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Tuesday, 01/17/2012, 09:50 am

MMA NEWS – Another Fighter Popped: King Mo Tests Positive For Steroids

Suspended and fined, King Mo now faces consequences for having anabolic steroids in his system.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission today released the findings from the “Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine” drug screenings and out of all the fighters screened King Mo was the only one who tested positive for steroids.

Lawal was found to have Drostanolone ( Drolban/Masteron) in his system which is commonly used as a diuretic as well as an injury recovery treatment.

He is now suspended for 12-months, fined a portion of his purse and his most recent win over Lorenzo Larkin has been changed into a no contest.

Mo last saw action at the “Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine” event taking out Larkin in the very first round of action by using his brute strength and superior wrestling skills to ground his opponent and finish him with punches while in top position.

Other fighters tested from the evening’s card include main event fighters Luke Rockhold and Keith Jardine as well as Robbie Lawler, Tyron Woodley, Tarec Saffiedine, Tyler Stinson, Nah-Shon Burrell, James Terry, Trevor Smith, Gian Villante, Chris Spang, Estevan Payan, Ricky Legere and Alonzo Martinez.

Mo is denying his involvement with the banned substance and will likely dispute the findings through the Nevada State Athletic Commissions appeals process.

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45 Responses to “MMA NEWS – Another Fighter Popped: King Mo Tests Positive For Steroids”

  1. CanILive says:

    KNEW IT KING HO, go join cyborgs ranks, atleast rampage doesn’t need that crap

  2. Daniel R says:

    waiting for the Rampage response, sure it’ll be quality – fuck queen ho, Page all day!!!!

  3. ian mearns says:

    Princess Ho is garbage talking shit about rampage? Get out of here!!!

  4. CrAzyBK64 says:

    Hahahahahahahahaa fuccing queen ho after talking so much shit. You gotta fuccing love it

  5. the original steve says:

    good i hate this guy thinking he’s good. there is a reason hes in the minor leagues at strikeforce

  6. CanILive says:

    i hope along with his automatic one year suspension, he also keeps his big damn mouth shut while suspended,
    watch him post photoshopped pics of jones and rampage, just like his alpha male cyborg

  7. Saoiste says:

    Wats he gonna get for it ?

    A 6 week ban , plenty publicity & advertisement deals ?

    Wheres the deterrent ?

    Its a fucking mockery , he should be looking at at least a 3 year ban , fuckin junkies .

  8. zencombat says:

    If he’s guilty he’s a chickenshit scared bitch. Makes me wonder why these people get in th

  9. ted says:

    wow too much roids in mma man, STOP STOP STOP

  10. zencombat says:

    Just how shitty of a fighter are these PED users that they have to use roids? Dude, if you suck that badly go do something else.

    • Steven says:

      Exactly no need to resort to Anabolic Steroids. There are many supplement companies out there (the best IMO MusclePharm) that can help take your training and commitment to whatever you do to the next level, just like what bj said, good nutrition, training, why peds?

  11. stone cold says:

    haha what a bitch! rampage would fcuk his ass up any day, but why waste his time?

  12. Andri says:

    Holy fuck.. Rampage is going to town on this!

  13. Dante says:

    whatta punk bitch! just like phael and nate.. cant jump into the octagon with just their skills and spirit!
    punk bitches

  14. King Prodigy LEVREAU says:

    It’s all mental…”Prince” MO is on RAGE, Testify!!! Cheaters need to cheat. WAR PENN WAR! Get Em’ Rampage…Get Em’

  15. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Hate to laugh in the face of someone else’s misfortune, but LMFAO!! All that shit talking, and you were juicing? Didn’t have a shot against Rampage, but take away the juice and you got less than zero chance of winning! You look stupid as all hell right about now

  16. Rampage is going to have a field day on this.

  17. Shawn says:

    Man! Really? Oh well, karma is a bitch. Disappointed in you Mo. You could have at least been smart about your cycle. Everyone else was. lol

  18. Mach00man says:

    Awe Damn Mo!! Doesn’t anyone fight honestly anymore?

  19. james says:

    I love how they posted this with the saddest king mo picture they could find. haha golden.

  20. DAVE says:

    this shit is repulsive!!! NEXT in line????

  21. Long-Strong says:

    lol everyone is waiting for Rampage’s response! can’t wait!

  22. Brownzillian says:

    Womp womp womp……

  23. jeremy says:

    Kin mo common dawg. U put a killer preformance and that was good. But do these fighters not know that there going to be tested. Common get with it. Then u want to challenge rampage. He’s just trying to do what a lot of other fighters are doing. Talk there way into fights.I think his wrestling is over rated but does look like he can be a beast. Stop taking thre roids. Make it to the UFC then state your case..

  24. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha! c’mon Rampage where you at?

    That fucking tiara wearing cream puff queen.

  25. Sean says:

    Wow, this sport just keeps looking more and more meaningless(like a lot of other sports). I knew a lot of fighters were takin em but i didn’t think this many would get caught. Haha, good stuff. I say good stuff cuz i always argue with ppl that most fighters are on steroids, and they’ll say im completely crazy and stupid…now these morons just keep proving me more and more right about this, and i don’t even care that im right I just care they get caught and lose all their undeserved credit.

  26. Xaninho says:

    I guess some fighters take Steven Seagal’s advice and some take Arnold Schwarzengger’s advice….

  27. Ruben says:

    Mo sucks weenie

  28. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Maybe the solution is for every major sporting organization in this country to require their athletes to take steroids and to take them often. Jesus, will these guys never learn?

    Apparently steroids are great, or so I have been told. One time, I was at a bar and the bouncer left the door at the busiest time of the night to hit on a pretty decent looking girl. He didn’t really have a pick up line. He just walked up to her and started telling her how great steroids were. This went on for two hours. One of my friends asked him if the roids shrunk his nuts. He replied, “That shit don’t matter when ya look this good and ya get bitches.” Then he screamed, “STEROIDS ARE AWESOME!” Guy’s name was “Wild” Bill. And he seemed pretty in touch with reality. If “Wild” Bill thinks we should all be on steroids, then maybe we should.

  29. Thom says:

    LOL first he talks all this crap and he’s just another roidhead.. gtfo king hoe

  30. Ray says:

    Lol this info is all f-cked up, its Lorenz Larkin and he lost in the second round, but damn Mo you trippin bro, imma still support you tho ’cause you ma boy

  31. Josh Koshchek is a felcher says:


  32. Leefal says:

    lol enjoyed reading these responses, funny shit.

  33. davvee says:

    hahah this is great,,,rampage aint going say shit about this though,,,he aint gonna give him the attention

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