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Thursday, 01/26/2012, 04:40 am

MMA NEWS | Ronda Rousey Thinks Fighters Like GSP Are Bad For The Sport

Advance the player to the 3:45 mark to listen to her thoughts on UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

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118 Responses to “MMA NEWS | Ronda Rousey Thinks Fighters Like GSP Are Bad For The Sport”

  1. CrAzyBK64 says:

    To be honest I don’t like.this bitch. She think she the shit because she has 4 wins who the fucc does she think she is. I can’t wait to see Tate bust this ass when they right hopefully she can learn some respect. People talk Sshit weither GSP finishes a fight or not I’ve never seen a boring GSP fight. I think she’s just mad because her boy fedor is washed up. She has the atitude of Jon Jones without half the experience…

    • bigdaddy76 says:

      who the hell is this broad…..?!?ronda who?!? is a joke?

      • Reasonable Thoughts says:

        Female mma fighter, incredibly talented, Bronze at Olympics in Judo, and she is an armbar master lol. I’m a big fan but I don’t agree with this. I think she’s trying to get a rise out of everyone lol.

        • JMad says:

          yea man this is going a little too far, it’s obvious she is just trying to get attention now.

        • The Nash says:

          Everyone’s jumping the WWE bandwagon now that Phaels’s open the gate. All going for attention…maybe this chick needs a cock in her ass then a fish hook to stfu.

        • The Nash says:

          also, GSP has done more for MMA than this bitch could do in 3 lifetimes. No one gives a shit abt woman’s MMA. The most popular female fighters are the one’s we all wanna fuck. tell me that’s not a fact!

        • GSP says:

          not impressed by your perfomance…

    • stone cold says:

      she is just saying her own opinion which happens to be the truth as many people feel the same way. never seen a boring GSP fight? hahhaah really funny what a joke!

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Right. Dudes on here gettin’ all offended and taking what she said personally like she talkin’ bad about their main squeeze or something. I guess the truth hurts

        • stone cold says:

          great minds think alike!

        • TheCrippler says:

          Bunch of hypocrites eh? This is most likely the same losers that get pissed at GSP because he smashed Penns face in. If you find GSP boring, please stick to highlight reels on YouTube. GSP IS MMA. there is nothing boring about fighting perfection.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          To your first assertion: I can’t stand him, but if anyone is MMA it is Anderson Silva. And I must stress how much it pangs me to say that.

          Second, there was a time when GSP was an extremely entertaining fighter. Like you said, the St. Pierre-Penn fight was great. But that was more than three years ago.

          Since the Penn fight, he’s gotten extremely boring. As for your comment about fighting perfection, I think of it like this: If Dana White signed Jesus Christ to headline UFC 146, and Jesus did an interview saying he was going to use a Georges St. Pierre approach, I would change the channel. What I’m saying is that I have been told Christ is perfect, but it would be boring to watch someone fight him if he fought like St. Pierre.

        • asdf says:

          The reason GSP is such a boring fighter now, after the Penn fight is because he got caught greasing, and so can’t grease anymore. So, no more ground and pound, or else, he’ll get submitted.

        • IknowMMA says:

          Yes he is boring you have no argument so just STFU

        • Every MMA fan says:

          Fighting perfection? You have got to be stupid, get off Gsp nuts, faggot. This isn’t amateur wrestling holding position, humping and winning on points is bullshit. This is a fight, just scrap, not just hump. If you like GSP you’ll love gay porn.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          GSP is boring and no longer cares about putting on exciting fights even though he has all the talent in the world.
          SHAME ON GSP FOR SHUTTING IT DOWN 2-3 YEARS ago and now he only fights maybe once a year if that

      • 2000 says:

        Looks like Ronda is getting a bit too big for her 4-0 record…She’s gonna get that ass pounded by tate.

      • The Nash says:

        stone cold? you sound pretty cookie dough warm to me.

    • THE INUK says:

      yall some straight little girls, rousey would smash yall into bits.. listen 2 yall fightin over the internet like girls…… She said the truth!! and thats why dudes are gettin washed up……

      • The Nash says:

        So the biggest draw in MMA is bad for the sport? that’s the truth? OK, here’s some truth then. About 1% of what GSP brings into an arena actually gives two shits about Rousey or woman’s MMA.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          brock was a bigger draw than gsp was he good for the sport? now we have chael sonnen thanks to him.

