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Thursday, 03/08/2012, 12:07 pm

MMA NEWS | Respecting His Lineage | Nate Diaz Wants No Part Of Edgar Fight

“I’m pretty sure, like, I’m not really big on fighting Frankie (Edgar), you know? Frankie came down to train with me and he represents Renzo Gracie and Ricardo Almeida, I train with Cesar (Gracie) so, I really don’t want no part of that fight. I’m mostly interested in fighting people I don’t know. “

The second half of the Diaz brother, Nate Diaz, tells that he is not interested in fighting anyone he knows and that includes, Frankie Edgar.

Nate was promised a shot at the UFC’s lightweight title with a win over Jim Miller at UFC on Fox 3. However Edgar recently earned his rematch against Benson Henderson to try and regain the title he just lost.

If the two Gracie products both win, will Nate turn down a shot at UFC gold or will he suck it up and fight for the title?


Watch the full video interview on page 2.

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62 Responses to “MMA NEWS | Respecting His Lineage | Nate Diaz Wants No Part Of Edgar Fight”

  1. lex walker says:

    i would love for nate to be tha champ but i dnt c him beating ben

  2. NYC MMA says:

    I am a big fan of him and his brother, but these guys cant hold down an interview, wtf? They are great fighters, but damn, man up for an interview and speak clearly. It’s like super freakin ADHD!!!!! Learn how to talk to interviewers, it’s like watching Rocky Balboa giving an interview!!!!

    • Dustin says:

      i agree dana always said ppl in the ufc are highly educated. he shoulda said excluding the diaz brothers. they are half retarded and have slack jaws. and thinks its “cool” to act black and gangster.. lol they are the definition of unprofessionalism

      • steveb says:

        Not at all racist…..

      • andrew says:

        act black how does some one act black u raciest asshole and he acts like a gangster huh training all the time and teaching kids is acting gangster wow u my friend are the one who is half retarded

        • Mr. Z says:

          Dennis is an uneducated fool. He’s probably married to his sister in Kentucky.

          Sure the Diaz can’t articulate themselves as well as others while on the spotlight but they’re smart enough to successfully master mixed martial arts!!

        • hank says:

          You guys are funny. Calling him stupid when you fools cant even write a paragraph without spelling errors.

        • chris says:

          Now who’s being prejudice?

        • Ullysses31 says:

          Amen brutha!

      • Ryan M says:

        Dustin, you are an asshole. You racist piece of shit.

      • Nick "Mount Everest" Diaz says:

        i act like dustin

        an uninformed, uneducated, pee drinking, poop eating,

        and ye… still a virginator

        • Gouldx87 says:

          that…was stupid.
          Diaz brothers have both said they dont care for the camera time and stuff they just want to fight. Its not a big deal i personally dont do well infront of camera’s either so i can respect their position on that. I don’t think that makes either of them stupid and im not even a fan of theirs. they’re both intelligent and have done will with their sport and their money

      • EC says:

        Obviously you are a racist. Don’t judge all black people from what you see on television or the few that you know. I don’t think that act like our President at all.

      • fuckin retard says:

        dustin just go kill yourself already nobody gives a shit about your “2 cents”…Tell me one thing dustin what kind of fucking gangbanger does triathlons? Im sick of hearing people calling the diaz bros gangsters there not fucking gangsters there ordinary adults who had a hard way to live and they dont deal with fuckin punks like your bitch ass they dont put on a front like every ufc fighter in the organization..and yes they are very educated how did they get as far as they got without being educated? oh yeah and one more question dustin were do you live? cause im black and i just got out of d block 6 months ago and i got a big fat sausage for you to suck on motherfucker

        • Jimmy says:

          Someone says something that should not be said and everyone attacks – yes, Dustin is ignorant but the best cure for ignorance is education. How about educate and not attack? All the attacking will probably just have Dustin dig in to his position (a potentially harmful position) – what you are doing will in no way shift his attitude.

          Also, you jump on Dustin for being racist and at the same time you use ablest language (“retard”). Dustin is being attacked for being discriminatory and people are using discriminatory language to attack him – ironic.

