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Monday, 01/30/2012, 11:02 am

MMA NEWS | Satoshi Ishii Receives Cerebral Edema From Fedor Fight, Future In Sport Grim

MMA Legend Fedor Emelianenko last fought at this past years DREAM Year end event against Judo gold medalist, Satoshi Ishii.

He won the fight against the much less experience Ishii via knockout and it appears that Ishii may have lost his ability to ever fight in another MMA Match again.

FightOpinion broke the news:
[box_light] Japanese weekly publication Cyzo reports that doctors have told Ishii that he suffered a cerebral edema from the NYE beating. As a result, he was warned that any further blows to the head would cause some serious damage. As Cyzo put it, Ishii is facing a retirement crisis. There had been some discussion that he would face Ricardo Arona in late March in Brazil but that fight didn’t look to be in the cards. After this latest development, the MMA prospects for Ishii look to be bleak as well.[/box_light]

A Cerebral edema or cerebral œdema is an excess accumulation of water in the intracellular or extracellular spaces of the brain.

This brings into question the poor matchmaking being made on behalf of keeping the Russian star winning. Satoshi should have never been put in the same ring as the bigger and far more experienced Fedor and he may have paid the ultimate price.


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24 Responses to “MMA NEWS | Satoshi Ishii Receives Cerebral Edema From Fedor Fight, Future In Sport Grim”

  1. stua says:

    fact is, this shit wouldve happened/ couldve happened anyway, what a shit piece of writing to try blame it on the matchmaking.

    • Reasonable Thoughts says:

      This 100x over. Any body at any time in this sport can face retirement if they get hit at the wrong time, that is a reality that people need to understand about not just this sport but ALL contact sports. Either way,

      • BJ Pencil says:

        true but he was fighting a guy that was way ahead of his level. i mean he knew the risk of professional/competitive fighting as well but this is a fight that shouldn’t have happened. M-1 shouldn’t have looked for this fight as we all know Fedor can do better (in terms of opponents) and this guy shouldn’t have accepted.

        • Michael says:

          that type of matchmaking is irresponsible. It would be like me boxing Floyd. Would I do it? Of course I would do anything for that type of pay day, it is up to the organization and commission to make sure they are putting on fights that are fair, and competitive and Ishi and Fedor wasn’t even remotely competitive on paper or in the ring.

        • gottabekiddingme says:

          your serious? its like you fighting Floyd?
          Ishii trained for this fight, the guys an Olympian for Christs sake, this is no ones fault, just unfortunate chance.
          This very well could have happened in Judo as well, I mean Judo doesnt exactly spare you from head damage.
          I hope Ishii makes a full recovery, and is able to compete in some martial arts, but this could’ve happened anytime in any situation, Fedor unfortunately dealt the blow.
          A mournful moment for MMA fans, and food for all the Fedortrolls.

  2. Fartler says:

    Damn, that’s some serious shit.. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen too often. I’m glad it doesn’t. I mean some of the shots that fighters take to the head I’d think would cause brain swelling. Very serious.

  3. Snooks says:

    He had the option to fight him or not. I’m sure his management didn’t advise him not to either. Ultimately, he made the decision to walk into the ring with, what used to be, one of the greatest fighters in the world, regardless of your opinions of him. It’s a shame, but that’s the risk you take.

  4. fergie says:

    Who wrote this garbage? Bias much.

    • Blazin saddles says:

      please you guys are fools – Ishii is a light heavyweight fighter with only six pro fights who went in against Fedor who is one of the best HEAVYWEIGHTS on the planet.

      Ishhi’s last fight before the fedor one was a draw to a washed up Paulo Filho

      the poor kid was a high level athlete with only four MMA victories fighting a weightclass above his natural weight against one of the best and he got battered and may never fight again!

      you who dont see a problem with that are clueless. he was fed to fedor to lose the fight should have never happened.

      any fighter with gold medal credentials would take this fight, shit, any fighter would take it because if you beat fedor your the man and you have arrived, but that doesnt make it right. the scumbag russians should have more respect for the sport and should match fedor up with better opposition this was the most mismatched fight in mma history

      • D says:

        f that, bj fought at heavyweight and he is a lightweight.

        • Luke'sFather says:

          true, and no one forced ishii to fight. The opportunity was there and he took it. Shit happens.

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          BJ fought a 215lbs Machida when he was 190lbs. Not the same thing. Ischii was 215lbs and Fedor was 240lbs. And even Fedor-Haters have to admit he hits harder than just about anyone.

      • Tony says:

        I agree that this was a mismatched fight. Athletic commissions in the U.S. regulate this type of matchup and would not allowed this fight to happen. I recall that Mariusz Pudzianowski wasn’t allowed to fight Tim Sylvia until he fought at least 3 times, and obviously the commission was spot on their assessment. I like fighters with the warrior spirit who will fight anyone, but this is exactly the case as to why this matchup should’ve never been made. With that being said, this is a combat sport and regardless of the matchup, this could happen to any fighter out there.

  5. mmp says:

    It is a valid question raised I think. If you want “balance” in the journalism then start your own website idiot.

  6. dlo says:

    This is just propaganda. No one fight could do this to a man unless it was Tyson or Wladimir or George Foreman. I saw the fight and he didn’t take the kind of punishment that could be considered career ending. I don’t think this one fight could have done this.

  7. dlo says:

    This is just propaganda. No one fight could do this to a man unless it was Tyson or Wladimir or George Foreman. I saw the fight and he didn’t take the kind of punishment that could be considered career ending. I don’t think this one fight could have done this. It could be multitude of things like too many slams or hereditary, but to blame one fight is absurd. Also in mma people with little experience are put up against tough experience competition all the time.

  8. Dave says:

    I blame the promoters for trying to keep the legend of Fedor alive. But Fedor should also recognize that he just isn’t the best fighter in the world anymore. He needs to look at the fights they put before him and say ‘Is this fight really going prove anything?’ That’s assuming he’s not just fighting for money. I have no idea how much they pay him. And if he doesn’t have enough to retire on, we can likely expect to see more mismatches like this. The myth that Fedor is the greatest heavyweight alive was dispelled by Strikeforce, and the fact that he didn’t stick around to even try some of the stiffer competition in the UFC when he really had the option shows his management know that.

  9. dave says:

    this could have happned to anyone ok…but it would not have happend had this match making not fixe the fight for feor to fight a much less opponent///fedor coward and his M-1 are only signing to fight guys that are shit and he can easily beat..or should be able to easily beat…even monson should have been easy but fedor has been shit for some time…he should retire quit making a joke of himselff..people juts get hurt ..think about it,,thats like dana seing chuck was done so putting hiom in there against guys like matt hammil or loser no names…people would just get hurt///

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Things happen whether he was a can for Fedor or not. I feel bad for Satoshi and I wish him good luck and better health in the future.

  11. Ruben says:

    It’s no ones fault, MMA is not a very safe sport, in any fight you can end up getting knocked unconscious by a big shot/knee/kick. Blaming the match makers is stupid, both guys are about the same size and before the fight Fedor was coming off one average win and 3 loses behind that, who else did you want him to fight? Im sorry for Ishii and I hope he recovers and gets healthy again but you can’t pin this on anyone….anyone who tries to do so is just doing it to try to trash Fedor and his management

  12. Pedro Sassin says:

    Don’t want a fucked head? Don’t do Vale Tudo :o/ Simples

  13. BX81 says:

    Another win for the top fighter in the sport Fedor /s. If you’re supposed to be a top level fighter, then you don’t take fights against lower level opponents. Fedor is a scrub.

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