        • The Nash says:

          I don’t think Chael decided to self-ingratiate b/c of Brock though. I think we have Anderson to thank for Chael; subbed him, embarassed him (after being dominated) and was/is high profile enough that Chael could stand on his shoulders. Now it’s fuckin pretend time with that guy. Brock wasn’t that cheese.

    • jacob lee says:

      Her statement is correct, and incorrect. He is bad for the sport, but he isn’t a fighter that is bad for the sport because he isn’t a fighter. Even if he wins, even if he dominates, and even if he finishes the guy, he will never fight again. He has been in two fight and that is with matt sera the first time and BJ the first time. Every other time he did what had to be done. I’m not saying he is scared or playing it safe but he doesn’t fight either. there are only a few BJ Penn’s and Dan hardy’s and Nick Diaz’s in this world

      • phace says:

        Dan Hardy? 😀

        • Ryan M says:

          I’ll repeat… Dan Hardy???

        • lex walker says:

          Dan hardy is a scrapper str8 up, hate it or love it

        • jacob lee says:

          Dan Hardy comes to fight. i said earlier that it doesn’t matter if u beat the guy its about what the fans want. Did u watch the interview? So why write “Dan Hardy?” is it because you don’t know who he is. Shoot you guys probably don’t even watch mma. You are just Canadian residents standing up for their best model.

        • phace says:

          Funny 😀 .. Dan Hardy is overrated..and for the record I’m not Canadian. However, you must be British standing up for YOUR “best” model to bring up Hardy in that line of conversation. 😀 Come on now..You said the Diaz’s(understandable), the BJ’s(understandable), but then dropped off with this Dan Hardy thing…He just doesn’t belong in the same sentence. I’m just saying 😀 .. It’s all good. He had his time.

    • IknowMMA says:

      And who are you to talk shit about her? NOONE
      You have never seen a boring GSP fight? Are you kidding me? Denial!!!
      What about the last 6 fights GSP has been into?! Haven’t finish a fight in years so what that fuck are you talking about? Just because your Canadian doesn’t mean you should idolize this character! Get a personality!
      I think she is right on point GSP lost me as a fan when he started to sit on top of people and smother them out with cheap french colone! He used to come out and fight! Now he just go in there trying to get points with nothing to prove and it pisses me off!
      All you GSP fans go to GSP stop living in La la land and admit GSP is not the same he was. He was become a media whore to engage DUMB ASS Canadians into watching the sport!. Look @ the people his fighting come on!? Kos? Hardy? Shield? Man one more round and he woulda lost that fight!
      I do to hope he gets his ass kicked if he ever returns cause that guy has a neck for getting injure prior to fights what a bum!

    • Breno says:

      Totally agree with you about this btch, but man. I think GSP is a great fighter and he did great things in the soport. But, have you never seen a boring GSP fight?? C’MON

  2. killa says:

    GSP didnt give her his ween.

  3. wadap says:

    hahah this chick should realize that the only reason i watched this vid is because she’s talking about GSP. I don’t give a F who she is and I don’t wanna know cuz everyone who says GSP- Koscheck was a boring fight doesn’t know shit about the sport and should STFU.

    GSP for president

    • drake the predator s says:

      Gsp for president? Go back to grade school and learn the qualifications to be president. What a dumbass. Get off his nuts everyone. Condit is the next champ

    • KIng Prodigy Levreau says:

      Ummm…..I think it was boring. GSP took KOS out with a jab. I mean really a jab, that is boxing 101. I expected so much more from KOS being from the city of “NO”. GSP did what he needed to do, collect another paycheck. I think what people are trying to say is that he lacks the hunger he had when he wasn’t champ and he only does what is needed to stay there. GSP is not a risk taker but a winner. I’m no GSP fan but I give respect. To say that because I feel the fight was boring, we as fans don’t know sh*t, is just plain ignorant. It was boring…Josh didn’t take him down once and after his eye got shut it was all over and GSP couldn’t or wouldn’t finish him. That my friend is BORING!!! Hope DIaz or the natural born killer hands it too him so we can finally see the real GSP, if there is one? One love from the city of “NO” in central cali. WAR PENN WAR!!! Enjoy your retirement and time off. Aloha.

