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Thursday, 03/08/2012, 10:08 am

MMA NEWS | Josh Koscheck Speaks Harshly About AKA Coaching Staff | Video

“I think the reason why everybody is so successful at the gym, over there in San Jose, is because of the training partners. I really truly believe that the training partners is why guys have fought for world titles and guys have been UFC champions like Cain, was because of the training partners. I think that is the number one reason. I think if you had real coaching, you would have seen a lot more champions out of that gym and I think that now, in my career, were going to see big improvements really quick.”

Josh Koscheck continues to explain his departure from his longtime training home of American Kickboxing Academy.

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23 Responses to “MMA NEWS | Josh Koscheck Speaks Harshly About AKA Coaching Staff | Video”

  1. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:

    Go suck a dick Koshchek!

    • Devon says:

      lol with that name you must be waiting for Kos vs Cockrain

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Its obvious they wanted to get rid of Koscheck and now he is crying whining little bitch about it. however Havier mendez or whatever his name is is well known for being a DICK and camirillo is in love with himself and him and Fitch are butt pirates. When is Fitch going to friggen buy some damn double back tape and friggen TAPE back those monster CHIMP ears. Damn Fitch took a double dip in the UGLY pond

  2. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    What a douche bag! Always blames other people for his losses!

  3. Joey says:

    What a dick move. But would you expect any less from a class guy like Kos?

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Koscheck is going to learn how to jab instead of poking someone in the eye.

  5. Matt says:

    Is he trying to talk like a G now?

  6. Thom says:

    man the news section has some of the lamest lowlife trolls on any mma site out there.. community section>>>>>>news section all day.. Good job Kos trying to mix things up.

  7. Coffee409 says:

    A bunch of Internet warriors who have no clue what they’re talking about….. I live 45 min from AKA and have a friend who trains there. He told me a year ago that AKA was going downhill….. None of the fighters are happy, Camarillo left the gym and Javier is more interested in money than he is his fighters. All from someone who actually TRAINS at AKA.

    • Joey says:

      I’m sure “your friend” is a reliable source. I mean, they usually are. Just like the time my friend told me about seeing BJ Penn at the airport.

  8. david says:

    damn i never noticed how huge kos’ nose was. if those guys arent holding pads over at AKA thats fucked up, a kickboxing academy where they dont hold pads, just seems odd

  9. jonesy says:

    WTF whats us josh ?? where is his parenst from >? like what is this guys blood line? anyways kos is shit and will never be champ…he will lose to hendrix next also,,hendrix will also put him to sleep…im shoced thaht any camp was able deal with his mouth for so long

  10. kevin9999 says:

    Kos is tough as hell. Exciting fighter to watch and smarter than all you trolls on this sight.

  11. Jon Watkins says:

    The absolute truth, is is takes ALL of it to be a successful GYM.

    You also don’t become that way over-night,.. like Greg Jackson did.

    I honestly think Greg Jackson is both LUCKY and DIRTY. The guy came out of no-where and all of a sudden had SEVERAL champions from his gym?

    Nah, it doesn’t work that way. So there had to be drugs involved and crap like that. I know that with Jon Jones, he didn’t even LIKE Jones and ignored him until Jones started winning all of these fights.

    As for the rest of gyms like AKA,..

    Yes Koscheck, The partners ARE why you get good fighters,..

    But the gym and the money to run it, didn’t just pop up out of no-where.

    It takes hard-work from DEDICATED people that can NOT fight, but love the sport and want to make it better.

    You should think before saying garbage like you say, man.

    There are only 2 ways to have a gym that always makes champions,..

    The first way is to cheat, like Greg Jackson.

    The second way is through YEARS of experience, having the tools and knowledge to support the fighters.

    Giving the fighters the proper motivation AND training partners to learn new things and never letting them settle in to become “comfortable”.

    If you EVER get “comfortable” while training for a fight, you need to leave your gym, ASAP.

    It takes everything and everyone to bread REAL champions in a LEGIT manner.

    This includes your family at home and the support they give you, your coaches and the people that help to manage your diet, weight and everything else.

    It is a VERY complicated thing to do.

    If you didn’t like your gym, then you just leave, but don’t talk trash about people that helped you get where you got. You might not like them anymore, but just move on and try to make the best out of it.

    If any other good gyms see how you are acting towards AKA, they will NOT let you join them. I know I wouldn’t train you or let you in my gym right now.

    • Bloodhound says:

      Jackson didn’t get popular overnight it mostly started with GSP moving there AFTER the Serra loss, he invented his own hybrid grappling style and you don’t think he’s legit? Most of what you say IS true, but you’re wrong about Jackson, it’s his fight I.Q. and gameplans that win him his fighters fights. Can’t we all STOP talking politics and just WATCH and ENJOY fights.

      Best fucking line ever.

      • Jon Watkins says:

        Sorry man, but I am not the only trainer that thinks this.

        Not only that, but it has already been proven several times.
        How many of his fighters have been busted for Steroids? How many have used “Grease”?

        Greg Jackson uses dishonest tactics to “get ahead”.

        Those are the facts.

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          rofl you a trainer?
          how many of his fighters have been busted for steroids?
          how about you list there here.
          how many have used grease? again how about you list them here.
          i think there have been steroid issues in nearly gyms. its part of the sport unfortunately and if you are a trainer you know you have people in your own gym juicing.

  12. Ryan says:

    Worst Hair in MMA. And I include Roy Nelson and Dan Hardy, anybody. He looks like a Justin Timberlake wannabe circa 1998. You’re 33 f-ing years old Koscheck! Geez.

  13. Soze313 says:

    Josh has never been liked for a reason. comments like these are simply more evidence to the fact. plain and simple, if he was a better fighter he would have won more fights. he should not blame coaches for his under achievements. he should blame his boxing, his lack of head movement, his ego, etc. if he quit MMA tomorrow, he would not be missed. that’s the truth that AKA coaches have nothing to do with.

  14. Karddiak says:

    Why does his gym in fresno is called AKA fresno ? I thought Javier Mendez founded AKA???

  15. Karddiak says:

    And all the fighters on the fight team page are the ones from AKA!!!

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