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Tuesday, 01/10/2012, 07:28 am

MMA NEWS – I Wanted To Make An Example Of Cheating Cyborg Says Rousey

“I feel like anyone with half a brain isn’t surprised. I have mixed emotions of Cyborg being caught cheating because I know everyone knew she was cheating and I wanted to make an example of her because you don’t need to take steroids to win. I think her getting caught is a great thing too. I don’t have the least bit respect for her because I always knew she was a cheater, and now everyone else knows too. If she ever comes back to fight again, she won’t be the same beast she was before. She might even try doing different things like HGH that are harder to get caught for. Who knows if Strikeforce even wants her back?”

Rising super star, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey was recently a guest on Mauro Ranallo’s “The MMA Show” and during her time on the broadcast gave her thoughts on the former bantamweight champions failed drug screening.

Cris “Cyborg” Santos was recently caught with anabolic steroids in her system by the California State Athletic Commission. She was fined, suspended and stripped of her title for the infraction.

For her part, Cyborg plans on going to her Athletic hearing with a defense in hand surrounding tainted supplements, however due to her physical appearance many have already writer her off as a cheat, and that includes Ronda Rousey.

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25 Responses to “MMA NEWS – I Wanted To Make An Example Of Cheating Cyborg Says Rousey”

  1. Reasonable Thoughts says:

    Love Rousey, she’s such a boss

  2. just says:

    Plans on going to her Athletic hearing with a defense? What defense? I meain- REALLY? LOL

  3. Jon says:

    Maybe she can get Berry Bonds Lawyer, so far his defense has been great… lol

  4. BloodShotRetina says:

    There are thousands of substances and almost everyone at the top uses some kind of performance enhancement supplement, for gaining, retaining, or recovery. Doctors have confirmed that it was possibly a mistake. Maybe she just took the wrong brand and it contained traces of anabolic metabolites. I don’t believe she injected herself knowingly, she simply doesn’t need to in my opinion. She’s a great fighter and no doubt the hardest working female mma fighter. I don’t know if she’s a cheater, but please do some research before you bash her… as with any other mma fighter.

    • Xaninho says:

      Ever took a good look at her appearance? Ever listened to her voice when she speaks? Ever noticed how freakishly strong she is?

      C’mon man!

    • just says:

      If she cannot read or spell Stanazolol from the label, she probably shouldn’t fight either as there is obviously smt wrong with her head already! No doubt shes working hard and all that, but c’mon lets keep it fair!

  5. A.James says:

    If it looks like shit, smells like shit, and even tastes like shit it’s probably shit. No one cares if cyborg defends herself because it’s painfully obvious she’s cheating. Everyone knows that Cyborg is on something. Once you start looking like superman or a pro wrestler you’re suspect. REAL TALK

  6. Ruben says:

    that bitch should shut her fucking mouth

  7. the original steve says:

    im sorry ronda but he would kick your ass if you fight

  8. Grammar Police says:

    Cyborg is featherweight no bantam.
    “appearance many have already writer her off as a cheat

  9. BJ Pencil says:

    funny how she’ll fight cyborg and open her mouth now she’s found out she’s on something… wasn’t chirping away as much before… is anyone else sick of ronda rousey’s opinions?

    • jao says:

      i agree. bless her for her olympic stuff and world class judo and for being sexy, but so far she’s been a one trick pony. she’s been given more attention than she’s earned. she’s right…cyborg doesnt need steroids to win…ronda should be careful what she asks for, meisha tate included. lets see how ronda reacts when she gets punched in the face.

      • jon says:

        Ronda has had 6 fights already and they all had their chances hit her face. So you’re either saying that 6 fighters were flawed or Rousey is just that good.

        Stop putting the blame on her just for being supremely trained.

        3-3-12 Rousey by armbar in the 2nd.

        • jao says:

          no, she’s had 4 pro fights. she had 3 amateur fights. yes, i’m saying 7 fighters were flawed, to a degree, and ronda’s supreme judo was all that was needed against so-so fighters. i’m saying she hasnt fought anyone near the skill level as tate or the power of cyborg, steroids or not. seriously,in her 2 SF fights, her opponents are a combined 6-4. i wouldnt call that top of the line. im not blaming her for being super trained, just saying in MMA, against top opponents, she’s gonna need more than her judo.

    • J_Jimbo says:


      Where was this desire to fight Cyborg before? Didnt she duck Cyborg, go down a weight class and is fighting on March 3rd? Now after Cyborg can’t fight, her name is in Rousey’s mouth?? GTFO!!!

  10. io31 says:

    RR is pure class. Also Cyborg is all natural…. both of those statements are as true as each other.

  11. Lex w says:

    She slammed tito ortiz(220+ pounds) out of a triangle he had her in…..enough said

    • chon209 says:

      she lifted him off the ground, it was maybe a foot or so, then droped him it is was in no way a slam.they showed a vid of her first fight on the joe rogan experience and they showed her last fight and it looks like 2 different woman its crazy

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