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Monday, 11/28/2011, 11:50 am

MMA NEWS – Free Fight Video: Last Weekends War Machina vs. Roger Huerta


19 Responses to “MMA NEWS – Free Fight Video: Last Weekends War Machina vs. Roger Huerta”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    At one time, Huerta looked like he was the future, but now… What happened to the man?

    • asespc says:

      He was in the Fight until what looked like a Rib injury..! You dont know shit about anything!

    • ryu says:

      its all good green bandit, i was gonna say the same thing. hoger huerta used to be sick as fuck and at that time war machine wouldnt have stood a chance. it sucks that he fell off like that

      • ryu says:

        roger* hahaha went renato laranja right there

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          LOL @ Hoger! Yeah, Huerta was a stud 2 1/2 years ago, but once his contract with the UFC ended, he kinda faded out. Started losing fights I felt he coulda won, n it seems like his heart wasn’t there or something. Would love to see him come back. At one time, I was sure he would sit atop the lw division for a while.

  2. Isaiah D says:

    Awesome back and forth fight!

  3. CBraun says:

    War Machine made better porn

  4. get um says:

    porn > modeling

  5. Jes says:

    worst commentators ever. They sound like tards.

  6. eddie diaz says:

    wtf is roger fighting at 170 for..He was a 155er in the UFC and bellator..War was way stronger than rodger

  7. sANCHEZ says:

    phil baroni belongs in the jersey shore that fooo cracks me up wen he talks

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