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Friday, 12/09/2011, 09:59 am

MMA NEWS: Ronda Rousey Hints That Female Champ Cyborg Is On Performance Enhancers

“Yeah, well I think it would be easy for her to make 135lbs if she stopped doing certain things, and that’s her decision.”

In an interview with Dave Meltzer, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey talks about Cris Cyborg’s move to 135lbs, and why she believes the current women’s featherweight champion could easily make the cut.

With one of the most intimidating frames a woman can carry, Cyborg not only looks like a force of nature but she has also proven such. Having beaten every opponent put in front of her since entering the world stage for the EliteXC banner, the Brazilian champion has proven she is large and in charge. However, sources close to the situation are making claims that the best female fighter on the planet is receiving pressure from her employer to drop down a weight class due to the depth of her division.

This is where Rousey comes in. Making claim, in a round about way that Cyborg must first stop doing whatever it is she is doing if she hopes to make the additional 10 pound drop. For her part, Cyborg admits to walking around on a normal day-to-day basis in the 160 pound ballpark.

Would she lose her edge at 135 pounds and is Rousey picking a fight with the wrong female by dropping hints that she thinks she is on performance enhancers?

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24 Responses to “MMA NEWS: Ronda Rousey Hints That Female Champ Cyborg Is On Performance Enhancers”

  1. dave says:

    rondy wins for most sexy mma girl..but she got lucky in her win and would get smashed by that man girl cyborg

    • steve says:

      you are buggin. do you know gina carano? and of course cyborg is on peds my coach always told me if it doesn’t look natural it probably isn’t

      • dave says:

        no i dont know gina …i have never seen her and i dont know who that is,,thats why i made teh comment….and you dont have a coach ok,,u are not a mma fighter,,u a computer clown…cyborg is just ugly as shit..everyone is so fast to cry pda with somoene success…

  2. Johnny says:

    I want to see this interview….she could just be calling Cyborg a fat bitch. lol.

    I want to know the context goddamit!

  3. KingGareth says:

    A lot of UFC fighters are science projects. Cyborg(f) puts the Man in woman and is or was on something at some point.

  4. han solo says:

    These kind of fighters tries to get to the media by saying bullsh**.
    she can’t handle the pressure Cris would put on her, so she is already making excuses before they even agree to fight.
    She’s a good looking fighter, but an average woman. i would still do her, though, but that’s not a compliment.
    She thinks too much of herself

  5. mike f says:

    Why does cyborg have to be on peds? Because she’s not a beauty queen? because she has muscles? because she has small breast? because she has balls?

  6. orange says:

    I think it is obvious that Cyborg was, and maybe is, on roids.

    When I first saw a woman in her early 20’s who:

    Had a deep voice
    The face of a woman in her 30’s
    What hairstylists would call “dead “hair
    Huge ripped muscles
    Horizontal deep wrinkles across her forehead
    Strong jawline
    very low bodyfat % and yet strong as hell
    Very aggressive fighting style.
    Is a pro mma fighter from Brazil
    Is connected with Vanderlai Silva.

    I thought roids.

    Of course she would be a great athlete without roids too, she is very talented, but WTF anybody who say the rise of Cyborg was thinking the same thing. Anyway, roids are rampant in mma and any pro sport where people perform for just 15 minutes, and other sports as well.

    And Dave, how the hell do you know if that guy is an mma fighter or who his coach is? Get stuffed.

    • Brandon Wheaton says:


    • Matt says:

      I don’t get how people can be a fan of hers. It’s pretty obvious she’s killing herself by taking Male hormones. It’s beyond me how people can hold a female athlete up as that’s the goal to achieve.
      Look at the women at the highest levels of sport that we assume are drug free. They don’t even come close to looking like that!
      And it’s really sad. Women taking roids would probably be even more devastating than men abusing them.

  7. Aaron says:

    Who doesn’t take performance enhancers? Gatorade is a f**ckin performance enhancer.

  8. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    I have been around high level athletes men and woman since the early 1970’s and I am 100% convinced that Cyborg is or was on PED’s without any doubt whatsoever. I think Guy Metzger summed it up the best with a blog shortly after the Carano fight when he said Cyborg winked at him. For the one or two people that might not get it “everyone knows what “STEROIDS” does to a females lower region. trust me there is a very good reason Cyborg doesn’t wear “GSP” speedos. At least that freak husband of hers (IT’S) can say he’s been to the grand canyon. only natural girl athletes can wear tight shorts like Rousy, and Misha Tate wear otherwise it would be quite embarressing to have the same problem with shorts rising up in the front same way they do in the back. Cyborg has tured herself into a man and i would bet my left nut she could beat the hell out of most 145ers like Florian and Mendes as well as the Guida caliber. She is 5’9 and has more muscle in her neck than Florian has in his entire body let alone the FACT her striking would overwhelm him in no time flat. Damn that would be funny seeing Cyborg in the center of the cage looking down on 5’3″ Mendes like “who is this runt?”

    • joed says:

      Sitting on the couch watching TV doesn’t qualify as being around high level athletes.
      Dumbass she has worn tight shorts like Rousey and Miesha Tate.She has passed all of her tests and you do understand that Ronda as an Olympic athlete has her pick of the best roids on the planet. It’s just as likley she is on roids. Look at Ronda’s pictures from even a couple years ago and she wasn’t nearly as muscular as she is know.

      • Bob Dobalina says:

        Joed is looking pretty stupid right about now I’m guessing. Really, Cyborg’s abuse of roids was as plain as day. I’m so glad this fraud has finally been caught.

  9. frank says:

    Rousey dont want none of that GUARANTEED!!!

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