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Friday, 09/27/2013, 12:17 pm

MMA fighter Leandro ‘Feijao’ Souza dies cutting weight

Tragedy has struck the MMA community in Brazil, as it was announced yesterday that Nova Uniao fighter, Leandro ‘Feijao’ Souza, died just prior to weighing in for his ‘Shooto 43′ flyweight bout against Gabriel Brasil.

The 26-year-old “Feijao” was suffering from complications with his weigh cut, according to teammate Andre Santos, who spoke with MMA Fighting:

“We don’t have much information yet. but we do know that is related to his weight cut. He’s my student but he also trains at Nova Uniao for about a year. I wasn’t with him during this process because I have a fight scheduled in Russia, so he spent the night at Nova Uniao’s gym. His sister called me saying that he had passed out so I went to the hospital, but he was already dead when I got there.”

Shooto 43 is promoted by André Pederneiras, head coach of Nova Uniao and trainer of UFC champions Jose Aldo and Renan Barao.

Pederneiras made the announcement on Thursday night through his official Facebook page:

“We are sad to report the death of Leandro Caetano de Souza. The athlete has passed away in Botafogo’s UPA. We don’t know the reasons why yet. We would like to express our condolences to all friends and family.”

Is it time for the sport of MMA to try and regulate weight cutting in some form? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


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  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    If you have to cut a lot of weight to be effective you might want to reconsider your position in the sport. This is an honest tragedy and I’m sad to hear it.

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Condolences to his family

  3. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" marquardt says:

    Shocking but not surprised and it will happen again and again until someday every athletic commission put a stop to it and says enough is enough and calls for same day weigh ins. Then you will see fighters like GSP and Fitch retire instead of having to fight guys 200 lbs. The american wrestler has created this epidemic of insane weigh cutting. I still remember watching Rumble Johnson fight Yoshida after he had missed weight by 7-8 lbs and 30 some hours later he looked like a heavyweight fighting a lightweight. So all everyone ever remembers is someone dying from cutting too much weight but they never remember the brain damage a NATURAL lightweight like Yoshida took when he was Ko’d by Rumble johson who looked like a monster compared to Yoshida in that fight. Too bad this tragedy didn’t happen in the U.S because then maybe death would mean something more like forever like Leonardo Souza death led to sweeping changes in the way athletic commissions allow weight cutting. I mean this in the way like Taylor Hooten death and name has ben used in trying to combat teenage steroid abuse.

  4. WHHAAAM SACk says:

    Wow, that is terrible. People have always cut weight for sports but American wrestlers are notorious for cutting massive amounts of weight and for some reason that transfered into mma. I have no idea why some trainers encourage their fighters to do this. I am a weight lifter and hobby boxer. I have cut weight before for lifting competitions and such. But only a few pounds, I have a very small frame, walk around in the 160s. cutting 5 or 6 pounds is fine (OBVIOUSLY!! sense no body walks around at exactly their weight class everyday). There is nothing wrong with cutting a few pounds. If you, say cut 6 pounds, you can get your energy and strenght back within hours. But there is NO BENEFIT for guys who cut 20+ lbs. You cannot recover from that as quickly as they have to. If a guy is 194 and cuts to 170 2 days b4 the fight he is going to come in on fight day 70% at best!! Its stupid really. You will have a size advantage on your opponent yet you will be tired, dehydrated, overhydrated if you over compensated, weak, dizzy, stomach problems etc.. The best trainers know this. Trainers who encourage their students to cut massive weight are, well, idiots. I think of them like the highschool football coaches i seen when i was in highschool ten years ago. They had no idea what they were doin, over-training the kids. I remember this one kid doin benches to failure, but over and over again, rep after rep. Basically beat the kids muscles to break down so much they dont recover. And of course the kids wouldn’t get stronger or bigger, not as much as they should of, because they were over training. And they knew nothing of diet. i never heard them even tell them to take a multi and some protein lol. Now obviously i know the trainers in mma arent usually as bad as that example. But some are. Sorry for the rant, i guess my basic point is there is NO BENEFIT to cutting 20 lbs pounds. just lots of health problems and possibility of death. Now you cant have same day weigh ins. anybody who trains knows that is, well stupid. again, no body walks around at the exact fighting weight lol. you will always have to lose a pound or 2. the real way we can stop this is education. make sure the fighters know all the consequences of this. make it a thing of the past. make it a joke. “oh, that guy is an idiot. he will be beat and lifeless in the fight. he cuts 20 pounds”

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Easy solution: fight day weigh-ins.

    It’s getting crazy nowadays, just fight in your natural weightclass. If everyone stays in their own weight nobody has a weightadvantage.

  6. Greg says:

    This is sad. I really appreciate the work of Mike Dolce in helping prevent these kind of tragedies from happening.

  7. james says:

    Weight cutting is unhealthy fullstop..why dehydrate the body when it’s meant to be hydrated? Such a shame. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

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