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Friday, 12/16/2011, 09:34 am

MMA NEWS – Tim Sylvia vs. Brett Rogers Off DREAM Year End Show

Brett Rogers’ inability to obtain a travel Visa for this month’s DREAM year end show has caused the removal of the heavyweight clash between himself and former UFC champion Tim Sylvia from the evening’s card.

“DREAM: Fight for Japan. How are you! New Year 2011.” is set to take place on Dec. 31 from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The event will air live to the U.S. audience on HDNet.

After serving a 60-day prison sentence for domestic abuse charges stemming from a highly publicized domestic dispute with his wife, Rogers is forced to complete a three-year probation program as well as other conditional probation requirements.

It is because of his probation that he has been given a ban on any and all international travel, therefore he was unable to receive the necessary visa to fight in Japan this month and the bout against Tim Sylvia is off.

In order for Brett Rogers to get his life and MMA career back on track he will need to stay on American soil. However, outside of small regional shows, I don’t see too many MMA promoters giving him the chance to compete with the “wife beater” moniker now attached to his name.

Rogers was last seen in a split decision loss to Eddie Sanchez back in September. The loss marked his fourth defeat in his last five bouts. His lone victory came in a bout against an aging Ruben Villareal that he won by decision.

The former top 10 heavyweight fighter has really had a fall from grace.

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13 Responses to “MMA NEWS – Tim Sylvia vs. Brett Rogers Off DREAM Year End Show”

  1. Jamie says:

    File this under: things you should probably check before you set up a fight!

  2. Rick says:

    Who did he beat to ever become a top ten fighter? I know he ko’d Arlovsko and since then has fallen to everyone else, not trying to be a hater but it’s fact, who cares.

    • dave says:

      who ever said he was a top 10 fighter,,,same withh tim sylvia,,,there both not near top 10…but it would be cool to watch…i thhink roger would taake tim,,,something tells me he has been training in his new home,,,and if he has another loss after beating his wife his career is over,,,

  3. mike f says:

    He was only a top 10 fighter because all the fedor fan boys assumed since he went more than 1 round he must have been great

  4. Michael says:

    Not trying to sound like an old man- but I have no interest in watching anything Bret Rogers does after he beat his wife and then explained, ‘it was just one of those nights.’
    Come on man- leave her, divorce her, do anything besides beat her. He is a professional fighter and he has a responsibility to act like a grown man. I’m done with him or any organization involved with him.

  5. danriverapv says:

    fall from grace? hence the name Grim :] what a stupid nick name Brett Da’ Grim Rogers, lame next to Kendall Da’ Spida Grove. those are Da gayest nick names.

  6. Robster the Mobster says:

    He was a top 10 fighter in the US Correctional League…..

  7. dillon says:

    i believe he was actually ranked #10 on some mma site. kinda sad since his only decent win was when he ko’ed glass jaw AA

  8. Long-Strong says:

    this would have been a fight that i’d like to see.

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