      • THE REAL PITBULL says:

        GSP didn’t stop Kos because he didn’t want to. It was for the same reason Ali kept Patterson around, for a prolonged episode of punishment. Kos was out for how long, and it was because he ran his mouth. He will do Diaz the same way! As far as Rousey goes she is just a Cezar Gracie gym slut, the Diaz brothers are running a train on her so she is just running her dick suckered!!!

        • IknowMMA says:

          Come pitbul! Like he didn’t try to finish him!!!!!!!!!.. He just couldn’t!!!!! He’s being sitting on people for so long he forgot how too finish a fight! He couldn’t finish him come down from your cloud man.
          Kids don’t smoke oregano! You’ll come out half retarded like this guy

      • wadaaaap says:

        Come on man, Gsp outboxed KOS and last time I checked boxing was a port of MMA. You can’t blame GSP fot Kos not going for the takedown. I understand what you mean by saying that he lacks hunger in finishing the fight but either way, he still is magnificent in what he does and you gotta understand that GSP is the guy with everything to lose so i understand him not taking all the risks of going for the finish and losing his focus. Also I agree on Condit beating Diaz for the interim belt, but GSP will win against Condit for the real UFC welterweight belt.

        Much love. X

  4. Jb says:

    I think the GSP debate separates people who know mma and those who don’t. GSP is a phenomenal champ. He tries to finish fights just doesn’t always happen.most of his opponents choose not to strike and when they do they see Kos face ect… people should really watch the fights over. Does he KO everyone? No but to say he’s bad for mma is ignorant

    • IknowMMA says:

      Man it almost never happends that’s the difference!

    • Every MMA fan says:

      I think GSP separates gay mma fans and straight ones. They both know this guy hasn’t been a fighter in years The difference is the gay fan like watching him lay on another man is fighting and can’t stop singing his praises. Amateur wrestling must be like NHB to queers like jb.

      • The Nash says:

        That doesn’t seem to apply with Phael; he’s a lay n pray fighter (boring) but hypes shit up with all his pretend fantasy. If GSP ran his mouth all day I guarantee no one would call him boring. It’s all relative.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      yeah that same logic for gsp could have been applied to fitch all the years he went undefeated. theyre boring fighters with gsp sometimes not as boring as fitch but other times just as bad.

  5. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Damn, some guys are on here, sounding all butt-hurt like she’s talking down on their boyfriend, or something. She’s got an opinion, and she’s stating it. So what? It’s not like she’s talking a bunch of shit that’s unwarranted. There are many MMA fans out there that agree with what she said. Get a grip, fanboys…

    • Dante says:

      you tell em’ Bandit!

    • phace says:

      That’s true and she did state her opinion. She has a right to state that. She also trains with his nemesis(Nick Diaz) so it’s expected. One thing she said that I think is counteractd by the numbers is that nobody wants to see GSP fight. When you check it out his last few fights(and others) were at sold out venues. People are actually intrigued by him even though he gets these accusations. I personally like watching him fight. What I see is a fighter who is active in every position(not he lay and pray I see other fighters doing..won’t call no names since this is long). His takedowns are super explosive, his jab is blinding, and he just dominates his opponents in every area. He does go for the finish but he also plays it safe. It’s up to his opponents to not allow him to play it safe in my opinion. We’ll see what happens in his next 2 fights. I don’t think he’s bad for the sport either…people like winners. You don’t have consistent wins in the UFC for being a chump. I have no beef with Rousey over her comments though. It’s her opinion and I actually like watching her fights too. My issue with her fights is that I haven’t seen her fighting grapplers or well rounded fighters. It’s not her fault though. Strikeforce matchmakers have obviously been keeping her away from that. She submitted strikers who are learning how to grapple. It will be interesting to see if she can do to Tate what she did to the others.

  6. over kill says:

    that thing needs to shut it’s cock hole and gtfo, clearly no idea about anything its spittin, gsp is a god to this sport and i dont think ufc would have come this far without him nor will it ever be as good without him, along side with bj ofcourse.

  7. Geir Håland says:

    yes,kindda stupid you all,gsp for president says it all,she whould prob break all your arms.he has become a boring fighter,just cruising for victory against nobodys..when did he last finnish a fight..?and nodoubt he dont wanna fight diaz.and shes so cute omg..

