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Tuesday, 03/13/2012, 09:46 am

MMA NEWS | Georges St. Pierre 'Road to Recovery' video (Episode 2)

Here is an update on Georges St-Pierre” target=”_blank”>Georges St-Pierre’s rehab and recovery from knee surgery, filmed just four days ago.

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16 Responses to “MMA NEWS | Georges St. Pierre 'Road to Recovery' video (Episode 2)”

  1. Matt says:

    BJ was proficient and a master of the ball work. BJ’s form was better on the “arm circles.” Regardless, GSP will get back to health quicker doing some of this style of training.

  2. Scary says:

    What a beast! Say what you want but he’s got great work ethic. Canadians are work horses.

  3. true mma says:

    Take your time gsp because roadrunner condit will wait.

  4. Hostile Hunter says:

    RoadRunner has finished all but 3 of his fights. Get off Diaz’s dick and respect the guy who figured out how to beat him. Carlos has knocked out and submitted way more than GSP and Bj so get your facts straight b4 dissing a true fighter.

  5. &; says:

    man that video was awful

  6. Scary says:

    man that video was awfully great!!

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Those Kettle Bell exercises look like a lot of fun. I gotta try those out sometime.

  8. true mma says:

    gsp is going to destroy the road runner.

  9. Duane says:

    Roadrunner lol good one.

    If any athlete can come back stronger faster bigger it’s this beast.

  10. Steriods says:

    I make any athlete recover from surgery as quickly as possible; hence, look at GSP’s progress…

  11. Magoo says:

    Doesnt look as though he’s missed a beat,can’t wait for you to get back in the cage champ!

  12. UFC VIDEOS says:

    LOL, hilarious video for GSP to put out.

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