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Thursday, 12/22/2011, 03:31 pm

MMA NEWS – KJ Noons: I Can’t Retire Off The Purses I Make In MMA

“I love my job, fighting. But there is a life after fighting. I’m still young, I still want to fight, don’t get me wrong on that. There’s a life after fighting. It just made me think when I got married — it’s hard to make a living on fighting, and some guys in their young 30s, their knees are busted up, they have all these surgeries, they’ve got bulging discs, they’ve had all these injuries and they can’t even do normal stuff in their mid-30s. That’s all I was thinking of, I need to build something because I can’t retire off MMA purses, at least not the purses I make.”

A recent guest on’s The MMA Hour, Strikeforce lightweight fighter, KJ Noon, talks about his money opportunities in MMA.

It comes as no surprise that a mid to high level Strikeforce roster holder isn’t making millions per fight, but what can a fighter do in order to provide for their family once their fighting career is over?

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