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Tuesday, 01/10/2012, 06:34 am

MMA NEWS – QuickTwitt: "If Cyborg Wants To Clear Her Name, Let The Commission Test What She Took," Says Bas Rutten

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28 Responses to “MMA NEWS – QuickTwitt: "If Cyborg Wants To Clear Her Name, Let The Commission Test What She Took," Says Bas Rutten”

  1. Bigfan says:

    Bas says this everytime someone gets caught, I love it!

  2. MMA MASTER says:

    Bas is right, If Cyborg wants to clear her name tell them what you took its that simple.

  3. holster says:

    yeah and THEY always say ” i dont know what i took.”

  4. Logon says:

    Bas is a straight shooter

  5. Julio Figueroa says:

    Bass is right….. just do it Cyborg…

  6. GreenTeaBagger says:

    No kiddin; action talks and bullshit walks.

  7. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:


    MINE IS :


    • adam says:

      You haven’t been around for very long have you? Sherk, Josh Barnett, Todd Duffee, Ed Herman, Thiago Silva. Tons of fighters are on them, just not all of them get caught.

    • Mike R says:

      you cant add Chael to the situation because he was being treat for below normal testosterone levels, most wrestlers go through this because of years of cutting weight screws up your hormone levels , Dan hendo gets the same treatment as chael because of age and years of weight cutting

      • spirit splice says:

        Actually he can because like Marquardt, his ratio was way off, which means he was taking much more than his condition required, which is cheating.

        • fedorVbrock says:

          actually he cant, his suspension was cleared because the commission “misplaced” a doctors note sonnen sent to them. Meaning unlike marquardt he had doctors clearance which means he CAN do it, which is why his suspension went from 12 months to 6 to just straight up canceled.

        • penn fan says:

          well said.

          you can take the “treatment” to restore you to normal levels… once you exceed these levels, its no longer a “treatment” its cheating.

    • EdSoares'Balls says:

      Royce Gracie
      Chris Leben
      Josh Barnett
      Sean Sherk
      Vitor Belfort
      Stephan Bonnar
      Dennis Hallman
      Antonio Silva
      Cris Cyborg
      Kevin Randleman

  8. uneducatedonthis says:

    wouldnt it be illegal to put that in a drink ?

  9. Michael says:

    Bas is right on the money, the problem is; there is no drink. She has been straight juicing for a minute and she is well aware that she has been cheating.

    • restingbird says:

      +1 that. Anyone that is surprised by this is totally ignorant. I bet shes been on PED cocktails her entire career. Her excuse is a lame attempt at saving face. I saw a video of her lift Tito Ortiz off the ground. I’m sorry but chicks just are built to be that strong naturally. Plus, she sounds like a dude too. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck……must be a duck

  10. OakCliffTopdog says:

    Restingbird I saw that vid too and I thought the same thing. It should come as no suprise. If I was Gina I would feel good right now knowing I lost to someone who had an illegal advantage over me. My question is how can the man Cyborg be married and attracted to her?

  11. vinny says:

    There are video clips of Cyborg going back just a few years, she looks 100% different. Everyone knew she was a juice monkey but nobody said anything, she got caught, no female should be allowed to fight other females when they have the strength of a male fighter. That is very dangerous for the female fighter who is not cheating. All of her fights in Strikeforce have been while she has been juicing big time, anyone who doesn’t believe that is just kidding themselves. You can not prove it now but she needed to be caught, she was just throwing it in everyone’s face by her physical appearance. The commissions should monitor her very carefully because this is dangerous.

  12. Carlos says:

    Restingbird just because a girl can lift a 200+ pound person it doesn’t mean they’re on roids as for Cyborg yeah she was definitely juicing

    • restingbird says:

      I agree, there are rare females that can pull it off naturally. My point is, the vast majority cannot do that naturally. They simply are not built that way. It comes down to basic physique. When cyborg was tearing through these females as though a dude was in there and her voice sounds like she’s been on testosterone, that’s far from natural. It’s sad because Women’s MMA was finally getting traction. She probably has single handedly set Women’s MMA back several months.

  13. raven says:

    i said the same thing when she first came out with this bs story…..tell the drink and hand it over for we can text it…you manly liar….she shoould havee given her husband some then he could win

  14. Ryan M says:

    Chris Leben, Thiago Silva, Sean Sherk.

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