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Monday, 01/30/2012, 11:02 am

MMA NEWS | Satoshi Ishii Receives Cerebral Edema From Fedor Fight, Future In Sport Grim

MMA Legend Fedor Emelianenko last fought at this past years DREAM Year end event against Judo gold medalist, Satoshi Ishii.

He won the fight against the much less experience Ishii via knockout and it appears that Ishii may have lost his ability to ever fight in another MMA Match again.

FightOpinion broke the news:
[box_light] Japanese weekly publication Cyzo reports that doctors have told Ishii that he suffered a cerebral edema from the NYE beating. As a result, he was warned that any further blows to the head would cause some serious damage. As Cyzo put it, Ishii is facing a retirement crisis. There had been some discussion that he would face Ricardo Arona in late March in Brazil but that fight didn’t look to be in the cards. After this latest development, the MMA prospects for Ishii look to be bleak as well.[/box_light]

A Cerebral edema or cerebral œdema is an excess accumulation of water in the intracellular or extracellular spaces of the brain.

This brings into question the poor matchmaking being made on behalf of keeping the Russian star winning. Satoshi should have never been put in the same ring as the bigger and far more experienced Fedor and he may have paid the ultimate price.


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