  8. James says:

    I like it
    She likes bj hotness. Lol
    And yes gsp fucking blows strike and
    Lay and pray
    Pre serra fight he was the shit, now he is a point fighter
    Then u got dana white protecting him with ” injuries ”
    Guarentee gsp never meets condit or diaz

  9. Sheek says:

    She works closely with Nick. These statements doesn’t surprise me in the least. She may even have a crush on the guy if they haven’t went the full mile together. So her sayin GSP is bad for the sport is really stupid. People don’t realize that GSP has fought some really tough opponents and with each fight it just gets harder and harder. The tougher his opponents the harder it is to finish anyone. Does anyone think GSP will KO Nick? Of course not. Nick is an extremely tough fighter. People also give Nick a little too much credit. What has Nick done in his entire career? The most significant is probably beating Paul Dailey,which honestly he is only good for his KO power in his hands,,thats it. And he beat BJ Penn which yeah it was good but BJ hasn’t been the same since losing the lightweight title. Don’t compare Nick’s career to GSP’s. I respect Nick but he still has a lot to prove. Before we even get into Nick Vs GSP, let’s see if he can even get past Carlos Condit. Because my honest opinion is that if anyone will beat the champ,it will be him.

    • james says:

      yh man well said bro im with you there

      • james says:

        she prob mentioned him cos he one of the best in the sport come on rhonda look at his competition all class imo no one can even hit the guy hes class hes big in the ufc who better to get rhonda attention and she gets to dis her homeboys no 1 enemie at the same time she just killed two birds with 1 stone in a tasteless manner but she is ghetto at snapping arms just a few mind i think tate by swift upper cut round 1 lol

  10. Yari says:

    Isn’t it obvious she is just promoting herself and her fight? It would be much more difficult to make headlines if it was not for this one: “Ronda Rousey Thinks Fighters Like GSP Are Bad For The Sport”.

    She is just making you form an opinion on her, be it positive or negative she probably does not care. She did just however make sure, that you know who she is. And possibly will be tuning in March 3th to see her win or lose. Mission Accomplished.

    As for GSP being boring. That is pretty obvious. Anyone that knows old-school GSP would probably agree. However, he did make the most dominant comeback after taking a loss.

    I don’t even blame the guy, but he did play it really safe against Koscheck where he could have easily capitalized. Same as the Hardy fight where he should have advanced position, but his corner told him not to.

    Is he bad for the sport? Ofcourse not. And I am sure Ronda knows this aswell. He is the UFC’s #1 PPV seller and one of the most popular fighters out there. How can anyone like that be bad for the sport?

    About 6-7 months ago people had no idea who Ronda Rousey was, and now she is fighting for the title. She is just being smart, taking a page out of Chael Sonnen’s book.

  11. Geeterbum says:

    Everyone’s just mad cause she actually finished her last four fights.

  12. mmp says:

    Let her enjoy her 15 min where she is the hot chick at the party but if u find yourself defending this dumb girl then you are obviously the fan boy. She is over-rated and over-exposed in the media, soon she will be exposed in the cage. Also her big mouth is not going to win her too many friends. Ok so you have some judo, big deal. Your striking doesnt even exist. Rhonda you talk too much..u are not the only female grappler in the world. I can think of a couple women off the top of me’ head that would tap u out. You’re headed for a big dose of hubris.


  14. dante040 says:

    She has 4 fights against nobody’s. And FYI gsp finished his first 5 fights and 10 of his first 12. I’m tired od fighters becoming famous for talking.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Uh, call me crazy, but I’m sure the fact that she’s finished her first four fights in the first round, all by armbar, has a little something to do with the face time she’s getting in the press.

  15. Ireezy says:

    I like how he slapped her at the end lol

  16. BobbyLemons says:

    As much as it’s about the fans, fighters don’t get into the sport to be entertainers, they usually do it from the desire to compete, and to win.

    I like Rousey, but that was a dumb thing to say.

    If you see a boring GSP fight, the only person to blame is the contender for not bringing it to the beltholder. When the winner of Diaz/Condit fights GSP, it won’t be a boring fight, because they won’t get sucked into GSPs game, they will bring the fight to him.

    GSP doesn’t suck, Shields, Koscheck, Hardy and Alves were shit challengers.