      • Alex Daas says:

        Which of the following would best describe Dustin:

        A – young
        B – ignorant
        C – racist
        D – donkey
        E – all of the above

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        Only dumbass hicks think they are gangster if you ever met a REAL gangster you would see that’s something they are not they just don’t give good interviews who the fuck cares they come and fight harder than most people in the UFC without a doubt and that should be all that matters they put on a show not run like pussies or stall and do any of that bull

      • Dino says:

        Your so stupid I would love to see you actually say that kinda of stuff to either of them you would get your ass kicked…you probably fight like kip from napoleon dynamite that’s why you have to be a bad ass behind your keyboard. you pussy

    • Ronnnin says:

      They are smart at fighting. Thats all that matters

  3. lol says:

    so the fk what if they cant hold down a interview. Dont judge a man by his words judge him by his actions. You sheeps are more retarded to judge these guys with talent by their words.

  4. danny says:

    nate will fight frankie if presented with a title shot, thats a no brainer.

    • effyocouch says:

      Nah, Nate doesn’t care about a title shot. He just cares about having awesome fights. And that’s a real fighter if you ask me.

      • Don Dangerously says:

        Agreed. To some fighters, there is more to life than a title shot. Friendships and relationships are more important. Like Nick Diaz said, If Jake Shields had have won the title from GSP, he would have been happy to be called number two. Nate Diaz would been fine being number two.

      • Mo says:

        FYI nobody asked you. Now get your ass back to the bottom of the gene pool.

  5. jo says:

    sounds like an excuse to me. He scared…

  6. lmao says:

    Nate, thats great you have respect for him but so did your bro for BJ Penn…Go out there and do your job and lay off the pipe!

  7. tim says:

    Him not fighting Edgar because of them both being Gracie fighters is understandable to a certain extent. It’s just like his brother fighting GSP. he was going to do it even if GSP is a “Gracie” Barra Black belt. Yeah they had issues with it but in the end you need to just suck it up and progress in your career.

  8. jrog says:

    WTF Nate I like you your a tough MF but that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I could see if you were in the same camp,I would dissagree but I could see it. You are a pro fighter you are suposed to be reaching for number 1. I would fight my friend and try to kill him in the cage. After the fight I’d sit by his hospital bed and nurse him back to health and we would the number 1 and 2 in the world and thatd be bad ass. You fight who is in the way to the top not personal just buisiness.

    • Andy says:

      EXACTLY! The one thing I don’t understand about MMA. Teams are ruining the competition. Oh I can’t fight him, he’s the champ we’re best friends. Then what did you get into this for? Eventually there will be only 4 big teams and a huge bottleneck due to the fact that teammates won’t fight teammates.
      The same reason I don’t get nascar. You spend 4 hours driving around the track then you have a chance to win and you decide to block for your teammate? huh?

  9. Beaner says:

    Why are people complaining about his on camera shyness? Some people are shy and don’t like being interviewed on camera. He does the best he can. Im a very shy anti social person except to people I really know well. But when it comes to sports I can be infront of hundreds to thousands and not give a fuck. Just don’t ask me to talk infront of all them.

  10. AK says:

    Of course he would fight for the title if given the chance.

  11. Vince Vuong says:

    Great to see that Diaz brothers have some respect.

  12. Liam says:

    You fight who’s put in front of you! Dana white needs to put his foot down on this “I’m not fighting my friends” bullshit.

  13. Alex says:

    Seriously! The Diaz brothers suck…I hate hate hate Frankie Edgar but he’d own Nate hell Jim miller is gonna own him no point in conversing over Nate and title fight cause he will never get one in the UFC

  14. NEIL says:

    For fuck sake these guys are suppose to be professional fighters! They should be professional and fight each other. The contract should say they should fight who they are told to fight with the amount of money they are earning, the only time you can opt out is if you’re called in on short notice due to injury or if you’re a champion fighting in a different weight class like aderson silvas does.

  15. Don Dangerously says:

    Ahhhhh…….So many opinions…….So many narrow minds……

  16. hahahanninen says:

    I like the Diaz brothers, they are exciting to watch, unlike a lot of other atheletes who call them selves “fighters.” Everyone hates on them for not being able to express themselves vocally…but someone who is that good and talented at something (jiu jitzu, and fighting in general) then they can’t be dumb.

