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Monday, 01/23/2012, 04:45 am

MMA NEWS – "King Mo" Sticking To His Guns, States He Is Not A Cheat!

“My track record speaks [for itself],” implored Lawal. “I’ve been through college and NCAA drug testing, you see what I mean, I’m a clean athlete. I’ve been tested through USADA [United States Anti-Doping Agency] and WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] for international competition and I’ve always been clean … This is my first positive test for anything, I don’t even know what to say. All I know is that the truth will come to light and I know that I’m a clean athlete, I know that I can guarantee that I am a clean athlete.”

“I’ve never used any performance enhancer in my life,” declared Lawal, who along with manager Mike Kogan seem to be targeting a sizeable stash of supplements and anti-inflammatory injections for a troublesome knee injury leading up to the fight as the potential cause for the positive test.

“Right now we’re just looking over everything and trying to come to a conclusion [on how this happened] because it’s ridiculous, man,” said a frustrated Lawal. “I’m in shock. All I can do is keep on looking at my supplements. I don’t even know what to do. I just keep looking over my supplements to see what we can find.”

In a recent talk with, Strikeforce light-heavyweight fighter, “King Mo”, discusses his positive steroid test released recently by the California State Athletic Commission.

Fined and suspended, Mo now waits for his turn to plead his case and dispute the commission’s findings in an attempt to clear his name.

Rarely does a fighter come out and openly admit to cheating, even after they have been caught doing so, but is Mo’s case different? Is anyone buying what the former champ is selling?

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11 Responses to “MMA NEWS – "King Mo" Sticking To His Guns, States He Is Not A Cheat!”

  1. DAMN! says:

    Right… Except for the fact that you got caught this time.

  2. Xaninho says:

    It’s all a secret conspiracy…He was abducted and injected with steroid substances by aliens…

  3. dude says:

    Por qué mierdas esta todo en español mal traducido?!!!!

  4. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Uh, yeah… You know that you can guarantee that you are a clean athlete, yet you failed a drug test? I’m trying to figure out how that works…

  5. davee says:

    they shoulld give a lie detector…like sean sherk…sean sherk actually past a lie test saying he did not use…..but king mo loooks and sounds like a cocky cheater anyways,,this has to be the fighter i hate the most at 205…bisbing wins at 185

  6. SanSooRob says:

    Lol war rampage !!!!

  7. Zack says:

    What a fuckin loser. Not only a cheater but a compulsive liar as well. His idol must be chael

  8. J Dog says:

    yup it does speak for itself, clean, clean, clean, DIRTY!!! He signs a multi fight deal with strikeforce because the UFC said “nope we don’t want you” so then he juiced up to make an impression, too bad he was too dang stupid to realize they test for that kinda stuff.

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