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Friday, 12/23/2011, 05:00 am

MMA NEWS – Ishii On Fedor: He May Be In Trouble In The Clinch

“I would not say that I have any real advantage over Fedor. The man is a legend and has faced all styles. But I am confident wherever this fight goes. Whether we stand and trade or on the ground. As far as my Judo against him, well yes I do feel my Judo will play a big part of this fight if he decides to clinch with me…. Fedor has been at this a very long time and has fought everyone. I respect his accomplishments and look up to him. It is a complete honor to step in the ring with him. No I do not think that he has become a different fighter since Pride. I think he has become a different fighter from his recent losses. He has become more tentative. You can see it in his fight with Jeff Monson. As for weaknesses he is a complete fighter. He can win fights both standing and on the ground… I feel that I will win this fight via decision. I am no longer just a Judoko. Fans will see how far my striking, wrestling, and grappling have come since I started MMA.”

Olympic Gold medalist, Satoshi Ishii talks to about his upcoming bout on the DREAM year end card against Fedor Emelianenko.

“DREAM: Fight for Japan. How are you! New Year 2011.” is set to take place on Dec. 31 from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The event will air live to the U.S. audience on HDNet.

The Japanese Mixed Martial Artist holds Fedor in the highest regard as a fighter, however after moving to America and joining the ranks of the Reign training center team alongside Mark Munoz he feels confident he can use his Olympic Gold Medal earning Judo to grind out a decision over “The Last Emperor”.

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10 Responses to “MMA NEWS – Ishii On Fedor: He May Be In Trouble In The Clinch”

  1. Kevin a says:

    Correction; Fedor hasn’t fought everyone……backed away from 4 sure losses in the UFC. not even top 5 in the UFC IMHO….

    • riDICKulous says:

      the fact that he din fight the 4 – how can u be so stupid to say 4 sure losses. im amazed at how stupid u are.

      • ricky says:

        cuz fedor is a fucking bitch ass pussy thats too scared to fight in the ufc…he fights in all of these shitty 2nd tier promotions and fights absolute no-names. honestly did you have any fucking clue who Satoshi Ishii was before this?

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Sitting at a keyboard, hiding in cyberspace, calling a pro mma fighter a bitch ass pussy that’s too scared to fight in the ufc..? How does that work? He’s a pro fightter and you’re a keyboard warrior. How does it work that you call him a pussy? No matter where he’s fought, you are far from qualified to call that man a pussy, and guarantee he’d have you acting and looking like a bitch ass pussy if you two ever shared the same space, so slow your roll, tough guy.

        • who cares says:

          yeah.. a lot of real fans that follow mma know who ishii is.. all those bitches who only watch ufc arent real mma fans..

          lets not forget.. fedor was the best heavyweight back in the day.. the PRIDE heavyweight division was by far superior to the ufcs.. fedor is old and has a lot of miles on him.. so naturally hes not as good anymore.. but he has plenty of quality wins before ufc killed pride..

  2. Edgar says:

    Not all the best fighters come from the UFC.
    The best fighters come all over the world!
    If your a big time mma fan you would not juged other mma organization

    I watch UFC,Bellator FC,Strikeforce, Dream & Bamma
    So I don’t know why people talk shit about other MMA Organization’s

  3. Mike McMack says:

    I thought Fedor would walk through Werdum and he didn’t. I don’t know anything about this guy but I know that it takes fights like these for a no name to make a name. As someone who was a fan of Fedor in the Pride days I have to say that it’s really sad to see Fedor end his career this way. The Fedor of now is only a mere shadow of the Fedor that ruled the Pride HW division. It’s a shame that he wasted all that talent fighting mediocre guys after Pride during what were supposed to be his prime fighting years.

  4. dave says:

    the worst waste is fedors bro who i believ was going end up betteer thne fedor and who would now be in his pride..but he has hep c so he cant fight…

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