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Friday, 12/16/2011, 08:24 am


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10 Responses to “MMA NEWS – DREAM YEAR END PROMO (Video)”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    Dream always puts on one hell of a show.

  2. dave says:

    nice bad fedor got another easy fight,,,,,,atleast he is still making some money fighting,,,to bad aleksander cant fight even in jjapan anymore,,,i think now alek would be better then fedor,,he was only young when he was starting in pride…butu that hep c is a deal breaker

  3. fourtetshou says:

    Nice, Fedor is good at beating up Asians.

    He shouldn’t have a problem

    • Mike McMack says:

      I know right, he only beats up low level guys nowadays. I’m so ashamed of the fact that I ever considered myself a fan of Fedor’s.

      • Fortyb4five says:

        We call you bandwagon fans haha

        • riDICKulous says:

          you’re right. in the UF(ake)C they are all on PEDs. most are. shame on you.

        • Mike McMack says:

          You can call me whatever you want but the fact is that Fedor hasn’t beaten anyone of more than mediocre quality since he left Pride. I was a fan when he was a real fighter fighting real opponents, he hasn’t beaten anyone in the elite category since then. His excuses have run out, he needs to fight top level guys to be considered top level these days.

          I’ll always be a fan of the Fedor that cemented his legacy during the years he dominated Prides HW division but that Fedor is long gone. Now he’s just a cash cow for his M-1 promotion, I can’t blame him for making money but I’m really disappointed in the fact that he’s dodged fighting top level guys for this long (during his prime fighting years no less).

          Face the facts my fellow MMA fan, the Fedor of today is a mere shadow of the Fedor of Pride.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          I’m not nor will I ever be a fan of Fedor but it makes me laugh when people are fans of a certain fighter then change their minds when he’s not on a win streak.

        • Mike McMack says:

          It’s not a losing streak to me, it’s a dodging top competition streak. Thats what bothers me

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