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Wednesday, 08/08/2012, 07:25 pm

MMA Inside the Cage; Miletich Disses Hall of Fame, Talks XFC

Our good friends at MMA Inside the Cage bring us another great interview. Casey Oxendine interviews UFC legend Pat Miletich. When Casey addresses the UFC Hall of Fame situation, Pat’s demeanor changes and he bluntly lays out his stance on the situation.

Should Pat Miletich be in the UFC Hall of Fame?


5 Responses to “MMA Inside the Cage; Miletich Disses Hall of Fame, Talks XFC”

  1. BMJL says:

    He should definitely be in the HOF, first welterweight champion

  2. Andersunsaliva says:

    Bluntly layed out is stance??? I heard him say that he didn’t care about the UFC Hall of Fame.

  3. Casey Oxendine says:

    What is misleading about the title??

    Pat states that his Wrestling Hall of Fame award is displayed proudly on this office wall, while his belts and awards from the UFC are boxed up in his basement. Then proceeds to give his opinion on the HOF.

    The title appears to give a pretty cut afriaries indication of the interview’s content. Did you even watch the video??

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