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Tuesday, 12/13/2011, 11:56 am

MMA NEWS – Ex-UFC Fighter Junie Browning Being “Hunted” By Phuket Thailand Authorities

Remember that crazy kid from “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series?

Well apparently Browning took to Thailand for training and has allegedly beat up a slew of women and tourists while vacationing in the Phuket area and as a result Phuket authorities have issued a city-wide manhunt for him.

The report comes out of (via

Police have mounted a Phuket-wide hunt for an American man who started one brawl in a Phuket bar then continued it in the emergency treatment ward at Patong Hospital.

Authorities at Phuket International Airport are on the alert for the man.

Police have named the suspect they wish to interview as Allen Browning, 26, a Thai boxer who fled into the night on Sunday in Patong and has not bee seen since.

Earlier in the night, Mr Browning allegedly was seen beating up on an expat woman in a bar in Patak Road Karon. He also lashed out at Thai female staff when they tried to intervene, police said.

Four other tourists from Australia and the US also attempted to intervene but Mr Browning lashed out at them, too, police said. The brawling continued when all the participants were taken for treatment at Patong Hospital.

An officer at Chalong Police Station said that Mr Browning started fighting in the hospital but had fled by the time police from Patong arrived.


29 Responses to “MMA NEWS – Ex-UFC Fighter Junie Browning Being “Hunted” By Phuket Thailand Authorities”

  1. magoo says:

    Good ole Junie……..what a loser!

  2. boss says:

    Oh well…… Phuket haha

  3. BJPennrules says:

    Beating up women? I guess he couldnt beat up any thai boxers there lol

  4. Nick says:

    He is going to get butt Phuk-ed in Thai prison

  5. Jb says:

    He’s screwed. No joke over there and it’s not like anyone is gonna give a crap in the UFC to help him either

  6. Dubz says:

    Any press is good press? lol

  7. Hulta says:

    WOW! Shocker!!! 😀

  8. A.James says:

    Sounds like Hangover 2!

  9. josh says:

    Such a shame.. peice of shit junie. Hope u get destroyed in there

  10. Andy says:

    Didn’t he tattoo a grenade on his hand? Good luck trying to sneak past security onto a flight with that red flag.

  11. Craig says:

    The only people he can actually beat, women. What a dick

  12. Cowboy@jacksons says:

    I think it’s cuz his coach Tompkins died.. The poor guy doesn’t know how to hold his emotions back!

  13. hypehpyehype says:

    funny thing is for him this is not surprising at all

  14. Browning once again proves he’s the worlds biggest dick head.

  15. Snooks says:

    That Thai prison for the next 5 years is really gonna suck for him. Way to beat on defenseless people you fucking retard.

    • Rusk says:

      5? You are vastly underestimating the treatment of Americans abroad, when he’s caught I’d be surprised if he gets less then 10-15 years

      • DewYouKnow8 says:

        its called an american embassy.. he won’t stay in Thailand I don’t think, or at least he shouldn’t. (he should hope he doesnt!)

        • Rusk says:

          Lmao embassies don’t do shit dude, Hell they will straight up let you die if you can’t pay the local hospitals outrageous bills…..they won’t even send your body home

  16. 808 says:

    You know, if he just flashed a hundred dollar bill in front of the cops, they would have let him go. Been to Thailand twice and what I’ve learned is that the Police there are corrupt.

  17. Mayhem Legion says:

    They have pretty hard jailtime over there! Even worse i you are a guest/tourist
    there! I will not get suprised if he get 10-30 years over there! And there prisons
    are nasty! Their prison make other look like five star hotels!

  18. Daniel says:

    Using your MMA training to beat up on women?! Fuck this guy! He was a big time loser on TUF and he still is apparently. Hope he gets ass raped in Thai jail. You mess around in Thailand, you are screwed big time.

  19. high says:

    all of you are fucking retarded. none of you were there you have no idea what really happened. at least he’s made it to the UFC, what the fuck have any of you done? sat in your moms basement an talked shit over a keyboard? none of you would talk any shit to junie to his face get off your high horse an stop acting like you’ve never made a mistake in your life’s.

  20. deezy says:

    He didn’t actually hit women u fuckin retards Thai police r lying because they are owned by the mob

  21. drew says:

    mark my words, this is literlally the last time we hear about this guy…no way you flee in thailand on the run, and their most serious police want him…theyll probably want him alive for image reasons of their country…but overall assuming what he did was true…hes not going to just be cuffed…hes gonna get beat so bad its not even gonna be funny…but if you lay your hands on a woman especially more then one you deserve a terrible beating…he deserves it

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