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Friday, 01/13/2012, 08:48 am

MMA NEWS – Poll Results: Did Cris “Cyborg” Santos Damage Women’s MMA With Positive Steroid Test?

In our latest polling here at BJPENN.COM we asked our readers what they thought of last week’s news that Strikeforce featherweight champion, Chris “Cyborg” Santos was suspended, fined and stripped of her title due to a positive steroid test result.

Chris “Cyborg” has been on a tear since entering the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Her intimidating physique and unrelenting aggression has put her head and shoulders above the rest of the female division. But has she tainted her legacy with the revelation that she may have been cheating?

The California State Athletic Commission tested and found steroids in her system following her most recent contest and as a result fined her $2,500, suspended her for 12-months and Strikeforce stripped her of her title.

So did she damage the sport in regards to the female division?

After 1,704 votes on our poll the consensus is that yes, she did damage the sport of Women’s Mixed Martial Arts.

63.6% (1,084 votes) of our voters clicked the “Yes” option, while 36.4% (620 votes) of voters selected “No, everyone could tell she was using, WMMA will live on.”

So there you have it, stay tuned next week for the next BJPENN.COM poll.

Thank you for participating.

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7 Responses to “MMA NEWS – Poll Results: Did Cris “Cyborg” Santos Damage Women’s MMA With Positive Steroid Test?”

  1. Robbie Wiggins says:

    Honestly I can understand a fighter using steroids to heal from an injury ” under a doctor’s supervision” because it is tha way they put food on tha table. Santos, on the otherhand has completley rengineered her body with steroids & that is a total disrespect to the sport when she used the effects to go in tha cage and smash women who did it right! I mean as clear as it is,how is she just now getting caught? I mean damn its so fuk’n obvious!!! I want to see what she looks like after a year of no steroids,

  2. Fernando says:

    just upset with this notice, a brazilian fighter dont have a reason to cheat the championship, maybe she drank something in a wrong way or maybe she knew all of this. I guess Strikeforce did it right fined and pulling out her belt!

  3. Tikler says:

    This is the stupidest repetitive question? It’s not as if we haven’t been looking at this juice junkie and asking, “Hmmm I wonder if she is built that way naturally ” She has a mans voice and looks like a damn buffed tranny. It’s been obvious for years that she has taken them and it was a matter of time before she got caught The only thing that gets ruined IMO is the rest of the division gets held up from advancing toward a title belt. The #1 and #2 fighters in the division are being punished as well. A one year suspension is not enough punishment. She can continue to train and fight else where until that year is up all while holding the belt preventing the #1 and #2 fighter from their chance and then come back right where she left off. Dana needs to step up and make an example of her, stripping the belt from her and cutting her for 2 years. Ultimately fans are still going to watch womans MMA as long as it’s around regardless.

  4. baldy says:

    strikeforce took the belt,she’s not the champ anymore, it isnt just the #1 and #2 fighters at 145 that got screwed. 145lb division is gone, so all the women at 145 got screwed.

    • Stevo the great says:

      The only other woman that really fought at 145 was Ronda Rousey…..the rest only made weight to fight Cyborg then lost and went back to 135 division. Dana white already said that they were only gonna keep the 145 division for challengers of Cyborg…..other than that……the division has nobody in it. So with Cyborg gone… is the division. There should only be one weight class for women……that way they actually have decent numbers in the league. It does make sense when you think about it.

  5. CanILive says:

    imagine if women started fighting that looked like roy nelson

  6. DAMAGE nothing says:

    Not to sound like an a–hole but to be honest, Women MMA is like women professional wrestling……. No matter how much T or A, it’s a perfect time to go to the bathroom or get a snack.

    It was fun watching her smash Gina Carano (due to the overhype)…. but other than that, I wouldn’t say there is much of a sport to damage when you have a beast like Cyborg just smashing any women MMA hopeful.

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