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Friday, 03/09/2012, 10:08 am

MMA NEWS | King Mo Picking Rashad Evans Over Jon Jones

“Bolt got beat by Tyson Gay last year in the 100-meter dash and Usain Bolt was unbeatable at the 100-meter dash at one point. I saw the great Kobayashi get beat by Joey Chestnut at the hot dog eating contest. I saw Aleksandr Karelin get beat by Rulon Gardner. I saw Mike Tyson get defeated be Buster Douglas.

“I’ve seen everyone who was supposed to be unbeatable get beat. So, there is no such thing as unbeatable. Styles make match-up’s you know what I’m saying?

I think Jon Jones is a great fighter and I think Rashad is a great fighter, but I think of styles and if Rashad has a great plan he can win. Same thing with Jon Jones, if he has the fight game plan he can win. But, I’m going with my boy Rashad, I’ve known him since college. That’s my brother right there.”

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19 Responses to “MMA NEWS | King Mo Picking Rashad Evans Over Jon Jones”

  1. bryanfury85 says:

    Rashad would have to utilize his wrestling, speed advantage and potential strength advantage to win. His footwork and speed are machida like so he has the best chance at landing heavy punches much faster than jones can. Jones has great technique, decent strength and reach advantage.

  2. lol says:

    Rashads going to have to win with his wrestling but I doubt he will win because he had difficulties with phil davis and Jones is way better.

  3. Pat Burns says:

    If Evans couldn’t touch Machida, how do people expect him to beat the best fighter in the world? Jones, by KO or decision IMHO

  4. Jeremy says:

    King mo also picked tony over couture. I’m going with the opposite of what king mo says

  5. Scary says:

    Jones has great strength. Just because he does not knock guys out does not mean he has a lack of strength. He is very strong. Ask bonner who he picked up and threw around like he was a rag doll.

  6. Trey says:

    If anybody’s going to beat jones right now before he goes on a record setting run its gonna have to be rashad he took shogun out took out rampage who rashad had to wrestle fuck to win and choked out machida who knocked rashad out so if rashad don’t beat him now I don’t believe anyone will for a while especially hendo and dana rides his dick so hard he’s ball deep in danas ass offering him a shot after one fight I like hendo but he need to fight someone like rampage, rashad, or machida maybe even try him out against davis but if he gets tha shot the only thing he’s going to have going for him is one punch knockout power so still interesting

  7. jonsey says:

    i dont know why anyone talks to this funny jive talking spook…listen to how he fukin talks…the guy aint shit he could not hold the title in SF.and he just rins his mouth…the guy is a clown…jones will smash rashad juts like rampage…jones can wrestle better then rashad..he is just as fast ….and younger…and he also knows rashads weakness….i wish people would stop takling to king mo…this big lipped fast talkiing shitface,,,funny he beat roger gracie and now roger is in ufc….but tht spook still not in ufc

  8. Larsinmars says:

    Why is it news when friends of fighters, or sablemates of fighters predict a win for their guy (or girl)? Of course they do. That not news, it’s obvious. If you want to post predictions on fight outcomes, only quote other fighters, coaches, trainers, etc. that are not directly or indirectly involved with one of the fighters. THAT is news. Thay have knowledge of the fight game and they are not inherently biased.

  9. Neil Sutherland says:

    Anybody else remember the K-Swiss commercials with Jon Jones and all you can say is Damn Homeboy got Fat.

    Then went to perching to look all that weight

  10. James Dubya (@DJ_Nameless) says:

    as if King Ho has a worth opinion.. get this clown outta the media.. he is garbage like overeem.. toss em both to the curb and leave em there.

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