  17. Truth says:

    Shields took an eye out, in Alves his groin got jacked up, every fighter who’s fought GSP has slipped into nothingness, last fight he finished was BJ Penn, grease or no grease (Penn’s the goat at lw) and he did it on the tail of the Sherk fight. Fitch just got fucked, Penn is done at WW imho, Kos beat a Hughes washed up by Baby J, Serra is like 300 lbs, Alves is low on ranks, Shields is fighting Sexyama after getting fucked up, Dan Hardy is only around cuz he makes money and the list goes on.

  18. Chez says:


    I dont have a problem with these types of comments but in reality for her to sat that GSP is bad for the sport is pretty rediculous because he is the biggest PPV draw, has helped get the sport into mainstream along with other fighters and he conducts himself really well. Regardless if she was a girl or not I dont think it matters, I think it matters that shes only 4 fights in and shes taking shots at someone who has done very well and increased the exposure of MMA.

  19. GoogleUser1 says:

    Gsp is a boring fighter! His fans give him way too much credit. They act like he is fighting super heroes. He is fighting the same fighters or one dimensional fighters that are really good at only one thing. They are only gsp fans not real fight fans. Just saying! Don’t take it personal my Canadian friends or 12yr old little girls. He can talk about how great you think he is to someone that cares!

  20. Steven says:

    Courtesy of

    Georges St. Pierre is yes sometimes a boring fighter, just because his last couple of fights were unanimous. Doesn’t take anything away from his skill set and mental toughness. He’s not one of my favorite to watch no, Id rather Rampage Jackson (which many criticize him too b/c of no finishes in 3 years, Junior Dos Santos, or even Demian Maia, or Rousimar because of their phenom abilities w/ jits

    Name Georges St. Pierre
    Nick Name Rush
    Record 22 – 2 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw)
    Wins 8 (T)KOs ( 36.36 %)
    5 Submissions ( 22.73 %)
    9 Decisions ( 40.91 %)
    Losses 1 (T)KOs ( 50 %)
    1 Submissions ( 50 %)

  21. Natural says:

    Judo is not a sport bunch a half ass ametuers competing trying to throw people around this gives u no adv anywhere

  22. guamy says:

    I agree with her that GSP is boring to watch. he has not fought any one that dangerous in awhile, he greased up for the BJ rematch. then when he has to face a real fighter like condit he backs out of fight, then gets pitted against Diaz and has to back out again. GSP needs to stop doing back handsprings like a fkn highschool cheerleader and man up to one of these two guys who def. will bring the fight to him. on another note Rousey is soo fkn hot i would lick her blood off my fingers BJ PENN style. LMFAO.

  23. HEY RONDA says:

    Shut up and get naked!!

  24. Miguel Alfaro says:

    How do you know when MMA is going down the wrong road? When actual FIGHTERS dislike another fighter because they don’t carry WWE-style microphone skills! Respect for fighters who take an ass whipping and win, but have you ever saw countries go to war and say “Gee, I think we need to purposely take alot of punishment and get our soldiers injured so we can prove that we are tough!” No! The goal is to inflict as much damage to achieve a victory and AVOID it just the same. The respect for the martial arts and the history is dissipating – now it’s all wanna be tough guys and people who are tryin’ to go commercial with it. Respect for the hard-working, intelligent fighters who get in the ring and perform their crafts to the highest degree. True students and fans of MMA appreciate how you do what you do!

    • bbjr says:

      sorry miguel but martial arts originated as a way to quickly and efficitently ELIMINATE your opponent in hand to hand combat. Martial Arts is not about scoring points and winning rounds. Pride FC had it right

      • Miguel Alfaro says:

        So you understand what my comment was, from wikipedia:
        Most people do not agree on the definition of exactly what the “Martial Art” is, so it would be very difficult to agree upon an origin. Components for the earliest use of the term Martial Art included refined fighting skills, code of honor or tenets of ethical conduct, philosophy of life, and spiritual enlightenment. While many forms of fighting, and combative training have been around since early human existence, the physical elements came together with mental and spiritual aspects in various forms of structured education, most notably throughout Asia.

        Read more:

  25. James Wolfe says:

    Good for her, she is right, GSP does NOT try and finish people. He is boring….I hope Diaz beats the crap out of GSP.

