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Thursday, 12/22/2011, 11:00 am

MMA NEWS – Coker Picks Melendez Over Edgar In Hypothetical Champ vs. Champ Match

“I believe he is the No. 1 lightweight in the world. Believe me, those other guys, I take nothing away from them. Listen, styles make fights, and I’m really looking at Frankie Edgar and Gilbert, that match-up as to who would win that fight and how that fight would look. Ben Henderson, Cowboy Cerrone, all those guys are extremely talented, but like I said styles make fights. I think Gilbert and Frankie would be a great fight, but I think Gilbert would come out on top.”

In this clip from an unaired edition of mmaweekly radio, Strikeforce boss, Scott Coker talks about the hypothetical champion vs. champion bout between UFC division king, Frankie Edgar and his Strikeforce counterpart, Gilbert Melendez.

It is common to place the UFC champion in each division as the number one ranked fighter in their respective weight class; However Gilbert Melendez has made a case over the years to be the exception to that rule.

Still, he has yet to face ranked opponents in his time under the Strikeforce banner and while many believe he is the best, there will always be an asterisk next to his name until he makes the jump to the UFC and proves it.

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14 Responses to “MMA NEWS – Coker Picks Melendez Over Edgar In Hypothetical Champ vs. Champ Match”

  1. Bill says:

    Awesome fight! I believe Gilbert would win.Maynard couldn’t finish Frankie but Gilbert will!

  2. Rusk says:

    Going by his last fight alone Frankie would Fuck his whole world up

    • TheBraveReply says:


      • Michael says:

        I have become a full blown Frankie fan. He might not stop Gilbert, but judging on Gil’s fight last weekend, I don’t think he can stand with Frankie, and I do not think he can take him down. Frankie would dissect Gil standing

        • Brandon says:

          ^^^^ This. I was only rooting against Frankie because my buddy was cheering for him, but I like him lol.

          Coker is only saying this so they can get the idea going, and eventuially have the matchup.

        • dave says:

          yo that guy frankie was fighting was actually a really top level striker…gil just made him look bad…gil is actually good

        • ricky says:

          that made absolutely no sense. maynard and gilbert never fought eachother.

  3. Calabama says:

    I’m sorry but NO SHIT! Even if he doesnt believe it what do you think he would say…

  4. A.James says:

    Edgar is on a level that Melendez can’t can’t reach. He’s got the best blend of boxing and wrestling in MMA and never slows down.

  5. Bobby Larson says:

    Gotta agree with just about everyone else who’s posted. Frankie possesses a style that can pose a lot of problems for Gilbert. His striking is superior as well as his wrestling, not to mention that pace that he puts on. He never stops moving and he comes at you from a lot of angles. His wrestling is phenomenal and the way he blends it in with his jiu-jitsu makes up the perfect formula to beat almost anybody. Gilbert isn’t really known for his standup but he does make for a good brawler. Unfortunately technique and speed beat strength and balls any day. And although Gilbert is a good fighter and a good champ, he’s not the one to knock Frankie off. Maybe in a few years.

  6. Billy says:

    Coker needs to stop trying to pretend he’s a fan of mma. he’s just a business man w/o a clue as to what really goes on. frankie edgar would kill anyone in strikeforce from 155-185… STRIKEFORCE SUCKS COKER

  7. David says:

    Fuck gilbert melendez, frankie would whup his ass without breaking a sweat

  8. Shawn says:

    No one has ever pressed Melendez, the speed n intensity of melendez’s fights have been all in third (maybe fourth) gear. He dictates d fight. He even slowed down Masvedal. But Edgar is a 5th gear fighter for however many rounds. He will force Melendez to fight at a much faster pace, which he’s not used to, n his cardio is not as good as Edgar’s. N Edgar has proven a number of times already that he has a chin, n a heart to match. I’d luv to c this fight. It will test Gilbert. But….Bendo is right there. N I believe he can beat Edgar. He matches Edgar in all aspects, n then some.

  9. dave says:

    this would be a great fight…i would love to see it in the strikeforce cage cuz its smaller so frankie could not use his running away sstyle as welll….but for sure it would be i the ufc cage cuz that ppv,,i still thin gil would win.

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