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Wednesday, 04/11/2012, 08:47 am

VIDEO | MMA Isn't About Who Can Pass A PED Test Better Says Florian

UFC Tonight analyst and fighter, Kenny Florian, goes off on the current climate of performance enhancing drugs in MMA. Florian pulls no punches when he takes a strong stance on the issue.


13 Responses to “VIDEO | MMA Isn't About Who Can Pass A PED Test Better Says Florian”

  1. EdSoares says:

    Well said.

  2. Dee Rock says:

    “DUMMIES” is the correct and best adjective for these so-called athletes!!! Everyone recently caught using PED’s in the UFC are NOT even CHAMPIONS…Junior, no. Bones, no. Spider, no. St. Pierre/Condit, no. Ben, no. Aldo, no. Cruz, no. Be a MAN about it and remember cheaters never win!!!

  3. pc says:

    Exactly. Florian is an intelligent man. It’s about time someone pointed that out- good 4 u kenny!

  4. Jeremy says:

    we need to have a league where PEDs are allowed so these guys have a place to go. for my money i want the best fighters science can create. seriously though the sport is stemming from martial arts. i agree that its all about honor. its really about facing your own limits and pushing yourself to get better. when you use steroids you are only cheating yourself, oh yea and a million fans and fighters too.

    • Joe03nj says:

      I would %100 percent buy a ppv fight where they can use whatever try want. It’s just like early 90’s UFC. Have you ever seen those dudes stand and throw back than? They would just be roid zombies never going down. It’s entertainment, not a sport. They fight for $ in a cage.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I’m with Ken Flo on random testing. This is the present and future of this sport.

  6. Oh ya says:

    Ben stillers got a point

  7. Trey says:

    They need peds in mma for those pussies who like winning bullshit decisions (condit,gsp,edgar,cruz,) and not fighting this is not a sport why dana white and some dumbasses out there call it that they fought in a cage for our amusement I don’t think they should do a drug rest of any kind or make a league where they don’t and o guarantee you it would blow the ufc outta the water cause the ufc and dana white be on some bs sometimes and who gives a fuck what kenny florian had to say bitch you sit behind a table now cause you couldn’t won a belt you need to take some peds and get back in the cage

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