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Tuesday, 12/13/2011, 12:32 pm

MMA NEWS – QuickTwitt:Junie Browning Claims Self Defense In Thailand Brawl


39 Responses to “MMA NEWS – QuickTwitt:Junie Browning Claims Self Defense In Thailand Brawl”

  1. DewYouKnow8 says:

    Haha thats actually a crazy story.. beats my weekend

  2. Eric says:

    call me crazy, but i believe junie that it was self defense. you hear about it all the time about ppl picking fights with pro fighters. if you read his first blog too, you can tell he was trying to become a better person. i’m not even a UFC fighter, and when ppl find out i train and fight, some try to pick fights in clubs and others always bother me to spar them. WTF?!

    • Reasonable Thoughts says:

      Yeah I know what that’s about brother, I get the same thing. You tell a guy you like to fight and that you’ve been in a gym for x amount of years and all the sudden it’s big words and trash talk lol. Had a guy once say to me “training don’t mean nothing anyway, all fighting is about is who can take the most punches to the head!”, which made me laugh pretty hard! Needless to say, I didn’t fight the poor guy, he didn’t know what he was getting into lol

      • jj says:

        Def true i wish I had a dollar for everytime someone from my town has tried to fighter. Cus ppl hear like don’t fuck with him, or he’s pretty tough he’s a good fighter. Then every dude in the place sprouts some beer muscles and want to test you. And I’m definitely more mature then junie but there was even more occasion that I didn’t have a choice to bang it out. Hell one occasion I had 7 dudes trying to start with me before I finished my first beer. Of course they were so drunk they could barely stand I could of blown them over. But for some reason felt like testing while I sat with my girl minding my own business. The only problem for junie which he could be completely innocent but his previous reputation throws doubt in everyone’s head.

        • Eric says:

          yeah, his past is going to haunt him. however, i’m a firm believer that people can change. I just hope that’s the case with junie. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

        • jj says:

          Also the only problem in situations like this just like mine when you out numbered and cops are involved you got 7 dudes lying and its just your word. Not to mention when the cops your a fighter the first thing they think is your a hot head and started it. Even though im professional about my conduct and fighting the only thing that saved me was someone actually recorded it. I doubt that junie will be so fortunate so if he was innocent I wish him luck I been there before and its a shitty situation

        • Bullshit! says:

          don’t make up stories fag!

        • jj says:

          Yea what ever you say pussy boy…can’t even use your name to talk shit on the internet your a bad man look out. I have no reason to lie and sorry that your too much of a bitch to train cus anyone who actually does know that these type of situations happen all the time. So get a hobby or a life or even better yet take your own life!

        • jdub says:

          I love how both of you train MMA and are good fighters and people pick fights with you. More like your both tards and people see that you wear one MMA shirt and think you train. And any good fighter never mentions it rarley because good fighters put the spot light somewhere else…..your both garbage trying to gain self confidence on a forum….lmao get a life and out of your mothers basement…btw watching UFC doesnt count as training loool

  3. UberMoose says:

    I may steal that for my update…

  4. A Stripes says:

    Sounds like faber’s story.

  5. Fortyb4five says:

    Ill take anything Browning says with a grain of salt.

  6. 808 says:

    Sounds like what I went through when I was in the Philippines. Was wearing my ‘Just Scrap Mate, Down Unda’ shirt in a bar when some guy noticed and asked if I “trained in UFC”. When I told him that I was a jiujitsu blue belt, he threw a punch. I ate the shot to give him a harder one while his two friends jumped in on the action. Luckily my taxi driver was on the other side of the room, so he jumped in and smashed their faces with his baseball bat. Cops came shortly after to give us shit, but a flash of a hundred dollar bill was all it took to get off the hook.

    Third world asian countries are a blast.

  7. orcgod says:

    faber’s incident was in Indonesia, but they’re kinda similar. There’s always some crazy fucktards all around, just be careful.

  8. Snooks says:

    Don’t I feel like a dick for trash talkin’ him on the “man hunt” one… Sorry dude. Bias media. Hope all is well.

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This story kicks the shit out of the Hangover 2. That movie sucked so hard.

  10. Chris Mason says:


    Troubled TUF veteran Junie Browning is being sought by Thai authorities for fighting in a bar and a hospital.

    Police have mounted a Phuket-wide hunt for an American man who started one brawl in a Phuket bar then continued it in the emergency treatment ward at Patong Hospital.

    Authorities at Phuket International Airport are on the alert for the man.

    Police have named the suspect they wish to interview as Allen Browning, 26, a Thai boxer who fled into the night on Sunday in Patong and has not bee seen since.

    Earlier in the night, Mr Browning allegedly was seen beating up on an expat woman in a bar in Patak Road Karon. He also lashed out at Thai female staff when they tried to intervene, police said.

    Four other tourists from Australia and the US also attempted to intervene but Mr Browning lashed out at them, too, police said. The brawling continued when all the participants were taken for treatment at Patong Hospital.

    An officer at Chalong Police Station said that Mr Browning started fighting in the hospital but had fled by the time police from Patong arrived.

  11. lloyd says:

    Hahaha resuscitated in the ambulancand ready to fight on arrival… id love to have been there to see wut really went down

  12. ThaGreenBandit says:

    At one time, dude seemed like he had so much potential. Hope he gets it together

    • Michael says:

      I know what you are saying, but personally, I never saw any potential in him. He hit hard and had an image I guess, but what else did he ever do? I actually hit a nice pay day when he fought Cold Miller because about 2 hours before the fight money poured in on Junie and I played Miller by sub at something like +155. It can pay to read the media’s intentions.

  13. mmaislandjunkie says:

    sounded like he was the one going around with the attitude like he was a ufc fighter ahem jesse taylor. hey junie quick fact for you u were barely ever a ufc fighter and have lost 4 in a row outside the promotion, stop being a punk before u end up dead.

  14. Shawn says:

    There r always 3 sides to every story. X’s, Y’s and the truth. Browning is still a yongin hot head. He’s gotten better. But like anyone in ‘rehab’, certain things will make them fall off the wagon. People with anger issues, even the ones that are trying be more tolerant, can be pushed over the already narrow edge they are standing on. Chris Mason’s post sounds a little more detailed and believable than Brownings account. Still, people could have started with him.

  15. It sucks to see a talented guy like this choose a path like this in his life. Whenever you see a legend of the sport and one of the best of all time like Junie choose a path of destruction you just got to hope for the best. Hopefully he gets himself together and wins another UFC title.

  16. Thetude says:

    yea shit like this makes wish i wasnt in the sport, im not saying real famous or even that well known of a fighter, but once you get a rep of being in mma there are a thousand drunk punks that wanna come step on your toes just to get a rise out of you. Common sence says that an mma fighter should have less poeple challenging them but the opposite is true, i just wish that people who wanna get drunk and start a ruccus had the same balls to step into a cage sober. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT! i wish drunk frat boys fought one on one cause i could run through 50 of those bitches a night and bang there girls. hahaha

  17. Ruch says:

    People talk a lot of shit when they dunno the facts str8 punks

  18. 4 reels tho says:

    yea this one time i went in this bar and all these huge dudes ice grilled me and i was like “all your nutz are mad small” and i round house kicked them all in a circle and my feet never even touched the ground…..and then i realized that my story and most of the other stories on here are total shit and all the liers should t-bag DEEEZ NUTZ!!!!!….in the old throat

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