  26. Umi says:

    That was me calling @ 1:26 in the video!!! Girl answer your Phone!!! Dam-It!!!

  27. Ruben says:

    Cyborg, please knock this loud mouth bitch out

  28. bbjr says:

    lol you GSP fanboys who are saying who the hell is Ronda Rousey have no idea what they are talking about. She is an olympic medalist you dorks. Do you understand how massive that alone is>?

  29. CanILive says:

    i sense some puppy love between diaz and rousey!

  30. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    She entitled to her opinion like everyone else but I would rather her STFU because she is turning into a little gossiping whore. Fine stick up for Gina Carano but quit harassing Cris Cyborg and spreading rumors. It’s making you seem childish and stupid. I like her more when her mouth is shut.

    1. She trains with in BJJ with the Diaz brothers so her opinion is biased. Of course she is going to talk shit.

    2. He has the highest PPV’s in the UFC. How is that bad for the sport of MMA? These numbers keep fighters fighting and people employed.

    3. If he is so bad for the sport how come he is still the champ? I hope he KO’s your boyfriend Nick Diaz you fake BJ Penn fan.

  31. DBKlein69 says:

    ronda rousey and other females who act like men are bad for the sport.

  32. Eric says:

    yes mma is a sport, BUT…


  33. Rob says:

    She trains with the Diaz brothers so thats why she drinking that Koolaid

  34. Gsp fan says:

    The truth hurts.gsp fan for 6 years.gsp fights safe and is a point fighter.

  35. Every MMA fan says:

    This isn’t amateur wrestling. Gsp= #1 p4p holder and humper. He would be good at gay porn(you guys would love that huh?). The only reason this guy is such a ppv draw is because faggots like you guys and girls think he is cute, too bad for them he swings the other way. This guy doesn’t even fight anymore. Oh by the way if you have to cheat wither it be grease or steroids OR BOLT H, you never deserve or earned any p4p status.

  36. Every MMA fan says:

    Sooo all you faggots get off his nuts. He is not gonna fuck you, word is he likes big black guys.

    • Shawn says:

      Did you know guys who talk about gay guys a lot, are usually gay themselves. Or in the closet. Don’t know why your even thinking about gay guys. This is MMA, most of us here see fighters. You see gay guys. Hmmmmm. Guaranteed, you’d shit your underoos if you got locked in the cage with GSP. And don’t even think about acting all tough and say you wouldn’t. lol

      • Every MMA fan says:

        Yeah he might try to hold me right? Look you fans are the ones who act like she’s insulting your boyfriend, I just call it like I see it fag. Ha ha try to call me a queer. The old redirection strategy, huh? Talk, but if we knew each other you wouldn’t. Guaranteed.

  37. al says:

    Its all pretty simple gsp is the best because he fights the best fighters at their peaks.(when they are on winning streaks) just go look at hiss oppenents and see thay all had big win streaks b4 losing to gsp. his fights are “boring” because he his oppenents get outmatched in all areas of mma.. its pretty simple…wrestlers cant out wrestle him, strikers cant out strike him.. his oppenents seem to give up in all his fight but must be a coincindence

  38. guamy says:

    he hasnt fought in almost 2 years now cause hes been working on his cheerleading squad for toronto cheer competition in Febuary. true story….

  39. asdf says:

    Slap dat bit ch.

  40. dave says:

    i dont like this bitch…she should be called cocky ronda…..but she is right gsp is terrible for the sport…he fights to out point y9uo and never to finish…he has lost all killer skills…he is too big now to finish like he use to…after the serra fight 2 he really changed his build to more bigger wreslter and his striking has seriously sufferd,,,he use to kick in the face and he just waits for the judges…..had he not stole the decision against bj in hte first fight maybe he would be more afraid to leev it to the judges…but he always gets lucky that fuker,,,,is gsp was main even against fitch i would not even buy the ppv…diaz and bj fights i buy all day….she is right about what she said..but she has only had 4 fights let alone had 3 or 4 runds to figh someone and feel what happens wheen u fight many rounds like gsp////gsp needs to move up to mw if he get threw nik and let new blood take the belt…gsp is coward saying he need prepare his body for mw..liar pussy he cut from 197 and shit,,,just cut 10 punds and fight anderson for big money…gsp will prob win cuz he can pay and prey like cheal…i hate gsp./ canadian he was my fav until he switch his style up to coward trying hold the beelt