  17. zombie.killer says:

    It’s better to have respect and show it than to potentially burn a bridge with a friend over a belt and some money. The only person you answer to at the en of the day is yourself and to God, and if, in your heart of hearts, you don’t want to fight a friend due to your respect to him, then that’s fine by all counts. It isn’t a matter of fear of his skill, it’s simply being respectful.

  18. lovinmma89 says:

    if that is the case where he and frankie could potentially fight i say suck it up and go for the gold, brian stann and chael sonnen had no problem brawling for a shot at the middleweight title, you can be friends and still fight, at the end of the day the UFC is a business and you have to take care of yourself and make some money and potentially a legacy to be remembered for a long time. I think the whole friend thing is just a cop out because you think you could lose to your friend and thats bragging rights. I had to play football againist friends and wrestle friends in high school and we would still knock each other on our asses and throw each halfway across the mat if we got the chance and we always shook hands afterwards and said good job

  19. Koolaid says:

    Why the hell Edgar getting a rematch? Ben won decisively.

  20. true mma says:

    WTF nate, you can’t fight at 170 because Rory tossed you around like a rag doll and now you fight edagr because he’s a gracie fighter. Plus you wouldn’t Gilbert either. I understand not wanting to fight Gilbert but Edgar. Seriously nate.

  21. true mma says:

    All joking aside nate needs to see a speech specialist before doing any more interviews because that lisp and bad acne make it hard for him to pass as a badass.

  22. true mma says:

    This is bullshit Nate. What happens if your in one of those staked camps like Jackson, blackzilians, AKA or blackhouse. Who you going to fight if you won’t fight someone you know. It’s not like Edgar is your brother. Edgar probrably doesn’t give a fuck about you. He just wants his belt back even if that means fighting you nate.

  23. jonsey says:

    both the diaz bros would be champs in pride or another organization that scores fair and correct….the problem is the diaz bros fight to finish and fight to hurt you only,,they dont think about wrestling for points or winning points always,,they are the best fighters in there weight classes…its just to bad they dont get the credit they deserve cuz of the fake fukin scoring

  24. E716 says:

    An interview does not have shit to do with the way they fight

  25. Fraud says:

    OBAMA been proved a fraud a few days ago and nobodies saying anything,BLIND BLIND BLIND BLIND…Thats all.

  26. roberts says:

    jesus lives


    Uh fuckin retard….its obvious your uneducated with MMA and your Diaz brothers knowledge. Neither of them finished high school so they are as about as intelligent as a 14 year old. Actually I think Nate didnt even finish 8th grade. So unless either of them are rainman then they’re retarded. Oh yeah all you shut up with this racist shit. Because im sure all black people love whites right?? This double standard with racism is old as hell already. Cain has a tattoo that says brown pride and he’s a mexican hero. If a guy had a tattoo that says white pride all the blacks and mexicans would bitch and moan just like blacks still do about slavery. In other words get over the shit already, move on and shut the fuck up. My point is proven especially after all the whining about the guy with the white steel tattoo. So stop hating white people and kill each other because thats what yous do best. Dumbasses commit genocide on your own race and you fuckin useless cry babies call us racist. Look at one other first and then speak fuckin morons!!

  28. guamy says:

    man there are so many grammar mistakes in your comment @ILLSPELLITOUTFORYOURETARDS!! that i think you might be the one that never finished 8th grade LMAO. The racism is a double standard, that i can agree on but you dont combat racism with more racist rehtoric MORON. BROWN PRIDE !!! GUAM PRIDE!!

  29. upunk says:

    all you diaz brother haters can suck it up !

  30. jersey says:

    I dont think nate would want all the media attention that comes along with being the champ

  31. bryanfury85 says:

    He will fight him. He just would prefer not to fight him. But if a title is on the line he will go through with it.

  32. Xaninho says:

    As long as Aldo stays in the 45 division he will remain the champ, I just don’t see anyone at that weight capable enough to take it from him.

  33. Xaninho says:

    As long as Aldo stays in the 45 division he will remain the champ, I just don’t see anyone at that weight capable enough to take it

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