way Edgar was. How is Frankie supposed to defeat Ben if he couldn’t even slow him down the first fight? Dana needs to stop playing favorites.

  36. David says:

    Benso will finish him this time, but hoop too see edgar gets beat up first 😛

  37. Zac says:

    Hendo clearly won the fight but I’d rather see a rematch with Edgar then a rematch with Pettis. Showtime doesn’t deserve a title fight til he beats a top lw like Maynard or even Sherk would be a good test for him. And what’s people saying Edgar can’t knock out bendo? He definitely can knock out anyone, you seen that in the gray fight. I’m a fan of both guys but you can never count out Frankie. Overall thoough I think this is a perfect time for bj to come back to lw.

  38. ..... says:

    Considering the fact that Bendo just loss a Bjj match against a no-name…I think Edgar is going to KTFO Henderson, im sure!

    • Xaninho says:

      So Henderson loses a BJJ match and that makes you think Edgar is going to Knock him Out? Where is the logic in that? BJJ has nothing to do with people getting KO’d.

      If he would just have been KO’d in a kickboxing match by a no-name your comment would have made sense….but now…not so much.

    • Cain says:

      Your a fucken retard..

  39. slacker says:

    Edgar can knock out Henderson. For this fight, he has got to make the transition from fighting on instinct and talent alone, to becoming more technical and methodical, the same way Condit has starting with the Hardy fight. He can’t keep getting caught early from big shots and expect to pull out the win (a la Leben, Sanchez, or Guida). That catches up to you eventually, no matter how tought or talented you are. It takes an intelligent fighter to be thinking during the fight and win – of course, a lot of that should be analyzed and resolved during camp preparation. The main thing is to figure out the holes in yours and your opponent’s game and then strategize. This fight will probably define what kind of fighter he will be for the rest of his career.

  40. true mma says:

    Yes I agree sweet game plan is retarted. He jerks of to frankies picture.

  41. true mma says:

    Yes he is…..

  42. jack says:

    aaah man – I just hope the gay dude wins te whole shit so everyone can suck a D – (pun intended)

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