    • Shawn says:

      Really? His striking has suffered? Did you even watch any of his fights? All his opponents face was mashed up, like someone took baseball bats their heads. Ya…”striking has suffered”. lol Fighting isn’t about just knocking people out or submitting them. A lot of KOs are lucky punches, a lot of submissions are because the opponent is less skilled or made a mistake. But you can’t say beating on someone and dominating them for 5 rounds is either lucky, or his opponents made a mistake. No…that’s pure domination. Where his opponents literally just give up and try to last the fight. When you make your opponent feel, that maybe he shouldn’t have said all those things, or that he shouldn’t have probably taken the fight, and make break him mentally then physically, THAT’s a fighter. That’s the reason why Silva is so dominant as well. It’s not about him knocking his opponents out, its because he makes them regret. That’s true domination of another. Knocking out, or submitting is just icing on the cake, an added bonus. Look at the Shogun vs Hendo fight. Sure, it would have been cool to see a KO, but in hindsight, knowing how that fight ended going to decision, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. That was one of the best fights I’ve seen EVER. To add the only reason why most people think GSPs fights are boring, whether you want to admit it or not, is because his opponents stop fighting him, and just back peddle trying to survive the rounds. Now if they actually kept on fighting like their lives depended on it, like Shogun did, I guarantee you those fights would go down in history as some of the best fights. And maybe, just maybe, a couple of them would have had a better chance in beating GSP.

  41. Shawn says:

    I guess she only watch Fedor fights. With the exception of the Fitch fight, all of St.Pierre’s fights were very entertaining. Sure he hasn’t finished in a while, but beating on guys for 5 rounds (and it shows on their face at the end the fight) is just as entertaining as first or second round sub or KO. In some ways, it’s even more. Because you see someone just getting mauled for 5 rounds. I really don’t understand why people think he just tries to win on points, or that he isn’t exciting, or that he just “lays and prays”. I guess if your a fan of quick KOs and Subs, you would. But true fight fans are about good fights. And there have been plenty of great fights that have gone the distance. She’s young, she’ll figure it out soon. I like Ronda, but she hasn’t been around long enough, and hasn’t fought anyone significant to have that opinion. At least have an opinion that matters. And by the way Ronda, Nick Diaz has very similar style to GSP. They both like to work the jab. Jab, jab, jab, wear down the opponent. The only difference is, Diaz’s opponents end up giving up and getting TKO’d. Where as GSP’s opponents, just get more beat up and go to decision. I think Penn was the only guy that Diaz has beaten up that bad. GSP does that kind of damage to ALL his opponents. Well, except for Shields. But he got still got his licks, and he got it from a one-eyed fighter for 3 rounds. Don’t hate…educate.

    • Jason N says:

      GSP and Diaz are NOT similar. Top me they are Polar opposites.

      I like the humbleness of GSP, but he doesn’t have any where near the fighter mentality of DIAZ.

  42. Tranceangel says:

    She is a human being and she is entitled to her opinion. You guys are pathetic.

  43. Abuka says:

    I like Ronda and agree GSP is very bad for the support. He is a point fighter not a martial artist.

  44. MMA is fighting. To a fighter its not about entertainment, its about winning.

  45. Jason N says:

    This video made me like her a little bit.She just needs to stop trying to be like Chael Sonnan already. That is a recipe for people to hate you. I agree with her about GSP. He is well rounded, but if he is the best show it. Be like Anderson Silva and show it. Fu@k people up with authority. I don’t think any of his last 6 or so fights were entertaining. His fights before Serra were exciting, not since.

  46. benjamin hubbard says:

    Ronda rousey loves B.J`s

  47. benjamin hubbard says:

    But she (Ronda) is the real deal.

  48. KIDD433 says:

    DAMN SHAWN.You actually find GSP entertaining.thats interesting because to most people,”Keeping ur opponent away with just by jabbing to avoid actually fighting.”And GSPs famous “FITCHING,”to avoid fighting.People find boring and chicken shit…
    You must have never bought a PPV fight with YOUR OWN $.
    As for Ronda,I agree with her 100%.GSP hasnt been entertaining in years.Every fighter out there is paid to put on a show.Especially the damn champion!
    These tap jabs and dry humps are not entertaining!!!

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