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Saturday, 01/07/2012, 08:40 am

MMA NEWS – Dana White Strips Cyborg Of Title And Likely Eliminates 145 Pound Division

“We were going to hold that division and just do fights with Cyborg whenever there was a new contender. She’s getting stripped of the title. This pretty much kills the division. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

In a recent chat with ESPN UFC president Dana White announced that Cris Cyborg has been stripped of her Strikeforce title following the recent revelation that she was busted for using steroids by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC).

Neither should come as a surprise to MMA fans. Cyborg had been often thought to be using PED’s but without the proof of a failed drug screening many turned the other cheek and gave her the benefit of the doubt. The release issued by the CSAC yesterday confirmed the suspicions of many and as a result Dana White has stripped her of her 145 pound title.

The leading lady in women’s MMA (WMMA) has tarnished her legacy. To be found a cheater brings all of her dominance into question, especially when you consider her overly muscular frame and the brutality of her performances in the cage which saw many of her opponents bullied with strength rather than technique.

It’s important to remember where women’s MMA was before she burst onto the scene. Gina Carano was the undefeated leading lady with a world of potential, a host of fans and looks that kill. Cyborg took her out, gave Gina her very first loss and in the process all but retired Carano from active competition.

The Carano victory put Cyborg on the map, but without Gina as the leading lady, women’s MMA took a hit in the popularity department and greatly affected the sport for the next several years.

Was she cheating the whole time? And if she was, what would WMMA be right now if she had never entered into the picture? Would Gina Carano be on top still and would she be the huge mega star she was poised to be? Would she have helped push the sport, at least for women, into the main stream picture?

I think there’s a possibility here that Cyborg single handedly set back WMMA at least five-years, because when will the next Carano come around in all honesty? It’s a harsh reality to contemplate.

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48 Responses to “MMA NEWS – Dana White Strips Cyborg Of Title And Likely Eliminates 145 Pound Division”

  1. Night-Wind says:

    Well done Cyborg!


  2. Cris Cyborg says:

    Jokes on you Dana White, I’ve been a man all along ! Here I come UFC Featherweight division !

  3. DeepSeaGod says:

    Ronda Rousy will bring it back

  4. Schlock says:

    Rousey annihilates anyone at 135 right now. She’s not goin anywhere for awhile

  5. original dave says:

    this was pretty clear for a long time,,but last fight you could really see her body looking more manly then ever

  6. quagmiredude408 says:

    I couldn’t see anyone coming close to beating her and I felt sorry for her, assuming that when Strikeforce breaks up she would have no place in the UFC but now I feel she deserves what she gets after being a steroid user.

  7. TCP says:

    The test consisted of someone seeing her untape her balls from between her legs post fight. I think this was as much of a shocker as finding out George Michael was gay. I wonder if Evangalista is the alpha male in that family?

  8. Les says:

    I agree, Ronda Rousey – she’ll definitely get the fans back (better looks, ability and personality).

  9. BobbyLemons says:

    “when will the next Carano come around in all honesty? It’s a harsh reality to contemplate.”

    I think she’s already here, her name is Ronda Rousey.

  10. chibamondrongo says:

    Dana wants Gina as the champ

  11. Adam says:

    Personally I think putting together Carano vs Rousey would be a fantastic matchup, and one that might draw Gina out of her retirement.

    Typical striker vs grappler matchup. Put them together for a vacant title. Makes sense to me.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Gina would get her ass whupped Rousey’s grappling is too good. She snapped that girls arm off in their last match. Don’t misunderstand though Gina is great but she has at least 2 years of ring rust and has gotten comfortable making movies just like Cung Le another great fighter who got his ass whupped after such a long layoff of doing movies.

  12. Koshchek is a felcher says:

    It wasn’t the steroids that gave her away. It was that six inch “clitoris” that screwed her.

  13. Ruben says:

    Good job cyborg once again you have taken what little steam womens mma had going and shoved it down the toilet. First was when she came in 7 pounds overweight and blamed it on a “women problem” now she’s caught juicing.

  14. budda says:

    I think rousey vs carano would be a great fight, I don’t think wmma has been set back at all

  15. Island Girl says:

    If Dana White was smart he would find a way to bring Gina Carano back. She rocks in the octagon and she is pretty. She really could bring WMMA back into the mainstream.

  16. Chyna-the 8th wonder of the world says:

    When are you going to have a heavy weight womans division?? I have NEVER used PEDs and would really loke to have a go at those chicks on Jerry Springer.

  17. bdizz says:

    i was at the Gina/Cyborg fight – Cyborg was definitely on the sauce.- Fucking huge he cock was bigger than mine! it was only a matter of time before they busted her.

  18. Leroy says:

    Once Zuffa purchased Strikeforce I think the writing was on the wall for the women’s division anyway, it wasn’t a matter of “if” but a matter of “when.” This just gives Dana a scapegoat to pin the downfall of the division on.

  19. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    So I am confused so the 145 WMMA division in Strikeforce was never going to have more than two people in it at a time? So there is no 145 division then?… Someone clarify!

    • Shawn says:

      That pretty much sums it up. Dana is not a fan of WMMA. But doesn’t want to look like a dick eliminating it all together. Imo, SF’s days r numbered n e way. Goin d way of Pride n WEC. This is just another excuse for Zuffa.

  20. Chocochip says:

    I tend to agree….after Cyborg took the stage she left a lot to be desired. Not that she had to look like Carano but she did not do anything to help WMMA and therefore her self. What I find just as sad is that Dana White has not done anything either. Dana has made it very clear that he does not want WMMA in the UFC and I feel he does not WMMA period so between Cyborg and Dana White WMMA will have a long tough road to go unless some one with deep pockets starts up a women’s league of MMA fighter with good pay to fill the gap.

  21. asdf says:

    I wanted to say, “Strip the bi tch!”, but I can’t….

  22. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Cyborg is going to BAMMA with Marquart LOL

  23. Buddy L says:

    Honestly I’d still rather strip Carano belt off. Or Carano can strip me. Better yet we can strip each other. lol

    I know I’m a Pig. oink oink.

  24. link says:

    I dont even think thats a woman……

  25. ironhorst says:

    imagine a 255 pound female devision…
    or better not…

  26. Bruce says:

    I always wondered is she was really a Cyborg.

  27. Zoe says:

    Its a shame that people have to use artifitial enhansments to improve themselves, even if it was Diet supplements. There are some women fighters such as myself that would jump at the chance to have the sorts of opertunitys she’s had but just havent been able to access them. I know how hard it is to cut weight but if you don’t make weight then the fight should be held off or something.

  28. salas says:


  29. Reality says:

    There are way more fans that do not want to see girls fight. There is such a high risk of breast cancer. Titty fat isn’t there to take impacts. Look it up. Dana has been looking for a reason to cancel that cancer contest, and now he’s found it. I love how Strike Force still acts like they have a say when they absolutely don’t what so ever. :)

  30. dave says:

    I’m worried since they eliminated Pink Slime that my hamburgers will contain bacteria and make me sick.

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