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Tuesday, 01/17/2012, 01:02 pm

MMA NEWS – King Mo Denies Steroid Allegations: "I might cheat at Video games but not fighting"

“I’m very surprised about this. I am very careful about what I put into my body. I’ve never tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug. I’ve gone through, and still welcome, Olympic-style testing. I will do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of this. I’m not a cheater. I might cheat at video games, but I never cheat at fighting.”

After today’s steroid allegations surfaced, Strikeforce Light-heavyweight fighter King Mo Lawal took to to state his case and defend his honor.

It’s rare that an athlete can explain away a failed test and get their license reinstated, however it appears as if King Mo is going to give it a try.

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19 Responses to “MMA NEWS – King Mo Denies Steroid Allegations: "I might cheat at Video games but not fighting"”

  1. ian mearns says:


  2. JMad says:

    What’s up with these SF fighters not owning up to their failed drug tests?

  3. jc says:

    haha king mo is a piece of shit. wait for bellator champ hector lombard to call him out

  4. Axel39 says:

    Lol, more ammo for rampage on twitter i guess

  5. King Prodigy LEVREAU says:

    If you want to get down to the bottom of this…than stop taking steroids. I deny reading this, in the event someone cathes me!

  6. Kyle Z says:

    I actually give Lawal a slightly higher chance of telling the truth than most. (still only like 3 percent but something). His positive test was for a weight diuretic. He’s been a known advocate of olympic style testing for years, and certainly doesn’t have the veiny, acne, chael sonnen looking type of steroid body. I also don’t know if King Mo is dumb enough to do this a year before he signs with UFC for his biggest ever contract.

    It’s even plausible to me he tested positive solely to not have to fight in SF anymore.

    Obv he’s probably still lying, but I’m curious to see if any more developments come out.

  7. the original steve says:

    shit makes me laugh when they deny using steroids. it was in your system. you just put random things in your body without knowing what they are? yeah right. now idc if you use steroids but be smart enough to mask that shit.

  8. GreenTeaBagger says:

    We need Barry Bonds and Marc Macquire to join Strikeforce as well

  9. Mike McMack says:

    How does a person not know what their taking? If a doctor or trainer offers a fighter anything it’s his or her responsibility to know exactly what it is. I can’t believe how many people deny this when they piss hot.

  10. J Dog says:

    “yeah, see it’s like this, I was ugh sleeping ya ya ya I was sleeping and ugh this flying needle landed on me and I thought it was a mosquito so I slapped it and that is how it got injected into my body.”

  11. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    “I might cheat at video games, but I never cheat at fighting.” Really?….

  12. Ricardo says:

    Why cant you just man up like Thiago did and admit it, face the consequences,
    There’s no doubt that you cheated,
    Its in your system, you cheated bro.

  13. Trevy Trev says:

    There is alot of supplements and natural things you can eat that will trigger a positive steroid test, just like poppy seeds triggering positive heroin results. You never know…

  14. Dex says:

    Can’t stand this guy. what a tool

  15. scootz says:

    Yo guys have king mo all wrong he doesn’t cheat at fighting, he took the steroids to improve his video game play, come on give the guy a break

  16. ryan says:

    This nagger is lying . Cocaine was a Hell of a drug – Rick James

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