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Thursday, 12/22/2011, 03:31 pm

MMA NEWS – KJ Noons: I Can’t Retire Off The Purses I Make In MMA

“I love my job, fighting. But there is a life after fighting. I’m still young, I still want to fight, don’t get me wrong on that. There’s a life after fighting. It just made me think when I got married — it’s hard to make a living on fighting, and some guys in their young 30s, their knees are busted up, they have all these surgeries, they’ve got bulging discs, they’ve had all these injuries and they can’t even do normal stuff in their mid-30s. That’s all I was thinking of, I need to build something because I can’t retire off MMA purses, at least not the purses I make.”

A recent guest on’s The MMA Hour, Strikeforce lightweight fighter, KJ Noon, talks about his money opportunities in MMA.

It comes as no surprise that a mid to high level Strikeforce roster holder isn’t making millions per fight, but what can a fighter do in order to provide for their family once their fighting career is over?

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16 Responses to “MMA NEWS – KJ Noons: I Can’t Retire Off The Purses I Make In MMA”

  1. Isaiah D says:

    Pay the men there money!

  2. bruts says:

    its because he doesnt fight in the UFC, everyone who fights in the ufc makes enough money to retire

    • Ryan M says:

      That’s not even close to true bruts. How do you retire making only 15 thousand per fight. Three fights a year, if you win is only 90 thousand. You’d need a lot of years to retire on that salary

      • DeepSeaGod says:

        that doesn’t include what they pay for their training camps….that kind of stuff comes out of the fighters end.

      • effyocouch says:

        Yeah but add in potential fight bonuses, back room bonuses, paperview bonuses, and sponsor payouts, and you can at least double their purse per fight. However it still would take a few years to be able to retire off that.

        • Daniel says:

          No, that’s still not enough to retire. You have to bear in mind that that type of payouts only happen for the top caliber fighters. You also have to think of rehab, injuries, & surgeries they have to attend to after their fights which cost a ton of money. And should an severe injury occur, they can’t fight for months to a year or so to fully heal. Lastly, you can only fight for so long. Most of them don’t go past 35 years old and you’d have to make a ton of money to retire at that age.

        • lorenzo says:

          did you forget that the ufc covers their fighters’ medical expenses now? or did that fly by your head?

  3. dave says:

    h does not make big money cuz he sucks…and he will never be in the ufc…a goood fighter can retire,,,look and wando his car is half a mil

  4. tm says:

    @bruts you think every fighter in the ufc can retire lol your dumb maybe half of the fighters that are top 10 can fighters like gsp or lenser or fighters at that level i bet nick diaz cant or nate ufc pays their fighters good for mma but theres not much money in mma not right now anyway

  5. Johnathan says:

    You can’t retire off what you make? Welcome to the real world! Invest, start a 401k… At least you live well off what you make! Better than most Americans.

    • evilbeast says:

      I agree with Johnathan. At least you are doing something that you love to do. How many talented people do you think go to work everyday from 9-5 doing a job that they don’t really like and are barely getting by? My job requires extremely heavy lifting, so now my back is in bad shape, but it’s what I have to do to make a living. No point in bitching about it. Go back to school and start a new life if your not happy. Quityerbitchen.

  6. James Maney says:

    Have u ever seen a salary report for a fight? I’ve seen guys making 5 and 6k a fight in the ufc. U can’t retire off of that my friend.

  7. Andy in Phx says:

    Fighting, at least at KJ’s level, should be thought of as a way of opening doors and self-investment. Use what’s left of that purse money (after expenses) to invest in yourself (education, certifications, etc). If you’re unable to benefit financially from fighting and you’re not moving up the ranks – it’s time to move on.

  8. jao says:

    noons made $65 k for his last fight. thats only reported money and doesnt include his sponsorship cash. sure, its not gsp money, but that seems like a pretty nice sum to put some away for when he’s all done. thats 1 1/2 times what the avg US citizen makes in a year. i dont feel sorry for him.

  9. Keep increasing his skills and he’ll be champ one day!

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