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MMA NEWS – Eddie Alvarez Leaves Monte Cox, Joins Authentic Sports Management's UFC Heavy Roster

Authentic Sports Management (ASM) today announced that it has signed Eddie Alvarez, the top ten-ranked 155-pounder and former Bellator Lightweight Champion. Alvarez (22-3) has built a reputation as one of the absolute best in his division, and has finished 19 of his 22 victims in dominant fashion. Alvarez now adds to the growing roster of fighters known as “The Blackzilians” and becomes the latest professional athlete to put his career in the hands of Glenn Robinson and his hard-working team at ASM.

“I had the opportunity to meet Glenn Robinson and everyone involved in the operation at ASM, and it was exactly what I was looking for at this point in my career,” said Alvarez. “Everything is so organized. Glenn has amazing talent working for him, not just the trainers, but also all of the professionals there. I like the way he does business, he’s the same kind of guy as me, he treats everyone like family, so this is a perfect fit for me.”

“I come from New Jersey not too far away from where Eddie lives, and as soon as we meet, it was as if I knew him for years,” said Glenn Robinson, President, Authentic Sports Management. “He is a truly a self made man who puts family and friends at the top of his list. No matter what you ask him…his first thought is how it affects his family. I love the kid. Eddie thank you! I appreciate your trust and, as with all my guys, I won’t let you down.”

At only 27 years old, the 5’10” Alvarez has already secured his spot amongst the elite in the lightweight division. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the tough as nails competitor was originally a wrestler in high school. After being awarded many accolades, he graduated from high school, and only eight months later, he competed in his first professional mixed martial arts bout. Alvarez opened his career with ten straight victories, which included wins over UFC vets Aaron Riley and Derrick Noble. Consistently competing in a weight class higher than the one he should be in, it finally caught up with him, as he lost to a larger fighter in UFC vet Nick Thompson. Alvarez would rebound strongly from this first defeat.

Alvarez next won six straight bouts, including one over Joachim Hansen, and, in a “Fight of the Year” scrap, one against Tatsuya Kawajiri. He suffered only his second career loss against fellow top-ranked lightweight Shinya Aoki, but came back with seven victories in a row. He has showcased his skills all over the world, in promotions from Dream to EliteXC to Bellator, and has also featured a crowd-pleasing style. He suffered a setback recently, as he dropped his title to Michael Chandler in his most recent bout, but he is eager to get back into the cage and once again dominate the 155-pound weight class.

Eddie Alvarez is now part of the premier roster of fighters with ASM, including “Suga” Rashad Evans, Kenny Florian, Matt Mitrione, Miguel Torres, Jake Shields, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, Melvin Guillard, Jorge Santiago, Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante, Claude Patrick, Yuri and Danillo Villefort, and Cosmo Alexandre.


17 Responses to “MMA NEWS – Eddie Alvarez Leaves Monte Cox, Joins Authentic Sports Management's UFC Heavy Roster”

  1. Stevo the great says:

    What a misleading headline……lol…..take the UFC part out. This has nothing at all to do with the UFC dummy.

    • james won says:

      Stevo needs to learn to read and not skim dont just look for the letters ufc maybe you woulda passed 10th grade

      • Stevo the great says:

        LOL Keyboard warrior going and trying to call me out on education. Wow what a tough guy…..I bet every computer screen is intimidated by you.,….but I’m not, so shut the fuck up little bitch! How bout that I live in San Diego on 52nd & El Cajon Blvd. so go ahead and cruise over! Until then shut the fuck up and mind your own.

  2. magoo says:

    Other then his new management team reps a wack of UFC fighters,good career move,eddies a great fighter he would be a good acquisition for the UFC LW div.

  3. Robster the Mobster says:

    Good for him…..though I would have picked Don King…

  4. RJ KANEAO says:

    Eddie had some not so great things to say about the UFC and their LW roster earlier this year! IRONIC… He wouldn’t be as dominating in UFC or Strikeforce.. At least that’s my opinion..

  5. A.James says:

    I don’t think his management had anything to do with him getting tapped the F out!

  6. OCD says:

    Misleading. Fired.

  7. The Ansir says:

    Terrible headline……I wanna see Eddie fight G. Melendez for a chance to get a UFC contract.

  8. SuperDave says:

    @ stevo the shit talker….you talk a lot of shit on here. Considering you called James out on here and said that Eddie can’t beat anyone in the top 10 of the UFC’s lw division….you seem to be the one talking all the shit. Tell you what…come to the Fight Factory here in Philly, the address is
    2220 e. Susquehanna ave. Philadelphia pa…and we’ll see if you can back up what you say. I myself aren’t much of a blogger, but I like seeing what computer guys have to say about my boy. If you need airfare give me a call 215 237 0675…I’m Dave by the way.

    For everyone else…Eddie’s documentary will be released early next year….be on the lookout for it, and I thank everyone for their support. Eddie will be back better than ever…that much I can guarantee!

  9. Slim Brady says:

    Stevo and the other computer bitches here talkin smack whats your stats 100 words a min. Eddie trains at top level with the best in the world He trains boxing at Joe.Hands gym with a nobody Bernard Hopkins, and in Jersey with Edgar and Dave and I personally watched him hurt Huerta so bad he had to be helped backstage also broke his orbital socket. We have credentials wtf do you have Stevo Im trained in Kickboxing, Boxing, Krav Maga and Ju Jitsu. And my boy lives in El cajon whom I ‘m visiting in Jan hes a golden glove boxer so be looking for a knock on your door. Eddie took big shots and kept coming like to see any of u last a min with him. You talk like Chandler is a puss hes a 4 time NCAA qualifier and top collegiate wrestler. Ufc does have top fighters but to say he isnt worthy is nonsense. Bellator iz tournament you fight the best to be the best in a short time if UFC did this top fighters wouldnt be. They match fights with popularity not the best of the best. Fighters that come over and lose are past there prime. Eddie is a top ten fighter and belongs watch his doc and watch his comeback. Its easy to point out crap when your on a computer and not taking the punishment from a top wrestler and fighter. You people have no idea what it takes to be a fighter and understand the game. Thanks to all of Eddies fans and support, and Super Dave see ya soon to you computer talkers see ya in Philly, compliments of us!!

  10. Slim Brady says:

    And just in case of any confusion Bernard being a nobody was sarcasm. He’s a beast and the champ!!

  11. dave says:

    this guy is just a cocky street kid..with scum bag friends who talk hard online…this guy talking like he will give stevo air fair is fake chump..i would love to have a round trip paid to go down there an teach him a lesson…eddie sucks..if he was any good he would be in ufc long long ago…he lost to ayoki the biggest joke of a lw there is…i saw him quit against that gassed out wrestler,,he is old his movie it is the last time u will se him

  12. SuperDave says:

    Don’t call from blocked numbers…if you wanna take me up on it, then call and have a return number. Last toad that called, left a message, but too bad his number was blocked. Be a man. That’s all its about. Don’t block your number. Make arraignments with me to come to Philly and we’ll have some fun. Don’t leave a message like a bitch from a blocked number, cuz you just look like more of a Pussy than you did writing on this blog.

  13. SuperDave says:

    Lol…you keep calling with your number blocked. Be a man. Don’t leave a message anymore. Don’t ask how to get to the gym. The address is posted in my first post. Here it is again. 2220 e. Susquehanna ave. Philadelphia pa.

    Now cuz you’re obviously a Pussy…this is personal. I’m gonna to kill you. I’m goonna beat your bitchass head off your shoulders. Don’t say anything more about it. Don’t call with your number blocked. Just get here and be a man. After I trash you, I’ll call you a cab.

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